uptown a

“Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you”


Here’s a gift for @galactibun ! Their animatics never cease to take my breath away -w- Tried hard to nail their art style while adding a hint of mine lel. Hope ya like it, ya wonderful bunny :3

About ‘Uptown Funk’: everybody sings the “I’m too hot” part, and so does Viktor… while looking for his T-shirt before breakfast.

I wasn’t thinking bout posting this bcs it’s a warm up till my dear friend @micharax3  told me to post it anyways.

I used my brother as model again lol.


walkingdread made this fanimatic of my Uptown Goof video, and it’s pretty great.

Listening to Hamilton
  • Me *listening to The World Was Wide Enough for the first time and crying*: No! Not Hamilton! He was such a good man, why did Burr shoot him?! He had the opportunity to do so many good things in his life and make amends with the people he's wronged and now he's out of time which is the thing he's been afraid of his entire life!
  • Me now: lmao id shoot that bitch too get rekt m8