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A thing from a stream a while back, lmao, I messed up and forgot to start the stream for half an hour how embarassing. I still hope u like the big naifus


society’s anxiety deprived of all that we’re blessed with

@pearlrebs I would like to thank you for a lot of things. First for enabling me to set a up a die hard TJLC branch of three in my rural Irish school. We lost track of time and school many nights, watching your videos. They would back me up in saying that you are clever, colourful and charismatic individual who deserve all sucess possible in your writing.
Also, thank you for pointing out the beauty in a well set up story and the importance of taking your audience seriously. Even if Moftiss hasn’t, you always did. You have energerised me to try and write complex and layered LGBT positive works which what we deserve.
Mostly I’d like to thank for you humour and enthusiasm. I’ve been in this fan base since the beginning and your addition made the entire landscape a /lot/ better.
You have my eternal esteem, all my support and my thanks. I think you’re fantastic and you will be brilliant.

An unexpected sleepover (phan smut)

Thank you for the idea babe i-notice-ur-senpai

Words: 2k

Genre: fluffy smut


Dan’s POV

“But mum I don’t want to leave the house today!,” I moaned to my mum.

Basically what was going on was that my mum had been invited to her colleague’s house for dinner who apparently was her new bff and apparently had a son in my age.

“He’s probably a rich shit tard ” I thought to myself considering that his parents own a quite famous channel on tv.

“Daniel you never want to leave the house so please make an exception for today just for today.,” My mum shouted at me.

“Fine,” I responded to her grumpily.

After I got all dressed up and ready I went downstairs and waited for my mum to find her keys so we could leave.

*Magic time skip*

“Well their house is fancy as hell” I thought to myself as we rang the bell.

“Welcome to our house Janet!-” a chubby lady said loudly hugging my mum.

“Thanks for the invitation Helen!” My mum responded

“-and you must be Dean right?”

“Dan, it’s Dan and yes nice to meet you m'am”

I went to shake hands with her but she quickly pulled me in to a warm hug.

“Come inside!” She took my mum’s hand and I followed them.

My mum and I sat on the couch while miss Helen went to the kitchen to make us some tea.

“Soo… Where’s the fuckboy?” I asked my mum sassily and she quickly slapped my cheek.

“Ouch! No need to be violent!,” I told her quitely.

“Then watch your language,”


“Here I am! One for you Dan, one for you Janet and one for Phil- oh wait I’m going to get him he’s probably in his room browsing the internet just wait a moment please,”

“Sure!’” My mum responded.

“Looks like you have something in common with the ‘fuckboy’ ” she winked at me and I glared at her.

After two or five minutes miss Helen and a tall guy who I assumed was her son started walking down the stairs.

“Hi I’m Phil!,” he greeted and I was staring at him. Fuck he was hot. I mean his eyes were more blue than the fucking sky and his cheekbones were so high and his hair was such a great shade of black and wait what did I just say?

“Ummm hello?” He asked again and I suddenly snapped out.

“I’m sorry! My name’s Dan nice to meet you,” I tried to sound confident but miserably failing at it.

I then had an eye contact with my mother who was casually smirking at me.

“So boys me and Helen are going to prepare the dinner so we can eat why don’t you go upstairs and play some video games or do something entertaining?” My mum suggested winking at me.

“Mum stop,” Ι thought to myself blushing even more.

“Yeah sure no problem!,” Phil agreed and he guided me to his room.

When we entered Phil’s room it wasn’t exactly what I thought it’d be. It was quite adorable may I say. He had so many fall out boy and buffy posters. He also had a shelf full of stuffed lions which was cute as hell.

“You like Fob?” I asked him

“Yes! Do you?”

“Hell yeah! I love them”

“You’re like the first person I meet who likes fob!”

He was so adorable when he smiled God.

After chatting with him for like half an hour we decided to play some Mario Kart on his console.

Time passed quickly and before we even knew it it was almost eleven o'clock

(that means that they were up there for 2 hours)

“Want to play something else?” I suggested smirking a little.

