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allo it is i, your friendly neighborhood trashy fanfic writer. my favorite things are run in sentences and commas so if those ain’t ur jam  u shld prolly click away ANYWAYS this is me falling headfirst into the jimon hole and rewriting the evolution of their relationship through jace’s eyes. its not great but i really like it hope u do too.

Jace had officially had it with all of them.

4 months ago, he was just a regular Shadowhunter with a killjoy brother and annoying sister that really liked killing demons together. It was comfortable, accountable, dependable. Jace knew that every day, he’d wake up, he’d train with Alec, he’d make fun of whatever skintight leather outfit Izzy was wearing that day, they’d go out on a mission, come back, fall asleep, rise and repeat. The inanity of it all was starting to get a little monotonous, but a little Downworld revolt would’ve spiced it up just enough.

But of course, Clary fucking Fray had to come in and take his perfect little bubble and pop it as violently as she could.

Now the Circle is back in action, the Mortal Cup is lost but for real this time, Alec is dating a warlock, Izzy is acting really weird, and the whole Institute has basically gone to shit.

And don’t even get him started on the calamity that is Simon Lewis.

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As much as IH and its shippers bug me I do feel bad for them. I mean their entire ship has no real foundation but many ships have been built on less, the thing I don’t understand, how do they even write their fics? And by that I mean: what kind of dynamic do they even imagine these two having??? I just could never imagine ichigo even remotely as close or comfortable around anyone as he is with rukia, much less having that person be orihime. I mean IR is practically married already so basically the only thing that would change is doing the freak and less unspoken emotions.