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happy valentines day, pals!!! this is a list of the wonderful people ive gotten to know through inuyasha, and boy thereโ€™s a lot of them! under a read more to keep from flooding dashboards so read on to see me use words likeย โ€œi loveโ€ andย โ€œlikeโ€ andย โ€œomgโ€ and โ€œ!!!โ€ 1000 times!

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OH MY GOD HIEU. hfdlgkjdhsd. okay. this is gonna take a while! hahaha.

under the cut iโ€™m literally about to recommend 54 blogsโ€ฆwooow.

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Heyy I already had seen almost every age gap movie but I was wondering if u know any movie of that aesthetic ? Btw ur blog is so perfect ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ซ

Thank you so much! My favorite age gap movies are Leon, Pretty Baby and Buffalo ‘66. These are very popular as nymphet movies so I assume that you already know them.

Here are some unknown age gap movies: Wanda Nevada (I highly recommend),  La Flaqueza del Bolchevique, The Oranges,  Un moment d'égarement (I highly recommend)

The ones that I haven’t watched yet: Appassionata,  Betty Blue, Smooth Talk. 

plz tell me if you know any other age gap movies that’s not very popular, so I can keep here updated! 

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Hi, cutie! Can I request Jaehee helping MC dealling with a break up? It can be a little platonic at first, but this helps Jehee realizes she has feelings for MC? Ur blog is so perfect <3

Such a cute request, I’m so glad I did my first Baehee fic <3

It’s cliche as fuck, but I hope you still like this ^^


Jaehee x MC

It’s been four days now. Four days you’ve been coming to work at the café silently and leaving right after to go back home, cry in your room and listen to sad songs.

She understands, okay? A broken heart is tough, but… seeing your eyes puffy from so much crying is hurting her, your pain is sort of becoming her pain now. And she swears if she hears “So Sick” by Ne-Yo coming from your room one more time…

“MC! Dinner is ready!” she calls, though she knows you’re probably won’t come out. She can’t hold back a little gasp when she sees you standing by the balcony, your face is still a little wet due to the tears. “Are you okay?” Rhetorical question…

“I’ll survive… because you know… at first I was afraid, I was petrified…” and you keep reciting I Will Survive’s lyrics as you invented those words. She knows you fairly well by now and it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out what’s going on: you’re drunk.

She berates herself for not hiding the liquor, she should know you would sneak out to the kitchen and take the bottle to your room when she wasn’t looking. Lord help her on this journey that is handling drunken you.

Not that you’re handful, you’re usually a very fun drunken type, she remembers as you would come home wasted, leaning on your (now ex) boyfriend, telling random facts about turtle’s longevity and the underestimated science behind astrology.

But now it’s different, your boyfriend isn’t here to laugh and say “that’s really interesting, honey. Now let’s take a shower.” No… he hurt you, he dumped you through texts. Jaehee didn’t read the content of the messages, but from the little she had known about him, it was probably “seeing other people. We r done! </3”

“Jaehee, I’m hungry!” you state when you finish reciting the song and looks straight at her, but you’re obviously not being able to focus your sight.

“I made some dinner, MC. Why don’t you sit here and eat?” is it really a good idea? Won’t you throw up the minute the food hit your stomach?

“Nah, I’m hungry for something else…” then you look away, to the… horizon? “REVENGE!”

“O-Okay… MC. Sit here and eat now, okay?” she has no idea what you’re talking about, but you have to eat, for Christ’s sake!

“I’m seeing it very clear now, Jaehee! Aren’t you?”

“The only thing I’m seeing is that you lost some weight. Please, MC, sit down and eat, okay? If you’re not doing this for yourself, do it for me?” Ugh… how cheesy, you ‘’won’t really fall for that, will you?

“Oh my God, Jaehee, you’re such an angeeeellll, how can I say no to an angel? I’m going straight to hell if I do, right?” you do this whiny face, and she wants to laugh so bad, but… one wrong move and you will burst into tears and run to your room again. So… she keeps it as serious as she can.

It’s more than relief, she’ legitimately happy you’re eating with so much hungry. She catches herself smiling as she observes you. How could that guy dump somebody so funny and sweet? So emotional and passionate about everything? And through texts?

“This is really good, Jaehee! Remind me of signing you to Masterchef Korea tomorrow morning, okay?” she won’t.

“Okay,MC. Now why don’t you take a shower and go to bed?”

