While the Hotel Columbia has been abandoned for over a decade, one would hardly know this to look at it - many rooms look more or less like this, somewhat disheveled, but hardly in the state of advanced decay that most of the buildings I study are.  Still, as can be inferred from the red carpeting and the bathroom design pictured here, it has been much longer than a decade since anything was done to update the decor… Sadly, while the Columbia is certainly in salvageable condition, the Korean investment conglomerate that owns it wants it as a tax shelter and nothing more - there are currently no plans to save the building, and soon enough, water damage will make rehabilitation prohibitively expensive.

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“This is really happening! There’s a goat!”

This guy’s narration is so perfectly upstate (Liverpool, NY) as he arrives at his business and finds a random goat and llama just hanging out in the parking lot. He even apologizes for video’ing in portrait not landscape.  [via gothamist]