ur gonna be the death of me

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I've watched your Last Jedi video like 20 times straight, your face at the end really is the perfect reaction 😂 😂

i thought luke was gonna pump me up man and all luke did was freak me tf out

luke: time for the jedi to end


u think this is a game luke

u think this is a game




fuck u mean time for the jedi to end. time for u to stop being dramatic and teach rey the ways of the force is more like it. 

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1. I respect you, Glitchtale is not like one of those worlds where everyone is at death's door but never dies; 2. Are you gonna revive people using their SOULS, since Betty still has them in possession, and they aren't technically dead (Well that's just me); and 3. WHY ARE YOU SO FRIKIN' AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE *crys* I want ur awesomeness *Blueberry star eyes* TEACH MEEEEEEEEEEE (Apologies for long ask >~<)

1- Thank you, I appreciate it.

2- If I ever revive something it’d be only because there is a WAY to make it happen AND because it’s extremely necessary to make an important progress to the plot. Regardless of that, I will have AND KEEP some deaths permanent and y’all are gonna have to understand and live with that xD

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are u fucking serious bex? first u attack this MINOR on their own blog just bc they say something made them uncomfortable?? and now theyre receiving death threats bc u did this and all ur little minions are on the attack bc of it. like what did u expect to happen?? ur a "celebrity" or w.e., you shouldnt even be interacting with fans in this way. and telling everyone to "knock it off!!" like you could have avoided this entire thing by just scrolling past lol good luck with the backlash from this

Thanks for the good luck wishes looks like I’m gonna need t.

As much as I regret my explosion I can’t take it back. The “minions” on the attack against the kid who originally called me out aren’t doing so with my blessing. In fact they should be ashamed of themselves and they should not consider themselves fans of mine anymore. As for being a celebrity and learning how to interact with fans, alright. Fine. You’re right. I’ve put myself in the public eye. Guess that means I have relinquished my humanity. I no longer am allowed to make mistakes or try to pretend life can be at all private or normal. Guess I brought that on myself. Oh well. Guess I have to be that celebrity now. No more interacting with fans more than a “thanks 😘” here and a “you’re so great!” there … no more accessibility is what you’re asking for? Should I hide my humanity instead of admitting to my faults? What kind of person would that make me?

To the Four of Us (Part Twenty Five)

premise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.
words: 2,803
warnings: death mentions, abuse mentions, swearing, i think that’s all but pls lemme know if I forgot something!
all chapters: x
tags: @heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @newyorkyoucanbeanew @lafbagxette @justafangirlwithanavy @iamgrayfox @ordinaryornate @schuylerjoon @angelica-peggy-eliza @trashyperson101 @crazydragon15 @but-if-you-had-to-choose @geespilots @marvelous-hamilfan @mynameisalexanderhammyham @panda-powers @lafeyettegunsandships @schokoobananaa @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @aham-threw-his-shot-away @hesitantcat @nonstopspook @hamrevolution @writethewayout @alexander-did-you-know @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @sun-tree @angelizaandpeggy @isis278 @idk-destiel @engulfedinstars @hamiltrashuniverse @ahrupe @just-me-an-asshole @readfizz @skeletonmelodies @gum-and-chips @iminwaytoomanyfandoms @hadleyelizabethuley @fictionalboyfriends
a/n: ur all gonna hate me lmfao bye

dedication: @sun-tree and @schokoobananaa for being like,,, art regulars??? I llove u both 

A funeral. Suits and ties and not knowing how to feel. Alexander had never been to one before, but he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to do well. As he buttoned his shirt, he watched John sit down on the hotel bed and aggressively yank on his dress pants.

John had been irritable all morning—snapping at Alexander, Hercules, and Lafayette, and only being minimally polite to George. Everyone treaded lightly; none of them were sure how to approach the situation. Even Alexander didn’t really know how John was feeling. Every time he’d attempted to pull him aside and talk to him, John would brush him off with a scowl. After that, Alexander made the executive decision to give him some space.

