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Auston Matthews #2 - My Day

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You were a strong woman who didn’t let your period stop you from kicking ass and taking names. But, some days, the pain of cramps just got to be too much and you sat your butt in bed, watching TV and being an emotional wreck.

Also, you needed it considering the amount of stress your boyfriend and his friends were causing you at the moment.

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The Couple that Goes All the Way
  • [Morning at the Andrew's residence]
  • Archie: Hey, dad... Good morning.
  • Fred: Morning, son. Where's Jughead? Pancakes are almost ready.
  • Archie: I was working with my music and ended up sleeping at the garage. I'll go call him.
  • Jughead *from upstairs*: Did anyone say pancakes?
  • Archie: Hurry up, dude. They're ready.
  • Jughead: Coming.
  • Archie: He just can't resist pancakes...
  • Jughead *shows up shirtless and beanie-less*: Good morning, folks.
  • Archie: wow, where's your shirt, man?
  • Jughead: *smirks* well...
  • Betty *shows up wearing the S shirt, with her hair down*: Good morning, Mr. Andrews. Morning, Archie.
  • Archie and Fred: ...
  • Jughead: What's going on?
  • Archie: Dude...
  • Jughead and Betty: What?
  • Fred: Who wants pancakes?
That’s Hot- Matthew Tkachuk

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(Omg guys! LOOK AT HIS CURLS!!!)

Ok so I thought Matt Tkachuk fought more than he actually does. I also forgot he played for the Flames for a minute there so that’s how much I know about him… Anyway! Smut time boys and girls so you all know what to do! Up next: Johnny Gaudreau!

Warning: Sex, smexy time, cussing

Anon Request: Can you make a matt tkachuk smut??


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The Lavish by Prickly Hedgehog (The Sims 3)

It has an open plan family area on the ground floor involving the kitchen and the livingroom.
The master bed- and bathrooms are also located on the ground floor, which leaves the kids the run of the upstairs!
The house comes with a pool, a two car garage, patio, balcony and a playground.

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I work in a parking garage for a building that events. Ppl upstairs screwed us over w the equipment. Constantly crashing, its a mess when u have 70+ cars wanting to leave. Highlight is the sensor decided it wasnt gonna let the gate go down when the booth door was closed, legit the funniest thing tbh. That and the drunk guy singing elvis for a good 2 hrs before taking off. (On foot)

Title: Don’t Run Away
Summary: Just after his father convinced him to stay, Jughead goes back inside to look for his girlfriend. It’s going to be a long night for those broken lovers.
A/N: Okay. This is my theory of what happened in between the party and their meeting at Pop’s. It was so unfair of them not to show it, therefore, I felt the need to write down the vision I have in my mind. This one goes as far as the time they leave Archie’s house, so tell me if you think I should continue! Hope you enjoy, and please, send me some feedback!
The party was already a mess, but shit hit the fan only after his knuckles crashed against Chuck’s cheekbones after those stupid words came out from his lips. The former player- football player- decided to tag along with Cheryl in her stupid revenge plan, and much to their delight, chaos was created in what was supposed to be a small, unwanted birthday party. People ended up hurt, physically and emotionally, and even if his face hurt like hell, his heart had never been any tighter than at that very moment.

Jughead was a train wreck, with blood coming out from his bruised face, and all he wanted to do was to go home, wherever the hell that might be at that very moment. He left the Andrew’s residence as a soldier who returns from war- broken and troubled- and he didn’t want to look back on his decision to leave. He didn’t belong there, he knew. Yet, he could feel a strange force pulling him back inside.

It was pulling him towards her.

But his feelings had already caused too much trouble for one troublesome night.

He had to leave. And that was exactly what he was going to do before his father decided to  interfere.

“ Where the hell are you going?” FP bumped on his shoulder, taking him off the flow of people leaving the house.

“What!?” Jughead screamed, anger filling every letter of his statement. His troubled expression shocked his father, for never before had he seen his concealed son so troubled because of a stupid party. “ You gonna give me some advice on my right hook?”

The South Serpent let out a sigh, feeling somewhat annoyed to see that his son’s sarcasm was still present at such a crucial time. That boy really has no cure, and he would make sure to put some sense into his stubborn head. “ I want you to go back inside and talk to your girl.”

“ I don’t think it’s gonna work out. We have irreconcilable differences.”

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Girls Night Out

A/N: Hey guys! This is for @wildfirewinchester Meg’s Birthday Challenge. My song prompt was bartender by lady antebellum. Please enjoy. All feedback is appreciated. If you want on my tag list you can add yourself here.  

Summary: Dean breaks up with you, hurting and in pain you finally decide to have a girls night out with your friends Blaire and Emma.

Dean x Reader (past)

Warnings: Angst, Depression, Drinking

Words: 1475 (lyrics included)

Beta’d by the wonderful @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname

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It had been a month since your break up with Dean.  There were empty ice creams bowls on the floor from where the trash over flowed.

Tissues and chocolate wrappers all over the coffee table, a whole month of basically nothing but laying on the couch and watching cliche romantic movies.

