ur a party girl

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going to to club is lame find better things to do like go to actual house parties of ppl ur age

girl people younger than me go to clubs nowadays i’m jus doin me lol

ur the birthday girl and after having a small party with all your friends and family you and Luke are left alone in ur shared apartment and he hugs you tightly and says “I hope you had the best birthday, baby, I love you so much” and you say back, “I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, thank you so much, I love you” and he pulls away to look at you and leans in and presses his lips against yours and the sweet, gentle, innocent kiss turns into a passionate, loving, lustful make out session and you guys stumble down the hallway and walk into your bedroom and after Luke shuts the door you two land on the bed and he rolls on top of you and you guys start stripping and he quickly kisses in between your breasts going down ur belly until he reaches the band of your underwear and he slowly pulls them down after you nod a yes to him and he finally puts his mouth where you need him the most for the best birthday present of the night and fUCKinf shiT my bithDAY IS IN TWO HOURS THIS IS TOURT UEE