ur crush is showing

cute date ideas v

show ur crush a fun night on the town (stealing from a library and eating churros???) and then go into a vampire night club to confront someone who could’ve been involved in the murder of ur mother

Rin:  * is being cute*

Haru:  (ㅎ.ㅎ) *:・゚ ✧

Rin: * is being badass *

Haru:  (ㅎ.ㅎ) *:・゚ ✧

Rin: * is being funny *

Haru:  (ㅎ.ㅎ) *:・゚ ✧

Rin: * is being dorky *

Haru:  (ㅎ.ㅎ) *:・゚ ✧

Rin: * is being hot as hell *

Haru:  (ㅎ.ㅎ) *:・゚ ✧ *:・゚ ✧ *:・゚ ✧ *:・゚ ✧

level of desperation: staring at ur imessage convo with ur crush praying for the typing bubble to show up but it doesnt and u go cry and eat oreos 

My Letter to Shonda Rhimes

Dear Shonda
First I would like to say I respect ur hussel and what u have accomplished n a male oriented industry as a black woman. That being said I have been a fan of Scandal from the start. I basically came because I love Kerry Washington and her starring n anything I was going to give a chance. I will say the first two and half seasons were good then u stepped n and decided to take back ur show whatever the hell that meant cause Scandal was doing just fine. Then I saw what u meant take ur show back from the ppl who help make it a success like the Olitz stans and the black community especially the women. So u did and since then u taking it back Scandal has gone to shit n a hand basket. First thing u did was bring Scott Foley untalent ass on the show when he wasn’t needed r wanted. Then u switch the whole premise of Scandal to a badly written rip offish Alias want b spy show so ur crush pet can b on it. Then u decided to pander to white feminism by making Mellie into a rape victim a scorned white wife while tearing down everything that made ppl love Olivia Pope because of these two horrid storylines. Then u did the most horrible thing put Olivia with a psycho like Jake so u can push a satanic love triangle that never worked because Scott Foley is untalented and he and Kerry have no chemistry. What I am getting at is u have Shonda Rhimes tried to distract the fans and viewers of Scandal with worthless bull shit that they don’t care abt as long as the focus wasn’t on Olitz. Now u have said if Olitz get together then the show is over which I translate into I don’t have the talent r the balls to put them together because I only know how to write dyfunction and soap opera. So Shonda I would like to offer help and advice. First they consider u a writing genuis why I don’t know why cause I am still waiting for that genuis to put together a whole worthy season of Scandal but let me get back to my help and advice. My first advice is if u don’t know how to write Olitz r don’t want to write them hire someone to do it. Hell there r plenty of Scandal Olitz fanfic writers who do an awesome job at getting to the essences of Olitz beautiful loving complicated story. Here r some loveniaimani scandalousnurse kwgladitors @englandisbae trumpetnista and many others and they r not paid genuises they write their beautiful Olitz stories for free n their free time. They really can offer u some help. My advice is to help get Scandal back on track is first get rid of ur ego stop thinking everything u do is right. Give Kerry and Tony and the rest of the cast the ability to offer insight on their characters. Stop all these unnecessary foolishness storylines that r only distraction. Clean up and end B613 the Grant marriage and Give Liv some therapy move Olitz foward. These thing as a fan I believe will help get the ratings and the viewers back. Now Shonda I know u won’t listen r read this u will continue with the bull shit that costing u viewers and fans because until u r forced to do it u won’t which is sad. Well that’s all I got to say a former sometime watcher of what use to b a good show that should have been great fan.