You couldn’t help it though; you had promised yourself to never fall so in love with a guy that, if it ended, you became one of the sappy broken-hearted girls from the movies.

But here you were: crushed and doing exactly what you never wanted. You couldn’t help it though, it was so hard NOT to fall for Dean.

He had been sweet, caring, funny, and protective. Just a little too protective.

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"What am I thinking?"

Rick groaned, slowly lifting himself down into his bed, sheets and blankets everywhere, beer and vomit stains here and there. It smells disgusting. Rick grunted, his back sore from the recent adventure he had gone to with Morty. He looked up at the ceiling, his eyes half lidded, as his mind slowly wonders onto the thought of Morty, at how he looked as he laughed, laughing at how Rick did something stupid, as he hardly did anything stupid before. A smile crept upon Ricks face, chuckling softly. He slowly stopped ‘that’s the third time I’ve thought about that’ he thought, sitting up, he put his elbows on his knees, his head in the palm of his hands, as he stared at the floor. His eyes wide, drool coming down from his lip. Rick didn’t know what was going on, but he knew every time he thought of Morty, his heart raced, and he was happy. Oh no. Rick inhaled and exhaled, did he have feelings for the kid? He knew he did, he felt this way before. But why? Why with Morty? His Grandson. Rick shook his head “no no no no..” He thought out loud, standing up, he quickly walked to his door, opening it harshly. He looked down at Morty, who was just about to knock on the door “M-Morty?! W-w-what are you do-eeeuggh-ing here?” His eyes were a bit wide, surprised to see him “o-oh, hey r-rick. I just c-c-came to tell you that suppers ready” Morty stuttered, feeling confused as to why Rick looked so surprised. Rick sighed and rubbed his forehead “Morty, I’m sorry but I don’t h-h-have time for supper, I have some th-Uuurup-things to do” Rick burped, as he moved Morty out of the way before quickly dashing to the garage “ah! W-well okay..” Morty said sadly, not sure what’s up.

Rick sat at his desk, he had his head in his hands, as he mumbled nonsense words. He couldn’t get his mind off of Morty, he felt his heart pound, which was bad for his health, but he couldn’t stop it. He tried to calm himself down, as he began building whatever, anything to keep his mind off the child. After almost a whole two hours, drinking beer in between minutes, he finished making a machine that turned anything plastic into gold (I had nothing else in mind, deal with it) Rick looked at the finished project, as he glared slightly at it. He stood back and took a few swigs of beer, a knock on the door as he looked over “who is- Uurrrp- it?” He looked away, putting the useless machine away “u-uh, it’s me g-grandpa Rick” Morty opened the door, looking at his grandpa who was now sitting down, ignoring him. Morty felt his throat tighten as he swallowed his saliva, ready to speak “w-w-what were you work-working on Rick? You seemed p-pretty busy” Morty asked, looking at Rick who just sat at his desk “just a useless m-machine, Morty” Rick responded “O-oh..okay then..” Morty scratched his arm, not sure what’s gotten into Rick. Rick just chugged the rest of the beer before tossing the empty bottle with the rest of the empty bottles around him “say Morty..” “Y-yes Rick?” Mortys eyes lit up, looking at Rick who was still not facing him “erm..nothing, n-never-uuurp-mind” Rick stood up, looking to face Morty who was looking up at Rick “oh..w-well alright” Morty looked confused. Ricks eyes were half lidded, as he still had the drool on his lip, he was a bit wobbly. Morty gulped, blinking “R-rick?” He questioned, as Rick walked over to Morty, a bit wobbly.
Rick stopped in front of Morty, looking down at the boy as he stared down at him. He slowly opened his mouth, before closing it. Morty looked up at Rick, his knees weak. Rick slowly moved closer to Mortys face, stopping as he realized what he was doing. He quickly put his hand on Mortys head, smiling as he ruffled the brunette hair “you did good today Morty, k-keep-uuuurp- it up” Rick smiled as he quickly but swiftly turned and walked to his desk. Morty blinked and shook his head “j-jee, thanks grandpa r-rick” Morty smiled, walking over to his grandfathers desk.

A few days later Rick had Morty help him in the garage with an experiment, it was 2 am, Rick grunted loudly as he flinched, waking up from a nightmare. He quickly realized he was still in the garage, drool on his chin, he looked over to see Morty asleep on the table. Rick sighed in relief, glad to see his grandson still by his side. Rick looked at the time “shit, it’s pretty l-la-Uurrrp! Late” he spoke aloud as he stood up, walking over to the table, picking up Mort in his arms. Rick shut the garage lights off before quietly walking upstairs to Mortys room. Rick looked down at the sleeping child in his arms, placing him in his bed as he covered him in his covers. Rick stood there, watching Morty sleep soundly, a look of some sort on his face. He wiped the drool off his chin before slowly leaning in and kissing Mortys forehead, caressing his soft cheek.
Rick quietly shut his door, his back leaned on the door, feeling his heart beat fast, as he made a face of disgust 'this is wrong..what am I thinking?’ He thought, sadly walking to his room where he went to bed, thinking of Morty.