“Wut? Noooooo. I just ate because you can’t… you can’t plot a revenge’s plan with an empty stomach! Now let’s get to work!” you jump out of your seat and stomp to your bedroom. Oh my God… this is bad news, isn’t it?

“MC? What are you… oh my God,MC! What are you doing?” she feels her face going on fire as she walks to find you taking your top off… no bra.

“I’m changing! I can’t go to that fucker’s house on my pajamas.” What fucker? Oh… your ex… for a second she was wondering why would you want to go to Jumin’s house,but that’s just her and… wait! You want to go to your ex’s house?

“MC, why do you want to go to his house?”

“To key his car, obviously.” You say matter of factly, she finally looks at you now that you’re dressed again. Oh, but now you’re taking your shorts off and… no underwear either, of course! “Jaehee?” oh yeah… your eyes are a little up, yeah…

“MC, just go to bed, please… I…”

“No, Jaehee! I’ve grieved for too long now! I need an answer!”

“But keying his car won’t give you an answer, MC.”

“He’ll have to pay attention to me a little, at least. I… I’m tired of being ignored…” with that she could relate a little, but still… this was a terrible idea, no matter how you look at it.

However, seeing you so determined and knowing you’re so hurt for being dumped like that… what if was her? Wouldn’t she want an answer too? Yeah, but she would probably be sober for this and… hum, too slow, you’re already reaching the hallway while she kept contemplating you and your struggling.

“MC? MC, come back here, please!” she runs after you in the elevator.

“Why, Jaehee? Why should I just stay here suffering while he gets all the joy? Don’t you think I’m being disrespected? Don’t you care about how hurt I am?”

“Of course I am, MC. I just think…”

“Then let me go! This is none of your business after all, is it?” she tells herself to not take it personal, you’re angry, hurt and drunk… oh, but don’t people get more honest when they’re drunk? So yeah… maybe she shouldn’t interfere, since you don’t want her to, since you don’t really rely on her, since you don’t… trust her to help you? No… she can’t think like this, this is not about her, this is about you about to do something really stupid you’ll probably regret. That’s what you would do for her if she needed, because that’s what you do, always.

“Fine. Do what you want, but don’t do it alone.” She sighs as she presses this elevator button and makes a gesture for you to come in, which you angrily do.

And as the elevator moves a little, you two feel a little trembling and then… it stops and the light goes red. Oh shit…

“Jae-Jaehee? Are you okay?” Rhetorical question, you’re not too drunk to remember she has some claustrophobic tendencies. Yeah… she always told you the stories of how she would use the stairs at C & R when you always complimented her stamina after a long day of work at the café… “Jaehee… don’t panic…”

“P-panic? Who’s panicking? I’m not…” she chuckles nervously. “Why would I panick, I mean… it’s just a small place with a red light… no ventilation… four walls, which are getting closer, aren’t you feeling? They’re getting closer, MC? I’m… I’m…” you run to her and hug her, since your depth notion is a little off, you end up pushing her and you two fall on the floor, but she doesn’t seem to care, she just grabs fists of the back of your shirt, holding to you as her life depends on it.

“Shhh, it’s okay… it’s fine, you’ll be fine… I… hope you will be fine… I… don’t want to see you like this, and it’s my fault, isn’t it? So I’ll fix this…”

“Because that’s what you do, MC. You… fix me.”

“No, there’s nothing for me to fix in you, you’re… so… perfect to my eyes, Jaehee. You… I wish I was more like you, y’ know? You… wouldn’t get drunk and want to go to your ex’s place to key his car just like Carrie Underwood did.” She chuckles, then she realizes she’s basically nuzzling in your chest, and… she doesn’t feel like pulling away…

Now you two are laughing, sitting on across corners of the elevator, after you started telling embarrassing stories about your ex to keep her distracted.

“Hum, and listen to this… he… called his penis ‘the predator’. Ugh…did he really need to take a reference from such an old bad movie?”

“Well, you two share this taste for old things, how come your break up playlist doesn’t have anything after 2010?”

“Fuuuck you!” you two laugh “You didn’t hear my moving on playlist yet, did you? It’s basically Kelly Clarkson and Pink…I can’t wait to play it.”

“I can’t wait for you to move on, MC. I’m… hurt seeing you so hurt…”

“Yeah… it sucks. I just… I’m so afraid, you know?”

“What are you afraid of?”

“Of… ending up alone, you know? What if I’m the one who needs to be fixed? But I… what if there’s not a fix for me? What if… I’m broken?”

