uptight 3

A Snowy Night With Lieutenant Duckling

A/N: This is horrendously late for a lot of reasons, but this is my gift for the lovely emmaslovebug. I’m so sorry this is so late and I hope you enjoy it. You’re an angel for waiting. I loved being your Santa, and I’m so glad we’re mutuals. <3 

Uptight Captain and Admiral Jones find themselves snowed in at Granny’s Inn, where Crown Princess Emma is also staying the night. It is love at first sight for Emma and Killian, and Red and Liam do a little matchmaking.

(For the purposes of this fic, Neal and Baelfire are separate characters.)


Lieutenant Killian Jones scowled into his mug of ale.

His brother Liam had conned him into coming to port with him. After a three month voyage, their crew was home for a two week leave, before another voyage began on the second day of the new year.

Queen Snow and King David were always generous, and they provided each of member of their navy with a substantial end of the year stipend, which many were content to spend at the local taverns and inns of food, drink and pleasurable company. After all, to do any of that while on duty meant dishonor. Consequently, the year’s end was the favorite time for many members of the Royal Navy.

But it was not for Killian Jones.

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