If there’s one singular thing my insomnia has been good for these past four weeks, it’s getting our home in order. With the exception of my old office upstairs and the garage (disasters with stuff EVERYWHERE!) and the new studio (which is ready for flooring!) I’m slowly getting almost all caught up on deep cleaning this place and preparing to take a much needed work break this November. They say it doesn’t matter where home is as long as you’re with the ones you love but I’ll fully admit I love how much @andrewbosse and I have loved on our home and made it ours. Happy Saturday from one sleepy weasel to you! (Our couch was a floor model from ArtVan and our coffee table is an old dining room table my parents cut down to size) #hgeliving #thebossepad #paintcolorisstormymonday by heygorgevents

Mai Tais and Sex on the Beach? (Bartender!Dean AU)

Words: 1589
Warning: Drinking(?), smut
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Tags: @growningupgeek

“He was a dick anyways!” My friend’s voice floats over to me as she nudges me into the bar. “You need to meet a hot guy who’ll take care of your sadness.”

“Are you really suggesting me to bang someone as a rebound?” I look at her out of the corner of my eye, seeing her sly grin. “No!”

“I’m just saying, it always worked for me.”

“I- I just… No. That won’t be my mission. If it happens, it happens, but it won’t be my focus.” I mumble, making her cackle a laugh and clap a hand on my shoulder.

“I’ll leave you to it, I’ll see if I can catch some good fish somewhere around here.” She’s leaving as soon as she finishes the sentence, leaving me alone.

I slump on a bar stool on the counter, tapping my fingers on the wood.

“Hello there, what can I get you?” I hear a deep voice say, and I force myself out of my empty stare. As soon as I look up, I see a couple of bright green eyes looking at me and plump pink lips curved in a sympathetic smile.

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Christmas With Bucky

Hello everybody! It’s almost freaking Christmas! And the start of Hanukkah is almost here too! WHOOOOOOOOO! Anyway here’s a little Bucky Christmas fic because Bucky and Christmas so yeah. Enjoy! Happy Thursday! 

Summary: You want Bucky to spend Christmas with you and your family instead of spending it alone, but he’s stubborn… Until he’s not. ;)

Warnings: fluff, teeny bit of angst just to make it fun, Christmas FEELS

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Christmas music had been keeping you company all day as you wrapped presents for your family and friends. You hummed along as you ran the scissors along a ribbon making the bright red strand curl. You placed the finished gift on the pile and started on another one. 

“How are you going to get all these on the train?” You heard a voice say.

You looked up and saw Bucky leaning against the door frame of the kitchen with his arms crossed over his chest.

You laughed as you slid the scissors along the paper making a long, easy cut. “I’m borrowing one of Tony’s cars instead of taking the train home.”

“Ahhh,” he said distractedly as he craned his neck to see a certain present. He reached to play with the ribbon and you swatted his hand away. 

“Hey! Not yet!” You yelled.

“But it has my name on it. Therefore, it is mine to open.” He said in mock seriousness. 

“You can open it on Christmas.” 

He groaned. 

“You are such a child!” you giggled and playfully slapped his chest. 

“Fine. I’ll try to act more my age,” he said and you looked down to tape two edges of red paper together around the present. 

The next time you looked up, he was slouched over, leaning on a chair. His jaw was slack and his brow was furrowed. He shook a pointed finger at you and said in an old man voice, “When are ya leavin’, dearie?”

Your head fell back and you released a loud laugh, making Bucky straighten up and smile at you. He would do anything to make you laugh.

“I’m leaving later today actually,” you said once you caught your breath. “I’m all packed already. I’m just gonna finish up here, eat some lunch and then I’ll be on my way home.”

“I was just gonna make a sandwich, you want one?” He asked, opening the cupboard and pulling out a loaf of bread. 

“Um, yeah. Thanks.” You said tying up another gift. 

“Ham and mustard right?”

“Ah, Bucky, you know me so well.”

He chuckled at that. A comfortable silence fell between the two of you as you both worked on what you were doing. 

You slid the scissors along the ribbon on the last present and triumphantly placed it on the pile. “Done!”

He laughed and handed you a plate holding a carefully crafted sandwich. “Here ya go. Made with love,” he mocked. 

You shook your head and smiled. Bucky leaned on the cabinets and chomped away and you lifted yourself to sit on the counter. The two of you ate lunch together often and this was always the scene. Tony would tease you both about never sitting at the table he paid so much for.

“So, are you staying here with Steve for Christmas?” you asked.

“Staying, yes. With Steve, no. He’s going to Sam’s.”

Your expression said what you were thinking. 

“Sam invited me too but…” he trailed off and shrugged.

“Why aren’t you going?”

“It would be weird. I’m fine here anyway.”

You understood why he wouldn’t want to go to Sam’s. When the Falcon and Captain America were together, they would talk military. Bucky didn’t really like to talk that kind of shop.

“Well, hey! Come with me!” You shouted with your mouth full as soon as the idea popped into your head. You put your empty plate in the sink and jumped off the counter toward Bucky. “My family would love to meet you. There’s gonna be so many people in that house they’ll hardly know you’re there.”

“Oh, they’ll know,” he said pointing to his metal arm. “I’m hard to miss.”

