ur adorable face

“You have Resting Bitch Face and I constantly worry that everyone secretly hates me so this is bound to be an interesting relationship..”



     elena turned a month old on tuesday and in typical me fashion i totally forgot about it until today, so to celebrate - like this post for a starter as her first ever starter call.

anonymous asked:

ahh.. ^^ itd b awkward tellin u who i really am i think.. so shh its a secret..! no ok but like srsly. ur art? amazing. ur personality? hilarious. ur face? adorable. u r deadass such a great person 2 have on my dash.. even tho u don't update ur art blog often. still. ur reblogs r top quality too. idk why but I feel like u rly deserve a whole buncha compliments rn so, yes,, anyway ily bro u r a boss ass bitch B)

im going to throw myself into the sun this is like the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me?? like lowkey i have been having such a bad week thank you for saving my life anon ily too

anonymous asked:

hi hi butipul c; can i pls ask for a reaction when you love lemons and eat everything with lemon like lemon pizza, lemon water, lemons, lemon pie, lemon ice tea--- lemon. wut would seventeen do? like will they tell u ur weird or like bb let me join the lemon fest or wut cx thx

as im writing this i am also eating my lemon biscuit that i love theyre life ;_; ok HERE WE GO

s.coups: would find it actually unique somehow he is going to buy you all the lemon stuff i can see it coming like literally everything when u go grocery shopping together he’s gonna be like “ISNT THIS THAT BISCUIT U LIKE” “do u like this? it has lemon in it” would put any items in the cart without  waiting for your answer

jeonghan: “WOW UR CUTE” thats probably what he’s going to think of u he is an angel ofc he is gonna buy u your favorite food with lemons in it but not like coups who buys u everything would get u a lemon keychain BC HE IS JUST THAT CUTE

joshua: ok this man right here would think its cute that u have an aobsession over lemons he would try to surprise u and bake a lemon pie bc he is a gentleman dUH but he’d probs burn the meal

jun: at first he’d think its weird honestly “why are u like this” would joke about it sometimes but one time he accidentally (????) ate ur lemon food and he’s sudeenly “WOAH THAT IS HELLA GOOD” would be in love with lemons after that and have a lemon party with u

hoshi: he think its cute bc ur suddenly happy when there’s lemons like it makes everything feels better ok he’s going to eat it with you thinking its good but wouldnt be as addicted as you are “hmm it taste good” “we can be lemon partners u know” “should i make a choreo to express my love towards lemons” my cute baby

wonwoo: would not mind honestly he would lowkey think its super adorable and secretly buy u and him a matching lemon sweater like the sweater had a little pocket with lemon on it CUTE RIGHT ;_; i can see him dressing up as a lemon for ur birthday

woozi: would look at you weirdly and say “um???? that doesnt look v good to me” so you sent him a glare and offer him some he hesitantly take it and when he ate it ITS ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD but refused to tell u bc he’s just like that :\ the type to send u a photo of lemon when he saw one

seokmin: he’s going to sing out of the blue and it suddenly turns into a lemon song and he’d tell u about it so u both can sing it when ur having a lemon party together ;_; i can see him buying u cute lemon stuff like a necklace with a lemon pendant ISNT THAT CUTE PLS SAY YES

mingyu: is going to tease u about ur obsession with lemons lets be real he is a little shit what u expect but secretly finds it adorable bc ur face lights up while ur eating and stuff and it makes him suPER happy as well the type to freestyle rap about lemons he’d also send u lemon stuff when he is away ;_;

minghao: WOULD THROW A LEMON PARTY WITH U bc he actually finds the things u eat dELICIOUS LIKE NO JOKE “wow i chose the right girlfriend” would buy a matching lemon onesie if that even exists and also a small lemon onesie for oyur dog if you have one OHFIKDMKFJIFM

seungkwan: diva boo would say its weird at first like he had never found someone who’s like this towards lemons “isnt lemon sour” but youd feed him the lemon pie you made and he’s gonna love lemons ever since would dress as a lemon to surprise u :,)

vernon: this boy would probably make a fire mixtape about lemons and send it to you straight away “do u like my new mixtape” i can see him being a bit jealous when u paid attention to ur lemon food instead of him (???) its just lemons chill

dino: MY LITTLE BABY he would gladly throw a lemon party with no hesitation “ok should we get the food now” “should i amke a lemon dance mj style” CUTEEEEEE buying you this cute lemon stuffed dolls ;;;;;