ur face is dumb and i miss it so

“They are not real nor gay.” They said

“But Fuck. He called him ‘Jagi’ and he responded with a fucking curious cute face, stare at each other like it’s their only source of survival, have bandmates who make their relationship obvious, burn holes at each other’s asses, have boners at the same time, have an unzipped pants and not buttoned properly shirt at the same performance, purposely make each other jealous, have dates in valentines day, goes somewhere without their bandmates in a foreign country, shares the same blanket, watch small kid’s cartoon together, calls the other ‘qua’, confirmed by the other that they are that comfortable with each other that they rarely use honorifics, flirts on set, drags the other to sit on his boner, sticks his crotch in the others’ ass and not so secretly have a hand on his waist while the other members look normal, share lollipops, whispering is like a must in every performance, back hugs the other while waiting for their award, has too many to fucking moments screaming at ur face and someone has to fuqing smack these bitches head and tell them that jfc they are that dumb ffs.” We said.