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This girl comes in with her bf on a real busy night, rolls her eyes at my coworker when she's told her pizza is gonna take 20 min, stares us down while waiting for her order to come out(literally took 23 min), and then comes back in for ice cream after. I'm scooping her some ice cream, biting my lip just cause its chapped, and i look up at the guy because hes talking, and she sees me biting my lip and gives me a death stare! Like settle down, ur both ugly lol

Insecure much? Seriously, she sounds like way way WAY too jealous to a point that he needs to run for the goddamn hills. Not to mention she’s a bitch. It’s not a good combo. -Abby

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Ghost ur under a rest for having a monopoly on mints!!!! We ask that u split ur mint company into multiple companiey if u want to live!!!

do u rlly think threatening me with death is gonna work

do u rlly think


a compilation of tweets from blackbear (tw: negativity, anxiety, death)

  • [ text ]: i care .. i just dont want to
  • [ text ]: i wish i never saw the real u
  • [ text ]: im only doing this 4 u
  • [ text ]: im getting good at playing dead
  • [ text ]: i wanna disappear (sent with confetti)
  • [ text ]: were not us anymore
  • [ text ]: pretend the shower head is me (sent with invisible ink)
  • [ text ]: mood: not in the mood
  • [ text ]: ever wanna check up on someone but its just not ur place anymore
  • [ text ]: when is god gonna kill me?
  • [ text ]: everything gives me anxiety
  • [ text ]: i fucking hate myself (sent with shooting star)
  • [ text ]: all of us are done for
  • [ text ]: id let u run me over with a bus
  • [ text ]: usin my last 1% to let u kno im thinkin bout u
  • [ text ]: dont text ur ex on my wifi
  • [ text ]: i dont wanna kno if ur playin me
  • [ text ]: lets chill with ghosts
  • [ text ]: sext: im suffering from depression
  • [ text ]: how to avoid everything : a novel by me
  • [ text ]: im never havin kids only puppies
  • [ text ]: sry i cant hang out im havin an existential crisis
  • [ text ]: crying but also turned on
  • [ text ]: update: u still suck
  • [ text ]: my biggest regret in life is that ill never be ciara
  • [ text ]: respect for real art is my biggest turn on ..
  • [ text ]: u make me wanna punch shit repeatedly
  • [ text ]: hulu & hang?
Updated Request List
  • Yoongi makeup sex smut
  • Daddy Seungcheol smut (he’s daddy af let’s be real)
  • shy/cute virgin!Woozi smut (you guys r gonna kill me but it’s gonna be a nice death)
  • JB fluff (about him having a bad day)
  • Vernon smut (about visiting and having your first time oooh)
  • a Seungkwan imagine (where ur singing at each other; so psyched for this one, it’s gonna be cute af)
  • a rly cute Woozi one (about him adiring u it’s gonna be BOMB)
  • Vernon shower smut  
  • slightly angsty fluff Vernon imagine about him dating a plus sized girl
  • jealous Vernon smut
  • Jun eating you out for the first time smut (ooooh)
  • Minghao trying to impress the girl he likes (maybe smut??)
  • husband!Vernon smut
  • ANYTHING for Wonwoo (so ambiguous I love it)
  • jealous!Mingyu smut
  • Jun/Jeonghan threesome (I am so ready and interested to explore this dynamic)
  • Minghao smut of literally any kind (the hilarity of getting this as a request you don’t understand)
  • Jeonghan smut with a thong and some kinky shit oo (yasss somebody requested BAE; like you don’t understand he was my first bias for this band this shit is gonna be tight)
  • something to satisfy Hoshi thirst (might combine this with the rough Hoshi request)
  • Vernon or Jeonghan first time oral
  • Meanie threesome (i was WAITING) (actually got a second req for this so I’m gonna combine them)
  • Wonwoo/Seunghceol threesome
  • Seungcheol and Mingyu threesome (damn guess who’s gettin flooded with threesome requests; what have i done)
  • Coups smut about him getting hot n bothered when you wear his shirts
  • Hoshi studying smut
  • making out w/ DK on the beach
  • Woozi/Suga threesome
  • Minghao smut
  • Suga Daddy kink/hate sex smut (that should be interesting)
  • kinky Minghao smut (and don’t worry, I won’t screenshot it, that request stays just between me and you anon)
  • boyfriend Hoshi being a goof 24/7 but has a fuckboy side that comes out to play (love this idea so much)
  • what Jungkook is like in bed (ayoo these are getting requested so much might turn this into a series)
  • kinky Wonwoo smut
  • Vernon smut based on Wet The Bed by Chris Brown (of all the fucking songs this song makes me burst out laughing every time I hear it dear god)
  • Vernon oral sex smut
  • BTS x plus-sized girl headcanons (aka Big Booty Better Thighs with BTS)
  • seungcheol 69 smut
  • rough Vernon with dirty talk
  • Scoups smut
  • Jimin Hogwarts AU (fluffy) (and so it goes…)
  • Bambam smut
  • lazy morning sex with Taehyung
  • (insert member of seventeen) likes you but you don’t understand the cultural differences in dating for Koreans when he tries to show it
