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Skin routine? Im starting to have a bad one ugh

skincare routines always starts off with a cleanser. a cleanser that suits ur skin type (dry, oily, combination or sensitive). it’s important to choose a correct cleanser for ur skin because if wrong cleanser would leads u to drier skin. if u feel ur face is tighten after cleansing, that proves that ur cleanser isn’t suitable for ur skin. always always put some toner after cleansing to prevent dry skin and to moisturizing ur skin.

here goes my skincare routine:
• cleansing: i’m using 3ce water fit cleansing foam. it contains coconut sheer butter that protects and leaves skin smooth and moist.

• scrubbing: i’m using milk plus whitening facial scrub by beauty buffet but only once to twice in a week. it contains milk extracts and co-enzyme q10 which helps to brighten skin. it also contains mineral oil, vitamin b3 that moisturizes skin, leaving it soft, healthy and also protects skin from acne and irritations. facial scrubs exfoliates ur skin, u should do it once or twice a week but not everyday!

• face masks: after scrubbing, always remember to use masks. i’m using 3ce white milk pack to foam (it has really cute packaging!!) after facial scrub. it’s actually a white clay mask that removes excess sebum and impurities pores. it contains oatmeal and honey to keep skin dehydrated with tea tree extract helps to soothe the skin. it double cleanse skin too!

i would also use some sheet masks. because i have dry skin, so i use moisturizing masks all the times. etude house and nature republic has really nice and affordable sheet masks!

• toner: i use dr.g’s hydra intensive toner to soothe my skin. i also apply toner after removing makeups too because it also removes makeup stains that left after removing makeups and soothe ur skin.

• serum: i use etude house’s pink vital water serum. it’s one of my fave serum!! it gives me non-sticky finish and it really moisturizes my face. it smells good too and absorb into my face pretty well!!

• moisturizing: i use etude house’s aloe moistfull soothing lotion. it contains baobab tree extract and aloe vera (my fave).

• other skincare products: i personally would suggest nature republic’s aloe vera soothing & moisture 92% soothing gel. it’s their best product and one of the top korean skincare products. it contains 92% of pure aloe vera extract and it can be used as sleeping masks too. apply thick amount of the gel on ur face before sleeps, it moistures and soothe ur skins. u may apply it on ur acnes to dry up acnes. it can be used on face and bodies without any irritations, even can be apply on sunburns too!! for more uses of aloe vera gel, u can check it here

i also use nature republic’s california aloe vera 74 cooling eye serum and tony moly’s panda dream brightening eye base to brighten my dark circles and reduce my puffy eyes 💛

✨ all my skincare products are mostly korean skincare products because compared to western products, they’re more affordable for a college student like me 🌹

✨ this post is not sponsored too. i’m just sharing my routines and tips for everyone 💞

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