España cañí

So, talking about politics again, sorry. I must say this year the slogans are priceless. Take a look:

Pedro Sanchez
Un futuro para la mayoría” = A future for most. Because who wouldn’t picture a future with you, honey…

Albert Rivera: Ciudadanos
Con ilusión” = Hopefully. As in “Hopefully, senpai will notice me…

Alberto Garzón: UP/IU
Un nuevo país” = A new country. Because fuck the old one, nobody cares about us in here. Well, with that picture in all the posters now we do. We noticed you. Everybody notices you. EVERYBODY.

But what about Pablo Iglesias? He’s not in his own posters! WTF? Just picture him being the next president, receiving the foreign presidents with his plaid shirts and his ponytail. Priceless. 

Oh, the slogan. It’s “Un país contigo: Podemos” = A whole country with you, we can. That’s the name of his party, Podemos = we can. Like Obama’s yes we can. Because WTF.

But no picture? No way. I will leave this cute pic here just for the record:

And now, for contrast, the current president of Spain and his slogan: “España, en serio” = Spain, seriously. As saying “WTF you know I’m the only one in this lot that looks like an actual politician, this is a joke”. Well maybe, but fuck you Mariano. You’re not even funny. Well, yes, you are, you are hilarious, but for all the wrong reasons. I’m not even posting a picture of you. You’re old and fugly. I will post this instead:

Because there always were raunchy jokes about politicians and government pacts, but that used to be disgusting. Now… it’s not.

Oh, there are more parties. And slogans, like UPyD: “Más España” = More Spain. Because it’s not big enough. Maybe France wouldn’t notice if we take a bit of land. Or we could invade Portugal, they are nicer. Or the best slogan, Democracia y Libertad: “(Im)possible”. You don’t need a translation, do you? Impossible, as their chances to win the elections. They get it.

These are the best elections ever.



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