“MC, are you serious? You’re really thinking the problem here is you after you got dumped through texts? MC, you’re the most amazing, smartest, sweetest girl I’ve ever met, and if he can’t see this… then he’s the one who needs to be fixed, but… this isn’t for you to fix, don’t waste your time trying to fix who doesn’t deserve to be fixed.”

“You know you basically described yourself, right?” you chuckle lazily, she does the same.

“It takes one to know one, right?” you look down a little, maybe it’s the red light, but… are you blushing? And as you raise your eyes and look straight at her, she’s pretty sure she’s blushing… what is happening?

The light is back on and she quickly looks away for you not to notice her flushed face. Then you get up and offer your hand to help her. You’re sober and apparently fixing yourself.

She thought she would crash to bed and sleep like a baby after everything that happened, but… neither of you are feeling sleepy. Instead, you kept listening to your moving on playlist, and you couldn’t fell more surprised as she pulled you for a lip synch of So What by Pink, which you obviously didn’t decline.

“Thank you, Jaehee. I’m so lucky to have you as my friend…” you say before hugging her and waving a good night to her.

“Yeah… I’m lucky to be your friend too, MC…”

What is this feeling growing inside her? It’s painful, but so glowing and… warm. She rolls in her bed, thinking of your smile and wondering what you’re dreaming about right now… the warmth grow as she wishes you’re dreaming about her.

Because she’ll definitely dream about you. At least in her dreams, you don’t have to worry about fixing, you can be happy, and so can she.

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thank you to everyone who participated :)) there are runner ups for a several of the categories bc i couldn’t choose!! all ur blogs are so perfect <3

favorite overall

winner: @stawbeestudy

runner-up: @mango-studies

favorite url

winner: @hittingthebooks

runner-up: @eggystudy

favorite aesthetic (icon + desktop theme)

winner: @rhubarbstudies

runner-up: @stvdybuddies

favorite original content

winner: @moonshinestudies

runner-ups: @solsticestudies & @erasign

favorite masterposts or printables

winner: @thestudyfeels

sweetest blogger

winner: @artemistudying

runner-up: @einstetic

favorite baby studyblr

winner: @gloomstudy & @stawbeestudy

pls message me if you’d like a header or promo or rlly anything :)) if you want, i’m now bffs w/you (if i wasn’t following you before, i am now!!)

full offense how does alex nail literally every muse she has,

so i’m quitting tumblr, and i wanted to make one last follow forever as a way to show my love for the people who made this hellsite fun. here’s to the people who i’ve been following for literally ever, and to all my friends. thank u for being one of the few good things about my tumblr experience. i luv u all so so so much, u dont even kno. 

*i’d like to say that i went from following 200 people (most of which i was pretty friendly with and had at least one conversation with) to 100 in the last few months. a lot of people deleted, a lot of people changed urls (and as a result i didn’t know who they were so i unfollowed), or their blog content changed, or they stopped posting, etc. i have love for those people too, but i’m only including people who i’m currently following.

@alwaysfob: i’ve always admired you a lot, your edits are fantastic and fobcc was such a brilliant idea and i’m proud of how far it’s grown cuz i remember when you posted the very first one (and i entered and never submitted smth bc i was uninspired and i bothered me for months) so it’s cool to see all that creativity on my dash & know that you’re the cause :)

@anervousboyslife: oh god. i wanna bring up smth from the group chat but i forgot all our lil memes & inside jokes :( thank u for the sims btw. that made me so so happy for like a week & then guess what? my laptop took a shit like. immediately after & i havent been able to play on it since :( im tryna get it fixed but. eh. but it was extremely thoughtful & im still grateful lol. thank u for bein funny & nastay, we’ve had some good times

@angelboyfrnk ahah i just got distracted looking thru ur blog, it looks v nice, like the color scheme? i dig it. anyway idk we havent talked in a while but we were in that group chat right?? that was fun. good timezzz. anyways i hope ur havin a good day bb. i get 2 call u that cuz ur younger than me haha ahh

@arohurley omg angie…we hav been mutuals literally 5ever. i’ve always thought u were so kind & so talented & i look up to u a lot, idk, i lowkey used to consider my mutuals to be like. my family & u were kinda the too-cool big sis, idk? but regardless i got a lot of love & thank u for bein one of my longest mutuals, like i wouldve unfollowed me by now so ty <3

