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ocean man, take me by the hand lead me to the land,


A throwback to a few of the Spartan relatives that I got to meet when I picked her up:
1. La-Min-So’s Sweet Lady “Nita” (her aunt, 13yo at the time!) 2. La-Min-So’s Count On Me “Felix” (Nita’s son) 3. Puppy Mela’s Iza (Sparta’s mother)
4. La-Min-So’s O-bla-di O-bla-da “Nomi” (Nita’s granddaughter) 5. DK N Ch N vCh La-Min-So’s Bliss of the Meadow “Nikki” (Sparta’s half-sister)
6. Baby “Ace” La-Min-So’s Ladies Knight (Nikki’s son, now also NJW-15 and DK PL Ch) and 7. The Baby Spartacus herself!


Six (or Nine???) Selfies tag 2016! 

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2016 was a rough year for selfies but these are my fave 

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(I’m like 40 mins late but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

my name’s mary. I’m v bisexual. I’ve been on tumblr for about 2.5 years(?) and I met a lot of A++ people. I’d like to make other friends on here if y'all are up for it. I sometimes draw fan art…. that’s about it lol. xx

tfw ur just casually performing ur song then sUDDENLY THERE IT IS THE BEAUTIFUL LOVELY AMAZING OBJECT that is toothpaste and everyone in the squad be like: