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Muse - “Something Sweet”

hi guys!!! this is gonna be a new series i’m starting ( if you’re into it )

what??? a lin fic with an in the heights reference for the title?? groundbreaking am i right

i’ve never written before (wish me luck) and I know i’m very very very very new here but please gimme a moment of ur time and we can see how things go !!

summary: all nighters take a toll on everyone, but who knows? maybe a cup of cheap coffee really can fix everything

word count: 1186

warnings: if you think a cute & stuttering young lin is gonna make ur heart feel too big for your rib cage then maybe this isn’t 4 u? also if you hate dumb grins, you should see urself out

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Reaction of daniel, seung woo, jinyoung and guanlin when their girlfriends are scared ghost but love watching horror film with them pleaseee???

Daniel: “so we’re watching insidious, right?” (insidious has ghosts/spirits)



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Seungwoo: are you sure you want to watch this? it’s going to be scary…


two minutes in and ur screaming

Seungwoo: aw, I’ll protect you, babe

also Seungwoo: is screaming

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jinyoung: why do we do this to ourselves?

you: just accept it. we love to suffer.

(you two cling to each other in fright)

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guanlin: (constantly asking questions, is a savage while you are dying of fright) bru why is the white chick going into the room is she dumb

you: can u just watch the movie oml

guanlin: why are we even watching this u hate ghosts

you: guanlin pls

guanlin: who produced this the quality is trash

guanlin: why is the white chick so dumb

guanlin: she deserved to die. 

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wow this was trash

it’s also almost three in the morning

and i got irritated with how i was writing the next ch of picture perfect so i took a break.

well poop. i’ve been going through a crappy situation for the past few days, and honestly, it’s draining me. i hate it. it’s blocking me from doing the things i want to do. i don’t think i can conquer it completely rn, but what i can do is prevent it from living my life!!! so here is my guide 2 how i am gna do dis:

simple things

  • i’m kind of at that point where i don’t wna do anything bc i am just so down but this is sO dumb literally 0/10 would recommend
  • take a shower!! it is so calming and metaphorical like u rinse dirt off ur body n u rinse dirt off ur mind yk
  • get out of ur bed
  • make sure ur body is in tip top physical shape aka
    • eat
    • drink
    • make sure ur temp is right (esp bc summer!!! my lord it is hot)
  • stop playing dat sad music i recommend music that u looOooOoOove (4 me it is kpop idk sm of it is trash ik but like it just gets me feeling pumped~~)
  • pls get out of ur bed. ik it is warm. ik it is comfy. ik u feel invincible there. ik u say to urself that u can get out of bed later. bc u could. but just get out and then stay out of it just to prove to me that u can, ok. bc if u stay there 2 long u do nothing and nothing happens

cheering up

  • do something u RLLY like n that makes u smile a lot. 4 me this is reading chick lit like holy crap sophie kinsella gives me warm n fuzzy feels (i rec all her books bc they r just warm fuzzies ok)
  • (if ur crappy situation is a RL situation that u need 2 fix): ignore it for a bit. just a bit. idk how long is good for u. but u need to cool down, get ur spirits back up b4 u can deal w/it properly, ok? ok.
  • go 4 a walk. i find that even if ur in a crappy mood at the beginning of a walk being in nature can help. i mean smtimes i get super annoyed bc mosquitos bugs heat whtvr but yk just get sm fresh air
  • hey do smthing productive!! ik it is summer n no schoolwork but maybe u have sm schoolwork n just take a tiny step towards doing it or update ur resume or do smthing productive it can distract u + make u feel accomplished = win win 

actually fixing ur crappy situation

  • b sure that u r calm now and u can think things through logically and reasonably
  • ok. brainstorm possible solutions. write down what u r willing 2 compromise on, and what u r not, aka rule out sm solutions
  • find a solution, now do it!
  • important: rlly forgive. rlly move on. don’t slap band aid. if u r in crappy mood, U r the loser!!! u want to win. u want to go on w/ur life bc u r a star.
  • do not be mean. u hv right 2 feel crappy!!! but find strength in urself 2 forgive, 2 be generous, 2 be kind. 
  • later on reflect on what u hv learned in a lil journal or talking to a friend or smthing :) :) :)

lil reminder things (seem contradictory; r not)

