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frank iero learned to play the harp just so he could play the intro to disenchanted when will ur fav ever learn to play a whole new instrument just for one song

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What's a good reason to live?

ur pet wouldn’t understand why u left them one day, ur garden would die, ur mom would miss u a lot, u wouldn’t ever find out if they make a hannah montana reboot, u would never get to eat ur fav food again, love and falling in love, ur never gonna see a rainstorm again, u could never hear ur fav song again, u won’t get to travel or see the world, u won’t be able to vote in the lay’s chip flavor thing, 

underrated boy groups ppl should check out

(and hopefully start stanning so I have ppl to cry with… but in all seriousness a listen could give you ur new fav group so)

- Listen to Run&Run, Standing Alone & Fullmoon Shine

- They’re way too underrated to be Jackie Chan’s idol group tbh… Their lineup is confusing but they’re so worth it I promise
- Listen to Fire, Where You At & Insomnia

- Korean-Chinese superstars who make great music and are DANCE KINGS. Their songs are all in both Korean & Chinese and they have some English and OST releases
- Listen to EOEO, Listen To Me & Luv Again

• B.I.G
- I love these dorks omg they’re getting a bit more recognition lately but noT ENOUGH STAN MY BOYS. Amazing dancers and literally all visuals
- Listen to Are You Ready?, TAOLA (pls this is one of my fav songs everrrrrr) & 123

• ToppDogg
- one of the oldest and well established groups on this list anD Y'ALL STILL SLEEPIN ON THEM. Ok I got a lil aggressive but these boys need love.
- Listen to Say It, TopDog & Arario

Other underrated boy groups that I don’t stan but I think are cool and u might like:
• Madtown
• 24k
• Beatwin
• Alphabat

feel free to reblog & add ur own fav underrated groups! If u have any questions/wanna scream about my five then my ask box is always open!!

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Singin’ in the rain

(A/N): Oh my god, I love this request so much 

Request: Hey! First off I just wanted to say I love your fics and ur one of my absolute favs! Also could I request a Bucky x Reader or a Steve x Reader where the reader is super shy and doesn’t really talk to the avengers unless they are on missions together and Bucky/Steve has a crush on them but doesn’t really know how to approach them until they find the reader singing to them self and they have a very pretty voice? Thanks lovely! Xx            

Warnings: mentions of nudity, showering together, swearing 

Originally posted by moon-saph

   (Y/N) was the embodiment of shy, they rarely talked to anyone unless it was absolutely necessary and sometimes even then they would be too scared to open their mouth. They were shy, timid, they hated contention and fighting. How they had ever become an Avenger with those skills was beyond anyone on the team but hey- they werent objecting, even if (Y/N) was a little on the shy side they loved them anyways, some of the team members more so than others.

   There was one particular supersoldier that had taken quite a liking to (Y/N); the dark haired, equally quiet, ex-assassin, Bucky. The word like was a little melodramatic, now head over heels, totally and completely in love, struck by cupid’s bow was a far more accurate term. From the minute (Y/N) had walked through the base, their head hung low, their arms folded over their chest, their voice shaking as they introduced themself Bucky knew he was in love. Unfortunately for him he was just as shy as (Y/N) if not more.

   He’d done horrible things, things he never wanted to do again, if he isolated himself from others, made it difficult to get close then he wouldn’t ever do those horrible things, he wouldn’t ever tell them what he had done and that’s exactly why Bucky couldn’t talk to (Y/N), he couldn’t get close to them because he was scared. So rather than own up to his feelings, grow a pair, and finally talk to (Y/N) he simply ignored his nagging feelings and went on with life.

   He’d been doing a damn good job with his plan too, he hadn’t had the urge to tell (Y/N) in awhile but that all turned to shit after one fateful training session.

   The two trained together, in silence, other than when they asked the other if they were okay or if their fighting was well. And after a couple of hours of rigorous training they’d part their ways until dinner, they’d eat together with the rest of the Avengers and then they’d both go to bed. Only this night Bucky hadn’t been too tired so he took to meandering the tower, looking at things he’d never seen before, observing things he hadn’t taken the time observe before. He realized that Steve really liked plants, they were hanging all over his floor, Nat really liked the scent of Vanilla and Lavender, Sam loved Disco and it was playing on his floor all the time, and (Y/N) sang?

   Bucky nearly did a double take when he heard a soft voice drifting through the doors of (Y/N)’s bathroom. It was soft, barely there, but Bucky could hear it as plain as day. He rarely ever heard (Y/N) talk but when they did he was sure to analyze each and every word, commit them to memory, remember what they had sounded like when they said those words. So even though they had barely spoke a sentence the entire time they had been there he recognized their voice immediately.