“Buck,” you scolded him. “Come, on. It’ll be great. It’s beautiful up there with the snow and the food’s amazing.”

“No, (Y/N), it’s okay. I’m fine here-”

You cut him off, not taking no for an answer. “My mom’s got guest rooms for both of us. She’d love to have you.”


You grabbed his arm and held on tight. “Buck, it’s two days. You’ll be back here in no time.”

“No! (Y/N). No.” He yanked his arm away from you. 

He had never yelled at you before. But obviously you had pushed him too far. You backed away from him and looked down, trying to ignore the tightness of your throat. 

You knew he immediately regretted loosing his temper. He cleared his throat and softly touched your elbow. “I’ll help you take these out to the car,” he said pointing to the presents.

“It’s okay, I got it.” You shook your head and tried to pretend as if nothing had happened. 

“(Y/N), please. Go get your bag in your room. I’ll bring these down to the garage.”

You nodded and headed upstairs, still trying to stop whatever was pulling at your heartstrings. 

You met him down at the garage and he put your bag in the trunk. 

“They’re all in there,” he said rubbing his hand on the nape of his neck. 

“Thanks,” you said.

“Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Buck.” you said, pulling him into a hug despite your better judgement. 

You got in the car and rolled down the window. He tapped the door and waved saying “Safe trip.” He watched you drive away, kicking himself for not accepting your offer of spending Christmas with you.

Christmas Eve with your gigantic and rambunctious family was always your favorite day of the year. Your favorite foods always covered the table from end to end, the carols were loudly sung with the help of some eggnog, and the movies played on repeat. 

But this year it felt like there was something missing. Or someone. 

You couldn’t help but think about Bucky alone in the tower on Christmas. You knew the holidays were a rough time for him. He hadn’t celebrated in years and now he had no family to be with. 

You knew why he pushed you away yesterday. Being with someone else’s family is overwhelming and he would have felt like he was intruding. But you wished he would trust you, your family would have made him feel welcome and it might have made things a little easier for him.  

You fell asleep that night hoping maybe next year you would be able to spend Christmas with Bucky.

For once your phone woke you up on Christmas morning. Usually it was your little cousins. 

Your sleepy eyes didn’t check the caller ID before you gave a groggy “hello” to whoever was on the other line. 

“You’re right, it is beautiful up here,” a familiar voice cooed.

Suddenly you were wide awake. “Bucky?” You asked into the phone, even though you could pick his voice out of a crowd.

“Mmmmm,” he hummed. He sounded tired too, his voice was deep and gravelly. 

You sat up and looked out the window to see him standing at the bottom of the stairs to the house. He was looking in all the windows to find yours and when he saw your head peek between the curtains he waved.

“I would have knocked but I didn’t want to wake anyone up.”

“You woke me up.” You teased.

“You don’t count. Get down here and let me in, it’s cold!”

Your hand left the windowsill, letting the curtain fall back into place and he knew you were coming for him. 

You slid your feet into boots and grabbed your long coat and zipped it up quickly as you opened the front door quietly and stepped out. 

You jogged down the stairs and hugged his chilled body, inhaling the scent of the soap he always used. Only when you pulled away did you see the box and the sweater he was wearing under his open coat. 

“I see you opened your present bright and early this morning.”

“I needed something to keep me warm in this snow,” he chuckled defensively. “Thank you, (Y/N), I love it.”

“I’m glad,” you smiled as you ran your fingers down the stripes covering his chest. A hum escaped your lips as you traced the small B you embroidered the pocket with. Only then did you notice Bucky’s hands still hugging you close around your waist. But you didn’t want to move away.

“Um, here, I got this, um, this-this is for you,” he held the small box in his hands out for you to take. 

You smiled at the little box. “Nice ribbon curl,” you teased as you untied it. 

“I learned from the best.” He pinched your side but became more serious as you lifted the top off the box revealing a necklace with a beautiful stone. 

“Bucky,” you whispered. 

“It was my mom’s.”

A small, involuntary gasp left your lips. One of the only things he has left of his family and he’s giving it to you. You searched for something to say.

Before you could think to much, his lips gently landed on yours and lingered for just a few seconds.

“Merry Christmas, (Y/N),” he said, his breath tickling your lips.

You chuckled. “Merry Christmas, Bucky.” Your hand snaked up to hold the back of his neck and pull him closer for another kiss. 

This time when you parted you asked him, “Can you help me?” as you pulled the necklace out of the box.

“Oh, yeah, yeah.”

You spun around in the snow and his cold fingers tickled the skin on the back of your neck as he clipped the clasp.

“Bucky, you’re freezing! Come inside, you have a lot of people to meet.”

He followed you in and you hung the coats on the rack by the door. “Mom!” you called up the stairs into the kitchen. “Can you set another plate? We have one more.”

“Yeah, honey. Who’s here?” She called back. 

“Bucky.” You grinned from ear to ear as your hands rose to his chest and he leaned down to kiss you.

You had just received the best gift you could ever ask for. A Christmas with Bucky.



