ur all bullies

ppl are already angry and saying theres too much “bullying” just bcus some ppl are listing the inevitable embarrassing stuff thats gonna happen for villainous. like.. no ones telling u to not watch it still, ppl are allowed to make fun of it or avoid it

but what about afterwards?


anonymous asked:

The first time I got sent anon hate over kin stuff, I just copied and pasted My Immortal in response. Nobody has ever sent me anon hate since. I definitely recommend this to anyone getting harassed.

  • ur not better bc ur gay
  • ur not better bc ur straight
  • ur not better bc ur a woman
  • ur not better bc ur a man
  • ur not better
  • we r all equal
  • u demand equality yet u have no respect for who ur demanding it from
  • it doesn’t make sense
  • ur dumb

also im mad that on 99% of my posts about feminism and sj in general p much no one says shit but on posts made by other ppl who dont have as large of a following so many bigoted folks will come out of the woodwork, reblogging FROM ME, and drag them thru the mud for saying the same logical shit even if it was written in a polite and gentle way. its bc ur all BULLIES + u know i have a functioning support system and u know that if u pulled that shit on me ud get ur ass drowned. u r bullies + cowards