  • Seulgi x female reader smut - probably Hogwarts AU (CAN YOU HEAR ME GASPING FOR BREATH OMG I’M DYING?????)
  • Mingyu blowjob smut
  • Woozi shower smut
  • Yugyeom mommy kink smut (not emotionally prepared for this bruh)
  • Jeonghan fluff
  • Vernon bath sex
  • overstimulation with Mingyu imagine
  • Vernon or Jeonghan Hogwarts au smut
  • Church Oppa part 2 (highly requested)
  • Taehyung and Jimin threesome
  • Seventeen Divergent au (read that so long ago - kind of excited for this??)
  • Wonwoo “mouth is important for rappers” smut (hehe)
  • Vernon oral smut (getting so many of these requests I’m probably just gonna combine them)
  • Vernon eating a girl out under a desk (already getting ideas about this???)
  • cute little soccer au prompt with Amber
  • one of the cute little aus with Coups
  • Woozi as a vampire
  • Gryffindor Hoshi x Ravenclaw reader smut (waaaay too pumped about this)
  • Joshua hogwarts au smut (hogwarts au smut aaall around)
  • Joshua beyonce karoke au
  • Jeonghan x plus sized girl lingerie smut
  • Jeonghan best friend first kiss fluff
  • 95 line foursome for birthday anon
  • Wonwoo teacher x student smut  
  • leo from vixx
  • hufflepuff reader x jun or joshua hogwarts au
  • TOP daddy smut
  • Dino smut (can’t wait for all the hate messages i’m gonna get after this whoo)
  • Hoshi fluff
  • Suga fluff
  • Hogwarts Red Velvet headcanons (I am TRASH and so ready for this)
  • Hogwarts f(x) headcanons (don’t even make me cry)
  • Joshua/Minghao threesome
  • Wonwoo angst/romance/smut
  • ot13 + reader smut (this is the big one… this is anarchy… I’m gonna have to prepare for this one… doomsday…)
  • taehyung sexy dancing/idol reader smut
  • woozi’s girlfriend attempts suicide and he is called to the hospital; he blames himself for working too much (i know this is a very sensitive topic and i will treat it with all the humility that i can, because i know it’s important to write about stuff like this)
  • soonchan threesome (pretty sure you can hear me screaming from where ever you are)
  • Jihoon pegging smut (I’m dying inside but I can’t wait for this)
  • Hogwarts AU - 95 line all having a crush on and fighting over Hufflepuff reader (possible smut)
  • Hoshi x Suga x Woozi smut (gonna call this the blonde squad, cause they all look hottest with their hair at that shade of bright bleach blonde and ahhh) (also pretty sure the request meant a foursome with reader if the person who requested this sees this and that’s not the case pls lemme know thanks)
  • Luhan smut
  • polyamorous relationship with Seulgi and Amber (this is gonna be so fucking lit)
  • youngjae smut (he’s been lookin so damn fine lately)
  • Daddy Seungcheol/Jihoon threesome (i can’t breathe)
  • performance unit practice room smut (woooow)
  • Hoshi x plus sized reader smut
  • Michael x ravenclaw reader smut (hogwarts au) (…is this? a 5sos request?? someone remembered i vaguely write for them???)
  • what Vernon would be like as a room mate (headcanons)
  • Dino smut about him and reader being cute confused virgins (yasssss)
  • Dino movie smut (just saying if my boyfriend tried to finger me under a blanket with other people around there would be fucking consequences for his horny ass)
  • sub!Dino smut
  • fluffy first time Yugyeom smut
  • Seungcheol imagine where a sex scene comes on tv??
  • Dino noona smut (it was bound to fucking happen)
  • Yoongi angst fic about him dating a plus-sized girl
  • dom Hoshi smut (with Oppa kink)
  • Glenn and Amber apocalypse au (the request said crack but I am going to take this very very serious cause they are my baaaaaes)
  • “homewrecker” jeoncheol x reader - you’re in a relationship with one of the boys and there is a alot of cheating that ends in a threesome (so so pumped for this)
  • Hoshi smut based off of Jam Jam
  • Woozi bondage smut
  • female reader x irene smut (yasss more girl smuts)
  • Soonyoung/Jihoon threesome
  • rough voyeuristic mark got7 smut
  • fluffy fuckboy jimin
  • vernon pegging smut
  • jogin and yifan + a plus sized girl (maybe headcanons? the request wasn’t too specific??)
  • dom!dino smut
  • vernon blow job smut
  • Vernon/Minghao threesome (interesting)
  • Hoshi x Ravenclaw reader (a possible continuation of the Woozi Hogwarts AU)
  • Hoshi or Coups angst where they have a dream where you die
  • Hoshi imagine where you’re anxious about making an important decision and he comfort you
  • Wendy smut based off of Light Me Up (yassss)
  • Hoshi smut where you make him jealous by dancing sexy with another member
  • Jun smut with idol reader and extreme fanboy/fansite admin Jun (with Jun being the submissive) (juicy)
  • Wonwoo fluff based off the MV for AOA’s Heart Attack (love that MV so much)
  • dirty talk Vernon smut
  • continuation of the Woozi Hogwarts AU
  • something similar to “I Think We’re Alone Now” for Woozi
  • Vernon makeup sex smut
  • hot Joshua smut
  • teacher Joshua smut
  • “what would Vernon be like in bed?” headcanons
  • (another request for a meanie threesome)
  • jealous Coups smut