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One day I was at work bored. Called home talked to my Wife she told me she was downstairs at the neighbors. Now the thing wit my neighbor is she’s young Jamaican and likes to party. So I asked wat r y'all doing and to my surprise she said “waiting 4 u”. I’m shocked but I’m like ok I’ll be home in a minute. So after like the longest hour ever I was finally off. Things r racing thru my mind like wats going on wats gonna happen when I get there? Now my Wife is sexy light-skinned 5'5" bout 145, thick, fat ass, 36DD’s. And my neighbor is just the opposite bout 5'9" dark skinned, skinny but she has a big ol butt. She Bout 32C. Now I know my Wife is bi but all I hear my neighbor talk bout is niggas. So when i get home I open the garage walk upstairs and my neighbors door is open so I’m like “hey neighbor ” no response so I keep it moving upstairs. When i get in my apartment it’s dark so I call out “hey Babe ” so she says I’m in The room. So I walk in the room and she’s standing there with one of my jerseys on. So I’m like wat u doing. She’s like nothing bout to go back downstairs. So she walks over gives me a long passionate kiss and I was stuck. I’m like wat was that 4. She’s like I just felt like it. She was like get comfy put on ur ball shorts and grab the weed. Then come downstairs. So I’m like ok. Took a shower got dressed ran downstairs. The door was still open so I walked in. Nobody was in the living room so I said hello and my neighbors voice came from the other room. So I walked towards the room and when i reached the door my Wife was standing there with my neighbor on her knees eating her out. I looked in amazement then my Wife grabbed my hand pulled me closer kissed me like she had b4. Then she directs me to the chair tells me to roll something up. She grabs my neighbor pulls her up starts kissing her deep in her mouth Tasting her own juices as they swapped spit. I never rolled as fast as I did. Lit the wrap. Sat back and watched everything that was going on. My neighbor grabbed my Wife by her pulled her to the bed told her to sit on her face and she did. My wife put her pussy right ova her mouth. Asshole looking right at me. My neighbor too. She kept looking at me with serious eyes all while her tongue was in my wifes pussy. I’m looking back too. It’s like we can’t break eye contact. Then my wife started to moan louder and louder and I’m just looking at all the cum comin out her pussy all on my neighbor. My neighbor is sucking all that shit right up. Got her finger in my wifes ass making her scream and squirt all ova. I’m horny now fuck that so I………………

As Simple As That - Back to Love Part 2

Part 2 of Back to Love, hope you enjoy it!


Words: 1700ish

Warnings: Angst, Sad!Sam (Yeah, that should be a warning), Swearing

Just for the record, I love Lisa… This was just a request and it ended having a second part! Thank you all for your lovely messages, they make my day! I love you and enjoy!

@lauraboline @asparkshinesbright @nemesris @redlittlefox @the-mrs-deanwinchester @bovaria @abaddonwithyall @ilostmyshoereads @but-deans-back-tho @msimpala67 @krista200022 

Back to Love Pt 1 

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I Tried the Prompt.

I tried so please don’t judge too harshly.


Rosita pulled up to the large garage with Gunter, Meena, and Ash. They walked up to the back door and knocked loudly. The door opened to Johnny shirtless and looking surprised.

“Oh hey guys you’re early. Game night isn’t starting until seven.” Suddenly feeling all eyes on him Johnny tried to cover his torso with a bashful smile.

“We’re sorry Johnny I was picking up these three and I thought it would take longer.” Rosita said shyly.

“It’s okay, come on in. Buster, Eddie and Ms. Crawly should be here in a little while. I just need to get a shirt on. Be right back so make yourselves comfortable.” Johnny ran up the stairs to his bedroom and Ash burst out laughing. Rosita gave her a look while Meena and Gunter took seats at the big poker table Johnny had set up.

“I’m sorry but that was funny. Plus the view wasn’t to bad.” Ash chuckled and Meena shushed her.

“Ash that’s not polite. Johnny seemed embarrassed so don’t make fun.” Meena said. Ash rolled her eyes playfully and sat down next to Gunter. Rosita started to put out some snacks she’d brought with her for the game. Johnny came down in a white and blue shirt with Be the Beast on it.

“Wow you have more than one shirt?” Ash teased. Johnny shoved her playfully and sat down next to Meena.

“Yeah but I like my other one better. Dad told me I couldn’t keep wearing the same shirt every day.” He said a bit annoyed.

“How is your dad anyway? Did they finalize the sentence yet?” Meena asked but suddenly regretted it seeing the downcast face Johnny gave at the question. She was about to take it back when they heard a knock on the door. Johnny quickly got up to answer it.

“Hey guys, glad you could all make it.” Johnny said, his cheery disposition coming back to life. Buster, Eddie and Ms. Crawly walked in and greeted everyone.

“Hey where’s Mike? Didn’t you invite him?” Rosita asked as everyone took their seats.

“Yeah I did. But he said he had a date with his girlfriend tonight. Least the guy’s got his priorities straight.” Johnny says grabbing a small black box from the workbench. He opened it up and Ash got excited.

“Oh Johnny you didn’t. Meena’s to innocent for this game. Naughty boy.” Johnny laughed rolling his eyes. Setting up the cards everyone seemed confused.

