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inktober #26

Role Reversal au headcanon: During her training, one of Clarke’s tasks was to survive in the woods on her own for two weeks without being detected. She succeeds, but comes back with hair that’s just a horrible mess and partially dyed red and the handmaidens hate her a bit for making their job harder.

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sup.  i have learned some stuff that u may find informative:  

not eating/ avoiding animal products is fun, healthy, great 4 enviro and opens many culinary doors!   but please remember if u are a herbivore (aka ‘vegan,’ although i personally avoid that term because it can be associated w a culture of shaming which i think discourages people from making the leap) to take calcium supplements with vitamin D/ magnesium (required to absorb the calcium) or eat foods that provide calcium (sesame seeds, spinach – google can tell u).   i have mad calcium deficiency because i was a fool for like 15 years and never consulted a dietician or doctor or whatever.   its v important to read up and not be a fool 

so, important:  you stop absorbing calcium when ur about 26 - 30.  !!!!

consequences of calcium deficiency = taking gross giant pills every single day for the rest of ur life or face osteoporosis.  

sorry for the spam haha.  



title: how to get a boyfriend: a comprehensive guide by kuroo tetsurou
fandom: haikyuu!!
pairing: kurodai
word count: 2311
summary: kuroo asks daichi out thru texts, then regrets it: the fic

for @maskyoursmile! i hope this is everything that u wanted!!

here on ao3

Daichi lets out a long, relieved sigh as he finally finishes his homework for the weekend. It’s only Friday, but he’s always found it much easier to do all of his homework as soon as he gets home from school instead of leaving it until Sunday night. It makes it a lot easier to enjoy his weekend, he finds, so even though the guys poke fun at him for it, he sticks to his routine because it’s something that works for him.

After a nice stretch of his arms and spine that leaves his bones feeling pleasantly melty, he reaches for his phone. He always turns it on silent and leaves it facedown while he does his homework to avoid any distractions, but Suga always sends him messages anyway so he figures he should probably check them and get back to him.

When he turns his phone over, however, he finds the screen flashing with an incoming call from Kuroo Tetsurou.

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lamelocal  asked:

14, 21, 26!! (ur BEEEYOOOTIFUL ily)


14. what is a piece of advice you would give to your younger self
let go of bad friends and dont b afraid to be on ur own once u do (’:

21. favourite gay youtuber
the first that came 2 mind was @amyordman !! i lov her

26. favourite lgb musician/band
@hayleykiyoko and @troyesivan I WOULD DIE FOR THEM

send me gay asks

anonymous asked:

20,26 and 17 for the gay ask thing? (Ps you are so fricken adorable no wonder everyone wants to date you you're wonderful! 😊)

17. night club gay or cafe gay?

i would like to say im a cafe gay but i am certified trash and love nightclubs and alcohol so

20. favourite gay ship (canon or not)


korrasami personally saved my soul too lmao

26. favourite lgb musician/band


also the lead singer of love, robot did a song w/ her girlfriend from the band Pvris so yeah thats gr8 too

Daniel Howell and Phil Lester’s Outline! @danielhowell @amazingphil

Today is our meme lord birthday a.k.a DANIELL JAMES HOWELL!

Happy birthday daniel! Can’t believe ur 26 now, time flies right? Thanks for all of the memes u gave us!

I wish u for MORE memes :)) #justkidding (but i still want it lol), more happiness and soft(and neat)ness xx!

anonymous asked:

2, 7, 14, 26 !

2. whats your “type”

oh i have a LOT of types but i really have a thing for short fluffy blonde hair and brown eyes that to me is such an iconic visage…………..

7. are you a morning time gay or night time gay?

oh night time absolutely. im so awful in the mornings my hair goes all flat overnight and my voice is deep whereas evening me is soft, she is having fun, she is living. 

14. what is a piece of advice you would give to your younger self

you can just like. be a girl. do it now dude seriously ur not a feminine boy and ur not 17 different mogai labels ur just a girl. 

26. favourite lgb musician/band

oh i like the pet shop boys nd also george michael cuz im an eighties bitch !! 

thanx so much nonny this was a blast !!!!! <3

Texts 1/??

This is the first in a series of texts based on this post and @el-goddamn-dorado‘s texts. I have so many of these and I’ll probably post more as time goes on, so keep an eye out if you like! 1 2

“How many times are you going to do that, exactly?”

