upstairs at erics

Thanks for the request♡ I hope you like it :)

You are in your room alone, just staring at the ceiling and thinking while your favorite song plays in the background. You hear a knock on the door and sit on the bed, smiling, knowing that must be your boyfriend, Eric.
You open the door and hug him, he leans down and place a kiss on your lips. “Hey, beautiful”, you grin “Hi Reb”. You let him in and the two of you go upstairs. Eric kisses you deeply, causing you to let out a small moan against his mouth. He places his hands in the back of your thighs and picks you up, making you gasp. You wrap your legs around his waist, and he slips his tongue into your mouth. You take off his shirt, and let out a small moan as he carries you to the bed. He puts you down and continues kissing you.
You feel his hands lowering to the hem of your shirt as he lifts it up, taking time to admire your body. You hold your breath as he starts to remove his pants. You glance at the growing bulge in his blue boxers and know there’s no turning back now. You take your pants and underwear off. “Y/n, a-are you sure? We can stop now if you want”, you smile at him, “It’s okay Reb, keep going”. He grins and starts rubbing you clit. You bury your head on his neck and start planting small kisses. He goes down and buries his head between your legs. You start breathing heavier and grab his neck to pull his head closer, craving for more. After a few minutes he goes up and kisses you, letting you taste yourself. You take off his boxers and can’t help but hold your breath when you see his erection slap against his stomach.
“Ready?” He asks, you nodded your head doubtfully.
He lines himself at your entrance and presses against it. Panic takes over you and you start pulling him back.
“Y/n, are you okay?” Eric asks, looking at you with worried eyes.
“I-I can’t do this”, you sob, sitting on the bed, “It-it’s too big, I can’t, I’m sorry, I can’t.” you look down and start feeling tears run down your face.
Eric smiles and carefully lifts your chin, kissing your cheek. “Angel, it’s okay. I’m not forcing you to do something you don’t want to do. I’ve waited 6 months and I’ll keep waiting just for you.” You kiss him slowly. “No, I’m ready”, Eric looks at you, “Are you sure?” you grin, nodding your head.
“I promise I’ll be gentle” He kisses you again as he positions himself at your entrance again and slowly pushes in, slowly and gently at first.
Your eyes get watery, this is more painful than you could’ve ever imagined. After a while the pain goes away and it starts feeling good. But you need more.
“R-Reb” you whimper.
“Are y-you okay? Does it hurt?”
“Just a little. I want you to…” you stop yourself.
“You wanted me to what, y/n?” He smirks.
“Harder”, you say, pulling him closer.
He nods and starts thrusting harder, burying his head on you neck and leaving love bites.
“Reb” you moan.
“Fuck, babe, I need you to say my name like that again” he groans, thrusting into you even faster. You started moaning a little too loud.
“Oh my God, Eric, I’m coming” you yelled, digging your nails on his back.
You finish and so does he. He pulls out and kisses your forehead. He wraps his arms around you “I love you so much, angel” you lean over a kiss him. “I love you too, babe”. The two of you cuddle until you fall asleep.