   “I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feelin’, I’m happy again,” Bucky smiles as he leans against the wall, listening intently to (Y/N)’s soft, sweet voice.  He knew it was probably creepy to just hang around and listen to (Y/N) as they showered but no matter how hard he tried to pull himself away he simply couldn’t. “I’m laughing at clouds so dark above, the sun’s in my heart and I’m looking for love,” (Bucky hoped that that phrase was indeed true) “ Let the stormy clouds chase Everyone from the place, Come on with the rain I’ve a smile on my face,”

   “I walk down the lane With a happy refrain,” Bucky whispers along quietly, smiling even though (Y/N) couldn’t hear him but when they go to the chorus again it was impossible for him to not sing along.

   “Just singin’, Singin’ in the rain, Dancin’ in the rain,” This time Bucky did sing loud enough for (Y/N) to hear and he nearly instantaneously regretted it when (Y/N)’s singing stopped. Bucky held his breath as the shower cut off and there was a soft rustling of some towels and a shower curtain. At this point he should have booked it, ran down the stairs and out the building and yet again he couldn’t, he was seemingly glued to the spot.

   The bathroom door jingled a bit and then suddenly it opened, revealing (Y/N), a very naked, wet (Y/N). They gave one look at Bucky before their cheeks exploded with pink and they quickly stammered something to say.

   “O-oh my god, did you hear me singing, please tell me you didn’t hear me singing,”

   “I did,” Bucky smiles sheepishly. “And it was actually really good-”

   “No it wasn’t,” (Y/N) buried their face in their hands, blushing much brighter this time. “Oh god- I’m so sorry Bucky,”

   “There’s nothing to be sorry about doll, it was absolutely beautiful,” (Y/N) slowly looks up, their eyes watering slightly as they looked at Bucky.

   “You promise?” Bucky reached out, cupping (Y/N)’s water soaked cheek in his hand. He hadn’t even realized he had done it until (Y/N) (unconsciously, they will say unconsciously to this day) nuzzled against his palm, breathing in deeply.

   “I uh-” Bucky went to retract his hand but he stopped when he noticed the look on (Y/N)’s face, longing, need, a sense of ‘please don’t let me go’. So instead he left his hand there, let (Y/N) nuzzle against it. “I promise doll, it really was beautiful,” Bucky smiles at them reassuringly and they smile back, making Bucky’s heart beat just a bit quicker.

   This was completely new territory, Bucky hadn’t been with anyone in years, not to mention someone as shy as (Y/N). Plus, (Y/N) was his team partner, and never once, in his entire existence, had he ever touched a partner so lovingly and so tenderly.

   “Your voice isn’t too shabby either,” (Y/N) smiles up at Bucky, this time a little brighter and bolder than before. “Where’d you learn to sing like that?”

   “Hm…” Bucky smiles as he rubs his thumb along (Y/N)’s wet skin, beaming when they hummed in pleasure. “I’ll never tell,”

   “Fair enough,” (Y/N) chuckles softly and Bucky swears he’s died and gone to heaven in that moment because nothing could possibly be cuter and holier than (Y/N) giggling. “Um…you know…I still haven’t finished my shower…maybe you’d like to join me?” Bucky’s heart nearly jumps into his throat at the suggestion. He and (Y/N), showering together? Like, no clothes or anything?

   “I’d be more than glad to doll, on one tiny condition,” Bucky smirks at (Y/N)’s little confused expression, their brows furrowed, and lips lightly parted. “We have to do a duet together,”

HOMME, es-tu capable d’être juste ? C’est une femme qui t’en fait la question ; tu ne lui ôteras pas du moins ce droit. Dis-moi ? Qui t’a donné le souverain empire d’opprimer mon sexe ? Ta force ? Tes talents ? Observe le créateur dans sa sagesse ; parcours la nature dans toute sa grandeur, dont tu sembles vouloir te rapprocher, et donne-moi, si tu l’oses, l’exemple de cet empire tyrannique. Remonte aux animaux, consulte les éléments, étudie les végétaux, jette enfin un coup d’œil sur toutes les modifications de la matière organisée ; et rends-toi à l’évidence quand je t’en offre les moyens ; cherche, fouille et distingue, si tu peux, les sexes dans l’administration de la nature. Partout tu les trouveras confondus, partout ils coopèrent avec un ensemble harmonieux à ce chef-d’œuvre immortel.
—  Olympe de Gouges, La Déclaration des droits de la femme et de la citoyenne