ur right peter

moonlightmaia  asked:

Peter gets in trouble at school for missing a class due to saving the world and the principle is just like 'please call ur parents right now' and peter's like 'uhh okay, all of them?' and the principle is like '????yes???' so basically that's how Bruce, Steve and Tony end up at peter's school (thor was out of world but promised he would 'video face in using the sky' (Skype, that's his way of describing Skype)) aunt may is also there & is totally unfazed to all of this

yesss the principle’s like um. this is not what i meant what the hecking and peter’s either looking forward to all 4 of his present parents (plus Thor on Skype) bitching at the principle if peter was actually in the right or he’s like dying bc there are 4.5 parents present to see him get in trouble if he wasn’t 

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Shit ur right...or maybe Peter?

Peter probably calls him that in his head all the time but never has the nerve to say it to his face and then one day they’re all chilling in their avengers house or whatever and Bucky tells him to go do his homework because he’s a dad and Peter skulks off like “whatever jimmy” and everyone in the room just looks over at Bucky who’s just sat there in shock like :o and Peter just jumps out of the fuckin window or something to avoid the situation 


Peter van Gellis may be trapped in a terrible movie practicing a profession that he may not be quite suited for temperamentally, but say what you will about his beard*– he more than proves Real Life Future Peter’s future point:

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