ur all children

  • me pulling a murderous unrepentant villain out of a garbage fire: this one. i like him
  • some person on here: well actually ur not allowed to like him because hes really problematic and-
  • some other person on here: well actually ur wrong cuz he has a really tragic backstory so it kinda excuses him from-
  • me holding the little shit higher above me as things burn around me: he went 'pew pew' and everybody died

why are yall such assholes oh my god, why cant u relax and not pick at every little thing it’s so exhausting, are u ok?? like in what world do you enjoy making people feel like shit for no reason??? how do u people fuckin exist you’re disgusting, ur absolutely the worst and i hope you enjoy feeling as shit as you try and make others feel. p.s. if u dont agree with anything faiza does, 1. Keep it to youself or, 2. you kno: unfollow.

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head canon randy wants to invite spike to the wedding of him & warin -- will he go y/n??

SEND HEADCANONS ABOUT SPIKE.  see me decline or approve.    /    @lepuscor  and  @nxrestfxrthewicked

all right. depends on what point it’d be in spike’s life.  or how close he is with both of them !!   currently ?    a maybe,  bordering on ‘might not make it.’  it’s probably jet or faye that have commented / seen the invite and they’re like ‘ohhhh it’d be nice for u to do something and get off ur butt while we got nothin’ comin’ in.’  or ‘man, it’d be a waste to let go of that wedding buffet  and free food they’ll have there….’   and that’s like the deciding factor that’ll persuade him to go.

i’m just kidding, he would go but if something really IMPORTANT comes up then he’d not make it ! :’)  let’s just hope they haven’t invited anyone with a bounty on their heads too otherwise their wedding would be a fiasco. 

TOS Season 3 wasn’t even in the general area of messing around, I mean - 

S E R I O U S L Y   N O T   M E S S I N G   A R O U N D   

pretty much direct from fanfic to your screen


That line just now… if some other girl said that to me I’d have felt amazing. How could I hear that from you?

I just wanna say this real quick but my parents complain about how me and my sister developed the same way and have bad attitudes, and now they’re complaining about how my little brother is doing it too and comparing him to us and I just…. Maybe it’s not who we are as people. Maybe your three children all turning out the same way with resentment towards you and nihilistic personalities is YOUR fault…. What a WILD concept i know

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Hey Suu,, I just wanted to drop by and say thank you for sharing your ocs with us!! You inspire me a lot to develop my own characters!! I've been scrolling through your art tag forever a nd I'm so in love with your ocs, please keep drawing them I love them so much!!! It makes me want to continue drawing and creating my own worlds. Please give all ur children a smooch on the head for me, especially Caius my boy 😍

ALJFSDHWH this is one of the greatest things to hear im so glad ive been able to inspire u in some way??? CRIES TY UR SO SWEET ALL MY KIDS SMOOCH U BACK!! keep on drawin and creating u precious u!!!