“Um, Johnny what game is this?” Buster asked.

“It’s cards against humanity. My dad got it for me for my birthday three months ago but I haven’t opened it yet.” He smiled sitting down.

“Isn’t this game for adults? I don’t know about you three playing this.” Rosita said eyeing the teens. Johnny shook his head sighing.

“It’s fine Rosita the game is for seventeen and over. We’re all good.” Ash insisted grabbing some cards.

“Actually I’m only fifteen.” Meena squeaked out making Ash laugh.

“I won’t tell if you won’t.” Johnny said winking at Meena. The elephant girl smiled nodding and picking her cards.

“Okay everyone I’m going to explain the rules of the game so pay attention.” Johnny said making everyone go silent.

“First everyone draws ten white cards. Then we choose a card czar and the czar picks a black card. When the black card is read you pick one of your cards to put down. The card czar reads them and the funniest or weirdest card wins. First to ten black cards wins the game.” Everyone nodded and picked their cards. Rosita blushed as she read her cards.

“So this is like Apples to Apples for adults?” Meena asked. Johnny nodded and picked up a black card.

“Okay here’s the first card. What is Batman’s guilty pleasure?” Ash laughed tossing a card over to Johnny. Rosita picked one and put it next to him. Everyone quickly had their cards in and Johnny looked them over.

“Okay so I’m tied between Blowing some dudes in an alley or anal beads.” Gunter and Ash started laughing like crazy and Rosita just blushed. The others weren’t sure what to do so they waited. Johnny looked at the cards a little longer and smiled.

“I say anal beads is the winner. So was it?” Meena giggled and raised her hand. Everyone looked shocked except for Ash who pat Meena’s arm.

“Okay Meena you won the card. Now it’s your turn to be card czar.” Johnny said motioning for Meena to choose from the black deck. She picked up a card and laughed.

“Okay. To become a member of the US army you must survive twenty four hours in blank without crying.” Everyone put in their cards and Meena looked them over. Going wide eyed at one she shook her head.

“Whoever put down Auschwitz you’re a terrible person, but you win.” Buster cheered and Eddie pushed him over. Everyone laughed and continued. Buster grabbed a black card and immediately started laughing like a madman.

“Okay so this is…No no I can’t do say it.” He stammered trying to breathe.

“Come on Moon just say it.” Ash insisted snapping her fingers.

“Okay, okay. Popping blank can be dangerous, so snort it instead.” Buster chuckled again and everyone groaned at the koala. The cards were placed and Buster smiled trying so hard not to keep laughing. And failed miserably.

“Alright this was a tough choice but I just have to go with banana slug penis. It’s just hilarious.” Everyone laughed and Johnny raised his hand taking the card from Buster. Meena looked around for a moment and tapped Johnny’s shoulder.

“What’s that sound?” She asked curiously seeming a bit nervous. They all went quiet and listened hearing an odd buzzing noise. Johnny knew all the noises in that garage and had never heard that one before.

“I don’t know, but it kinda sounds like my uncle Barry. Let’s pause the game and look around.” Everyone agreed and went in search of the noise.

Though it didn’t take long to find when Eddie pointed them to the small living room in the upstairs apartment of the garage to see Ms. Crawly fast asleep on the sofa. Johnny smiled, put a blanket over her and ushering everyone back downstairs. Just before getting back to the table Meena stopped Johnny. The gorilla looked confused waiting for something to happen.

“Johnny I wanted to say sorry for earlier. It was overstepping my bounds to ask about your father.” Johnny stood shocked for a moment before giving a soft smile and taking Meena’s hand.

“Thank you Meena. And I’m sorry if I made you feel guilty about it. The truth is that they did sentence my dad. He’ll be in jail for the next nine years.” Johnny looked down feeling tear well in his eyes. Meena gently hugged the smaller boy and was pleased when she felt him hug back.

“I’m sorry to hear that. What will you do until he’s out? Will you stay here?” Johnny shook his head sighing.

“I’ll be moving in with my aunt across town. She promised she’d let me stay at the theater so that’s good.” Meena smiled and they went back to the game.

The rest of the night was pretty fun. Everyone had a goodtime and Johnny felt a little lighter having shared his story with Meena. After another two hours of dirty jokes and Eddie trying to kill Buster everyone started to head for home. Johnny said goodbye and helped get Ms. Crawly into Eddie’s car.

Once everyone was gone Johnny paused with nothing but silence in the garage. He felt a touch of sadness knowing that he would soon have to leave the only home he’d ever known. Shaking his thoughts he went up to bed and had a tough time getting to sleep until he got a text.

“Had a great time tonight. See you tomorrow John John. -Meena.”  This made Johnny smile and sigh.

“Thanks Meena goodnight. ❤” And with that he finally fell asleep knowing he wasn’t alone in this anymore.


So what did you think. I don’t do this much so let me know if I had any mistakes.

Sebastian Stan Request

Hi love! Could you please write a Sebastian Stan imagine where the reader is his wife and it’s their baby girl’s first birthday, and throw her a Cinderella themed party and even dress her up as Cinderella (and they have a three year old boy too)??

