upsided down

I just love when pokemon genwunners wanna complain about newer pokemon designs. 

Like… Gen 1 has:

Rock with arms that evolves into bigger rock with arms

Purple rat that evolves into brown rat

Purple goo that evolves into bigger purple goo

Pokeball with face that evolves into upside down pokeball with face

Purple snake that evolves into bigger purple snake.

Two different birds that literally just evolve into larger birds

I know people want to give the newer gens shit for things like Trubbish and Vanillish, but really. 

Being a follower of Jesus is not a one day confession, but rather it is a decision to give your whole life. A decision to say “yes” to God and “no” to sin. A decision to love and trust God above all else. A decision to allow Him to make something out of your life that is good in His sight. When you say “I will follow Jesus.” It means that your life is now a part of a story that will change this world upside down. A life that glorifies his Creator to the point of death.

‽ - getting lost together (w/ husband!jin)

“You know, Jin, honey, the love of my life, the man I’ve agreed to marry and conceive babies with - if we’re lost, just say we’re lost!”

“We are not lost!” He exclaims, partially speeding up in the process but his mind takes him down a notch and he comes to his senses that it’s normal to take an extra hour(s) when it comes to road trips and you finally take a glance over to the map he has pinned to the space beside the steering wheel and you click your tongue, “Oh yeah?”

“Yes, Mrs. Kim now if you would please let your husband get the job done, I would-”

Not have the map upside down for two hours now?”

“What the f-”Seokjin’s doing a double take at your words and you notice how wide his eyes become. He may be the man, but if that man doesn’t continue with man, you’re an idiot sometimes, it wouldn’t be love. With a snicker, you prop your feet up against the side of his thigh, nudging him with your foot, “You want me to flip that over for you, champion?”

With a deep sigh, he’s doing a quick check through the rear mirror and pulls over to the side when there are no cars around. He hesitantly peels off the tacked map, flipping it over before he pins it back. You figured you had your victory moment, basking in the glory but it all ebbs away when Seokjin turns to you. He smoothens his hand up your legs before pull you closer and he exhales deeply before he - “Sorry, Y/N,”

Hey, just because he’s being sweet now, doesn’t mean you can’t rub it in like the wife status hanging on your shoulders.

“For what?”

“…for not taking your thoughts into consideration,”


“…for thinking I was right the whole time,”


“I was wrong, okay? Totally wrong and now we’re in the middle of God knows where and-”

“Shh,” You place a finger over his plush lips and fish out your phone, dangling it in front of his face, “Can I waze us there?”

“…only if you promise not to tell the guys,”

“Eh, we’ll see about that.”

((”do we want to know why you guys took so long?”

“gee, ask mr.i-had-the-map-upside-down,”

“…my own wife, unbelievable.”))

If you’re at a cafe/restaurant/whatever and some of the tables at the back are clean, with the chairs stacked and a smaller table stored upside down on the table, generally that means that the table has been cleaned for the end of the day. It is not an invitation for you to walk past all the (also clean) tables with chairs around them, unstack the chairs, and sit yourself down at the table.

Also, if the sign says to put your tray away on the trolley, put your tray away on the trolley. Don’t leave it out on the table.


Requested: - Hey!! So you know that text “Summary((Requested by my sister)): Y/N asks her bff to ask one of the members out for her.” ???? THAT WAS SO CUTE IM ???? Could you do a follow up? And maybe a yoongi, hobi, taehyung text (but where they like you? Just like jimin) please? Thank you!


Hoseok version


A/N: I also got a request with Namjoon so im just gonna make things upside down a bit and make the namjoon ones before anything else😁 I noticed you guys like these and i am so so glad, because honestly i like them too ehehehh. Don’t forget to leave some feed back because it makes my day, and also don’t forget that requests are open!

“Oh my! Each one is a formidable Mistress. They’re going to turn your world upside-down. The permanent chasity device is the smallest device available. FYI, you will need medical attention after this session. This is what you wanted!”

II headcanons

I feel as if Fan would have panic attacks if he lost is phone. He broke it? PANIC. Lost the charger? PANIC. Lost his phone in general? P A N I C. He would feel tears build up in his eyes as she literally turns everything upside down, in a attempt to find his phone.

Lightbulb loves glow in the dark stuff (ex. Markers, glow sticks, etc). Like, she ADORES glow in the dark stuff.. She would go out for hours and return with TWENTY BAGS of glow in the dark items. Then she would go around and just put them in random places. Once she painted Paintbrushes hair with glow in the dark paint. They didn’t realize it until the next night, when everyone was snickering at them. That didn’t end well.