Non-Requested/My Own Ideas:

  • Vernon/Woozi threesome (two of my top three it had to happen at some point)
  • a smut with mah boy Jisoo and some spanking (I’m not even gonna pretend to be pure anymore)
  • The 12 Movie Oneshots, as an extension of the movie preference, listed as follows:
  • Seungcheol High School AU Movie
  • Jeonghan 20’s or 60’s Crime Drama/Thriller Movie
  • Joshua Zombie Apocalypse Movie
  • Jun Vampire Movie
  • Hoshi Feel Good Summer Movie
  • Wonwoo Werewolf Movie
  • Woozi Fantasy Movie
  • DK Superhero Movie
  • Mingyu Grunge Film
  • Seungkwan and Vernon Buddy Cop Movie
  • Dino Chosen One Story
  • Maze Runner au (cause there’s so damn many of the svt boys pls fight me on this)
  • a Coups scenario inspired by his scene in Mansae
  • a svt first kiss preference
  • a Michael oneshot inspired by “Style” by Taylor Swift
  • a 5sos first kiss preference that I started 10 yrs ago and never finished
  • something 5sos inspired by “Fast In My Car” by Paramore
  • something with Grace from Degrassi (cause she bae)
  • a native english speaking idol acidentially bumps into Suga backstage at KBS music bank and calls him “Daddy” under her breath, thinking he didn’t hear her; a couple of weeks later has a collab project with BTS and is dancing with them, and falls, he catches her and says “Don’t worry, Daddy’s got you.” aka best fic ideas come to you in the shower
  • something inspired by the Run MV
  • BTS Suckerpunch AU
  • Daddy Jeonghan smut (just bc I fucking can)
  • what kind of snapchats Seventeen would send you (been looking at waaay too many snapchat edits lately and wiiish i could make them but i’m gonna write this anyway haha)
  • Battle Royale AU (it’s happening)
  • Fire and Ice (has a title and i’ll keep the content a secret for now)
  • China line threesome (cause China line is friendship goals and it had to happen at some point like rly)

u know what i love the most about jack wilder

he’s a street kid, that’s p much a given. he’s a thief, a pickpocket, a burglar, a street hustler. he can fight like hell and defend himself against two fbi agents and have you see his getaway driving? the guy also rocks a leather jacket every time he’s not on stage, gets the Death card when he’s called in. if u see him walk past with a scrape ur just gonna assume there’s another guy out there who is currently registering to er

but the second he opens his mouth

purest, sweetest fucking cinnamon roll ever to cinnamon roll

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Ok, so being a person who was involved in a pedestrian-vehicular accident (guess who was the pedestrian? Meee) and makes jokes about it like 'hey, u know I've been hit on before... By a truck!' and yet also gets panicky near roads and my hip still aches from it, I was curious if u had any headcannons for Paladins finding out that their s/o may have had been involved in some pretty intense life-or-death situations like that before they even lEFT EARTH. (Btw u r awesome I love u & ur blog and hc!)

