An Unforgotten Poem by Terezar

Come one and come all, its time for a quest
a fabulous story, theres no time to rest
With the great Captain Moran guiding the helm
The gates will be opened to unforgotten realms

Adventure, mystery, and many a trap
lie waiting for us strewn all over the map
the land of Sir schmoopy and friends is here
a world that a great many of us hold dear

Sharpen your sword, throw junk in a well
As for me I know I wanna cast a spell
Slay a fierce ogre, with nary a care
A carriage! I just crapped in my underwear!

Meet famous people, get fined by a judge
meet Mr.King, and bring him some fudge
Quest to mt.Norrington, know what you’ve seen
but beware of savage tribal ghostbusting keens!

The world was once a land of one tale
of one group of morons, their morals so frail
But should Rob succeed in his kickstarter drive
We ALL can go round burning NPC’s alive! 

We all want to travel from Awesometon on
and see the world with 3 friends who respawn
but that can only happen if all of us give
our time, and our cash, to make this game live

So pledge, my dear readers, all of your gold
To make unforgotten quest’s story be told
Let Robert know his dreams aren’t in vain
Lets bring them to life, stright out of his brain


Unforgotten Quest Kickstarter coming soon!


Unforgotten Quest, a 2D CO-OP RPG. Loot, Levels, Skills, Classes, Quests, Bosses, Humor, Multiplayer, and most importantly, Time eater!