@blooshie omg hannah..ive always admired u for how genuinely nice u r, like u just come off as a pure person, ive always lowkey been jealous of that. ahahhh weren’t u the one who told me abt ducks & their corkscrew dicks. lmaoo jeez

@blowfob u never come on anymore, but i couldnt not include u. u were one of the first people i followed, & one of the ppl i admired most. u & kate & some other ppl. i remember, it was like june 2014 & u got hundreds of asks & i thought u were the coolest person ever. u were super super funny & i literally screamed when u followed me, like i wanted u to follow me for over a year so when u did i lowkey died bc that was like. my big dream when i got into bandom. i just wanted a follow from u. so ty lol. ur so talented (coder, app creator, musician??? list goes on, fuckin crazy) & amazing, i just. i got a lotta love. thank u for bein u i guess. god im sappy pshjs

@boyfriendstump oh my g o d. ur one of the nicest ppl i know, like srsly u’ve always been so kind to me?? also ur taller than me ;-; u fucken string bean. idk i have fond memories of u, thank u for always bein so rad & freakishly nice to me, u always put a smile on my face, real talk. thank u for that

@brandnews omg karlie!! my fav!! ur literally so wonderful, ur blog is fantastic (it’s just. so nice to look at? like it’s the perfect combo of things, it makes me happy), ur a funny and nice person & ur so cute, ur just rlly gr8 im gonna miss u on my dash & u in general aw

@bulletproofatbest did u kno ur the only 21p blog ive stuck with?? thats how gr8 u r. ur fantastic, oh god i cant gush enough. i dont think we’ve ever talked but i have nothing for respect for u, ur edits r gorgeous & ur such a kind human?? i just. i got a lotta luv |-/ :)

@bznedrine my san fran loving fav! ur so beautiful & so kind, aw. remember when u tried to hook me up w fob tickets?? i do. that was so nice of u. thx for always bein so gr8 chloe <3

@cabbagepatrick ive kinda come to the conclusion ur like a robot or smth bc u’ve literally never posted anything personal, in fact it used to alarm me & i almost considered unfollowing u a few times, but i just love u & ur enthusiastic tags way too much haha. ive been following u a long time & u just consistently put good posts on my dash & mix up the content & i just love u a lot for that. thnk u

@centurese i dont think uve logged on in a while but we’ve been mutuals & fanfic writing buddies for a pretty long time & i still admire u a lot, ur a fantastic writer & a rlly good person & ur rlly cute i hope ur doin ok <3

@cocoamocha omg im lovin ur new theme it’s so simple i luv it. ok so ur just rlly sweet & ur art is soooo good & i remember bein super duper psyched when u followed me bc ur such a wonderful artist & ive always looked up to the bandom artists & ya

@corktree i still cant believe u follow me. i still look up to u & think ur just as rad as i thought u were before, but since we’re mutuals now im less intimidated. but omg i used to think u were like otherworldly bc 1) ur super gorgeous i literally live for ur selfies 2) u’v been a fan for so long & ur still so passionate abt fob thats so admirable i lose interest in shit so quickly lol. but ya ur just. actual fob queen & i think ur amazing

@deathofabvchelor aw cami. ur bday’s sorta soon so first i wanna say happy early bday! uh idk i dont think we’ve talked much but u’ve been one of my fav blogs for a while & i loved havin u on my dash thx for bein so gr8

@donthurtyoself again i dont think we’ve talked much but ive always admired u ur rlly nice & i luv ur aesthetic & the stuff u post. thx for bein a mutual of mine :)

@falloutofvegas aye vegas buddies! ya we’ve never talked much but we’ve been mutuals for a long time & i always liked ur blog. thanks for stickin w me so long :)

@ginasfz aw i luv u & ur blog & the content u post & i dont have too much to say bc i didnt rlly know u but i always enjoyed u on my dash so thx for bein mutuals w me

@goldenstump i got two camis on this list & i luv em both!! gosh ur just rlly pretty & i luv luv luv ur fashion like ur selflies r what i think of when i see ur url & specifically how cute u r & how cute ur clothes always r & i hope ur doin well

@gothish we used to be mutuals but it’s ok, i still go a lotta respect for u & admire ur luv of andy & ya thanks for always bein so rad & nice to me in the few times we did talk

@holidaybassline we have been mutuals a long time, & u post a lot of sj stuff these days which normally i hate but i ended up sorta liking it, like u kept me up to date on discourse shit & it was surprisingly nice cuz i like bein informed so ty for that. & for u urself, i dont think we talked much but u always came across as nice & i always respected u so. ya.