  • taking the time to mope n b sad n dwell on it is beneficial bc u need that time to accept n move on BUT my friend u cannot linger 4 too long bc then it starts eating u
  • smtimes u need sm time to sort of mull a crappy situation over in ur mind and get on w/ur life b4 u do anything abt it just to hv that distance so u can b more calm n logical
  • u can bounce back frm ANYTHING literally u r such a star i know things r hard 4 u rn but u can do it my lil star
  • i am a rlly low-energy lazy person n my trick 4 forcing myself to do things smtimes is i imagine i am pikachu like in the anime abt to do a thundershock and i imagine myself getting all this energy and abt to go pikaaCHUUUUU and then i make myself do it it’s like my pep talk ya
  • ily ur a star
  • my inbox is always open for ranting help and pep talks
  • <3 kai
  • me: hey man if you're not part of this marginalised group then you don't really have authority to say what is and isn't hurtful to them because you've never experienced it
  • yall: wOw yaknow hate doesn't stop hate i can't believe i am experiencing such discrimination here in the year of our lord twenty sevoonteen!!! no need to be so close minded wow open up your heart and love your oppressors what did they ever do to You

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can u give us ur view on social media/ why u hate being on ur phone and why u don't really like the modeling business? i'm just curious, i like reading about different peoples views

i don’t love social media because a lot of people get way too wrapped up in it and think its the most important thing and let it affect them as a person and view themselves differently because of how people they don’t know on the internet view them which is dumb to me and i don’t like being on my phone because i hate texting and i just get annoyed if I’m on it for too long and i don’t have anything against the modeling business i just would never wanna be a model myself ever cause i don’t like anyone taking pictures of me unless it’s kelsey and I’m just not interested in it 

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Do u have any advice for newly 15 year olds. I just turned 15 yesterday. Yay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

go out w friend as much as u can and goof around, remember ur only 15 once
dont do dumb dangerous things lmao
don’t waste your time hating yourself and have fun

Fallout 4 Companions’ Blogs

Hancock - super political, Feel the Bern, lots of quotes. pro-feminism and LBGT+ rights, anti-racism and general reddit fuckery. always getting into fights with anti-sjw types. refuses to take anon hate seriously. only posts about drug usage when giving advice on how to use safely or start a healthy recovery. gets a ton of messages about “wow I didn’t know u did drugs, ur so ~smart~!” and it really pisses him off

Nick - reblogs some of Hancock’s feminism and LGBT posts, but doesn’t really center his blog around it. will still drag anyone saying dumb shit though, snark lord master. mostly reblogs audio posts of 40s and 50s songs. makes his own posts that are reviews of noir / mystery / true crime books. fairly popular. his reviews of romance novels are wildly popular, much to his chagrin. secretly follows much more hardcore kink blogs but never reblogs anything because Ellie follows him and she can never know

Curie - lots of medical facts and helpful PSAs. has posts like “have you taken your medicine today” and “straighten your back. breathe deep. drink some water.” on queue. posts pictures of the cool plants and animals she sees out in the field. very late to memes. reblogs the oldest, most outdated ones and tags literally all of her friends to make sure they’ve “seen this adorable green frog!”

MacCready - couldn’t give less of a shit about all that political stuff. blogs about gaming, mostly first person shooters. lots of comic book stuff too. reblogs a few cosplay pics, secretly follows fitness blogs because he wants to cosplay as Grognak but thinks he’s too scrawny. also envy-follows Danse to try to figure out how the fuck he does that with like … his entire body. how. does he consist solely on raw eggs and protein shakes?? (*cough*thirsty*cough*)

Danse - all fitness, all the time. super pro-military. anti-sjw. and he’s only following all those buff muscle men for like, fitness reasons. the sweaty shirtless pics he reblogs are just for … motivation. to stay in shape. doesn’t realize he’s been reblogging from a gay porn blog until he sincerely reblogs a daddy kink post thinking it’s literally praising fathers. he suddenly gets 47 asks in his inbox about it, most of them filth from thirsty anons desperate to be “Topped” (he googles this and nearly deletes his blog when he realizes what he’s done)