“Yeah sure what do you want to play?” He responded completely clueless.

“Truth or Dare” I told him.

“Okay sure!”

“Okay I start! Truth or Dare Phil?”

“Umm let’s start with Truth” he responded to me excitedly.

“Have you ever done anything with a guy?”

He stood still like he was trying to remember for a moment.

“No as much as I can recall but I wouldn’t mind to be honest. Have you? ”

“I’m gay actually but no I haven’t yet.” I responded.

“Ohhh okay then! So it’s your turn! Truth or Dare?”

“I’m going with Dare”

“Do you dare to kiss me?” He asked me obviously blushing.

“I thought you’d never ask” I mumbled leaning towards him for a kiss.

His lips were smooth and felt so nice on mine.

We kept kissing and kissing until he pinned me down on his bed, starting making out with me. He was on top of me and he just looked too hot to resist. I crushed my lips on his once again and I started exploring his mouth, our tongues battling for dominance. Everything was so perfect and I felt myself growing harder when he attached his lips on my neck sucking on my hot skin trying to find my sweet spot.

I moaned when he actually found it and I felt him smirking to himself.

He kept sucking and nipping at the same spot for what felt like an eternity and I was moaning every time.

Suddenly he stopped and I gave him a questioning look.

He quickly got off of me and fixed my messy hair. I still had a questioning look on my face but then I saw the door opening.

“Boys, dinner is finally ready I’m so sorry for the whole waiting but I’m sure you’re both pretty hungry so come downstairs! We’ll be waiting!” Phil’s mum told us and the left closing the door behind us.

“I’m hungry for something else” I whispered huskily into Phil’s ear making him whimper.

“Oh really?” He asked pecking my lips.

“Mhm” I answered.

“Like what?” He asked me acting all innocent.

“You know what I mean Philly” I answered him grabbing his crotch and palming his clothed member lightly.

“F-fuck Dan” he whimpered at my touch.

“Dan! Phil! Come on we’re hungry!” My mum shouted at us.

“I guess this will have to wait” I told Phil leaving the room taking his hand.

*At the table*

Phil and I sat next to eachother and our mothers sat on the other side of the table, across us.

They kept chatting and gossiping with eachother and I was just trying to finish my food as soon as possible so we could go back to Phil’s room.

I then started running my fingers on Phil’s inner thighs earning a soft moan he quickly choked .

I kept brushing my hands on his thighs moving them closer to his noticeable buldge. He was looking at me with puppy eyes mouthing ‘stop Dan’ but I wouldn’t.
I started palming him softly through his jeans until I started picking up the speed.
He looked like he was going to cry because of his irritation.

“So mum, I was thinking if Dan could spend the night here” Phil managed to ask his mother with almost watery eyes and I stopped my action.

That night was getting even more interesting.

“Sure! Why not? It seems that you too are getting along!” Phil’s mum said with a bright smile

“We actually are!” I grinned at her.

“Mummyyy can I please stay?” I asked her acting like a little kid.

“How can I resist to this face? Of course you can!” She responded and I couldn’t be more excited.

*The night passed and it was time for Dan’s mother to leave*

“I’ll pick you up at 12:00 tomorrow alright?”

“Yes mum” I nodded.

“Oh and come here-” she leaned and whispered to my ear “-use protection” and then she winked at me.

I blushed and closed the door behind me as she left.

“Dan honey, could you please lock the door? I’m sorry I’m just very tired and I’m already in bed” Phil’s mum kindly asked me

“No problem miss Helen!” I searched for the keys and after a little I found them and finally locked the door.

I then walked back to Phil’s bedroom and as I opened the door I came across a delightful may I say sight.

Phil was naked on the top of the bed, palming himself softly and teasing the tip of his cock with his thumb.

“Well well well someone couldn’t wait for me to lock the door” I said in a sensual tone moving towards him.

“Dan I need you” Phil moaned trying his best not to be too loud.

“You’re being impatient Philly, here let me-” I moved his hand from his throbbing cock and replaced it with mine. I started jerking him off in a slow pace and I then got down on my knees and took his length, placing it in my mouth.

