ur literally the reason i still do this

it’s so much harder to hate a character when you ask yourself “but what would the warden commander think?”

because u can bet ur precious ass that the warden commander would shower them with gifts for no other reason than you mentioned this thing once so i got it for you nbd nbd also here are a dozen other things that made me think of you and i thought you’d like them do you like them? here have ten

the character could literally attempt to murder the warden commander, and nine times out of ten warcomm would still punch anyone who dared suggest they weren’t a valued member of the warcomm’s team straight into next week.

the warden commander would unlock their tragic backstory in a week, tops, and defend them to the grave knowing all of their flaws and foibles

what would the warden commander think?

it’s probably time to reexamine that hate

reigenz-moved  asked:

do u have any tips for gettin straight As cuz i rlly tried this semester and i already have 3 Bs and a C in geo (D in ap art history but its bcs everyone failed the last test and i might switch out cuz im dyin) myfukin gpa is a 3.429 and iw ant to die

!!!!!!! i cant recommend khan academy enough its literally the only reason i got a 5 on the art history ap (if ur still considering taking it!) and im using it this year for ap calc ab as well!

also theres this one really good tip i got from my freshman year english teacher! if you have multiple assignments for multiple subjects, keep rotating your assignments around! like say you have an hour long assignment for geography, an hour long assignment for math, and two hours of history. start off doing half an hour of geography, then switch to half an hour of math, then switch over to history and keep rotating it every half hour! it helps keep your brain from getting fried by focusing on just one subject for a rly long amount of time.

OH and i also love quizlet…..so so much. i use it mainly for foreign lang but i also used it to remember important dates for my history classes and a few formulas for chemistry! its basically an online flashcard-based way to study and it even has little games based on matching up terms…ive used it since like 6th grade its been a huge help!

ANYWAYS good luck!!!!!!! i believe in u!!! 💞💖💗 also remember to take small breaks in btwn 💘💕

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What makes you feel loved? Many hugs coming your way. Prepare to be slammed with love

lets do a list i love lists

  • being recognized as a Guy™ that’s highkey a surefire way into my heart
  • receiving gifts. ….. that sounds literally so selfish and i know that …… but it’s my love language ): 
  • when ppl are like: “i thought of you” like rly??? dam n 
  • when i make ppl laugh 
  • big huge wrapped up hugs 
  • when dinner lasts for like 3 hrs bc ur all so involved in talking and its good 
  • when my cat actually comes to me like ?? can u define: Blessed
  • being reassured i mean i still have to ask my mother if she wants me around like on a weekly basis her answer never changes and i have no reason to doubt but like ??? how do i know??? i gotta know 
  • doing things w ppl …. like going out or movies or w/e 
  • when books arrive ??? love that 
  • when ppl reach out to me bc i………. am god awful at keeping up w ppl u can ask anyone i rarely ever ever talk first and sometime wont even reply.
  • a good cup of coffee …… sharing a good cup of coffee
  • disney duets ….
  • ppl sending me pics of my guys and going “stop ur son” and me going: i cannot he’s a wild beautiful butterfly and i love him 
  • ““do you need me to send u a meme?? im gunna send u a meme”“ 
  • reading the tags on my poetry and seeing that … someone feels the same and they appreciate it and i …… love them so very much so very very much
  • this is so long i …… thats kinda sad rip

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Best YA novels that are similar to I'll give you the sun or Eleanor and park!!? I really like books about seemingly unrequited love or just like the struggle of love between two people? I've read other YA novels- but a lot of them don't crush me emotionally like the above two has done. Do you have any suggestions?

yes!!!! I love when you guys ask me for book recs bc I have literally been reading nonstop since I came home

Good YA Books About Love-

  • aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe- i always recommend this book and i always will. it will definitely do something to ur emotions
  • even when you lie to me- this book isn’t rated that high but for some reason i really really liked it. it’s about a high school senior who gets a crush on her english teacher and tbh it’s really well written and well characterized
  • the sea of tranquility- i still don’t know how i feel about this book but it’s very very emotional and tbh pretty well written. it’s about a girl who’s trying to restart her life after trauma and she meets a guy but there’s no instalove, it takes a long time and it’s def worth a read
  • why we broke up- VERY CRUSHING. its by daniel handler (aka lemony snicket!) and its a letter written by a girl to her ex boyfriend and it’s stream of consciousness and almost too extra but it’s so good trust me
  • just one day- the writing is 10/10 (its by the author of if i stay!) and its about a girl who meets a boy and they spend a day in paris but then he just disappears and she goes off to college but shes always thinking about him but finds herself in the process idk i liked it v much

***please ignore the terrible edit or something, i literally have no talent lol bye**

seven thousand people. 

why do that many people follow me? are you guys okay??