Piper - shipper, unironic social justice warrior, makes a ton of callout posts. her blog is always filled with #drama. she ships people in real life and refuses to stop. runs a side blog dedicated to Valencock. reviews ALL the new media – tv shows, movies, books, everything and rates it based on number / treatment of PoC, women, LGBT+, and other minority characters. ultimately deems just about everything problematic, but a pretty good resource for figuring out if you want to watch that show or not

Deacon - nihilist meme shitlord. lots of spongebob memes. all of the audio posts are rickrolls until you click on one you’re expecting to be a rickroll and then it isn’t. reblogs lots of hilarious and #relatable posts about mental illness and college students wanting to Die™ but also posts about coping techniques too. how much is him just being funny and ironic? how much is sincere? how much is a cry for help? sometimes he gets concerned asks and just replies with *makes finger guns and changes the subject*

Cait - actually follows both Hancock and Danse. reblogs the stuff about using safely from Hancock and the fitness stuff from Danse. uploads lots of real life street fight videos. stars in most of them. secretly follows Steven Universe blogs. self-identifies with Jasper and hopes for a redemption arc. sends angry anons to people who write or draw porn of Steven x any gem. posts her locations with “meet me in x location for an ass kicking” and @’s Brony blogs

Preston - baby animals, positive suggestions, helpful life advice. a little too addicted to hack my life actually, but posts adorable pictures of him being blushy and cute with his big beautiful smile so no one minds. lots of nerdy history posts, frequently cosplays. very proud of his Minutemen uniform that he made himself. sometimes reblogs Deacon’s coping techniques and Curie’s daily reminders to take care of yourself. not actually as happy as his blog seems, but he’s trying hard and doing a lot better.

X6-88 - surprisingly, it’s almost entirely aesthetics. favors dark, neutral colors. landscapes, especially forest that look like some faerie shit is going on in there. no selfies on his blog anywhere. the only posts he makes himself read like facebook statuses and google searches. I don’t need a “bit” to tell me how fit I am. holy shit this is great. how to sync my tracker. how much sodium is recommended per day. how many murders is too many

Strong - fitness instructor who refuses to use technology. has a Nokia from the nineties with Snake on it. if he ever relents and gets an email address, it will be an aol account. thinks tumblr is a type of gymnastics.

TUMBLR MARKD MY ART AS NSFW this is rayphobia?

first impression stevenbomb 6 reviews (partially written as i watched)

doug out:

really cute honestly? connie was drawn abysmally but the rest of the art was fairly decent. doug was a fun character and steven wasnt unbearable. the double twist was kinda clever (although idk how predictable itd be if you didnt already know about future episodes)

the good lars: 

why is steven using a stool at the counter jesus christ anyWAY this was more enjoyable than i expected? sure its still lars trying to fit in with the coolkids which is overplayed but im glad sadie had a chance to just hang out with them herself and its nice seeing lars genuinely enjoying something. also the fact both these eps have been plot relevant yet still beach city citizen focused was so good aaa please keep this up crew. the only thing that really bothered me was stevens offhand remark about rose being a war criminal because i hate when they adress that but dont expore it

are you my dad:

yknow i thought id enjoy a plot episode more but. this just had so many frustrating little moments?? amethysts hair looks bad. pearl building sandcastles seems ooc. the fact sour cream could only get wanted flyers and scribble missing over them instead of making his own is weird and distracting. barb knows about the island thing?? thats. something all right. aquamarines design looks a little better in motion than expected but i still hate her and her voice. topaz’s power is still dumb. steven yOU CAN GET OUT OF THAT LOG NO ISSUE JUST FUCKING DO IT AAAAAA im glad the ‘my dad’ theory was right at least and all in all it wasnt anywhere near bad just kinda frustrating.

i am my mom:

this title is still terrible. i like aquamarine a little more in this ep? now shes full villain and not like. fake-cute. plus shes a little less child-like which is nice, infantalized gems is a real questionable problem. steven this isnt ur fault what the Heck r u going on about? youve done some shit but. listing some of your friends isnt anything to worry about. the action was lackluster. oh hey that ship isnt a hand. OH GOD TOPAZ IS THE INFLATION GME TOO. unsatisfying overall.

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omg i meant to start this ask with "hey," but accidentally typed "how?" lmao. anyway, can you recommend any good blogs similar to yours, soecifically klance blogs that are drama free? and idk ur take on antis but preferrably blogs that aren't antis?