@ilyena-rose uve been following me a long time (unfortunately if i remember right it was a while until i followed u back eh :c) but u always stood out in the sea of notifs & finally i followed back & im so glad i did, ur just awesome, i luv ur blog & i luv u, keep bein amazin ok?

@jerseypunk ur so freakishly pretty like it’s unnatural how beautiful u r not to mention ur an unbelievably nice person w a fantastic blog. we’ve had good times aw im nostalgic. stay rad & ilu <3

@lukeallvez ah i was so happy when u followed me omg ur such a fantastic artist (srsly so talented like how??) & ur just a rlly good person idk ur gr8 & i hope u kno it

@milkhealy imani ah im gonna cry. i cant even. put words to how much u mean to me. uve always went above & beyond for me & never failed to make me smile & im gettin a lil teary rn cuz it’s not often yanno that ppl care that much to do that for a person? ur just rlly special & this sounds corny but i legit cherish u. thank u so much for everything. ily.

@nofunclvb i was super duper psyched when u followed me, i admire u a lot & im so jealous of all the shows uve been to thats so impressive. idk ur so pretty like ur face is just. Rlly Good. and ur blog is Rlly Good too ur just amazing idk thank u for dealing w my nonsense on ur dash

@ohvegeta ok can i just say thank u?? so much, like the whole fic thing, im still so grateful for that, i love that damn fic sm & u were so incredibly nice w that whole situation (which im sure was annoying & a pain in the ass), and u continued to be ridiculously nice to my annoying lil self so? thank you for that.

@ouijafrnk i still look up to u & ill always admire u, ur so beautiful inside & out & i couldnt explain why but uve always been an inspiration, like just how u handle urself, idk, it’s 2am & im havin a hard time bc i love all these ppl sm but idk how to put that love into words lmao. idk ur just wonderful in every way i hope u kno that. 

@patty-strump again it’s 2am so mixing shit up out of exhaustion but im 70% sure u sent me a rlly sweet message when i said i was leaving & it was rlly nice, i dont think we talked too much but i loved ur blog a lot & ur a sweetheart

@payingnaivety bri uve been so nice & funny and like im not the kind of person who actively seeks out ppl to talk to so when u just started messaging me one day i was a lil offput but then i ended up loving ur stories & ur personality & idk im gonna miss u a lot thank u for bein so amazing 

@philsass phil sass or phils ass? the world will never kno. aw ur just rlly sweet thx for bein mutuals w me <3

@pstumph aw jaden ilu. ur so cute & so nice & ur blog is awesome, im gonna miss u a lot ur an awesome person & we haven’t talked recently but we used to & i always enjoyed our convos :)

@punkfob ur so pretty & ur blog is fantastic. when i think of ur blog ur selfies & ur lyric edits come to mind & both were always nice to look at haha hope u have a gr8 2k17 :)

@quicksilvcrr i have new found respect for ur url after an evan peters binge watchin fest back in october lmao. ofc assuming ur url is abt the xmen quicksilver. if not that’d b awks. anyway ur rad af k bye

@radicalrumps we’ve been thru a lot, mostly good times & a couple bad times, but u were always gr8 no matter what. ur funny, nice, beyond talented, & i loved hearin ur stories abt ur crazy life. thank u for sharing it w me. ily.

@rapunkzle ive been following u almost my entire time on here & never stopped loving ur blog for one minute, thx for bein gr8. btw i luv luv luv ur theme it’s so adorable omg

@ribbonwentz sarah u & i hav been thru. A Lot. i remember when u told me what cummies were .-. that was cruel. but idk ive always respected u a lot ur info-finding skills r beyond impressive (become a detective or smth legit ur good at it so get paid for it) & idk ty for fun talks & stuff

@saverockanroll that message u sent me was literally so sweet, thank u sm for that. ur a wonderful person, & ur literally so pretty, ur def goin places. i believe in u! ily thanks for bein amazing 

@sayyoprayers vegas jew buddies!! aw ur funny & memey & u come off as so chill & fun i hope u have a good 2017 & let’s hope maybe it snows here in satans ass usa??? thatd be nice psh

@semiwentz u kno of all the blogs im following ive been following u longest?? thats pretty impressive. i never even considered unfollowing, thats how rad u r. thx for bein a quality blog for 2+ yrs.