animalfry ur fuckin ugly and a LOSER but i still manage to literally love you more than anything. thank u sm for everything you’ve done and lol you’ve literally seen me sob my eyes out and u still didn’t judge me and u literally know aLL my secrets and u STILL don’t judge me so thank u for that i guess. also thank u for supporting me through every stupid idea i have and thx 4 being so supportive w my love for troye even if u don’t share my passions

digging-troyler k i love you a LOT and i also love how much ur family loves me it’s actually pretty gr8 considering i’m LAME but yeah i’m only friends w you for ur food and money k cool have fun in vegas without me bye loser. just kidding i adore u so much i’m even wearing the sweater u got me it’s RLY warm and soft so thank u sm ok bye don’t get TOO trashed tonight

just-travis listen………… u know those people that are like “yeah! we talk for like, 10 hours every day!1!1” when they only talk for 3 or 4? yeah, we’re not those people. we ACTUALLY talk for TEN HOURS STRAIGHT every day. what do we even TALK about for that long oh my god but ya i love u sssssssm thank u for sticking w me even when i get annoying or emotional over boys or annoying AND emotional over boys. ya thx sm

trovesivan ok willow we don’t talk all the time but ur literally so cute and nice and uGH i actually adore you so much and ur way too cool for me. we rly need to actually have a conversation one day and learn each other’s favorite colors and songs and everything ok i love you sm

troyelikesboys zoe……… i love you so much. ur so funny and cool and pRETTY and NICE and i can’t even believe we’re friends because lol you’re perfect and i’m LAME but i actually love you a lot a lot a lot okay frick

itmetroye k listen marykate you’re so cool and pretty and uGH i am so jealous of u for those very reasons and i’m not sure whether ur coming to vidcon or not but either way you need to come to california soon k cool thx sm

troylerslayvan5ever emily ugh i love you SO MUCH and i am sO PROUD OF YOU FOR EVERYTHING OKAY you basically know how much i love you but seriously, i love you so much. thank you for always always being there for me and i love u loser

kurtcobainvevo courtney k you’re literally WAY too cool for me like i still don’t understand why you talk to me but seriously you’re gonna grow up to do such amazing things and i love everything you stand for and i love hearing your opinions on things and your life is literally so cool and you’re so cool and wow bye

and lastly… i’m gonna cry lol

troyesivan listen………………………………………………….. troye. okay. alright i’m a little nervous because there is a chance you may see this this time. alright so, i love you. to say you have changed my entire life and my entire personality and my entire outlook on life is such an understatement. to say you make me happy is an understatement. basically, i don’t know how to tell you anything. ok but lol listen at the LA meetup you told me some r e a l  ly unexpected things that actually left me speechless and awkward so i never got to tell you things. thank you for everything you’ve done. for me, for this fandom, for the WORLD okay. thank you, thank you, thank you. i really hope you’re happy and that you’re doing okay because you deserve the absolute world. you deserve the whole thing and i hATE that my awkwardness has constantly stopped us from actually having a conversation every time i meet you but next time will be different okay. i don’t want this to be too long so i’ll just stop here but troye, we love you.

ok!!!!!!! now the part i have been dREADING BYE ((not in order of importance or anything ok))

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OK I’M LITERALLY EXHAUSTED i’m so sorry if i forgot anyone i promise it isn’t personal i’m just stupid


rumpelstiltskin is probably the stupidest story in the world, like why does everyone make out rumpelstiltskin to be the bad guy when he just wanted a fair fucking deal?? like yo the real bad guys here are 1) the miller for fuckinG BOASTING AND LYING TO THE KING IN THE FIRST PLACE about his daughter being able to spin straw in to gold like what the fuck NO ONE EVEN ASKED YOU IF YOUR DAUGHTER COULD DO THAT SHIT YO THATs the real definition of a fucking attention whore 2) the fucking king for THREATENING TO CHOP OFF THE DAUGHTERS HEAD IF SHE DOESNT SPIN THE STRAW IN TO GOLD??? LIKE DUDE CHOP OFF THE MILLER’S HEAD, JESUS CHRIST THE DAUGHTER DIDN’T EVEN ASK FOR THIS SHIT YO SHE JUST CAME HERE TO HAVE A GOOD TIME 3.) the daughter cus when the king’s like “ok spin this straw into gold ONE LAST TIME and if you do that imma marry you but if you dont imma chop off your head” and she’s like “omggg i gotta marry dis king yo” like woah back the fuck up here this dude is literally making you choose between marriage or death and you’re still fangirling over him like a 12 yr old belieber like im pretty sure the only reason rumpelstiltkin wanted to steal ur firstborn was because he knew u guise were gonna be the shittiest parents in the world so why the hell is he the bad guy jesus christ

guess who just hit 5k and is highkey unworthy of that number! this bitch!

i honestly can’t explain how happy this makes me. i started this blog in may of 2015 and though im not the most popular blog, i’ve made so many wonderful friends and have really gotten to express myself through my (smutty) writing. the writing community on this site is so kind and supportive, and it’s so nice to have people here that won’t judge me and are equally as thirsty as i am :) i’m just gonna leave it at that because i know that nobody actually reads this part lol. thank you again, and onto the main event (below the cut because it’s kinda long whoops)!!