“how” aksdjfsk me i make typos all the time!! i most certainly can give u some blog recs!! i’m sure i’m missing some bc i always do and i’ll hate myself later but these are some drama-free voltron blogs and most of them are klance shippers as well (i’m pretty sure?? idk im dumb sldfjsd)! if they are antis, then they aren’t hateful about it (that i’ve seen?? slkfjdslk sorry) so i believe you’re safe there with these awesome ppl!!! i know it’s stressful to be around that negativity so here you go! 

i’ll also ask anyone who follows me to comment on this if they’re a klance shipper who is drama free, just to give you some more options bc i’m a dumbass and i’m sure i’m missing some awesome ppl out there!!! love u :’)

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Crime lord x innocent one AUs? Or something along those lines?

What a wonderful idea :)

  • I just got the shit beaten out of me over a bad deal and my ass ended on the side of the street, where you just so happened to stumble across. you stared at me for a slick moment, then offered a cigarette and a nice talk.
  • “I’m relatively new in town and you often stop by the restaurant I work at for brunch, and it honestly took me a long while to notice how tense everyone got when they spotted eyes on you cause apparently you’re some renown drug kingpin? and you kill a lot of people? and I knew absolutely none of this? or else I wouldn’t be chatting you up like a sweet old lady every time I served you instead of watching my every word? dUDE??”
    • “you made it very clear though that I’m your favorite person to visit at restaurants and honestly I have no idea how I feel about a crime lord having a very clear crush on me cause man,,im jus tryna pay the bills and maybe adopt some more cats..? yeh i dont have time to be dealing with alla that”
  • I caught sight of some deal going south so I did what any dumbass would do, and stepped in to stop one of them from killing the other. Y'all have some damn anger problems though cause I ended up getting cLOCKED IN THE NOSE BUT JOKES ON U CAUSE sURPRISE I GET ANGRY TOO AND SMACKED THAT RIGHT BACK BUt you started laughing bc apparently some lil thing like me getting angry and violent was not something you were expecting
    • wha t the fuck is going on there’s a half-dead man on the ground and my nose is gushing blood and somehow this is turning really funny for the both of us because! what the f uck! is happening! and no! i dont want a job???
  • “I wouldn’t say I’m a criminal per say–more like an accessory to the criminal organization that I sometimes help with money laundering and accounting, but yeah blood? aha no, no. just no.”
    • “look I understand that with crime stuff there’s gonna be blood and that you’re the boss and everything but seriously, can you wait to beat someone up until I’m gone? I’m just here for accounting advice man idk it’s sorta a phobia?”
      • “okay I wasn’t actually expecting you to be concerned at all about my feelings but now you’re offering to help guide my way through a sea of bodies in an accidental shoot out without me seeing any of it and…thats actually…kinda sweet”
        • “who knew a person who just finished killing like ten guys would be offering to hold my hand so gently alrightyyyy aha ur kinda cute”
  • I kidnapped you for a ransom bc you know this rich prick I’d done business with before and about halfway through of keeping you chained to a chair I realized we lowkey already met before at a party hosted by said rich prick, soyeah……..hey how you doin’
    • we were also flirting like nonstop that entire night too oops
      • maybe almost hooked up
        • okay we had sex, but this totally isn’t personal
          • ……….you seeing anybody?

  • Ive lived for a very long time, made many deals, built many empires and basically ruled everything i wanted. and yet. no matter how many years have passed and how many mortals have died, i still see you. just you. walking around like you have no care in the world. immortals arent supposed to be like that, theyre not even supposed to exist anymore, and yet here u are…just livin life as you do with ur dumb happy smile and sunshine laugh and beautiful face
    • and yet my miserable ass is still here, hating you and the world for the fact that i cant breathe a word to any other immortal without stripping away their life span along with my own
      • and that really fucking sucks sometimes because youre everything i wish i was and something i need but never deserve
22 of not ur avg school tipz
  • will maybe increase ur chances of doing well in college
  • these are suggestions, but tip 22 is strongly recommended

