ur kitty is so cute

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What your cat have? Send good energy for him/her♥I'm so sorry, but my english is not good, but i hope you understand the context of that message.

Thank you for the good energy!! They think she has a bad virus, but they’re not really sure. She hasn’t been eating, she’s been salivating a lot, and she’s been gagging and throwing up nothing. The vet hooked her up to an IV and they’ve been force-feeding her for two days (she was losing too much weight too quickly), but she’s not improving at all so far.

Anonymous said: Emma my thoughts are with you and your lil bb ♥️♥️♥️

Anonymous said: Sending lots of love and prayers your way, Emma. Hope your sweet cat gets better soon. 💕💕💕

Anonymous said: I will pray for your little kitten 🙏🏻 it deserves all the good things in this world ❤️

Anonymous said: Oh no! Sending healing thoughts to your kitty!! She’s so cute!

Anonymous said: hope ur baby recovers soon!!!💕:((

Anonymous said: Aww :( your cat is so cute and fluffy how it feels better

Thank you all!! ❤️ I appreciate it.

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💖 i have a black cat named bucky and my favourite marvel movie is tws sflmfldsds lov ur blog !

asdfhjgk i love ur blog too what to heck!!!! and that’s so cute u named ur kitty child after the softest boy in the entire mcu!!

superpower: invisibility / flying / superhuman strength / healing / telekinesis

cap: steve / bucky  / sam

bamf: peggy / gamora / daisy / natasha

infinity stone: space stone / mind stone / power stone / time stone

what team?!: avengers / guardians of the galaxy / howlies / agents of shield

cinnamon roll: groot / luis / peter parker / jemma simmons

things: mjölnir under a blanket / drax’s laugh / bucky’s voluminous hair / jumping out of a plane without a parachute / hello kitty pajama pants / fury pronounced furry

compliments: i have had the biggest tumblr crush on u for the longest time like u seem like the funniest™️ gal around, the memes u post are always hilarious and ur having such a good time with ur friends on here like???? i wanna have a good time too!!! i wanna be part of ur funny people club wtf!!!! and it’s not just the memes that make u such a grade A, crush-worthy blog like ur overall content mixed in with ur awesome personality and silly sense of humor come together as this huge concoction of ultimate greatness that make ur followers go “sign me tf up!!!” in conclusion i am lowkey highkey in love with u and i want u to notice me lmao i hope u have a spectacular start to ur week pumpkin 💛💛💛💛💛

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*gently leaves a tiny fluffly kitten in ur inbox* someone prescribed kitties for ur asshole-ery

Holy shit is so cute *spazzes and picks it up, cooing*

I am not an asshole, anon. However I shall keep the kitten since it is so cute it can be useful