upstate new york foliage

For a Good Time

Chapter 4

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Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 3900

Warnings: swearing, food mention

Rating: M (this chapter is SFW)

Summary: A phone number scrawled across a dark, dirty bathroom stall prompts a drunk Natalie to make a phone call. When Lucifer answers, he agrees to help her find her way home. Natalie clings to the impatient man, who wants nothing more than to never see her again. Of course, he never gets what he wants.

The sky shattered into a million fragments of light through the clouds that overcast morning. Slivers of the sunrise managed to peek through and wink down at Luce as he scrubbed the soapy sponge against the side of the fire engine, working a stubborn grease stain away. The humid spring morning promised a hot day to follow, and perspiration dotted his forehead, despite the fact that he’d already pulled off his dark t-shirt.

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The Catskill Mountains - Fall Foliage Study

I always get homesick for Upstate New York in the fall 💛Though I hated moving there as a teenager, after some time I fell in love with the landscape and became interested in nature and enjoyed being outdoors (something I previously didn’t care for 😆).
The experience definitely inspired me to start doing environmental art 💚