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“Y/N are you listening to me?” Your mother snapped her fingers in front of your face at the dinner table, 

“You should stop putting so much salt on your food - it’s bad for you.” She spoke calmly in her soft voice as she took the table salt away.

You’d being staying at your childhood home with your parents just outside of town for the past 5 weeks as part of your bail condition. Unable to venture into the centre of town meant that you couldn’t go to work, not that you were welcome there anyway, you couldn’t see Belle, and you couldn’t go home. The once strong, independent, socialite you were was now entirely gone; you felt like a stranger to yourself.

“Two more days.” Your dad cupped your face and kissed your forehead,
“Two more days and then the world will see that you’re innocent in all of this.” He smiled kindly as he stood up from the dining table, taking the dishes into the kitchen.

Do you need a hand with those?” You shouted after him, desperate to find something to do.
Living back at home with your parents was great for the first three days or so, especially as your mother made it so you did barely any housework or laundry, but soon enough having no independence, nowhere to go and nothing to do got depressing.

“I’m okay Y/N. You go on upstairs, use my phone to ring Belle.” He shouted back. Anybody who saw him would be intimidated, he was a big guy with a loud voice and a constant frown, but he was easily the kindest man you knew.

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Creepypasta #1076: My Friend Is Sending Me These Weird Texts

Length: Medium

I threw a Halloween party last night, and lots of people came that weren’t, strictly speaking, invited. I wasn’t going to be a hard-ass about it, and there were enough of my friends that showed up that I was able to enlist them to help keep an eye on my place and make sure people didn’t wander places they weren’t welcome. 

Before long, everyone was mingling and having a good time. I saw my buddy Dave chatting up this really attractive girl that I didn’t know, and I remember thinking “good luck, she’s out of your league”, and I think she even asked him out to dinner, but then I promptly forgot about it since I was busy with hosting duties. The only reason I remember it now is because I got a series of increasingly odd texts from Dave after the party. Here’s how it started: 

12:15 am/ Dave: Dood, where am I?

12:16 am/ Me: Dunno. Home, maybe?

12:18 am/ Dave: No. I was at ur party. Now I’m somewhere else.

12:19 am/ Me: Yes, that happens when you leave a party.

12:20 am/ Dave: No, man. I didn’t leave ur party. I was there talking 2 this girl, now I’m here in this room.

12:20 am/ Me: What room?

12:23 am/ Dave: It’s got wood paneled walls, old looking green couch, a blue upholstered wing back chair, an ugly oil painting, some sort of metal disk on the floor, and an old wooden TV.

12:24 am/ Me: A wooden TV?

12:25 am/ Dave: U know- an old tube TV inside a wood cabinet- looks 60s-ish. WTF? Just turned it on. It’s black n white.

12:25 am/ Me: Ok.

12:26 am/ Dave: There’s no door. Or Windows. What is this place? Did you do this?

12:27 am/ Me: Do what? Roofie you and stick you in a room made of the 60s with no way out? No. No, I didn’t.

I’m cutting in here because we spent the next several texts going back and forth - him accusing me of drugging him because I wanted to meet this girl he had been talking to and me denying it; then him telling me what he could pick up on the TV. It sounded like some sort of closed circuit showing him other rooms similar to his, some with a person, and some empty; and finally him giving me a running commentary on his attempts to find a way out of the room. I was ready to tell him I had to go to bed when this happened:

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you know ive seen ppl calling bex “savage” and “cool” for silly spraying amb*r but if she was a real one she wouldve grabbed that little girl by her hair and dragged her out the house after that little “wheres your dad andi?” thing. you are not gonna crash this girls party bc ur creepy ass is chasing after a middle school boy and insult her like that!! if I was bex I wouldve had charges against me for attacking that girl lol

anonymous asked:

how do u think it all ends? is it ur hc that the Girl takes down BLI but Party n the rest of the gang r still alive? or do u think more along the comics? that the Girl defeats em solo n the gang's dead? AND how do u think both BatCity n joy societies cope with the sudden lack of barrier between them? whos in charge now with lack of government n shit? or is it all fuckin anarchy? like,, i dunno man. i love ur thoughts abt yhe killjoy universe. its so vivid n original n fukin awesome! (1/2)

i love hearin u talk abt this shit cuz u r such a rad storyteller like goddamn dude💜💜💜💜! (2/2)

[cracks knuckles] WELL

tbh i don’t like the plot of the comics very much at all– i’ll take the idea that the guys die (look, let’s be realistic, ain’t none of them making it to their midlife crisis) and the girl survives and has to save the world without them. but i would go about making the Final Plot way fucking different to the comics. tbh i like the idea of there never being a definitive end? like, there’s just soooo many ways you could take the story, who wants to confine it to just one ending?

Girls Slumber party time!!

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If all of my friends in this list are girls, we get to have a SLUMBER PARTY!!!! I’m just so happy now!!

If one of my friends r boys in this list, this is a girls slumber party, ok? I’m sorry, but ur not invited.

reasons why ffxiii trilogy is gr8

-female protag that doesnt conform to traditional gender roles


-poc main characters

-the girls in ur party are better at offensive roles while the men in ur party are better at supportive roles

-canon lesbians

-healthy strictly platonic m/f relationships

-positive relationships between female characters

-also there are lesbians

when people reduce roxys character to being a drunk, promiscuous, “over-bearing ex-girlfriend” and/or party girl type i just get rlly ????? like???? ur completely disregarding every part of her character for ur own fun??????????????? and glorifying alcoholism in the process????