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everytime you come up on my dash all i can think of is that fic you wrote where misha was talking about his 'sexual energy' or something like that and how 'jensen was jealous' and how fucking in character it was and i was blown away, right down to the 'ums' and the 'ahs'. i'm still in awe and it's been 84 years

i’ve written so much cockles at this point that i literally don’t even know what fic ur talkin about but thank u

oh wait no i know exactly what ur talkin about it was the best paragraph i’ve ever written

“No, but, in all honesty, that scene was very hard to film. You know, we’re actors—we’re professionals—so we can do whatever is asked of us, you know, within reason. So we treated the scene just like any other scene because we’re professionals, and that’s what we do. At least, that’s how it is for me. Jensen had a very hard time with it because of how, um…” Misha paused and looked down, and he held his hand up like he was searching for the right words. “Because of how attractive I am, honestly. Jensen was very nervous because it’s difficult to kiss someone who is as…sexually magnetic? As I am. So he got all riled up by that, and it was not—it’s not something you guys would want to see. It was really, frankly, embarrassing for him. But, you know, I understand. I understand how irresistibly attractive I am.”

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So lemme get this straight - u think supernatural is shit but you're into homestuck? that doesn't even make sense, hun. explain.

Literally never said supernatural was shit lol. Also homestuck doesn’t queerbait. Also homestuck is finally done. Also homestuck helped me find almost all of my friendships. Homestuck is my 20,000+ subs on YouTube and I love everyone one of them. Homestuck is the reason I found the love of my life. I do not hate supernatural but this ask was stupid, can kiss my homestuck ass, and made me laugh. So sorry I called ur queerbait “shit.” Still LAIGJING.

Super Bowl? More Like Super Beyond Control (C.H.)

Y/S/N = your ship name


HOLY CRAP. The Super Bowl. You’re literally so excited, because it’s the Super Bowl, and you got invited to this big ass party at some really amazing penthouse somewhere in uptown Manhattan. You’re going out of your mind. You’ve been watching this game since you were little, because who wouldn’t? It’s the biggest sporting event in the nation (yes, it’s more publicized than the Olympics). 

But this time, instead of eating chips and dip at some party in your hometown you would be livin’ it up in the big apple. And New York… god, New York. You’d spent the past few months here, going to the New Year’s bash, photo shoots in (and on the roof of) the Empire State Building. And sometimes, you would just be a tourist. When you were little you always had these extravagant dreams. Your mind was always occupied with skyscrapers and busy streets and for once, your dreams were achieved.

And exceeded. Since coming to New York, you had run into countless celebrities. Some of your idols had given you props and people you had posters of hanging on your bedroom walls as a child had approached you. The most exciting thing though, none of them provided. It was someone you had never heard of before stardom that really caught your eye. A certain bassist for the band 5 Seconds of Summer. You (literally) ran into Ashton on New Year’s and, after Ashton got some clothes that weren’t stained with champagne, you both hit it off. Ashton offered to let you hang out in their dressing room, and the rest was history. All of the boys were great, but you were not to be blamed if you sat a little closer to Calum (*cough* on top of *cough*) than the other boys. He was just so cute you couldn’t help it.

After they left the city, you hadn’t really kept in touch. If you heard one of their songs on the radio you would listen more closely, picking out Calum’s voice, or if someone mentioned that they were close with the band, you might strike up a conversation about the boys’ antics. Actual communication though, excepting Twitter, was rare. On Twitter, however, there was constant banter. You and all the boys would joke and mock each other and have a generally good time. (And if you and Calum exchanged numbers via Twitter DMs, no one had to know.)

You think that was where the rumours started. “Are Y/N and Calum dating?” Every gossip magazine seemed to cite your Twitter banter as flirting, and the one time Calum tweeted you to “get off ur ass and dm me i don’t care if ur taking shots for cosmo” as a “definite sign the two are the new power couple. Move aside #brangelina, make room for #Y/S/N”. You can’t fault the press for making assumptions, not really, because isn’t that what paparazzi get paid to do? Make up ridiculous rumours and accusations? It’s still absurd though, because a) brangelina is everyone’s power couple, it doesn’t matter who else gets together and b) you and Calum were literally only communicating via Twitter.

