uptown fridays


Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

The signs as popular pop songs
  • Aries: Sugar
  • Taurus: Chains
  • Gemini: Blank Space
  • Cancer: Lay me down
  • Leo: Uptown Funk
  • Virgo: Style
  • Libra: Night Changes
  • Scorpio: Animals
  • Capricorn: Time of Our Lives
  • Aquarius: One Last Time
  • Pisces: FourFiveSeconds
Uptown Funk

For Sabriel Fluff Friday

On the whole, Sam didn’t mind his job.  He was surrounded by books, after all—what was there to hate about that?  If only the customers would stop trashing his carefully put together displays, and asking asinine questions, and oh God he was ninety percent sure he’d caught someone masturbating to one of the lingerie magazines—well, there were downsides.

It had been a very long, very trying day, what with the aforementioned masturbating customer, and his boss, Ellen, asking him to do another display.

“Right in the middle of the aisle, Sam, you do them so well, no one else makes them like you do and we have to do something for the new Martin book.  Please?”

Sam had sighed and agreed.  And now he was kneeling in front of his carefully crafted tower, putting the finishing touches on the base, doing his best to ignore the customers jostling past him.

Five minutes until shift end.  I can do this.

Sam stood up and stretched his aching back as Uptown Funk came over the loudspeakers and a smile flickered over his face in spite of everything.

A young man halfway down the aisle lifted his head and a delighted smile spread across his mouth as his feet began to twitch and he started to bounce in place.

Too hot, hot damn, he mouthed, and broke into a shuffling dance step.

Sam couldn’t help his laugh—the young man couldn’t dance at all.  He was jerky and off the rhythm, arms flying and body uncoordinated, but he radiated joy and his enthusiasm was infectious.  Sam found himself grinning as he watched, right up until the young man’s foot caught on the carpet and he pitched forward, headfirst into Sam’s meticulously built display.

The grin slid off Sam’s face and horror settled firmly behind as books went flying and Sam watched all his work of the past two hours scatter in the space of a few seconds.

No, no, no, he thought even as he rushed forward, tripping over the heavy books—why did Martin have to write such big books, anyway?

The young man was sprawled on his back, covered in books and blinking at the ceiling.  Sam went to his knees beside him and pushed the books off his chest.

He opened his mouth to yell at him, but what came out was, “Are you hurt?”

The young man focused golden eyes on him and made a visible effort to speak.  “Does this… count as me falling for you?” he managed.

Sam sat back on his heels and began to laugh helplessly.

“I’m Gabriel,” the young man said.

Sam offered him his hand and pulled Gabriel to a sitting position.  “Sam,” he said.  “And you need dance lessons.”

“I’ll help you clean this mess up,” Gabriel said, gesturing vaguely at the books.

“Damn right you will,” Sam said, still grinning.  “And then you can make it up to me by buying me dinner.”

Gabriel began to smile and Sam’s breath caught in his chest.  Maybe today had the potential to be good after all.