With Ella down for her afternoon nap you and Sebastian started putting the finishing touches in getting everything for her party in place. Today was your daughter’s first birthday and you were having all the family and friends over for her Cinderella themed party. You and Sebastian had decided to name her Ella and a couple months later, as you sat watching classic Disney movies with you three year old son, you and Sebastian quickly decided a Princess Cinderella themed room would be perfect for your little princess.

And she seemed to like it too. The day you brought her home he gaze was fixed on the pretty blue walls and the little painted mice on her wall. She’d gravitate towards all her little stuffed animals and her little puffy tutus.

“Mom just texted me,” Sebastian said, “She’ll be here in an hour.” He came into the kitchen and sat the cake box on the island.

“I’ve gotten a few text from the friends and my family and they should all be here on time or just after so it looks like everything is on schedule,” you smiled. “Did you check the cake before you left?”

“I did. It looks amazing.” You walked over and popped the top off and looked at the cute light blue cake, with a white icing ribbon around it and a little Jack Jack and Gus figure on the bottom. Right next to the big box was Ella’s little blue individual cake with her name on it.

“These are so cute. Thank you for getting those babe,” you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and started warming up dishes you had made last night and getting the cups and drinks out; as you did that Sebastian took the kids and went upstairs to get them ready.

You just finished with everything when the garage door creaked open and you heard Sebastian’s mom come in. “Hi Mom,” you lovingly called her and hugged her. You were thankful that you had such a great mother in law who you were so close with.

“Hi, sweetie,” she hugged you and referenced to the present in her hand. “Where do you want presents?”

“Um…let’s set them by the fireplace.”

“Momma,” Sebastian called from the staircase, “your princess is coming.” When he came into the living room Ella was sitting in his arms smiling and flailing her legs in her blue, poofy, dress.

“Oh, look at my beautiful little princess,” you cooed and picked her up as she reached for you. “And I have a handsome prince,” you said moving your son’s hair out of his face.

Sebastian greeted and hugged his mom who then rushed to see her grandkids. The doorbell rang after that sending you and Sebastian into hosting mode.

At the end of the night you and Sebastian sat together on the couch with a passed out baby in your arms and a three year old fast asleep resting his head on Sebastian’s lap. “I feel like I should clean tonight but I don’t know if I have the energy for it,” you chuckled.

“Don’t we have palace servants for that,” Seb joked.

“I wish,” you silently laughed trying not to wake the kids around you. “We have a pretty good royal family, huh babe?”

“It’s because our family has the best Queen.”

Fuck it 30 mins before bed time Im calling it good. Do the last two drawers, bag the go away clothes, and shred the dvds mañana.

Also move containers down the stairs and clothes into closet (possibly). Pull drawers out of dressers and take them down stairs to see if they fit in the car - if not stack (possibly) in the garage. Move bed side tables to the car either way to take to good will drop off (note to self do this first along with the clothes). Empty trash - also take bin down stairs place in bathroom (possibly?). Bag (lots of walmart bags for safty) decorative things also move to down stairs closet.

Back up plan if cant do the closet - garage (except for hanging clothes just leave upstairs if need be) in the very back just get it out of the room


Also uh… Wtf do I do with the head board? Good will wont take it so… If I put it out with the trash will they take it? Ill… Put it on the left side of the garage. Its a naked wall and itll be out of the way.

Also quick wash for the wrinkly hang up stuff so ALL the laundry is just gone and done with finally.

… Dishes need to be put away.

Take out all the trash and put bags back in.

Think thats everything.

… Dishes and trash at least I can do before they leave. Also possibly vacuuming the spare rooms and then putting away the vac.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day…

Please let me think of a reason not to be home this weekend so I can rest.

Hero (Calum Hood Imagine)