@sixteencandlez aw my lil hayley williams loving fav :) ur just rlly gr8 & ur blog is awesome idk ily a lot

@slimshadylamps oh god uve always been so, so nice to me im gonna miss u sm. thank u for always bein there for me & srsly so kind & fun i def appreciate all the times we talked ty for those convos.

@soulpunkboxes ur rlly sweet & super cute, ty for always bein a nice friend even if we didnt talk too much & good luck w ur vinyl collecting & ur music makin :)

@spaceboyfrnk i couldnt believe it when u followdd me & i still cant, like ur blog is so good, ur edis r fuckin rad, u deserve every single follower u have. ty for makin me feel cooler than i am every time i remembered u & i were mutuals lol.

@stillfeelthatrushinmyveins ur such a happy person, like idk u just give the impression that ur rlly optimistic & fun & i kinda like associate u w happy things like sunshine so like. idk thanks for bringin ur metaphorical sunshine & great content to my dash

@stumpelstiltskin ah man we’ve been friends for a long time & i hope ur not too upset abt me leaving. im sorry we havent talked that much this year but i always valued u as a friend & our skype calls were always fun. pet ur cats for me ok? ilu.

@swiftembers omg ur so nice & ur edits r legit incredible like i love the things u create & post & when u followed me i was psyched enough bc of ur original content but then i found out ur an incredibly nice person & i was like???? how dare u be so amazing??? keep up the good work.

@theballadofmonalisa ah another case where i dont think we talked much but i loved u a lot anyway?? u post #goodshit & ive always loved ur blog

@thexstyles idk we rarely talked but theres a couple of blogs that i would never unfollow even if they stopped posting yanno & ur one of them. i just rlly luv ur blog & u 

@throam i still cant believe u got that url. thats so impressive. we’ve been mutuals for a long, long, long time. like, im pretty sure ur one of the first ppl i was ever mutuals w. thx for that.

@ticksinbeat ur theme is so cute omg i luv it. hey ok i dont think we’ve ever talked but i luv ur blog a lot yahhh

@trohvocaine remember that time i misspelled ur url. lmao idk how that’s possible but i did it psh. ur just rlly fantastic, i remember when u followed me i was soo happy cuz i looked up to u sm, still do, ur rlly nice & ur selfies r always so good (ur so pretty!!) & ya thx for bein ur amazing self

@washingtonsqpark i look up to u sm, like ur snapchat is my actual favorite thing & the fact that ur like besties w bill beckett like??? i just have a lot of respect, ur a super kind person, ur rlly beautiful, & idk. thanks for talking to me all that time ago. keep bein amazing & chances r ur probably goin to a show soon so have fun lmao

@winterwentz aw fuck ilysm. ur just so wonderful, w havent talked too much recently but i used to love our conversations a lot. ur a gr8 person, i hope ur doin well ilu.

@xmasdallon aw tessa. ur a good way to end this. i luv u a lot. ur so cute & talented (pls keep makin music ur so good at it) like legit i live for ur a capella stuff, it’s so fantastic. idk ur an actual treasure ily

ily all, thank u<3

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hi, this is for the autumn blogrates! my favourite autumn things are walks outside when it's windy and cloudy, visiting cafés when it's raining, lighting candles, and drinking tea and eating biscuits while you can hear a storm outside. :)

ahh thank u so much meike!!! here’s ur br but honestly ur entire blog is so perfect so this shouldn’t even be a surprise:

icon:  squash soup | cinnamon | pumpkin spice frappuccino | candy apples | maple syrup | pumpkin butter | apple pie | apple cider | cinnamon rolls |  pumpkin pie |

url: squash soup | cinnamon | pumpkin spice frappuccino | candy apples | maple syrup | pumpkin butter | apple pie | apple cider | cinnamon rolls |  pumpkin pie |

original posts: squash soup | cinnamon | pumpkin spice frappuccino | candy apples | maple syrup | pumpkin butter | apple pie | apple cider | cinnamon rolls |  pumpkin pie |

theme: squash soup | cinnamon | pumpkin spice frappuccino | candy apples | maple syrup | pumpkin butter | apple pie | apple cider | cinnamon rolls |  pumpkin pie |

overall: squash soup | cinnamon | pumpkin spice frappuccino | candy apples | maple syrup | pumpkin butter | apple pie | apple cider | cinnamon rolls |  pumpkin pie |

get an autumnal blograte here!