I was now sucking on his tip swirling my tongue around it making him go crazy.

After a few more soft licks on the tip I took him in my mouth sucking on his length. I placed my hands to the base of his cock as I couldn’t fit all of him in my mouth.

Phil was now panting and above me.

I kept moving my hands down and up as I was now sucking properly on his dick.

“Dan I’m- go-gonna cum” Phil warned me and I removed my mouth from him.

“I want you to fuck my mouth until you come down my throat okay?” I asked

“Ye-yes” Phil responded and placed his hands on both sides of my head.

I opened my mouth once again and he started thrusting into me. His thrusts were becoming deeper and deeper hitting the back of my throat every time.

“D-Dan!” He moaned as he came down my throat. I swallowed all of Phil’s cum and then removed my mouth off of him.

Phil was now lying on his bed panting but I was still hard and needed relief.

“Phil,-” I said emphasising the letter i “-can you help me out please?” I moaned.

“Sure babe, take off your clothes and come here” he answered me and waited for me to get undressed.

I quickly pulled my shirt off and then I pulled down my jeans and got rid of my boxers moaning as I exposed my dick to the cold air.

I got on his bed and started passionately making out with him.

Phil started sucking on my neck’s special spot once again and I couldn’t help but moan.

He then moved his mouth to my earlobe sucking on it

“What do you want me to do to you Danny? Do you want me to fuck you with my fingers, with my tongue? What do you want?”

I moaned at his words and my cock twitched at the thought.

“Anything Phil! Anything ahh!-” I let out a high pitched moan as he was now biting my neck.

“Please do something fuck!” I moaned once again.

“Turn around” Phil commanded and I obliged.

My ass was now in front of Phil’s face and after a little while I felt something wet on my entrance.

Phil was now licking the outside of my hole teasing me and I couldn’t help but moan.

He then inserted his tongue inside of me, tongue fucking me.

“Ph-Phil please don’t stop!” I moaned once again as he kept thrusting his tongue harder and deeper.

I was now a panting and a moaning mess.

“Phil please!I want mo-more”

“What do you want baby? Tell me exactly what you want” Phil told me and then went back on fucking me with his tongue

“P-please f-finger me fuck Phil”

Phil didn’t need to be told twice and he quickly coated his point finger with saliva and put it in me

I moaned harder than I had ever before and I was now clenching around his finger.

He than added a second finger and began scissoring them inside of me.

“Fuck fuck Phil!” I moaned as I was about to come.

He then added a third finger and was now picking up his pace thrusting them into me.

“F-Fuck Phil! Harder please!” I screamed and he kept fucking me with his fingers deeper and harder.

I finally came on my chest moaning his name and Phil took his fingers out of me wiping them on the bed.

I then lied next to him and cuddled with him.

He pecked my lips a few times and there was a silence in the room. Mostly thinking about the other.

“Phil do you want to be my boyfriend?” I asked shyly looking directly to his eyes.

“I thought you’d never ask” he said and connected our lips one more time.

Exo's reaction: marriage proposal


“u gonna marry me? Or i have to seduce u more?”


“girl, u are my style, so

u will marry me?I’ll show you the galaxy <3 ”


Do you wanna ma………….“loading”~forget all

[OFF][YOU] “marry me?”

“WHAT? Oh no, I wanted to ask you first”


“Girl, u are not Xiumin or Sehun( or all exo wtf),

, "but i’ll protect u and be ur sweet love. Senpai noticed u


"Well, you will marry me. Whether or not. Love u


"I will be your lovely husband and give you everything you want. ALL YOU WANT,now say yes”



[OFF][YOU] "well, i can’t live without this idiot”


“Do u wanna marry me? I’ll be your sweet overdose”


“I mean….. You..and… Me..U know.. Marry?~shy


~Sorry guys


"I will follow u until you marry me jagiya <3”


“Do u know what suits with wedding? Honeymoon ( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)”


“ You will be my wife and i will be your husband oppa. Ok?~lovely look

Hope u enjoy it <3

Bye bye