Okay I got hit by a school bus when I was driving to my bus stop one day, I almost died of some illness when I was like five, and I dislocated my shoulder in the middle of the fucking ocean, so LET ME TELL YOU I SORT OF UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH THESE SITUATIONS SUCK. Anyways I’m gonna have fun with this. (Also thank you so much bless you, you inspire me to write!!

•By far the most respectful of any and all triggers you might have
•He understands how it feels to be on the brink of death
•Quietly impressed with your will to live and strength, because you don’t get out of those situations when you really truly want to die
•Will help you if you’re in any pain at all. Heating pads? He’s got those. Pain meds? All here. This Dad™ deserves a medal

•He probably won’t say much about it. When the fuck does he say much about anything?
•He might ask if you’re in pain after stuff (like training or a stressful mission)
•Ask him for anything and he’ll do it
•Will either try and remove you for your triggers, or he’ll hold your hand and pull you through whatever situation it is

•If that shakes you up he’ll apologize ten times he just thought you were an angel in that moment
•Is incredibly impressed with you, and verbalizes it
•You become his inspiration during missions.
•He keeps asking if you need stuff. “Can I get you water? Ice? Food? A walk around the castle-” “Please shut up Lance”
•He tried to fight your triggers please Lance you can’t keep going around punching people’s cars even Keith isn’t this stupid

•He might be curious and ask a lot of questions, but he won’t push you
•Constantly reminds you how strong you are
•He’s really good at picking up what you need before you say it (or realize it yourself)
•He’s always around to talk about it or cuddle away your anxieties

•Would be impressed, but horrified.
•Hugs you really tightly (might be more emotional about it than you are)
•Might spend more time with you after you tell them
•Tries to figure out new gadgets and stuff for you to help with pain and panic attacks
•Is really supportive and there to listen (even if they’re messing with something while you talk)