Requested: nah
Warning: mention of rape
A/N: The Neighbors series with Michael I was working on is on a current hiatus, so I’m gonna write this Calum series so here you guys go
I packed all of my things that I would need to survive on my own. I heard my drunken father pound on my bedroom door. “Open this fucking door right now!” I gasped as his pounding became louder. I pulled the backpack on and grabbed my wallet and phone. I opened my second story window and looked back one last time at my room. I had to go. I climbed out onto the roof and walked a little ways before jumping down to the ground. I cried out as a sharp pain went up my left arm. I wasn’t exactly graceful, so when I landed on my arm it wasn’t much of a surprise. But the pain was strong. No matter, I had to get out, fast. “Y/N! Get back here girl!” I turned and saw my dad yelling out my window. Run. I felt the word coursing through my veins. Run. I got up as quickly as I could and ran as fast as my legs would carry me. I opened the small gate that led to the front of the house and pulled out my phone. I stopped to unlock it and dialed my best friends number. I crept around the side of the house slowly with the phone up to my ear. “Come on, pick up.” I came to the front of the house and saw my father storming out of the house. “Oh shit.” I turned quickly and ran into the night. “Hello?” Thank god he picked up. “Calum! I need to stay at your place for awhile.” I said trying to sound as calm as possible. “Why?” I glanced over my shoulder and saw him coming after me, all the while shouting my name. “Oh shit.” “Y/N? What’s going on?” I pulled the phone away from my ear so I could run easier. “Somebody help me!” I screamed as I ran in the direction of Calum’s house. “Y/N?” I heard Calum call from the phone. I turned down an alley that was a shortcut. I put the phone back up to my ear. “Cal, you’ve gotta help me.” “Where are you?” I glanced over my shoulder again and saw that my father was no longer behind me, so I slowed down to a jog. “In the alleyway.” “I’ll be out there in a second.” There was a click and the line went dead. “Please hurry.” I whispered as I ran to his house. As I jogged into his driveway, the garage door lifted to reveal Calum in his pajamas, which consisted of a wife beater and sweatpants. I walked up to him and sighed a breath of relief. “I’m so sorry that I woke you.” He pulled me into a hug, which crushed my arm. “Ow! Stop!” He pulled away quickly. “You’re hurt. Let me fix that.” He took my uninjured arm and pulled me inside the house, after closing the garage door. He pulled me upstairs to his room, not even bothering with being quiet. “Won’t your parents hear us?” “They’re out of town.” He told me to sit down on his bed while he got the first aid kit. I shrugged off my pack and set it next to the bed. I looked around the room I had been in so many times before. The posters, the pictures, the clothes strewn everywhere. It was like home to me, an actual home. Calum came back with the aid and ice and kneeled in front of me. “Put this on your arm.” He handed me the ice pack and began to wet some gauze with alcohol. “This may sting a little bit.” He put the gauze against a scrape that I hadn’t even noticed. I winced slightly as the alcohol cleaned the small wound on my knee. “What happened?” I looked away from his pleading eyes and tried to focus on one of his various posters, but failed miserably. As Calum put a band aid on the scratch I sighed and put the ice to the side. “I was in the kitchen, cleaning up after dinner, when dad stumbled in drunk. He pushed me against the sink and started to-” I couldn’t finish that sentence. I had already started bawling into Calum’s shoulder. “Shh, it’s okay. You don’t have to say anymore.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and rested my head against him. “We’ll figure this out.” He pulled away and handed my bag to me. “You can change in the bathroom.” I walked that way with the bag but stopped at the door. “Thank you.” He just smiled as I walked out. I came back into the bed room wearing a pair of sweat pants and at shirt and saw Calum struggling to keep his eyes open. “I’ll see you in the morning.” I told him as I walked back out into the hallway. “Y/N, wait.” I turned to see a groggy Calum stumbling out of his room. “You don’t have to sleep on the couch.” “I don’t want you to sleep on the couch either.” He took my hand in his and kissed my knuckles softly. “Come on.” He said as he guided me back to his bed. I crawled under the blankets and sheets with him. “Comfy?” I looked up at him and shook my head lightly. He smirked and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer to his chest. “How about now?” I replied by nuzzling my head into the crook of his neck. I could feel him smile as he got comfortable. “Y/N?” I lifted my head and looked him in the eye. “I’ve got to tell you something.” He looked at me and my heart started racing. His face inched closer to mine. “Cal?” His lips brushed lightly against mine. My breath hitched and I closed my eyes to the feeling of his breath mixing with mine. “Calum….” I whispered against his lips. I felt his hands on my hips and his thumbs rubbing circles under the hem of my t-shirt. He pressed his lips against mine and squeezed my hips lightly, releasing me when he pulled away from the kiss. He rested his forehead against mine. “I’m sorry.” I smiled. “For what?” He lifted his head and looked into my eyes. “I just wanted to-” I put my finger to his lips. “I’m glad you did.” A light pink dusted his cheeks and he kissed my finger, smiling. “Can I do it again?” I bit my lip and nodded. He cupped my jaw with his hand and pulled me in for another kiss, this one lasting longer. He rolled over so that I was laying on top of him. When I pulled away from the kiss I moved my legs so that I straddled him and rested my hands against his chest as I sat up. “I think we need to sleep.” He looked up at me, running his hands up and down my sides. “Okay, just don’t leave me before I wake up.” I smiled. “Sure thing.” I rolled over him and snuggled closer to him again. He wrapped his arms around me once more and rested his head against the top of mine. I laid my head against his chest and fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat and breathing combined.

Shaken VI

A few days later:

Peter finished moving in. He grumbled about all his stuff being left in the parking garage, but once it was upstairs he stopped complaining. Then once he was settled, he took a day and played housewife. And got super bored. He didn’t mind being there when Chris and Allison came home but it was strange. Allison certainly thought so. So Peter set out to find a job.

He knew being dead and in a coma had put a dent in his resume but no mater he was going to get that fixed. First he needed to finish getting his PhD in North American history particularly in migration patterns in the 17th and 18th centuries. Mostly he wanted an excuse to track the Hale family history some more. There were heirlooms that had escaped the fire in storage that were first hand accounts from the Civil War, diaries, letters, rare pictures, etc.

In the mean time there were wedding plans too. Lydia had realized with school she would need more than two weeks to plan the wedding and was figuring sometime in November instead. Halloween was approaching too, which meant a dance and the teens wondering if it was cool to dress up or not. That meant Peter was under some stress but at least it let him forget the nightmares he had.