ur all great

i love strange magic because all the fans mysteriously have all the exact same interests and it’s like we were just waiting for this movie to bring us together


(I’m bored af so im going to give you a couple of my favourite blogs n share my lil opinion of them)

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pimp-daddy-jack: kelly, love of my life, I honestly feel like we are the same person just in two different bodies. WE ARE SO FREAKING FUNNY, I LOVE US SO MUCH!!! heart eyes for my kellizzle ♥♥

alluring-euphoria: miss Brianna, you’re bomb af, I love your miranda sings photo’s HAHA, amazing. Btw you’re honestly an inspiration n I love u ♥♥

teachergilinsky: Tay, such a lil cutie I respect you so much dude and lets take a moment to talk about how GOOD THE LOFT IS, it’s amazing, you’re amazing ily!!!! ♥♥

omaha-squad-love: Victoria! You’re such a sweet person, so down to earth, im proud of u for that marathon you did not long ago (btw) N YAY FOR GRADUATING SOON!! love ya ♥♥

magcon-omahasquad: Penn, ur actually so funny the way you like fan girl over **** (u know who im talking about COUGH) cant wait for u to get famous n be my wing woman when u get me to meet Matt HAHAHA, btw ily ♥♥

- - - - - - - - - - -

camsqueen7: I have to add you to this!!!!! I still remember when you’d message me fan girling over my blog it was the cutest thing ever omg N I MISS IT SO COME BACK TO ME pls n thank u

taylorcaniffuckyou: always always always been one of my favourite blogs, literally ever since I made this I’ve been obsessed with your blog!! ♥♥

magconboys-smut: GIRL YOU KILLED ME IN TEACHER GILINSKY so many emotions damn. Btw u seem like a lovely person n ur pretty af ♥

give-me-caniff-or-give-me-death: girl, you have also been one of my favs since I started this blog. Again, I am obsessed so glad I found your blog haha xx

natemaloleyisbabe: hi, I haven’t been following you for long AND I DONT KNOW HOW THE HECK ITS TAKEN ME SO LONG. You’re blog is bomb af, I love it and your url is on point. You seem like a very nice person so don’t be afraid to make your way into my inbox at anytime!


Anonymous asked: Les amis but as your mutuals, based on personality?

Reply: this came out of nowhere and I’m kinda confused, but hECK YEA IM IN
….well, I tried

bonus round: extended amis!
  • Cosette - @feather-kiting (aesthetic on point and such a lovely person)
  • Eponine - @perelandro (is a really nice nerd, but also super cool and idk how it works, it just does)
  • Musichetta - @apollowned (because badass af but also so very nice and I just adore them a lot)
  • Marius - @doyouheartheangrymen (language nerd and very very nice, deserves so much)
  • Gavroche - @killwhispers (haven’t known them for long, but it’s just a vibe I get, they seem fun and sassy)

sincerely hope I remembered everyone! also, this is just my interpretation of things, I swear it’s done in good intentions, I love you all!
also, if you’re wondering, I’m Valjean
and thank you for the ask, anon, this was great fun^^

Favorite names

For some of my favorite chars, as gleaned from friends and followers:

Bugenhagen: Booglehagle, Blarglehargin

Ringabel: Ringadork, Rongbong

Vossler: Vottsler, Wagner

Ondore: Duke what’s his face, Marquis Andre

anonymous asked:

Yes, give me those sweet Atara's Opinions™, this is what I'm here for. They fill me with determination

ooohhhhhh BOY dont encourage me i have way too many thoughts about everything i cannot be STOPPED 

jokes ASIDE, thank u anon!! we all know … me and my insecurities, i get really panicked when i post anything ..opiniony. im not opposed to people disagreeing with me, in fact i would adamantly encourage ppl to think critically about what others say,and if ppl disagree with me im always up for hearing differing opinions and i like to think of myself as someone who is not only open to criticism but willing to admit when im wrong, so that’s not the issue. im just deepy insecure about .. perception i guess. i hate the idea of people thinking that i think my opinion is inerrant, cause it AINT. and i hate the idea that people might not feel confident enough to disagree with me, i hate the idea of people thinking im better than them in anyway (not to go on a tangent, but i just find it weird now i am a sorta Big Blogger that theres a weird community imposed hierarchy .. idk ive talked about it loads on my locked twitter i should maybe try discuss it here but also its weird. internet popularity is a weird, gratuitous thing .. but anyway let us not digress too much). so yeah, whats the point here … idk. the point is i am insecure about all my thoughts ever so it is very lovely to hear people actually .. LIKE TO HEAR THE SHIT I HAVE TO SAY .. so thank u,ur super sweet and i cant tell u just how much i appreciate u saying this!! have a lovely day anon!! xx