ur senpai noticed you and

@pearlrebs I would like to thank you for a lot of things. First for enabling me to set a up a die hard TJLC branch of three in my rural Irish school. We lost track of time and school many nights, watching your videos. They would back me up in saying that you are clever, colourful and charismatic individual who deserve all sucess possible in your writing.
Also, thank you for pointing out the beauty in a well set up story and the importance of taking your audience seriously. Even if Moftiss hasn’t, you always did. You have energerised me to try and write complex and layered LGBT positive works which what we deserve.
Mostly I’d like to thank for you humour and enthusiasm. I’ve been in this fan base since the beginning and your addition made the entire landscape a /lot/ better.
You have my eternal esteem, all my support and my thanks. I think you’re fantastic and you will be brilliant.


society’s anxiety deprived of all that we’re blessed with