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what probably may happen
  • yuuri: after the finals lets end this.
  • victor:
  • victor:
  • yuuri: uhm..
  • few moments later: ~~
  • doctor: he is in a coma due to the shock.
  • yuuri: oh...
  • doctor: who was he again?
  • yuuri: my coa-
  • victor: *gets up* YOU DIRTY ASS LIAR
  • doctor:
  • yuuri:
  • doctor:
  • doctor:
  • yuuri: *takes mask of* *is phichit* I KNEW IT OTP

Alphabetical List of Favourite Characters: B for Bigby Wolf

I don’t know… It seems like no matter what I do, it’s just not enough for her. Or anyone. I just- I go out there and I do my job. I put my life on the line, I get shot at! I do what has to be done, for them! But at the end of the day I’m still the bad guy.

❅Boyfriend: Jackson ❅
-hugging u from behind
-grabbing ur ass “”“"by mistake”“”“
- "babe, ur hand is on my ass”
-“ouh…I didn’t notice”
- a few minutes later “ur hand is still on my ass”
-grabbing ur ass everywhere
-showing u off to the other members like ur the best girl ever (which u are)
-also showing off his muscles
-getting jealous whenever u hug youngjae which will happen pretty often ‘cuz he’s just a precious bunny and deserves to be hugged
- jackson shipping #markson more than he ships u two
-u wearing his sweaters with only undergarments underneath
-he checking u out like 25/8
- always complimenting u
-he loves u to his death and would protect u with his muscular arms

tfw you both love and hate the beach bc it’s part sensory heaven and part sensory hell……..like the sand between your fingers and toes and the feel of the waves is so Nice (+ it’s aesthetically pleasing af) but then u gotta deal w sand EVERYWHERE and ur skin feelin all sticky from the salt and sunblock and u just feel SO TORN bc part of the beach is so great but the other part is awful

@catty-words replied to your post “things are bad and i wanna talk about it but that urge is why i…”

I feel like a shithead writing a reply here when I haven’t responded to your personal message yet but this is who I am as a person. Anyway! idk if this makes it better or worse, but seeing your angsty personal posts always made me happy??

I’m gonna explain

It’s just that. Even if I didn’t know what to say to you because you’re dealing with some really heavy shit it was soothing to know that you had an outlet. That all your pain was being processed and documented somewhere.

As someone who hasn’t really explored my own trauma…just kinda hides in my stable adult life and pretends nothing happened during my childhood…it really helps to see you grappling with what happened to you.

personally i think hiding in the stable adult life thing is an a+++ strategy but that’s probably because i’m six months deep into this weird mess and would rather be anywhere else as far as headspaces are concerned. i appreciate you saying this though? knowing that my tumblr yelling isn’t necessarily falling on deaf ears or whatever is comforting. kind of. like i’m heartbroken that you even have to feel this way because you’re an incredible human being who deserves the world imo (not unlike our own tara maclay) but. yeah. comforting is pretty much the only way i have to describe it. and proud? i’m having trouble even typing that but idk maybe i’m not handling things™ as poorly as i thought 

favorite things:

  • when ur dog always chooses to sleep next to u
  • when u scratch ur dog’s head/ears/cheeks and they lean into u rly hard
  • when ur dog follows u literally everywhere. (when ur dog follows u to the restroom and lays on ur feet while u poopoo)
  • when u lay down and ur dog literally steps on ur entire body to give u kisses
  • dog

i dont understand why people hate boys. gender has nothing to do with it, everyones a person and some of them are shitty n thats just how it is

I thought that I was over you in fact I was positive but you’re everywhere I look
—  I even saw you in my dreams my 2:00am thoughts and my 3:00am memories (via @anotordinaryteen)