things people submit
  • Aries: I get so frustrated when people waste my time taking their time. Like "let's get a move on people, there's only so many hours the sun is out!!"
  • Taurus: I hate how I love routine to the point where Im not able to leave a toxic relationship. My stubbornness wont let me give up on someone I love even though I know they are no good for me.
  • Gemini: There's a distinctive flaw in my personality - it's ever changing. I can't even decide what style I want to wear. One day I'll wear all black and the next I'll wear flower crowns and floral clothes. My personality changes like my dress sense does.
  • Cancer: It's true that we are very sensitive, but we can keep our emotions for us without showing anyone. It's weird because we always try to show our toughness but yet people say we are sweet and kind but when we are alone we can count on just our strength, yet often I wish people didn't confuse our kindness with weakness.
  • Leo: I am constantly in need of attention. Not only from my boyfriend, but from all of my friends. I crave people falling in love with me. Nothing is more devastating to me than being a second choice.
  • Virgo: I'm really needy I wilt without attention from my close friends but I feel like I'm bothering everyone when I want to talk about my problems because I'm so used to doing the helping. Then I feel selfish for wanting help in return.
  • Libra: A lot of people tell me Im pretty and forget my intelligence. I feel like ppl care more about the physical than whats inside. Ive been told many times that ppl were surprised Im also smart because I look pretty. That depresses me.
  • Scorpio: I find that I like to have control of things, so I often take the place as the leader of the group, and when I am not I have very strong opinions on things and express them without a filter, and often take the place as a co-leader, I also find that it is easy to tell people what to do.
  • Sagittarius: It's true clingy people do annoy me. If you bother to stop me from having fun I will immediately drop my smile and give you the scariest death stare you've ever scene. Stop me from exploring places where adventure lies ahead and you'll be next on my kill list.
  • Capricorn: I come off as aloof, cold and shy when in reality I'm just at peace, observing. I'm afraid this trait of mine will push people away and that they find me boring, arrogant or stuck up. I want love but I'm afraid of vulnerability.
  • Aquarius: I don't like people that don't know how to keep a conversation going it annoys me on a level that is extreme because if ur awkward then I'm gonna get awkward and there's gonna be a uncomfortable silence. No.
  • Pisces: I am constantly torn between everything in life. One day I think I want my life to be stable and become a normal upper middle class citizen then the next I want to run away to a strange place with nothing but a camera. It's this way with everything in my life.
University!Joshua: Health Sciences
  • so ur in the library in a nice open room with lots of couches and a few tables to do work on and it’s a rlly nice quiet place and ur there to do some homework and study a bit
  • and like ur lucky enough to be there when there’s not a lot of ppl so u have a table all to urself and 20 minutes later u hear someone sitting down across from u and ur basically thinking wtf dude there’s like 2 other completely empty tables go sit there but then u look up and have a mini panic attack bc its like the prettiest guy uve ever seen
  • like joshua in all his doe eyed perfect gentleman’s upper lip glory u are heart eyes in the first 3 seconds
  • and ur all shit he’s not even looking at me he’s doing his own thing i shouldn’t disturb him so u go back to studying but u occasionally peek up at him once in a while just to like reassure urself that yes pretty boy is still there
  • but acTUALLY joshua totally sat across from u on purpose bc he was like “oh shit this person is hella cute” but he was too shy to actually say anything so he’s trying to be casual abt it but on the inside he’s freaking out
  • so the two of u are like sneaking peeks at each other but always at diff times so u dont catch each other in the action and both of u think the other is super busy but truthfully u can barely concentrate
  • so then the two of u finally accidentally look up at the same time and ur both super embarrassed but u dont want to be rude so u give him like one of those small polite smiles u give to strangers and even that is enough for joshua to be dyING
  • and eventually ur like jfc i’m not studying at all i can’t do this i have to leave pretty boy so u start to pack up and joshua’s just sitting there panicking bc what???ur leaving?? this wasn’t part of his plan what? don’t leave??!!
  • but u do and he’s utterly broken hearted and ur like aw man i wish i at least talked to the guy shit
  • so a few days pass and one of ur friends who’s taking psychology with u is like “hey a bunch of kids from diff faculties that are taking psych are meeting up at the library and we’re going to do the big online midterm quiz together wanna join??” and ur like meh why the hell not i’ll have ppl to help me figure out the answers rather than doing it alone
  • so u go and josHUA IS THERE TOO bc he’s a friend of a friend of a friend or some shit and he had the same idea as u, do it w a bunch of ppl
  • so both of u immediately get all blushy and embarrassed and ur friend sees and is like “??do u know him??” and ur like “nONONONO i dont lets do this ok”
  • so ur too embarrassed to even sit near him so u sit on the other side of the table
  • and u kinda forget about him for a bit when u start the quiz bc u need to concentrate this is like 10% of ur mark and everyone’s asking questions aloud and trying to help other ppl in the group figure out the right answer
  • and u get majorly stuck on question 13 and ur like frantically flipping thru ur notes and asking the question out loud two or three times but no one hears u bc they’re busy helping other ppl and ur like shIT I’M WASTING TIME I ONLY HAVE 40 MINUTES TO COMPLETE THIS QUIZ
  • but then someone moves a chair over and sits next to u and its joshua and he gives u this lil calm, shy smile and is like “it’s ok i’ll figure it out for u go on to the next one”
  • and so the two of u end up working on the quiz together and since both of u are looking at ur laptop screen ur close together and sometimes his knees accidentally bump into yours and each time he blushes and mumbles sorry and ur like oHMY GOD CAN ANYONE BE ANY CUTER THAN THIS
  • finally ur both done the quiz and u turn to look at the others in the group but they totally forgot abt u two so joshua’s like “hey ummm do u wanna get a smoothie together to celebrate??” so u two ditch and u sit in a small cafe on campus and talk for like 2 hours and it’s great ur both a lil awkward but u hit it off straight away
  • and finally he’s like “umm sorry i gotta go i have to catch a bus home but maybe we can study for psych again together?? like for the final even tho the final is still like 2 months away…haha ha ….” and ur like jesus this boy is gonna be the death of me and ur like “yes yes lemme give u my number”
  • so the two of u end up meeting up at least once or twice a week to “””’study for the psych final’’”” and i mean u two actually do study but after each session u go out to get like a coffee or eat dinner together and ur like is this a date?? it feels like a date but u dont wanna say anything in case it’s just u getting these vibes but joshua is totally thinking the same thing
  • a few days before the official start of final exam season there’s always a lil festival on campus, and there’s like games and food and the school even spends a day or two beforehand to set up a couple of rides for ppl to go on and u two go together and ur having fun just like walking around the quad looking at all the rides and games and shit and eventually when it gets dark enough ur like oh man there’s a small ferris wheel here if i could go on w him it would be totally romantic
  • so u tell him u rlly wanna go on and of course gentleman joshua is like “heCK yeah lets wait in this ridiculously long line together in this mid-april chilly weather bc at least i’m waiting w u what haha hahaha”
  • so u wait for a looong ass time bc everyone under the fucking sun wants to go on the ferris wheel apparently and when the two of u finally get on its way too cold to even enjoy it and ur hands are freezing and ur shivering so hard ur teeth are chattering and ur like “uh shit sorry i don’t think this was worth the wait”
  • and he’s like “nonono this is great im having lots of fun u look cold tho” and then “’””casually”’” puts his arm around u and slides u a bit closer to him for “’waRMTh”’”
  • and when u hit the very top of the ride ur like it’s now or never and u say “listen…i’ve known u for a couple months now and i rlly like u…its cool if u dont tho”
  • and he lights uP and he’s like “omg u do?? u srsly do?? bc i rlly like u!!” and he’s just so relieved bc he wanted to confess to u too but u confessed first and made it so much easier for him ahhh joshua u chicken
  • and u kinda wanna do the anime thing where u kiss at the top of the ferris wheel and ur like hmmm maybe it’s too soon so u settle for holding his hand and he’s already a stuttering blushing mess so it’s a good thing u didnt kiss him out of the blue w/ no mental preparation this sweet summer child
  • in the end u two end up getting rlly high marks in the psych final bc of all the fucking study sessions u guys did all semester lololol and u scored a super cute bf in the end so BOOM!!

