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i think ud be the creative character who's really shy and has amazing interests jxgcgjjgx also v cute!!

THANK U SANYA FJDJGJ ILU ud be the rly upbeat and friendly one everyone likes so mc thinks they hav no chance w u bt hav a big crush + ur route shows jr a lot stronger than u look!!


i guess this is a post telling u all to read hells kitchen, a manga that is, in fact, totally unrelated to the television show featuring gordon ramsey

the protagonist of hells kitchen is a third year middle school student called satoru moriya. an exceedingly average individual, he’s not particularly good or particularly bad at anything at all. he gives up on things before he even starts if he thinks it cant be done–from sports activities and math problems to confessing to the girl he likes.

then theres dogma, a demon known throughout hell as the earl of poor eating–hes garnered his reputation by being notorious for spicing his food with deadly poisons and devouring the souls of talented chefs. hes someone who thinks “dying while eating something delicious would be a fitting death”. hes begun to find the souls of human chefs unsatisfying–that theyre all washed out with arrogance and greed, with no talent to savour.

so what does dogma do??? he picks himself a human who he resolves to turn into “a true chef”–poor moriya is the one he ended up choosing.

moriya is pretty resistant to this at first, considering dogma fully intends to devour his soul once it reaches the height of its maturity and skill–but he finds himself slowly beginning to enjoy the cooking dogma teaches him, finds himself relishing the happiness others feel as they eat the food he works so hard to make. its a feeling hes never had before, a pride in something hes managed to create himself

so he ends up going to some super elite cooking school and shit is like something out of a sports manga but its just Really Intense Cooking

romance isnt really a big thing in the series at all–yeah, moriyas got a crush on a girl from his middle school, but they dont see each other much and its not thrown in your face. there are a few side things where other people take a liking to moriya in a romantic sense, but it doesnt actively go anywhere

most of it is moriya slowly becoming confident in himself and who he is and find out what he wants to do. he makes friends! he finally has something hes good at! for the first time, he wants to work hard and get better at what he does!

reasons why you should read hells kitchen

  • great art
  • well written characters who are easy to understand and empathize with
  • there isnt much of a plot outside Intense Cooking until chapter 20 or so when the Worst Character Ever shows up and creeps on everyone hes gross and wants to prove that cooking is useless and artificial food is The Way To Go
  • literally fuck off
  • anyway great characters LOTS OF FEMALE CHARACTERS
  • the female-male character ratio is pretty balanced out i think though not all the girls play a big part (sadly)

potential reasons why you shouldnt

  • food. so much food
  • theres food everywhere
  • reading it makes me so hungry
  • there are a few gendered/sexuality based slurs but tbh im pretty sure the translator is the one who did that and not the mangaka :^\

anyway go read hells kitchen Thanks

cute date ideas v

show ur crush a fun night on the town (stealing from a library and eating churros???) and then go into a vampire night club to confront someone who could’ve been involved in the murder of ur mother

KAREN: A crush?
KAREN: That would be new, actually.
KAREN: Maybe the anon is talking about Dougie.
KAREN: But another crush would be new. *snickers*

RUBY: Oh, I have to do something important.
RUBY: Something REALLY important.
RUBY: So the feelings session is over.
RUBY: Ask session, I meant Ask session, goddamn.

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