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As a little early birthday present to myself, I commissioned @orokay to do an illustration of Ashanna from her Constellations AU. WHAT A CUTE PIECE to contrast the horrible things I am going to be putting her through in the next few chapters 😀

A big thanks to the artist; quick work and very communicative during the process, will definitely commission from again <3


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i-is-mostly-friendly said to luminescenct: Well hello there I’m going to shake this up a bit and let you pick one of these aus. Would it be possible for a Chenle au with either Pirate(he not a killing one he’s a smol one), prince, elf or angel. Have fun writing. You don’t have to write it if you don’t want to. And thanks a bunch!!!!

  • wood elf
  • lives inside of a really pretty willow tree in this really like foresty lake place
  • can talk to animals and is best friends with all of them!! esp the little squirrels they’re his squad lmao he probably helps collect food with all his animal friends
  • wears like a peter pan-esque outfit but knee-length shorts and not long trousers, and he probably has like a necklace with an acorn as a charm jflkdsja
  • ok so u live in like the little village near the forest and you’re an apprentice for the village pharmacist
  • ur master had run out of this specific medicinal herb and needed you to go find it in the forest so off u went
  • so you’re exploring trying to find that herb when you hear a rustle and you’re scared so u hide behind this tree
  • u wait looking around behind that tree but you can’t hear anything move anymore and you haven’t seen anything move until you feel a tap on your shoulder and you jump
  • you turn around and your eyes meet chenle’s confused ebony coloured eyes and he asks who u are
  • and you’re kind of speechless bc you’re just facing possibly the most beautiful boy you’ve ever met and he’s like glowing!! and his messy blonde hair is perfectly ruffled and he just looks so innocent,, are those pointy ears too?? 
  • he kind of waves his hand in front of your face a bit since you’re not responding so you stutter out your name
  • hes like are you from the village??? and ur like ya im an apprentice for a medic but,,,, who are u???
  • and he’s like “i’m chenle!! i live here” and it clicks in your head that he’s an elf
  • so u decide that he probably knows where that herb you’re looking for is so u ask him and he’s like “oh there’s some near the lake where jeno hyung lives!!” 
  • and so you end up following chenle as he leads u to a v pretty large lake and he picks some for you and hands it to you
  • ur super thankful and you’re like “idk how to thank you enoguh!! what can i do to repay you??” and he just smiles and is like “come back again so we can hang out!! you can meet some of my friends too it’ll be fun!!” 
  • and so you end up going over every week on the day that you’re free to go hang out with chenle and his friends who are basically the rest of nct dream but also that squirrel squad they’re all chill and love u and now chenle is practically your closest friend who helps you find all the things you need for making medication and he learns from you, as well as him teaching you the things he knows that you didn’t
  • however someone had seen you going into the forest and hanging out with chenle, and news had spread that you were interacting with elves who were generally seen badly by humans
  • you didn’t want chenle to be found and to get hurt so you decide to never go to the forest again so people can forget about it and chenle and the others will be safe
  • but chenle was so worried and thought something really bad had happened to you, or that he’d done something wrong that made you not want to see him anymore
  • he tried to go look for you but he didn’t know what would happen to him if the villagers were to see him, and he was thinking “what if they just don’t want to see me? if i looked for them, wouldn’t that make them hate me even more?” so he ended up staying sad for a really long time
  • but finally spring rolls around and unfortunately, you haven’t visited and chenle’s sadness is affecting the rest of the forest, and no one is happy even though it’s spring so when sun elf donghyuck comes round to visit and he notices that the forest wasn’t radiating it’s naturally radiant and welcoming aura, he immediately went to go find chenle
  • so chenle ends up telling donghyuck and chenle is,,, tearing up because he misses you so much and he doesn’t feel the same without having you chat with him every week
  • donghyuck is like if u miss them so much then go find them,, u can’t just mope around like this chenle it’s weird not having u screaming happiness all the time,, cmon go get em
  • so chenle decides that donghyuck’s right, and whatever happens he just wants to see you again so he sets out to the village 
  • he stays a bit cautious and tries to not draw any attention to himself and so far no one has noticed him
  • he keeps close to the walls and is still walkign when he feels a hand around his wrist pull him into a not very bright alleyway
  • he’s scared, thinking that someone’s going to hurt him and he scrunches his eyes shut when he hears your voice whisper what he’s doing here, why is he out in the middle of public and is he out of his mind
  • he opens his eyes and immediately smiles, because umm he’s  HAPPY TO SEE YOU
  • and he’s like “i missed u!! oh my god i thoguht you hated me, why did you stop visiting me?? why didn’t you say anything, did i do something wrong??” and ur like wait follow me and you go through the backdoor of the pharmacy in the village
  • u shut the door and he opens his mouth to ask u why ur not answering his questiosn when you suddenly give him a really tight hug
  • and he hugs you back and u kind of stay like that for a bit and it’s emotional bc you’ve both missed each other ok
  • u get him to sit down and you tell him everythign and you can see his face get sadder and sadder realising that you and chenle aren’t meant to be friends and it breaks your heart to see him so sad again
  • and you’re about to be like “chenle i’m so sorry” but he interrupts u and is like “i love you. i dont want to never see you again, you can live with me and you don’t have to stay separated from me!!” 
  • and ur like shook bc umm chenle just confessed to u,, but you’re still like “are you sure?? wouldn’t that burden you?? what about-” but he’s like NO please i dont want to have to never see you again
  • so you decide that honestly the forest was filled with so much kindness compared to your village, and you agree with chenle’s plan and ur like “ok wait 10 mins i need to pack” and hes like FJLKASD so it happens!! you two run to the forest together!! you can be together!!
  • so ur back at the forest and you’re smiling bc ur so happy!! and you turn to chenle to thank him when he has this super srs expression and you’re like wait whats wrong?? and he’s like “u never replied to my confession,,” and ur like o,,, then u peck him on the cheek and ur like “ofc i like u back,,” and u live happily ever after
  • thanks sun elf donghyuck saving the day again 