i started using this blog in january and i also reached a follower goal a while ago thought it was time i made a follow forever ! also i really wanted to make a banner.. tbh i probably won’t unfollow any one i am following atm but its overwhelming for me to include everyone i follow in this post + i probably forgot some ppl orz. so if u aren’t in this: i still love u and ur blog ♡ this isn’t totally in order…

bold - mutuals (it isn’t bolding properly tho lmao)

♡ - friends (we have talked or something at least a few times and i love u)

kaebbsong: RIN ♡♡♡ ur my best friend on here and i love u so much bro ♡ i love our pic spams and I’m glad u have accepted that ur jin trash :’) u write amazing fics and ur the cutest person alive. ily ily ily dweeb

dyocakes: rachel !!! ur so sweet and aesthetic and i love talking to u ♡ ur honestly so adorable and ily #jongchel? #rachkai? i can’t make ship names lmaoo

kaisramen: ALEX U SLUSH I LOVE YOU ! ur hilarious and adorable and ur blog is so cute! I’m rlly glad we are friends ♡

minseok-tea: mads omg ur blog is so perfect i am trash ur amazing and gorgeous and ily ur so sweet and ur typos and edits are amazing 👑

pastelsoo: fernanda u r so cute and ur graphics are so amazing i cry i love talking to u and sending u pics of sehun’s dumb faces :’) ily ♡

seuleepy: MY TWIN MISA ILY ♡♡ I’m rlly glad we met we r so alike and we have amazing taste in biases :’)


22ao / 21q♡ / 100byun♡ / 18yen♡ /  61park / 98dots / 99milk / aifuku / aestaegi♡ /  bjy126 / bkyhn♡ / byeolks / baekhyunn-bits♡ / banhsoo♡ / bubblctea / bamseok / bbyuns / bubbledyo / busancakes / baechys / chnayeols / coexistl / changseob / ch-e-nyeol♡ / cytaoplasm / cutepout / compliqate♡ / chanyummy♡ / chanpups / candycomets / deureun♡ / dyocean / dyocakes♡ / dyonamja / dollay / dyootastic / dyo-milk♡ / eteru​ / eggpuffs♡ / exorado10 / exco / eunjisgf / eoxdus♡ / godliing / hoseokpdf / haiiqu / hcnsol / hearteus / holyfuckmark♡ / hoyeu / hunmonia / hunbyun / irlpda / jeonpup / jimeulks / jiyeonitts / jiriboysj-homo♡ / jongbootay / joshsua / jongnai / jpeghun / jungguk♡ / jungkoohk 


kaebbsong♡ / kaisboo♡ / kaisramen♡ / kjdgorl / kkimgyu / krispydubu / kkaepop / kvungsoos / kynggsoo / kxmtae / kyungwho / luhobi / luhwn / mandugrl♡ /  milkluhan / milksdyo♡ / milkseulgi / milktu / milkuei / mini-xing / minseok-tea♡ / mintgrl / mio-miu / nutellk♡ / o-sehunah / oktaehyung / oohsehun-ah / osenhu / oshmilks / oshsoo / prince-baekyeol / pastaeil / pastelsoo♡ / poutychen / rnirae / raindroplette♡ / saence / ssehundred / sehopeless / sehunyi / sehv-n / sehwun / seokjinaesthetic / seokm-n / seokminsbf / seuleepy♡ / sodabaek / sugyo / sxouls / suhyuks / taettoo / taufanlayang♡ / teacartons / teakais / teaue / tiramisubaek / urberville / vanillahyung / viyeolrus / vlait / w-a-e / weekdai / wetsehun / woohynie / wooyhns♡ / wubulge / x-xiumin / xiuaremine / xiuegg♡ / xiumania / xlh420 / xiuchen / yehet-me-love-you♡ / yeolait / yifantasia / ynagi / yoongisoo♡ / zitaoq

ミ☆ special mention to compliqate and raindroplette: thank u both for putting up with all this kpop lmao ily ♡♡ i miss u both i’ll see you guys hopefully before school starts !

ok thats it ! ♡

Anonymous said: WHERE HAVE U BEEN ALL MY LIFE?? all i can say is IM SO IN LOVE!! 😍❤ ur my favorite blog I love BTS & ur art of them r perfect! If its so much to ask, can you make a V & Suga lockscreen for android? 🙈when your free? I’d give you a huge virtual hug!