No matter the rhyme or reason, it still affected your actions. When you heard the boys were coming to New York, you didn’t immediately tweet Calum, nor did you show up at the airport. When Calum himself tweeted that they’d just touched down in New York, your only response was that you could “maybe meet up some time, Cal”. And it was killing you to ignore Calum, but there was no way you could be seen together without rumours spreading like wildfire. Quite frankly, rumours can ruin a perfectly good career, and neither you nor Calum were in need of that so early.

You are sitting on your bed in your apartment, deciding whether to wear a going-out-to-a-club kind of dress or more of a heading-to-a-shoot ensemble, when your phone vibrated next to you. You read Calum’s text asking whether or not you are going to the exact party you’re getting ready for. “yea are you?”

“yep, wanna go to together?”

“i dont think so, Cal”

“wut why not”


You walk into the party, cameras flashing with ever step. You don’t regret the decision to not go with Calum, per se, you just miss him. You miss the sound of his voice, his laugh, the way he smelled. You miss his hugs, the way his breath felt when he whispered in your ear.

So when you see that Calum is already sat at the bar when you walk in, it takes every muscle in your body and more willpower than you knew you had to not walk over to him and kiss his stupid face. But you don’t. You hold your head high, and look the other direction, spotting another friend of yours.

But the longer the night bears on and the more you drink, it starts to get harder and harder to resist Calum’s pull. So eventually, you stop trying. And you know you ought to be wary of the paparazzi and of other party guests tweeting, but you can’t find it in yourself to care. Because it’s Calum, and isn’t he worth it? Isn’t he worth any and all of the heat you might get from this. Long story short, before the night is halfway over, you’re sitting in Calum’s lap.

“Y/N, why are you ignoring me?”

“What? I’m [hiccup] not.”

“Why won’t you talk to me when you’re sober? You barely even text me anymore.”

“Papa[hiccup]razzi. They’re everywhere Calum. Like zombies.” You nod, very seriously.

“What? That doesn’t make any- You know what, never mind. What do the paparazzi matter anyway?” Your brow furrows in confusion.

“The paps control everything, Cal. If they get rumour of the- wait, no, if they get wind of the rumour that we’re an item, it could ruin your career. Or mine.”

“What? Y/N, how could it ruin our careers? Besides, we’re not in a relationship.”

“But they don’t know that. And they think what. ever. they. want.”

“So let them think! We can do whatever we want, Y/N!” And Calum is gesturing expansively, and the music is too loud, and your head is starting to hurt, so you stand up and pull Calum to the back of the house where there’s a balcony.

“Calum, please slow down your words. My head is hurting.” You say, your tongue tripping over every other word. Calum just hugs you gently against his chest, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“Okay. Okay, darling. I’m going to go get you an aspirin, stay right here, alright?” You nod at Calum as he starts to leave to go back into the house. You look out into the night, the music an ever-present pulse. The stars are dimmer here than at home. Your muddled mind realizes it must be the smog, but you still miss how bright the north star used to be. Before you know it, Calum is back with a glass of water and an aspirin.

“Thanks, Cal.” You whisper into the darkness.

“Of course. Anything for you. We do need to talk, though.”

“Cal, why can’t we just have this moment? Just be, just exist here, in this moment.”

“Why can’t you see it my way? We could have a million of these moments if you let us. But you want to act like we aren’t even friends. So what, a couple of gossip magazines write an article on a relationship they made up. What do we care?”

“What if they didn’t make it up?” You say to your water glass.


“What if I end up falling for-er, what if we do end up together?”

“Is that what you’re afraid of? A relationship?”


“Y/N-you are ignoring me over hypotheticals?”

“’M not-I’m not ignoring you, I’m just, I don’t know, talking to you less. ‘S not the end of the world.”

“A relationship isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Y/N. Besides, I don’t think you need to worry about falling for me. Me falling for you, though? You might be a little late.”

“Dammit, Cal, can’t you see it? I already like you, a lot, and the last thing I want is some stupid paparazzi taking you away!”

“But they did, Y/N. They already ruined everything, because you’re distancing yourself from me. They already won.”

“I don’t want to lose you.”

“So don’t.” Calum opens his arms, and before your mind even has a chance to process your actions, your body is already folding itself into him. And then he’s holding you again and you’ve forgotten how much you missed him because you missed him so much.

For the rest of the night, the two of you sit on the balcony catching up, and imprinting the feel of each other into your minds.

And the next morning, when pictures of you and Calum cuddled up surface, it doesn’t even bother you. (Besides, the picture of Calum playing patty cake with drunk you is adorable.)


literally the only tag that gets legitimate ship hate regularly bcuz yall dont have any fuckin manners and for bullshit reasonings is mikayuu and everyone is still so nice and beautiful and doesnt do anything and leaves it alone/leaves other ships alone but yall wanna call us disgusting bcuz two completely unrelated characters is apparently “incest”

bless mikayuu shippers, ur all wonderful and should be praised for it.