Baseball LOVES to bake on his spare time. Nickel usually teases him about it, but deep down he ENJOYS Baseball’s pastries. He may have no arms, but he sure does have a talent for baking.
But since Nickel is gone, he has no longer stepped inside of his little bakery/kitchen. What’s the point of making cakes, if the one person who actually enjoyed them is gone?

Balloon can make paper flowers. He would spend the entire day writing inspirational and lovely messages to Suitcase, and he would fold them into flowers, and he would place them in her usual sleeping place. Now that she’s gone, she would see them, read them, and cry, knowing that he’s still there with her.

When Test Tube is having a panic attack, or when she’s really really upset, she will say THE SCARIEST AND CREEPIEST FACTS about life, or anything in general. She’s in this void she can’t get out of, and the others would help her through it.

When The Bright Lights are camping, and they want some smores, Paintbrush is usually their source of fire. Just get them angry; and BOOM! A warm fire.

Should I do more of these? :0 did you like them?

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I was reading all the theory's on Michael's death and I thought I'd add my two cents. I think he's alive but has had amnesia for the last several years. It's one of the soap opera/telenovela tropes that hasn't happened yet. I'm betting Jane will finally after all these years move on, maybe even walk down the aisle again, and then Michael will show up and her whole world will be turned upside down. And of course they'll fall in love again after the angst passes.

Interesting! If something like this ever happened I feel like it would be the series finale or something.

she’s the perfect combination of “i don’t cares” and “whatevers”
yet every inch of her on the inside say the opposite
she’s the kind of person that shakes you up and turns your whole world upside down
it’s like, you’re watching her
and all of a sudden you remember you’re alive
and it sounds silly because everyday you wake up…
the days that she are around
the days that she are around, are different
there’s something divine in the moments shared with her
days with her just seemed slower
you know?
you feel like these moments are gonna last forever, so
you take a look around
she makes you notice the beauty in everything for the first time
from speckled dust floating in sunlight
to the way your fingers trace every inch of her skin
noticing every scar, freckle, and curve in her body
reminiscing these moments
these moments of beauty in the world
in her
the world is full of beautiful magic
but she was the one who dared me to look
really look
some people are artists
some people are art
but my god, she’s both
she makes you see things differently
you now act on things differently
she makes you appreciate the little things in life
even when their importance may not matter as much
but she does make every little thing matter
that’s the thing about her
she makes loving the world and its surroundings easy
the irony on how she saw beauty in everything but herself
i wish
i promise
one day
ill show her
what she showed me
yet my world is
and in the end
she doesn’t understand
my favour may be more hard to return
all because
my world is standing right in front of me
it’s her
but i promise, one day she will see herself the way i see her from my perspective
and she will finally understand the happiness she brings to me
—  my world

“This party never stops! Time is dead and meaning has no meaning! Existence is upside down and I reign supreme! W̜͇̪̝̰͙̩̅͐ḛ̢̯̹̜̼̱̪̆̌̒͂̎̏̀l͕͇̘̟̯ͮ͛ͣͬ́̚cͥ͊ͣͧͦ҉̜͉̺͕͍̟̲o̮̯̠ͩ̑ͨ͋m͙̜̹̮͔̞̼͋ͥ͂͊̒͜e͐ͥ͂ͬ,̫̼̼̥̖͚̰͒͑̏̈́ͯ̆̕ ̗o̟ͭ̃͛́͊ͅn͔͍͍ͬ̂ͭ̅̂ͅë̠̩̗͍̥̯͚̕ ̎ͦ̏̌͛̔̒a͋ͣ̄̿̆͗̚n͎̻͖̲͈̤̥̓̌̊̂ͫd͍̥̲̞̬̱̭ͬ ̡̩̪̱͔͓̞͚å͔͙̟̬̗̍́͗ļ͎̲̼͈͙ͤ̌l̘̯ͨ͊ͥ̈́̊,̘͙̠͖̬̞͉̾͑͐̆͛̆̚ ͎̪̻̥̖͔̏͌ͤͦͣ͋ͤͅt̞͑̈́ỏ҉̹̫̙̳̞̟ͅ ͓̗͇́̔̓W̴̹̰̼͕̞͗ͅE̜̥̝̥̻̞͟ͅI̮̭̭͒͗̊̚͢R͛ͮĎ̛M̠̺̝̗̠̪͈͆̌̌A̝̠̙̥͎ͨ́͡G̠̹̱ͧ̄̉̋E̢D͇̗̃ͣ̏̊̚ͅD̴̂O̡̭̣̲͎͔̳ͯͭͅN̬̟̘̺̻̹̉̽!͍͙̂̔ͭ̑"̭ͦ̆ͦ̄̀

Magnetic Chapter 24: The Siren’s Call

Dean Winchester x Reader

1200 Words

Chapter Summary: After Dean tries to kill you, you race off into the night.