anonymous asked:

(a) you're gorgeous (b) small tits are adorable (c) so are Scottish gals (d) fuck ya haters (e) everything you feel suicidal and worthless about right now is gonna feel completely irrelevant in five years. Death is so final. I will never try and dissuade anyone from committing suicide, just if you do make that choice some day, be 100% sure you want to make it. Take everything into consideration. Don't make any daft decisions. Stay strong darling. Any guy would be lucky to have you..

Ur so sweet thank u so much this made me smile

sgsdfgsdfhfdhsdfhdsfh-deactivat  asked:

idk why anons are like omg ur so impatient and mean like youre one of the most patient people in this website ive seen considering how much bullshit u gotta deal with

i literally had someone threaten to kill me and then fake their death because i reblogged a post from them and im still gonna get anons lecturing me about how im “too harsh” like wrow

lavietudier  asked:

🎉 congrats omg! lol i'm a nerd but i'm really digging the sibelius violin concerto?? It's got this really cute section in the third section with the flutes I 10/10 recommend (pssst there is a good cycle of this available on both itunes and google play. Only costing around 10 bucks! It's lahti orch with osmo vanska and it has all of sibelius's symphonies and more)

Howdy Henry! I typed yours up only for tumblr to swallow it and spit it out into the abyss of death so here goes…
(first of all u know i love u but ur such a nerd but im gonna listen to ur rec anyway bc im sure its Great just like you)

Compliment: HENRY OK FIRST YOURE JUST SO SWEET!! You’re super sweet and always up to chat, and I can tell that you always read my tags because you message me about them all the time!! it’s so nice honestly. Also I love how you post about your music stuff?? even though i’m not a huge music nerd, it’s just nice to see something ~different~ here in the studyblr dot com community, and it’s something that you’re passionate about, so I super duper appreciate that!! ALSO I ALWAYS NOTICE THAT YOU TAG ME IN YOUR STUFF AND I LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!

Constructive criticism: honestly the only thing is your theme, my friend! it’s a tad hard to navigate x.x also an about would be cool! except!! i already know you so :D i guess it would just be nice for any new followers. but keep up the awesome content man! i still love u dw

Thanks for the ask!

>> Come celebrate with me, I’m doing blog compliments!! <<

adjokdasdms hello !! i’m your friendly neighbourhood lucy, and this beautiful small bean is tessa. in case you can’t tell, i suck at introducing myself, but i am going to try my diddly-darn best. click under the cut to hear me ramble some more, so i don’t jumble your dash with my 3am definitely-not-diet soda fuelled zeal !

potential TW; child abuse, physical & emotional abuse, death.

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