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Unspoken Words | Part 2

Summary: You’ve seemed to move on two years after Tom left to London until someone catches you by surprise at the annual fraternity party.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Partying, alcohol, sexual assault attempt

Word Count: 1,710

A/N: Wow! I managed a long one! Glad I got this up before my three-day hiatus due to this camping trip that I must go on. I hope you guys enjoyed this one. Also, to my party people out there, be careful who you receive drinks from and party with. Make sure you trust the people you’re going out with. This goes to both female and male. There are terrible people out there. Stay safe. Part 1 can be found here. Key to read the story:

Reader’s POV | Tom’s POV

It was finally your senior year in college. You had joined a sorority last year after Lauren dragged into rushing with her. You were always on the fence about joining one because of how movies portrayed Greek life. It was nothing like it. The girls were smart and genuine. You finally had a family away from home. It also became a good distraction to forget about Tom. You both hadn’t talked since the break-up and didn’t think about him as often. You were proud that you were finally moving on. You would always love him but it was time for some refocusing.

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