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Even if Seed Derek is grumpy, Stiles wouldn’t consider him anything but family now ♥

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Forty Effing Four

You know what it is? You know what the big deal about this thing is, to me? Trust. I trust the THAC crew with horror. I trust them to make things legitimately eerie, to have well-hidden secrets buried in every meticulously thought-out video, to develop things thoroughly and to give their fans puzzles that occasionally take upwards of four years to solve (coughProgramcough).

We’re going into this blind. There are lakes and they are clear; that’s almost all we know, and considering that there are in fact no hornets and no marble involved in MH, we know close to nothing. But I trust them to make it interesting. I trust them to make it good.

I trust these guys to make a horror series right, and so you’d better bet I’m excited for this.

To my followers who have no idea what I’m talking about: If you like horror, and you like weird shit, and you like following youtube channels, I suggest you check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkZDs8CBDkk
We don’t know what it’s going to be. But it is the start of something that I trust to be interesting. Because after five years of Marble Hornets, I trust them to know what they’re doing. And I am jumping on the hype train.


Milan: Inside World’s Only Certified 7 Star Hotel

Inside the hotel which opened its doors in 2007 – designed by architect Ettore Mocchetti – one will find a total of seven suites. There’s the penthouse suite, where Italy’s King Vittorio Emmanuele III would stay, whenever he visited Milan. The 580 m2 suite goes for €15.000 per night, and comes with a personal chef and butler. Then there are the remaining six suites, which are available from €1500 per night and upward.

Whalevolution Month #04 – Ambulocetus

The “walking whale” Ambulocetus is known from Pakistan about 50-48 million years ago. Around 3m long (10′10″), it was a more amphibious creature than the pakicetids, with its hind limbs better adapted for swimming. While its eyes were high on its skull like Pakicetus, they faced more to the sides than upwards.

Chemical analysis of its teeth shows that it inhabited both fresh and salt water, giving us a glimpse of the point when early cetaceans first began to transition to marine environments.

I’m still musing a lot over character development.

I’ve talked about the Hope and Fear cycle before and I’ve been thinking of applying that specifically to character development arcs (rather than just narrative arcs)

To recap, the Hope and Fear cycle describes the pattern of story beats in a narrative. A scene with an upward beat makes the audience hopeful of the protagonist meeting their goal. A scene with a downward beat makes the audience fearful of the protagonist failing. 

You see, it’s not a very fun ride if the character develops just one increment towards their final incarnation at a time. Your character’s gotta move towards that development in a way that makes sense, and they’ve occasionally got to have pitfalls in that development so that the audience wants to really root for them.

That path really is the hardest part, isn’t it? It’s easy to figure out where a character starts (regarding their traits and personality) and where they will be when the story ends, but the parts in between are tricky. 

So we can use the Hope and Fear cycle to map out the path of character development. The audience hopes they will change for the better and fears they will either make a turn for the worse or relapse into unfavorable behavior they have previously displayed. 

Determine your scenes where a character is growing in a good way and make sure to space them out enough. Plan a downturn somewhere in the midst of all that. 

The path is often flipped for antagonists. Their character development, unless they are turning to the protagonists side, will usually end in downward beats. If your antagonist doesn’t end with a redemption arc, their final character point will likely be a big down beat.

chronicle4assassin asked:

Fort Max/Rung "it's not going to fit"

           "It’s not going to fit.“ Max said flatly as he stared down at Rung who already had his legs parted and valve out for him. Having just put on a rather lewd show for the warden, his spike was more than ready and willing. It was just that…Rungs valve looked so small. In fact Rung himself was just small, everything about the bot was small.

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anonymous asked:

to ease someone into bottoming: finger them. just keep doing it. in my experience its better to just have a night/chill time where you only finger them. be gentle, have them tell you what makes them feel good and what is uncomfortable. if you're using toys, start SMALL and i mean MINISCULE and work upwards. also literally always use lube 100% of the time when dealing w/ asses nobody needs a torn asshole for comfort and health reasons.

Exactly. I legit tell people its like gauging your ear. It’s gunna take some time. Just enjoy each other company and get used to the feel and reactions of the body. Have fun with it, fingering and foreplay is just as much fun and pleasurable for me as full anal and NEVER do something to a person that would make them uncomfortable, listen to them and ask them questions.

Okay, so being the dork I am I don’t think that the Navi from Ocarina of Time was the only Legend of Zelda reference in the latest Gravity Falls episode.

Take a look at the dice box. The writing on the outside reminds me of Ocarina of Time’s signs which simply said Nintendo in Hylian reversed, upside-down, and reversed+upside-down.

