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Fairy Tail Chapter 523 Review

Okay Double chapter this week so come on with FT chapter “Will fate burn”

The cover page is Happy and Carla in a chinese festival. That’s it. Okay so on to the chapter.

Okay so starting from where we left off, Gray is going to use a lost iced shell. I’d like to draw attention to the bottom right panel of Gray during Avatar. He says “I wanted to see it“ which I believe he means the book of END. Either that or it’s implying he learned lost attribute from them.

Okay little sidebar, Gray says lost attribute added will enhance a spells powers than normal. Now we know Lost magic is a thing, it’s classified as magic that’s very rare and almost lost to most knowledge seems standard. But lost Attribute seems to be something different like if you use lost attribute than your spell no matter what will increase. I think lost attribute is basically the user tapping into that primal magic or as Rustrose would say “returning to the abyss of magic” that this is the user returning to that undiluted magic. I know it’s odd but this is an interesting concept.

Okay Gray. I get it. You have had so many sacrifice themselves for you and you’ve had to live with that mourning and this has happened many times to you. But, this is war. There is suppose to be sacrifices made and if you think you guys have suffered all that much than your kinda wrong you just lost Makarov. Which is troubling but it was one life. But at the same time I understand that you wouldn’t want more suffering kinda a tough choice.

Okay for most the chapter the dialogue is on point but this one exchange was stupid. “There is no eternity” would be fine but saying “the ice will melt” really is just very vague. If you said something like “My followers will not stop till they melt it” that be fine but the way the sentence is structured it seems like he’s saying the ice will melt on it’s own. But Gray here sounds more dumb by saying if it does melt that’s far down the road’s problem. Gray don’t you know eternal I mean your basically saying every one will forget you but hey it might mean nothing anyway. The hell sense does that make?

I, Really like the symbolism and imagery here. Like no lie, first having it be Ur which is so nice and have it transition over to natsu. Really good sequential story telling.

And I know what people will say, “natsu had to come in to be the big damn hero because Mashima that’s just standard shounen and of course Natsu needs to be pandered to” well I’ about to diffuse that right here. Gray is bringing up a good reason about his grief he feels from almost killing his friend in a blind rage, but here’s what I love Natsu references he could do the same. We have self awareness right here. Then we have the questioning of their friendship. A standard questioning of friendship becomes so much more powerful by adding emotion to the scene. This isn’t some Natsu is stoic reaffirming they are friends this is him on the ground trying to reach Gray.

Welp, touching moment over cause Zeref wanted to be a dick.

Queue standard Natsu is serious two page spread.

“I guess I’ll just stand off to the side, it’s not like I have an ability to access a 9 different forms which grant me a wide range of magic. Better let the men handle this.”

Also Lucy you don’t look like you have any faith in Natsu right now.

So we cut outside the guild to see Erza (Who had her bones broken) all fixed up. You know I’m not even mad. If Wendy can bring juvia back even when she’s only a centimeter away from death, then I’m sure a whole skeleton can be fixed just fine.

Also this resolve works for makarov, but Irene. NO. She was pretty much crazy and pretty much would’ve nuked all of you. But hey cause she killed herself I guess it’s okay.

oh yes. oh yes! OH YES!

And great way to end the chapter.

Also I love how Acnologia references how bored he is. As if he is getting tired of this whole damn arc.

Post Chapter Follow Up: I really liked this chapter. Seriously it was good.

On the Pro side, we have actual emotion that carried over in to the theme of friendship and didn’t feel to shoved down our throats.

Also big thing is the pacing in this chapter is actually really good. Nothing goes by too fast and it all gets in what needs to be done.

We have the air of this final battle beginning and had such a weight to Zeref taking center stage and Acnologia arriving. I couldn’t be more pumped. I’m Hoping that while Natsu tanks the whole zeref thing that at least Gray and Lucy contribute. Also the fact that august even stops fighting really is an amazing sign of what’s coming up.

On the Cons side, nothing really. There are a few snags in the beginning but I think it doesn’t ruin the story overall.

