No more house guests pleaseee

One cousin’s been living here for a month and before he goes, another is coming for a month or more. My friend wants to stay here for a weekend but that’s fine, if a little crowded. Lastly, another set of cousins are here for a vacation so they might live here till the end of August. that’s 3 more people. I love them. I do. But




oh god


Gaming in the ancient world: selected artefacts from the Penn Museum.

Gameboard from Ur, Iraq. Made of Shell, limestone, and lapis. B16742.

Two knucklebone from the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, Cyprus. Made of bronze. 54-28-20154-28-202.

A Roman loaded die, from Athens. 2003-37-1.

Game board from Ur, Iraq. Made of clay. Brick with 10 x 6 squares, used as a counting board. Red coating. B16563.

Egyptian lion game piece, from Abydos. First Dynasty, 3000 - 2800 BC, made of ivory. E11522.

Game board from Ur, Iraq. Made of clay. Brick with point drawing, a chess board? B16562.

Persian dice, from Iran. Made of bronze. Two sets of four metal plaques on a metal post. The numbers are indicated by a dot with a circle pressed into metal. Some overlapping. 29-221-283C.

Courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, via their online collections.