There’s also the Hot Elf (actually the character’s name) who uses flame arrows to light fires on torches and the like. Much like how Link uses flame arrows to light torches. Yeah? ^^;; He even points his bow upward. I don’t know about others, but where ever I use Link’s bow and arrow he’s always pointing it in crazy directions first. XP

Not going to talk about the blonde haired and blue-eyed hot elf clad in green part. ==;;

And what about trowing bombs, or “Death Muffins” in Gravity Falls’ case, into an enemy’s mouth to beat them? King Dodongo for example?

I sure about other references. I’m not into Dungeons & Dragons (though my Dad does play it with his friends) which seemed to be a big part of the episode. These are just the ones that were on the top of my head. ^^;;

Okay. I’m done being a dork. Back to anime and seiyuu! XP

I was tagged by shiphitsthefan​ to list the first sentence of each of my last 20 fanfics.

  1. It turns out to be a sex thing.
  2. Following the failure of Operation Insight, you sought additional instruction.
  3. Chris gets nervous on press tours.
  4. Steve checks his phone.
  5. Bucky’s grip slips on the bathroom cabinet door, and it slams shut with a bang.
  6. Steve knocks on the open door of room 2517.
  7. El Greco’s is the definition of sleaze, and that’s saying something coming from a guy who spends most of his time in the shittiest dive bars in the country.
  8. Dean half-awakens to the sound of the screen of his window sliding upward.
  9. The end of senior year. Cas can almost taste it.
  10. Dean wakes up to the sound of his radio alarm.
  11. It was only fitting that rain began to fall just as the pallbearers lowered John Winchester into the ground.
  12. The recital is fast-approaching and Castiel is running Dean ragged in preparation.
  13. (785) 555-4217: Why the duck did you reset ot factory settings SAM? Btichj
  14. Castiel flicks the ash off his cigarette, takes one last puff as the bus rolls to a stop in front of him, and drops it to the ground, snuffing it out with his pointed boot.
  15. The front door opens with a loud squeak and slams back shut.
  16. The first time Dean kissed Cas was totally out of his control.
  17. John Winchester owned a donut shop for a long goddamn time.
  18. Jensen had been dreading this since the moment he read through the script.
  19. Who the fuck was this bitchy “warrior of God” doing talking to him like that?
  20. The Boston fucking Marathon. How did Sam talk him into this.

suhhlest asked:

Hi Ally, I need some advice. My boyfriend of a year and a half left for college a month ago, and came to visit this weekend. He came down on Friday and left Sunday, and after being cutesy all weekend he told me he had cheated on me and ended the relationship. We started dating junior year and he's the only person I've been with, I feel so broken and I just don't know what to do. I've always looked up to you and I could really use your help. Please respond privately :(

First of all, I don’t care how cutesy your relationship was during your year+ OR the weekend; that’s fucked up of him. Not to mention, weak. 

Since he A) treated you poorly and B) bailed from the situation versus any attempt at remedying it, it appears you only have one choice which is to go onwards and upwards.

Ya know all that time you used to spend with him? While the absence may hurt and the time alone may ache, all of this time is now entirely yours to use however you can even imagine. Pick up at LEAST one new hobby. Try new things. You’d be surprised with how much you actually want to do, that you’ve been unknowingly holding yourself back from because of that relationship. 

Dude, he used you that weekend to have one last, guilt-free, fling with you. That’s bogus. He’s not worth your time or your tears. I don’t have much room to talk, since I tend to crumple like a spider in times of hardship, but just try to keep yourself busy. Mend friendships that have fallen to the wayside because of this big college douche-bag who was dumb enough to think even for a second you weren’t worth it.

Fill your time with nothing but you, you you, until you find someone who sees how god damned worth it you are.

thelittlenightowl replied to your postI have space for maybe 3 more movies on my Mads…

That sound like an awesome collection. Weird request, but would you take a pic of your Mads shelf?

no prob! here’s the Mads shelf:

the titles are all in order of release starting with Pusher at the left and working upwards to the right, ending with The Salvation (I know it’s dark and hard to see lol)

and as a bonus, here’s the Hannibal Lecter film shelf (I specify film cuz I also have a book shelf on my other bookcase for the series lol):

anonymous asked:

What's the best piece of advice/most inspiring thing you've been told? You inspire me so much and I wanna see what inspires you :)

“The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.”

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Winds of Fate II - Accessory Tempering System Changes

NCsoft apparently thinks it’s fun to mess with players and fuck up the whole PVP attack and defense system. So today, they decided that accessories should no longer have a maximum enchant limit.

A few other things were changed as well:

- Increased success rates for accessory enchanting
- Changed the PVP attack/defense amount to be consistent with every enchant level instead, 0.5% PVP attack and 0.7% PVP defense*

*for accessories that traditionally get PVP attack or defense when enchanted (eg. necklaces get PVP attack)

Additionally, for weapons/shields that can only be enchanted via Tempering Solutions, they now have a weapon glow from +5 enchant level upwards. From +10 onwards, the glow is equivalent to a +20′s glow.

