ur face is what dreams are made of

Cinderella, She Seems So Easy

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “can you do one where like you go to school with gee and patrick? and patrick ends up winning you over bc gee just wants you for ur body (like,, I’m thinking desolation row gee and teenage patrick, but both are in high school) idk if this made any sense”

Word Count: 1,587

Pairing: Patrick x Reader, Gerard x Reader

Gerard Way is hot, like really hot, you could kill me and I’d say thanks hot, and he’s smiling at you. Your entire face burns and you bite at your lip, Gerard making fuck me eyes at you from across the class room. It’s like something out of a dream and you don’t know what to do besides hope your makeup isn’t messed up. He winks-actually fucking winks!-at you before turning around in his seat and you’re left reeling, only jolted back to reality when the boy beside you taps your shoulder. You turn and look at Patrick and your blush dies down but butterflies erupt in your stomach, flowers blooming from inside and wrapping tightly around your heart. Patrick smiles softly and the entire world is slow, bright, and loving for the few moments it takes you to catch up.

“You wanna come over after school?” He asks and you nod quickly, making him smile even wider and the butterflies are trying to break out of your stomach.

You smile back at him, unable to help it, never able to help it, before turning back to the front of the room. Gerard isn’t looking at you, he’s throwing things at the teacher when he isn’t looking and making his friends laugh. He’s an asshole, well and truly, but your heart picks up its pace anyway and you bite your lip at his dark hair and sink a little in your seat. You can still feel Patrick beside you, always aware of his presence like he’s another part of you, but you can’t help but be completely focused on Gerard. He’s magnetic, electric.

The bell rings just as the teacher catches Gerard throwing things and the red haired boy bolts, laughing so hard he almost trips. You’re grinning as you watch him go, amused and in love. He’s gone when you get into the halls and Patrick is taking you by the hand and leading you to your locker, talking and making you laugh. Patrick is hand holding, 70 degree weather, and blooming flowers, he’s happiness and first loves. Patrick is your best friend but he’s also that boy your other friends tease you about.

But he’s not Gerard.

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one of the coolest things about s1 is that we saw a lot of things from will graham’s perspective so when it comes to headcanons and fic ideas anything is possible because he was tripping balls and losing time all over the place

so hell yeah hannibal could have slapped him across the face with miriam lass’ arm the world is our oyster go out and write that weird ass fic you’ve always dreamed about canon is a man-made concept there are no rules follow ur dreams it’s what bryan fuller would want