It’s Only Been Recalled Four Times


I left a complete p.o.s. Saturn Ion back in the states. I wonder if I can get somebody to do one of those flying conventions to it. It doesn’t seem to drive very well on land, so I may as well take to they sky. What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Yay! Daniela is the new ambassador for TAP Portugal! ✈🔝💪👏👌❤ 

P.S. - she’s trying to kill me…😂 

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Check in all done - no dramas and making way to gate for boarding flight to Sao Paolo. 12hrs there then change over for another 21/2 hour leg to Montevideo. 2 meals and lots of movies and games to watch. Thanks Alex Wilkinson for tip about downloading the app - otherwise lots of bored player & staff.

i wanted to write love poetry tonight
spiral out odes to noses and elbows fantastical
conjure some muse and lecture on the subject of
their pores, their breath against the winter air

but another topic intercepts, pushing
into the queue at the till without waiting
a bitterness, a foul expansion in my middle
ballooning upupandaway brushing the back of
my throat in an attempt to be verbalised
poised hands above a poisonous send button
and almost-fists shown to the bathroom mirror

the final words on the matter are the
unholy curses that are stamped into my heart
and the coiled anger which encircles my spine
cut me open and you’d find (amongst the visceral)
paintballs made into bullets displayed as victories
lodged in my chest and transforming my thoughts
into grains of sand that the cold wind holds

holds close
—  the feeling just won’t go (c.s)