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Chanyeol's "Don't make money" lyrics (Heize ft. Chanyeol)

Peek-a-boo what is a pretty boy doing in unpretty (rapstar)

I’m radio

Rather than with my face I’m making money with my voice

I’m Exo representing korea

Growing while eating love

I work and make money

When it comes to popularity we are above mnet

I know my position for sure

When women see me they long for me

You will respect me after listening to this rap

I’m sorry Lee Sooman chairman

I will do hip hop today

I will be cursing motherfucker too

The fans will go to Hongkong after listening to this rap (tn: going to hong kong signifies having an orgasm)

My bank account is like a cemetery (tn : his bank account is deep like a cemetery)

0 keeps adding up (tn: In Korean 0 sounds like [영; young] and it is similar to word “영 (or 혼)” which means soul, spirit. So It is a punchline, souls keep increasing in the cemetery = his bank account figure keeps growing.)

Tomorrow to make money I will go to the airport again

Make money make money

I make tens times more than other idols

Heize: Baby don’t make money

Chanyeol: Make money make money make money

Heize: Baby don’t work

Chanyeol: I make ten times more than other idols

Don’t make money x5


Chanyeol: “First, I think we had fun. I think Heize ssi received me really well and she treated me well too. I’m proud (of our stage).

I couldn’t imagine this would happen. As a great fan of the show I have thought of how nice it would be if I had a chance to go on this stage but now that I was able to stand on it I felt really nervous. And this stage has a different charm from exo stages, I enjoyed it a lot.”

Heize: “He is very passionate and he’s a friend who really likes Hip hop.

Let’s burn everything down without any regrets today.

He worked really hard…How do I say.. He wants to break the prejudice?”

Chanyeol trending on search engines:

naver:  #5 chanyeol

Daum: #1 Heize, #3 Chanyeol

Instiz: #9 chanyeol

Nate #1 Heize, #3 Chanyeol

Translated by Jina. Special thanks to jeremy_wright_0.


Sumerian, found at Ur (modern Tell al-Muqayyar)

Early Dynastic IIIa, ca. 2600–2500 B.C.

Kings and nobles became increasingly powerful and independent of temple authority during the course of the Early Dynastic period (2900–2350 B.C.), although the success of a king’s reign was considered to depend on support from the gods. A striking measure of royal wealth was the cemetery in the city of Ur, in which sixteen royal tombs were excavated in the 1920s and 1930s by Sir Leonard Woolley. These tombs consisted of a vaulted burial chamber for the king or queen, an adjoining pit in which as many as seventy-four attendants were buried, and a ramp leading into the grave from the ground.

This delicate chaplet of gold leaves separated by lapis lazuli and carnelian beads adorned the forehead of one of the female attendants in the so-called King’s Grave. In addition, the entombed attendants wore necklaces of gold and lapis lazuli, gold hair ribbons, and silver hair rings. Since gold, silver, lapis, and carnelian are not found in Mesopotamia, the presence of these rich adornments in the royal tomb attests to the wealth of the Early Dynastic kings as well as to the existence of a complex system of trade that extended far beyond the Mesopotamian River valley.

Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Sumerian Child’s Diadem, 2500-2300 BC

This gold diadem was found by Leonard Woolley in one of the simpler graves in the cemetery at Ur. A small wooden coffin containing the badly preserved bones of a very young child lay at the bottom of a shaft. The child was wearing the diadem around its head. Bowls made of silver, copper, calcite and limestone were also found.

Two of the three gold disc ornaments are formed from rings separated by finely bent strips of gold. The same technique is used to form the central rosettes. The other disc consists of four concentric gold rings inlaid with lapis lazuli and carnelian. All appear to have been attached to a chain of sets of four long beads of gold, lapis lazuli and carnelian.

Deposits of metal ore are not found in Mesopotamia itself, but only in the surrounding mountains. Metal was therefore highly prized, with gold among the most precious. Stone is also rare in southern Mesopotamia, with many coloured varieties coming from further east. Lapis lazuli, the exotic blue stone, was mined in Afghanistan.