ur giving the middle finger

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mgg putting his fingers in your mouth to suck on during sex

ugh my insides are getting all mushy yet tense when i think about this because honestly he would be [SO] into this ok. he’d love to cup your face and put his thumb in your mouth as he’s on top, getting ready to place himself at your entrance, doing that fucking hot half smile thing he does and then biting his lip as he throws his head back and murmured something quietly along the line of “you are gonna kill me you know that” or some shit or after he goes down on you and hes still in between ur legs after you came and hed just give you his index and middle fingers to suck on and youd start with the index and then spend more time sucking and rolling ur tongue around the middle and hed just be glowing and watching you intensely and getting even more worked up and all that jazz. but i swear like he’d find so many excuses just to get inside ur mouth in some way in any (public) place like he’d get a different ice cream to urs and instead of passing you his to try it when ur touristing around a tiny city in the middle of italy hed swipe the ice cream with his finger and give u that just to work himself up and get yet another excuse to find a small pub where u could sneak into for the toilet. like
i swear this man looks so easy to turn on damn fam gimme a chance