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apparently dino n hoshi were at a food court n basically got chased out of the mall by some fans in chicago. like ur honestly not cute for doing that. just straight up annoying n rude! they had a 13 hour flight n just wanna chill. hav some fucking sympathy n respect.                                  

the respect that was shown at the airport should be the same everywhere else. please don’t forget that.

“A day without Mexicans” protest & ICE raids!

Hiya, thank you so much for reading this post. I’ve never written something like this so pardon me if it’s atrocious. I wanted to write about this and spread the information I have to help others and inform people in my area about things going on. If you are an “illegal immigrant” or know someone who is please read this. 

If you have any more information you think I missed or should add, DO NOT hesitate to send me an ask or submission with links or info! 

Now let me dive into what’s going on. Tomorrow February 16, 2017 in Chicago & Houston a strike will be held to demonstrate that the Hispanic/Latino community is against Donald Trump and his new policies on immigration. No Hispanic/Latino is going to be going into work or school tomorrow. 

Tomorrow will also be the day the ICE raids will begin. I suggest that no family member who is an “illegal immigrant” go outside tomorrow due to a possibility of them being detained. Here are some helpful information to know if ICE shows up to your doors or stops you anywhere. Please save these phone numbers to your phones and families phones just in case.

(I translated the Spanish ver. please tell me if there are any grammatical errors.)

It has been reported that police are doing these sort of “checks” on cars. Basically if your driving they might stop your car and ask to see if your wearing your seat belt and they might ask you some questions. A family member of mine was stopped and asked to show a drivers license, I do not know if that is legal or if every police officer is doing it but I thought it would be best to add it onto this post. I’d rather be wrong and have everyone be safe, than not include it. Police officers are also stopping people on the CTA and buses to inspect book bags for “weapons”. 

The streets that I know for sure have police officers stopping cars currently are Diversey, Cicero, and Milwaukee. (These streets only apply to Chicago.)

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hey Najia, just wanted to ask bc I really respect ur opinion and politics- what's ur thoughts on the Chicago dyke march kicking out folks waving Jewish flags?

it’s antisemitic garbage basically. anyone who’s trying to justify this because of israel’s tendency to pinkwash is doing the typical leftist-with-no-conscience shtick of “let’s find a way to rhetorically justify this & make my opinion seem correct + ‘nuanced’ whether or not it’s actually factually or morally sound.” the support that’s coming out for CDM is all rhetorically sleazy in this way (& sometimes just flat out does not accord with anyone else’s versions of events) and it’s deeply troubling to see this kind of antisemitism come out of leftist spaces (though of course it’s not new). I do believe that a conversation can be had about this imagery & that’s for people other than me to lead but it doesn’t sound like CDM’s leadership was willing to listen to anyone about that regardless. the whole thing is ugly but given some of CDM’s statements on other subjects I’m not exactly surprised.