Final Verdict: 8/10

  • Actual character emotion shown on screen
  • solid chapter
  • good pacing

Gray’s mission after the GMG should have been trying to bring back Ultear her youth, not this whole END nonsense. Mashima destroyed Gray’s character developement almost completly with it. If Gray had any respect for Ur and Ultear sacrifice he wouldn’t be attempting any revenge quest, suicide, trying to kill Natsu etc.
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Hiro Mashima: Parents

Gale Glory (Son-Haru Glory, Daughter-Cattleya Glory)

Sakura Glory (Son-Haru Glory, Daughter-Cattleya Glory)

Muscia’s Father (Son-Hamrio Musica)

Musica’s Mother (Son-Hamrio Musica)

Galein Musica (Son-Musica’s Father)

Rize (Adoptive Son-Hamrio Musica)

Lasagna (Son-Chino)

King Raregroove (Son-Lucia Raregroove, Adoptive Son-Deep Snow)

Emilia Rargroove (Son-Lucia Raregroove)

Boton (Son-Genma)

Yuri (Son-Genma)

Pearl (Son-Ruby)

Resha’s Father (Daughter-Resha Valentine)

Resha’s Mother (Daughter-Resha Valentine)

Reina’s Father (Daughter-Reina)

Evermary (Adoptive Son-Gale Glory)

Yuma Ansecto (Adoptive Daughter-Nagisa Ansecto)

Hardner (Daughter-Nagisa Ansecto)

Sophia (Daughter-Nagisa Ansecto)

Papajima (Son-Nakajima)

Mamajima (Son-Nakajima)

Malakia Glory (Son-Gale Glory)

Shakuma Raregroove (Son-King Raregroove)

Haru Glory (Son-Levin Glory)

Elie Glory (Son-Levin Glory)

Macao Conbolt (Son-Romeo Conbolt)

Zekua Melon (Son-Kaby Melon)

Wakaba Mine (Daughter-Wakaba’s Daughter)

Millgana Mine (Daughter-Wakaba’s Daughter)

Jude Heartfilia (Daughter-Lucy Heartfilia)

Layla Heartfilia (Daughter-Lucy Heartfilia)

Gildarts Clive (Daughter-Cana Alberona)

Makarov Dreyar (Son-Ivan Dreyar)

Ivan Dreyar (Son-Laxus Dreyar)

Ur Milkovich (Daughter-Ultear, Adoptive Son-Lyon Vastia, Adoptive Son Gray Fullbuster)

Yuri Dreyar (Son-Makarov Dreyar)

Rita Dreyar (Son-Makarov Dreyar)

Igneel (Adoptive Son-Natsu Dragneel)

Grandeeney  (Adoptive Daughter-Wendy Marvell)

Metalicana (Adoptive Son-Gajeel Redfox)

Brain (Adoptive Son-Macbeth)

Faust (Son-Mystogan)

Lucky (Son-Happy)

Marl (Son-Happy)

Shagotte (Daughter-Carla)

Ultear Milkovich (Adoptive Daughter-Meredy

Jiemma (Daughter-Minerva Orland)

Alzack Connell (Daughter-Asuka Connell)

Bisca Connell (Daughter-Asuka Connell)

Toma E. Fiore (Daughter-Hisui E. Fiore)

Weisslogia (Adoptive Son-Sting Eucliffe)

Skiadrum (Adoptive Son-Rogue Cheney)

SIlver Fullbuster (Son-Gray Fullbuster)

Grammi (Daughter-Brandish Myu)

Irene Belserion (Daughter-Erza Scarlet)

Erza’s Father (Daughter-Erza Scarlet)

Natsu’s Father (Son-Zeref Dragneel, Son-Natsu Dragneel)

Natsu’s Mother (Son-Zeref Dragneel, Son-Natsu Dragneel)

Mavis Vermilion (Son-August)

Zeref Dragneel (Son-August)

I am and have always been fond of Erza, but she lost some points with me when she actually said to Juvia that it was wrong of Gray to behave the way he did in 413 days! As if the deathday of his master Ur should NOT hold any importance…let’s see how you feel when someone acts like Juvia towards you on the deathdays of Grandpa Rob or Simon!
    – submitted by anonymous