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Me and u have to meet one day, help each other heal through our eds with vegan banana cream pie and vegan mac and cheese and a hoard of pastries, just laughing and cooking and eating and not feeling bad abt it later

omg the actual dream! this sounds absolutely lush, yes please 😩💖 

you know what i like about the forest heaps? none of them stayed forest heaps. none of them decided they wanted to be forest people. they just kinda spent their teen years as hobos of the woods, and then returned to normal life as if that wasn’t something that happened???

i don’t know i just find the forest heaps really funny.

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Bookish This or That: everything that ends in 3, please!

hi there! number three’s already been answered but i gotcha on 13&23

13. Buy because of the cover or because of the description

Description!!! Because i have so much self control for some reason? i’m not even being sarcastic for once i swear i actually seem to be able to resist pretty covers

23. Be your favourite character or be their best friend 

“Be my favorite character” i’m shooketh. be?? my favorite character???? are you aware of the amount of pressure that would be putting on my shoulders??? nah dude no way no way in hell not in a billion years i’m gonna be their best friend and we’re gonna have fun:) and they’re gonna love me back:) finally:) and it’s going to be great:))))


this!!!! was fun gimme a high five. thank you so much!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY OMG!! i hope ur day is full of wonderful love and sparkles and cute foresty whispers that only u can understand bc ur the BEST forest witch ever! love love love!!

NO BB I AM JUST TOO OVERWHELMED THIS IS TOO MUCH, I ADORE YOU TO BITS (bit is orbit’s nickname, heheh, you would have loved him!! I know you are a cat appreciator and he would have been all over u with his fluffy butt) 💜💙💚💛💗 Thank you for this amazing message that made my day, and I’m sure it somehow acted like a friendship spell of excellence and made my birthday better too! I hope you’re having the best weekend too, I’ll be thinking of you when I take my forest walks ;^;