NATE 9:16: lena

NATE 9:16: lena

NATE 9:16: elena

NATE 9:17: elena love

NATE 9:17: elena darling

NATE 9:18: elena light of my life

NATE 9:18: wow so rude

NATE 9:18: im being so nice

NATE 9:18: and u read n ignore

NATE 9:19: so rude i swear

NATE 9:19: fine 2 can play that game

NATE 9:23: Elena Fisher pls answr me

NATE 9:24: lena i dont kno wht i did but let me make it up 2 u

NATE 9:24: if u dont answr the names will start getting meanr

NATE 9:25: u have 3 mins starting NOW

NATE 9:26: 2 mins

NATE 9:26: ur halfway to trouble town

NATE 9:27: 1 min left n im starting to think u dont care about me

NATE 9:28: thats it u asked for it

NATE 9:28: donut hater

NATE 9:29: court jester

NATE 9:29: sad jalapeno

NATE 9:30: elena drake

ELENA 9:30: nate I s2g I was in a meeting

NATE 9:31: I new it I knew tht would b it

ELENA 9:31: how many times were you going to do that exactly

ELENA 9:31: my phone was vibrating nonstop

NATE 9:32: i new wht 2 say 2 summon u nd i dont know whether 2 laugh or b hurt

NATE 9:32: wait what its way 2 early 4 a meeting i thought u were getting food

NATE 9:33: i was gonna ask u 2 pick up some eggs bc we’re out

ELENA 9:33: its definitely too early for a meeting but here I am. and how r we out of eggs didnt you just buy some?

NATE 9:34: about that

NATE 9:34: i wanted 2 make an omelette 4 u

ELENA 9:35: thats sweet love but when were you going to give it to me?

NATE 9:35: i didnt think tht far ahead

NATE 9:35: also didnt think ahead to remember tht i cant crack eggs

NATE 9:36: u kno what ill just make pancakes

ELENA 9:36: hate 2 burst ur bubble but those also involve eggs

NATE 9:36: god just let me b good @ this one thing I s2g

ELENA 9:37: u do make some bomb-ass pancakes. ill be home by 10:30

NATE 9:37: ill have some bomb-ass pancakes waiting 4 u


Happy birthday Liam Hemsworth (January 13, 1990)

I recently did an episode on The Muppets! I could honestly say that that might be my favorite of all the jobs I’ve done. I want to go back and just shoot The Muppetsthe rest of my life. It was such a trip. It was just so funny to be staring at puppets and seriously talking to them. They don’t break character during a take. Like, if they mess up a line, they’ll just keep going in character. I’m not buying the fact that they’re Muppets. I’m seriously talking to them like they’re people. And the whole time I was really trying not to laugh, because it was just so hilarious.

movin’ on playlist [ L I S T E N ]

1. interlude: moving on - paramore // 2. the irony of choking on a lifesaver - all time low // 3. just breathe - the unlikely candidates // 4. when it’s over - sugar ray // 5. here is gone - goo goo dolls // 6. f*ck you - lily allen // 7. never be what you want - we are the in crowd // 8. best thing i never had - beyonce // 9. you oughta know - alanis morissette // 10. miss movin’ on - fifth harmony // 11. forget you (cover) - tiffany alvord // 12. dear no one - tori kelly // 13. in case - demi lovato // 14. i don’t care - fall out boy // 15. sun of a gun - oh land // 16. manhattan - sara bareilles // 17. which to bury, us or the hatchet - relient k // 18. just like a pill - pink // 19. already gone - kelly clarkson // 20. fireworks - you me at six // 21. talk - kodaline // 22. in the mourning - paramore // 23. someone else - miley cyrus // 24. i’d hate to be you - mayday parade // 25. ur so gay - katy perry // 26. what will become of us - passenger // 27. like i mean it - stars go dim // 28. radiation - gavin degraw // 29. say something - a great big world

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It says ur 26 on ur profile u fucking dipshit liar............ i can't believe this................... how will I ever trust u again.............. nothing is sacred...................m

To be disrespected like this….. on my blog…….. on my birthday………..unbelievable……………

fuckign witches part 25

I DID IT AND IT ONLY TOOK ME FOREVER ALSO this is a tooootal filler sorry if it’s slow 

@letkeithsayfuck :P

PART 19 - PART 20  - PART 21 - PART 22 - PART 23 - PART 24  - PART 25 (ur here) - PART 26  

The white walls of the hospital seemed to curl in on Keith as they walked down the same way they had gone the day before. Lance’s hand was sweaty in Keith’s and he squeezed it gently. Lance smiled at him.

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jack barakat’s snapchat: him partying. him complaining of hangovers the next day.

alex gaskarth’s snapchat: random pictures that make zero sense out of context (which of course all of them are)