ur crush is showing

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Modern AU where Midoriya has a massive crush on Todoroki to where he would involuntarily write his name repeatedly in his notes with different styles. Todoroki also has feelings for Midoriya, it was Midoriya's pure passion and optimism that stole his heart. Both think they are undeserving of each other and are only able to give each other small smiles

bnha is pretty modern–unless you mean a no-quirk au?

i kinda like to think that shouto wouldn’t start the whole “doodling crush’s name in the margins of hw” until they actually start dating.

shouto would definitely doodle izuku’s name on the steam of his mirror tho 


i mean, aren’t all these boys just the softest things???

honestly all of these are such Moods™ i am feeling all of them at the same time and it’s an amazing experience

don’t hide ur ring bb. show it off. you’re engaged. to your childhood crush. rub it in everyone’s face i mean you’ve already kissed him on an international broadcast don’t be embarrassed because of your ring.

soft fiancés/10

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U know ur gay when ur crush is telling u a story and pulls his shirt up to show a scar from the story and all u can think IS HOW CUTE HIS TUMMY IS AND HOW SOFT HE LOOKS AND HOW YOU'D LOVE TO RUN YOUR HANDS OVER HIS TUMMY AND LEAVE KISSES AND HICKEYS AND CUDDLE THE FUCK OUT OF HIM like yeah he's got a scar, the story was cool as fuck, but damn that tummy is so cute and he's so cute and PRECIOUS and I am GAY

im smiling so hard this is cute