Story Summary: After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Of course as you started walking, your items wrapped in your arms, the sky opened and the rain poured down, soaking you instantly. It mixed with the tears, washing them away as you looked for somewhere to stay. You were tired, upset and confused, and it wasn’t a good combination while you were walking in a strange town, with your only weapons left behind in your rush to leave.

As you finally spotted the neon sign of a motel just ahead of you, thunder shook the ground, a lightning bolt hitting the tree across from you. Rushing the last couple of steps, you dripped into the front lobby of a nicer looking hotel.

“Oh you poor thing.” An older woman said, standing up from her spot in front of the fireplace. “Let’s get you fixed up.”

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Hey There, Neighbor! : 6

Summary : Lucy lives a very successful life. But others would call it a ‘business-over-pleasure’ lifestyle. When she gets a new neighbor her life turns upside down. He does everything he can to show her what life is like outside the stuffy suits and lonely offices.

Chapter : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

                                                   The final chapter!

Lucy stood there, mouth gaping open, her eyes as wide as saucers.

“Natsu?! He’s the restaurant owner?!”

“Neighbor?” Erza questioned, she must have forgotten all about him.

“Yow!” Natsu yelped, reaching for his leg underneath the table and glaring at the man sitting next to him, who glared right back.

“Pardon him,” he stood and walked, more like glided, across the floor before stopping in front of Lucy, holding out his hand, “my name is Zeref Dragneel. It is an honor to finally meet you,” he then gestured to Natsu, “this is both my partner and my little brother, Natsu. But I believe the two of you have already met.”

“It’s nice to meet you as well,” Lucy shook his hand, forcing down her shock, “and um, yes. We are neighbors.”

Lucy missed the look of disappointment that crossed Natsu’s face.

“Oh!” Erza snapped her fingers, “You’re the one who fixed our plumbing a few months ago! You’re Wendy’s cousin!”

“Uh, yeah…” Natsu’s grin was a little strained.

“Natsu does tend to do various jobs when he’s not cooking,” Zeref chuckled.

“So… he’s a chef?” Lucy smiled, Erza was asking Zeref and herself to sit so they could begin when Lucy remembered, “The coffee! They’re famous for tit! Is that what Natsu has been bribing me with? Was all for this?!”

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HI, I just finished watching Yuri on Ice and want to ask if you have some recs for figure skating Sterek?

Hey :)


sometimes fate is like a small snowstorm by  thepsychicclam | 8.1K

In a coffee shop two days before Christmas, Derek meets Stiles. Despite neither of them being interested in relationships, they spend an unforgettable evening together, but then part ways. During the following years, Stiles competes in the Olympics, Derek tours the world - and neither of them forget. Then twelve years later, two days before Christmas, Derek finds Stiles in that same coffee shop.

Take The Ice by  Hopeless ships (The_Danish_Biscuit) | 50.2K

To Derek Hale hockey was everything. It was the only reason he even tolerated High School and if given a choice the only thing he would be doing for the rest of his life. Some called him driven others called him fanatic.

Derek called himself determined.

Only one day a random meeting with a strangely fascinating young ice skater turns Derek’s life upside down. A odd friendship blooms between them and Derek slowly comes to realise that his life isn’t quite as simple as he thought. There might be more to life than ice hockey.

Breaking the Ice by  veterization | 15.4K

“I have something that will finally spice up your utterly boring performance,” Finstock breezes directly over the insult, still manically grinning as if the gears in his brain can’t turn fast enough. Stiles is still a little concerned with that last bit. “You’re pairing up with Derek Hale.”

Or: where Stiles is a figure skater turned pair skater who gets teamed up with has-been skater Derek Hale, and neither of them are exactly pleased.

take a step before running by  magneticwave | 7.3K

Stiles wants to win for America, okay? He wants to bone that constipated expression off of Derek Hale’s face on a bed strewn with American flags while Bruce Springsteen plays in the background and a bald eagle watches through the window with a single tear rolling down its cheek.