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Happy Birthday Kanan! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡


so the anon was you? x’D idk why i can’t tag you
yeah i just realized the word ‘event’ on previous ask– i’m sorry OAO;;

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f/f otp au prompts

since femslash february is coming up, take these from my hands and do what u will

  • ive been waiting YEARS to find someone who also thinks the single female character in this kids’ cartoon is cooler and wouldve been a better leader than any of the guys were, come yell with me about how great she is over drinks
  • i dont want to make any assumptions, but you seem pretty nervous about going into the bathroom, and my sister is trans so im used to helping her feel better about these situations if u want some support
  • ive been telling my friend all day that i think the butch/femme dynamic is unnecessarily gendered but you are the most butch woman ive ever met and im Really Into It
  • when you were drunk at my party you came over and petted my hair and told me that my skin was like a really long road with a sunset on it, and when i asked what the fuck that meant you threw up on my shoes, so welcome to my house, want some eggs for breakfast
  • the video of you beating the shit out of a guy who tried to steal your purse went viral at the exact time my video about me ripping a big chunk of wood in half with my bare hands went viral and now the internet ships us as a joke meme but youre actually really cute??
  • we both started doing femslash february for the same really rare ship and while im glad theres more content for it, i am aggressively competitive, meet me in the pit, for every drabble you write ill write two, come @ me motherfucker
  • im helping clean up after the pride parade and you are being harassed by a very confused elderly lady trying to figure out why there are so many rainbow patches everywhere, dont worry, ill help you out
  • theres this really annoying straight guy in our queer lit class and every time he speaks we share A Look ™ and it is honestly the most positive emotional interaction ive had in years
  • you were drunk and texted me instead of your ex on accident, but the only thing you were texting was really cute pictures of cats and i fucking love cats so i didnt stop you, uh hi?
  • you run a makeup youtube that i watch all the time for tips and i run a music youtube and youve downloaded all my songs, fancy seeing you here at the lgbt panel of this con, huh

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Is there anything you won't write about?:) love ur writing btw!! So beautiful!!

Thank you so much! And I don’t take prompts on eating disorders, self harm or suicide. The only time I write about any of those things are if the poem is solely for me and my peace of mind. Other than that I write about most things. 🐝💛

“There is nothing weak about Alec,” said Isabelle.

Happy Birthday Taylah!


my 2015 in six nine selfies!! sorry im such a self involved gay nerd but wowzer it’s been a rad year (tagged by @mexct)

i tag @thelazytrash, @demisexualhowell, @lesterelf, @exteriour, @sunshinelester, everyone in the @phandomroundrobin and any of my mutuals cuz i love all of ur beautiful faces

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hi! I was wondering if you or anyone have any tips on how to deal with sexual intrusive thoughts or if you've seen any helpful posts about it? I'm struggling a lot with seeing my worth due to these thoughts and I'm really sad at the moment :( love ur blog btw 💕

hey beautiful 💕 intrusive thoughts are scary, and often make people feel embarrassed. try to remember that having an intrusive thought does not mean you want to do the thing that comes to mind. 

• you have these thoughts because you don’t want them. intrusive thoughts are actually found in non violent and gentle people. they are the exact opposite of you. anxious thinking takes over and your brain flags the thought as dangerous because it’s against everything you believe in.

• we often fear that we will commit the act we think about, but that is never the case. remind yourself that you have an anxiety disorder, not an impulse control disorder. 

• when you get an intrusive thought, label it as that. remind yourself that it’s an automatic response. don’t push the thought away, but do not over analyze it. start practicing breathing techniques. pay attention to your anxiety levels as you breathe. allow the thought to come and go.

keep trying new techniques that help you relax during these times. I also came across this post yesterday that might be a useful approach for coping with intrusive thoughts.