ur pickle


PICKLE: if you’re really going to set me up, i’d like someone with curly hair, preferably in an unnatural colour? i guess i like glasses and dark eyes too… and it’d be great if they smell faintly like vanilla ice cream…

DARLING: UGH, this is why i’m setting you up! so maybe you’ll get over… whatever this is, you sap!

BOBBY: aww, but look how happy he is!

The Signs As Shitty Things

Aries: someone cutting u off on the freeway

Taurus: the “explain your answer” part of test questions

Gemini: the feeling when u want something but u don’t know what it is

Cancer: chihuahuas

Leo: straight white boys with fragile masculinity

Virgo: when u hole punch a paper but it wasn’t aligned so one of the holes punched on the edge of the paper and when u put it in ur binder the paper sticks out and is all crooked and shit

Libra: a group of very loud teenaged girls at starbucks

Scorpio: spiders

Sagittarius: pickles in ur cheeseburger that u specifically didn’t ask for

Capricorn: Mondays

Aquarius: the fly that keeps buzzing by ur ear

Pisces: getting ur period and not having a pad or tampon

Need some major CS advice

Hello, I am CalicoWolf (on here and CS). There is someone who is offering me a UR Pickle for Most all of my Items. I am really torn on this one. I LOVE my Items, but I also know how hard it is to get a UR Pickle. 

I have several items that are very hard to get, many retired store items, those scarves everyone wants, many 08 and 09 items, 08 halos, plushies, and many C$ Items. I have a Ton of Items. I Even have a Chicken Os Flag. 

I just don’t know what to do. I am trying for both a full pet and item collection. Please help, What’s your advice?