upstage is a fail


Denmark 1990

‘Hallo Hallo’, performed by Lonnie Devantier.
Composition: John Hatting, Torben Lendager.
Lyrics: Keld Heick.

Staying close to Denmark’s bright and breezy pop formula that had served it so well, the eighth place that Devantier earned may have been a disappointment to the delegation but it’s going to be the second-best result of the nineties.

It’s also a great example of the Song Contest choosing to go in a different direction than popular music. ’Hallo Hallo’ is the lightest of songs with very little emotional hook and almost no story. It relies on the charm of the Devantier to carry it through and hopefully gather votes.

On screen there’s a rather restrained performance. Devantier has just enough connection to make it work, but the visual energy comes from the backing dancers. They work hard to not upstage the lead singer, but fail with a smile and a spring in their steps.

Throw in the orchestra doing its valiant best to recreate the pop sound and you have a track that feels one step to the left of where it wanted to be.

Points: 64. Placing: 8th.