P.S - Unlike plumes, failure to enchant still will not destroy your accessory.

1D Preferences: Wedgies ( Dedicated to that very kind anon that asked for this :3 )


Probably not the best place to enact a wedgie on him, but Zayn was in the studio when you pulled the mischievous act. As soon as he stepped out the door, you attacked him in a brisk motion, tugging his underwear up with the swift of a hand. At first, Zayn had no idea what to think of this, but he ends up nodding his head and snickering with you on account of the prank set on him.


It was one of those moments where you team up with Louis to play a prank on a certain band member. The trick was all quite simple really. You were the distraction, and Louis was the operator. During his workout, you have no trouble getting Liam up for a little chat. Sly as a fox, Louis pounces Liam from behind and yanks his undies upwards. With a gasp, Liam flails around. “Louis! Y/N, I can’t believ-” He can’t decide whether to attack you or the culprit responsible for his uncomfortableness, but that doesn’t stop you and Louis from laughing as you two escape down the hallway.


After a rousing football match with you against Louis, you’re slightly more tuckered out than you thought you would. You watch Louis practically prancing towards the locker rooms and you stand out in the field, defeated. You’re quiet, but you’re plotting revenge. Within the next five minutes, you ponder your way through the stadium. Another entrance to the men’s locker room is your ticket for vengeance. Just as suspected, you find the football star in his tighty whiteys. Before he knew it, he’s jolted up by the force you pull his undies with. “Ah! Hey!” He squeaks as you release him and flee to where you came from. Seeing as he’s in an unsightly condition, he is unable to chase after you. “Y/N!” he calls from the door, “I kicked your ass at football, now I’m gonna kick it again!”


He was innocent as ever, cooking breakfast in his sweatpants when you tiptoe behind him. The wedgie you give him is prolonged and rather shocking to Harry’s end. He coughs out a sudden breath and turns around to see your hilarious face. “That’s not very nice,” he adjusts his pants as he lightly scolds you. With a bashful look on your face, you dash away into the next room. “Y/N, come back here!” It’s a wonder he could catch up to you and overpower you with his long deer legs. He ends the tackle with a tickle fight and you’re so helpless, you accept it with a laugh. “Now, clever you, let’s finish breakfast.”


He was just boarding the tour bus when you yanked his pants up. It obviously caught him by surprise because of your great stealth at the matter. “Y/N!” He jolts, “what?!” You giggle and try to skimp past him, but he manages to catch you by the waist and hug you from behind. “Where do you think you’re going?” Niall jokes over your shoulder. You let out a struggling giggle, but smile; “Bathroom.” “No,” Niall pecks you on the cheek, “I don’t think so”.

Crash Landed // Star and ???

She was falling, falling fast. Down, down, down towards the strange planet below. Heat…burning, there was a fire around her heating her skin to the point where she feared it would burn but her porcelain pale skin remained untouched by the flame despite what it felt.

Her gaze glanced upwards as she saw the fellow stars above slipping further and further away. She clawed at the air screaming in fear trying to return but it was of no avail. The permanent night soon gave way to a gentle blue, which then turned into a misty grey.

With a scared sigh she soon gave up in her struggles, her arms fell to her sides as she tilted her head back to get a better view of where she was headed. She could see the colors from before turning into strange shapes…the colors that had looked like one solid color began to blend into many different varieties.

She couldn’t understand what was happening…but there was nothing she could do but accept her fate. Her eyes closed and after a moment she felt her back hit something hard, heard the strange sounds of the disturbed earth below breaking apart due to the impact, a harsh stinging sensation coursed through her body for a moment before everything was thrown into the void.

Her soft lavender eyes opened sometime later. She began to cough from settling dust around her while slowly pulling herself into a sitting position. Trembling she realized that there was something wrong…very wrong. A sharp sing prompted another startled shriek. Glancing down she noticed that her ankle did not look like it once had before. It was a bright apple red and very lumpier.

She reached a porcelain hand towards it only to draw back with a pained hiss. As she looked around frantically, glittering crystal blue tears beginning to fall from her eyes cleaning the dirt that clung to her face in streaks. What was she to do now? She couldn’t move as every time she tried her swollen ankle would only pain her more. But she couldn’t just stay where she was considering…she didn’t even know where she was…

She curled her good leg up to her chest and hugged it in an attempt to comfort herself as best she could. Her sobs had grown louder by now, enough so they could easily be heard when one was close enough. What was she to do?

Her forehead had fallen against her knee by this point when she heard the soft shuffle of feet not too far off. Her head snapped up and she looked about for the source, but from her place in the midst of the crater she’d unintentionally caused due to her impact with the earth, she couldn’t see just who or what it was. “H-h-hello?” She called out slowly, her whispery voice tinted with pain and fear.