upwards view

“Artemis Fowl” would be such an amazing movie? Like it starts off with a voice over going all…

How does one describe Artemis Fowl? Various psychiatrists have tried and failed… 

And we see a rich boy wearing an expensive suit sitting by fire… we can’t see his face–just his back with that fancy Victorian chair of his. And he’s staring at his piles of GOLD. The voice over continues…

There is no doubt that Artemis is a child prodigy.  But why does someone of such brilliance dedicate himself to criminal activities? 

The boy stands up but we still can’t see his face. He walks towards the screen and the cam backs away and then suddenly the boy is trying to close the door. 

This is a question that can be answered by only one person.

And then the view goes upward and we finally see his pale face and he’s smiling deviously with his finger on his lips as if to say “Hush.”

And he delights in not talking.

The boy closes the door entirely and then it shows “Artemis Fowl” in friggin GOLD because that’s what the movie is all about. G O L D. And then it gives the audience the chills.

Illuminati New Year’s Eve party. The gigantic, ceiling-mounted clockwork eye-and-pyramid is actually a thing from a dream. The rest, apparently, was an elaborate torture method foisted upon me by my muse. (Translation: this was a pain in the ass and took forever. But! I like it.)

Done in marker, as usual, with a few little touches of white gel pen here and there.

@221bringingitback continued from (x)

The night was mostly silent, only the occasional car or person passing by in addition to her heels breaking the calm in the area of London she currently wandering about in. the wind blew wisps of brown hair around her face, her head tilted upwards to view the stars. That was until a voice called her name, and panic nearly set in. The only reason it didn’t was because she recognized who had said her name.

“Sherlock?” Irene turned to the source and then smirked at what he followed up with. “Well you know my motto. I MISBEHAVE. Besides, it passes the time and plenty of people go for strolls, though I admit they aren’t in the same situation as me.”

His implied offer came as a surprise to the dominatrix before she spoke again. “I’m sure I could find somewhere to reside. Why? Offering or wanting me to?”

SciShow Full Time Contributing Editor
Job posting!

Hey! We’re looking to hire a full time contributing editor here at SciShow!

If you think you might be interested in applying, read the words below and then click on the link above.

We’re looking for someone to help us on our path to build SciShow into a major science media brand. SciShow currently produces eight videos per week, each receiving upwards of 200,000 views. Our editorial team, led by Blake DePastino, works ridiculously hard to produce compelling, accurate, skeptical, enthusiastic, informed, educational videos. We want to grow that team.

We’re looking for a qualified candidate who has experience writing science journalism and editing other writers. Experience in and understanding of online media and YouTube would also be wonderful. An awareness of both why people click on things and how to write things that aren’t mindless clickbait drivel are nice. Our goal with every video is to increase our viewers’ understanding of the world while entertaining them.

Responsibilities include writing several episodes per week between 500 and 1500 words, fact checking yourself and others, assigning stories to freelancers, generating pitches, marketing content, and being thoughtful and kind.  


Here’s a progression gif showing the steps I took on my latest bit of art. I deliberately set myself up for a challenge with an action pose, multiple light sources, and a full background, but I had a lot of fun doing it! I could probably do a full thesis on all the things wrong with it and what I could have done better, but I still feel like I’m growing and improving from piece to piece. Onwards and upwards!

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