source: me, a dying second year student

  1. invest in a small portable blanket bc sometimes big study areas can be cold ESP during long periods of time when the sun has gone down. also if u live in cold place and u taking winter semester!!!! 
  2. also u might wanna consider bringing cosy socks with you so u can be all comfy when u study 
  3. do u know what place has unlimited wifi, lots of food, lots of walking space (4 ur breaks), pretty views, + is never closed (usually all these things anyways) ur local airport. my local airport also always has the perfect amount of background noise 
  4. i can diarrhea work when i put on some turnt up music when im doin subjects like physics and math. number based courses idk try it maybe??? IDK MAN IDK!!!! 
  5. have a study signal. like only turn on ur desk lamp when u ready 2 study otherwise leave it off even during ur study breaks. this way ur body knows when it’s GO TIME!!! i stole this tip from that rly famous yt video w the white man who is a psychologist it’s a rly good video 
  6. tip six is to go watch that video 
  7. bill ur school 4 all ur acne products!!! ha ha i’m kidding kinda 
  8. don’t quit ur extra currics when shit gets hard ull regret it and spiral down into a hole of procrastination. busy is good !!! learn from my mistakes!! (this 1 varies ofc) 
  9. party L O T S. ESP if ur working extra hard. it a positive correlation. or if ur not into partying do some social stuff whatever u like but whatever it is MAKE TIME FOR IT!!! KICK BURNOUT IN THE A S S 
  10. 2x!!!! this is a gift when ur trying to review concepts via yt videos. bump down if 2x is too fast but eventually ull get the hang of it and u’ll b balls to the walls smart
  11. coffee doesn’t have to take over your life. if you need to be caffeinated but it makes u too anxious to focus (me) then try some tea. david’s tea the buzz is rly good n has ginger in it i luv ginger 
  12. study motivation: the best way to cheat is by storing the information in ur head. this makes it way more exciting 4 me i’m so dumb!!! 
  13. don’t fix what isn’t broken. if ur study routine or note taking system is all working there no reason 2 go follow ur fave studyblr’s way. this is common sense i think this tip is just a reminder 4 myself honestly 
  14. exercise!!!! eat clean!!! u will feel much more productive n adulty so ur self loathing will decrease and im sure self loathing and productivity r negatively correlated 
  15. imho 4 me it’s best to do NO work on my way to school bc i already hate having to go to school so any way of making that process easier make it so i at least look forward to it more. if ur a real functioning adult ofc u can use this time to b productive??¿ 
  16. ur school supplies does NOT have to be expensive but imho I THINK u should have an enjoyable experience using ur school supplies even if that means spending a couple dollars on 1 pen!!! luv urself i always feel better whenever i look forward to writing 
  17. it’s totally ok if u have no idea what in the balls u are doing w ur bullet journal. ive been bullet journaling for more than 2 years now and what the hell
  18. wake up early!!! my family r the loudest ppl alive so the best work i do is in the morning. u also feel like a productive adult. this is dependent on lots of things ofc but try it?? rmr it is easier to wake up at the time you want and u will just naturally fall asleep earlier than forcing urself to sleep at a certain time to wake up earlier. 
  19. get sleep but figure out how much you need to perform ur best. usually best to do during summer. i personally feel best with 7 to 7 and a half hours of sleep
  20. do smt mindlessly productive in the morning like washing the dishes or just in general cleaning. it gets you going and feeling productive without much mental effort. I find it helps me prepare to do school work.
  21. make time for ppl. your studies are important (as important as you want them to be), but rmr that assignments and study time are much easier to schedule in but ppl aren’t going to be here forever. take the time to spend with ppl esp if you’re young. take some time to go fuck shit up w some amazing bitches!!!
  22. stay away from frat boys

it’s still time for another giveaway for me actually since i just hit 700 followers

i know u guys said u liked my graphics and then i can also make icons possibly like this:

or i can make those dumb bird edits like:

or i can just make ur oc in the DAI CC and send you the sliders so you can play through DAI without hating ur Inky’s face (which is honestly always a good time and, if you’ve seen Kira and a few of my other OCs, you know I’m pretty handy at getting the Asian look down) or recreate an older OC like i did with my friend’s Warden OC:

uhhh i could probably try to make phone backgrounds or fanfic covers or something if you wanted too though i’ve never actually actively tried to do that idk

this isn’t an actual “I’M GIVING THIS AWAY” post tbh this is a more of a “anybody interested in any of this” post and if you are probably just message me and i’ll say “you won lets make u a thing” because i mean…….idk we’ll see