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You know how you said you don't wanna be in a relationship cause you wanna be free and not tied down and have fun. Why is that you can't do all those and still be in a relationship? Like if you were comfortable with your partner and didn't feel held back?

Because in a lot of relationships people are dependent on eachother and want to 100% totally consumed with one another and they are usually the only person they talk to and their only friend and then they become toxic obsessed jealous possessive and when they break up they do the dramatic most and no offense that doesnt sound fun to me THATS NOT EVERY RELATIONSHIP but thats most before people get in their feelings😂😂 So when i can find someone who is as independent as me and who makes me feel free and who doesnt stray away from their friends to concrentrate on ME ONLY and isnt jealous and possessive then its all good BUT i aint forcing nun ……

@ any rate i am Young I want to spend my time meeting different kinds of people a relationship is something that is supposed to be serious and i am not ready for that im too concentrated on school and myself im not someone who seeks a relationship i dont want that i dont care for that people make their world revolve around that shit and im tired of hearing about it 24/7 theres so much more than that! Its a beautiful thing when its true love but ur life shouldnt focus on that….. I have lots of fun i do everything with my friends and by myself i am good where i am