upturns tables


•B has been to the hospital and is still loopy from anasthetic•
A: I’m going out. Don’t do anything stupid.
B: ok promise
*A gets back*
B: ;)
There are tables upturned. The paintings are upside down. Clothes. Everywhere. The kettle is… somewhere? The tv remotes are in the fridge. B is half hanging off the front of the sofa, hair soaked and face flushed
A: what THE F-

Okay, but Natsu and Lucy are totally the type of couple to get into a food fight during dinner. 

Like, they’ll be making spaghetti together and Natsu will smear just a little sauce on her cheek and then Lucy turns it into an all out war by dumping noodles on his head. By the end of the night there are noodles and sauce everywhere, Lucy is hiding behind the upturned table, and Natsu is using a pan as a shield as the two of them fight to get to the garlic bread first.


” We should stay in the same room. Look for a two bedder. We can put them together if you get scared in the middle of the night.” He looked over his shoulder at the women, seeing the hall was clean and tidy

Miriam was about to protest, but she all-too soon remembered her general routine when she had more than one person in her travelling party.  Sleeping in shifts.

“Fine.  Same apartment, but one bed.”  She said, trying not to let her annoyance show.  “We’ll take turns, sleeping in shifts.”  She figured that should be logical enough that even Callum would have to agree.  “And besides, I’m not scared of the dark anymore.  I’m seventeen, not seven.”

She gripped one of the many apartment door handles, opening it slowly.  It let out a bit of an eerie creak, but the room inside was nearly perfect.  A few upturned tables maybe, and the faucet was left on so no clean water was coming through; but other than that the room was fine.  One large and hastily-made bed lay right in the center of the hotel room, the lamp on the right was broken, and the one on the left was on the floor.

“There.  Don’t think it will get much nicer that this these days.”  She said, entering the room.

*crashes the oxford medievalists society inaugural drink reception and steals 3 bottles of wine before fleeing the scene, tripping over an upturned table and yelling ‘FUCK THOMAS BECKET!!!!!!’ to the horror of the room*

i’m just


if chloe and max in life is strange don’t get a happy ending i don’t know if i want to ever, ever, ever play video games anymore i swear to god!!!

like not even ellie and riley got a happy ending in last of us

like is this as far as things will go

like is all i’m left with just a kiss and then at least one person in that relationship just ends up dying (or turning into a clicker idk)

it’s not fair!!! and i’m going to act like a seven-year-old kid in a grocery store who saw their sibling get a candy and i didn’t and bang my fist against the conveyor belt and upturn tables and bawl for hours

i’m a really queer girl who really loves video games and i just want to see queer girls get a fucking happy ending for fucking once for fuck’s sake!!! 

it’s not good representation if all i get is negative and sad representation!!!!

Best Behavior

Why yes,
I’m damn near
And that’s
Kind of you
Not to

As there is
Perfectly normal
About the fact
I’ve lost
All this

The unkempt
Doesn’t indicate
Any lack of

And no,
The upturned table
Didn’t flip itself
By its own

But maybe,
Just out of anger,
I will
Beat myself up
And starve my way
Toward illness
Or exercise
Till I’m sick
From stress.

Until I rupture,
And like blood
Spill out
In clots -

I’d much sooner
Raid the kitchen
Or bang
Really loud
On doors,
An expensive
Or perhaps
Even call you

As a selfish
Misuse of
And easy
Of rage -
A lame excuse
For feeling
And abuse
I had sworn
To avoid

Like I watched
My parents
And then act
As if screams
Could protect,
When all they did
Was provoke me
In frustration
As a means
To an end.

As it is
At making you
Cause you

Although it is
For poems
Need pain
To exist.

It’s a cycle
Of vicious daydreams
And boyhoods
Too simple
To cease,
A testament
To lack of caring
And fear
Of doing work
When I must -
A warranted scar
Of my rearing
And anxious neglect
Of my pride,
A mar
On my family’s
And worth
As an educated

So let this
Act as sentence
For the crime
Of not being
A man -

A promise
Of some great
Like a wedding
I’d hoped
To avoid,

But not forever
And secretly
That I want -

Or need
And yearn for
In the faint
Of verse

As the reason
To keep me
And moral
When the phrase
Seems bleak,

And sly admission
Of the losses
That cost me

And life
A wry confession
Of the chains
That make us

Not because
I want to,

But because
She has made
The choice -

My woman,
My vengeful mistress,
My overseer
And whole.

Returns to
When normal
Is the lie
You believe.

So sit down,
And enjoy
The silence -
Today I’m on
Best behavior.

- J. Pigno