[Image Description: A drawing of the disabled symbol (a person leaning forward in a wheelchair) with an upside down American flag attached to the back of the wheelchair. Inside the wheel of the symbol’s wheelchair is the neurodiversity symbol (a rainbow gradient infinity symbol). Above and below the image in all capital letters are the words “Don’t forget the disabled, chronically ill, and neurodivergent in your battle for justice. Many of us will be fighting for our lives.”]

I haven’t seen many people talking about how the disabled are going to be negatively effected by the Trump Administration. 

Obamacare has allowed for many chronically ill people to keep seeing doctors and therapists and keep taking necessary medication by lowering or eliminating co-payments on these necessities. Without Obamacare many people will no longer be able to afford to keep up their health, or may be driven to poverty by paying for treatments. It is likely that the Trump Administration will try to pass bills that make it harder or impossible for many people to access healthcare. 

Some of us are in the marches and protests, and some of us would love to be able to fight that way but can’t.

Help our voices be heard: if you’re orchestrating a protest, work to make it accessible to as many people as possible. If you’re writing an article about oppressed communities who are scared and in danger because of the Trump administration, mention us. Make signs about us. Fight bills that could hurt us. In conversations about disability, listen to us, don’t speak over us. Most importantly, respect us. 

Keep fighting the good fight.

on the day of the inauguration, my boss agreed that we could turn our flag upside down in protest, and leave it that way. according to flag etiquette/protocol, this is an officially recognized sign of distress, only to be done in times of “dire distress” and in instances of extreme danger to life (or property). 

pretty sure a trump presidency counts as dire and dangerous.

we’re a fairly conservative town, and no doubt this will cause some local drama, but as my boss put it, “no more staying quiet”. we’re doing this. 

it would be really cool if other small businesses and individuals around the country, who are anti-trump, anti-alt-right, anti-kkk, etc., could join us in this small act of protest, but i realize most businesses need to hang on to their clientele without alienating even the assholes. but we’re a privately owned small business, staffed entirely by women (most of the time), and we’re too damn tired of this shit not to do something. so here it is. our quiet rebellion. if our customers have a problem with it, then we don’t need them as customers, plain and simple.

will keep y’all in the loop.

One of my teachers is a German immigrant. A kid in that class was talking about how he wanted so and so, people with Hispanic sounding last names, to get deported first. He went on to talk about, or rather yell, how we should also be deporting the Muslims and the “n word"s and the faggots. My teacher finally spoke up and told him to get his butt back in his seat and keep his mouth shut for the rest of the hour. He yelled “and I hope YOU get sent back to Germany you bitch! I hope the plane crashes on your way there!” She called the schools security and dragged him out of class.

I was wearing a shirt that said NOT MY PRESIDENT and had an upside down flag pinned to my jacket. I had people all day trying to rip it off my jacket or yelling at me, overheard some kid in class talking about me and a handful of my other queer friends and how she hoped we wouldn’t be able to come to school anymore.

A few friends were carrying signs. One friend, the son of a disabled vet, walked around with a sign saying WE DIDNT WANT THIS with the disabled vet symbol on it. Some other kid ripped it out of his hands and yelled at him, saying he had no right to speak for vets he didn’t know. His dad suggested he make that sign along with all the others we were carrying around.

My dance teacher was sobbing. She hugged me as I came into class and just started crying. My acting teacher tried to give us a pep talk about our upcoming show and just broke down, telling us how much she loved us. My economics teacher looked dead, her eyes were red and I saw tear marks on her face as I came into class.

Today’s just been. Wild. I’ve felt so much love from my friends and so much hate from everyone else. I haven’t had a chance to really go anywhere but school. I haven’t talked to anyone in the real world really about it other than family. My neighbors are hardcore supporters. I’m worried for what might happen.

I realized that the clothes I was wearing as pajamas was the asexual colors, so I drew a galaxy-haired ace to represent my clothing choices. 

The reason the upside down heart (bottom-right) has the flags colors facing this way is because it looked wrong and it looked like I had the flag upside down when I first colored it. An upside down flag represents distress for the nation/community the fag represents and I didn’t want that so I changed it. 

But yeah; art!


doodooDOOdoo doodoo-doodoodoo doodooDOOdoo doodoo-doodoodoodoodoo etc etc

Everyone’s congregating at Domino Stadium, which is (a) half-built and (b) owned by Kaiba. I am frankly astonished it’s not called the SETO KAIBA BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON STADIUM BROUGHT TO YOU BY KAIBACORP but maybe it will be once he finishes building it and adding the requisite dragon statues.

Malik and Rishid are hiding out in the stands.

Well one would hope so, he literally owns the place.

The Yugi-tachi arrive, and the three duelists present their Puzzle Cards in exchange for a Battle City ID card.

GUESS WHO MADE HIMSELF FINALIST 0001? I’m also willing to bet these TOs were under strict instruction that Yugi/Yami gets to be 0002 as well. 

Malik sneaks out and back around to enter as ~Namu~ complete with Reason Why They Didn’t Kidnap Me

“The only POSSIBLE motive for kidnapping!”

Jounouchi’s halfway through puzzling out that Namu’s actions don’t make sense and line up too coincidentally with the move the Ghouls made but…

… the thought fizzles out in the inhospitable environment that is Jounouchi’s brain.

Yugi is delighted to meet any new friend, no matter how suspicious.

“Ha ha, yes, I personally used dark magic, kidnappings, brainwashings, and the tireless toil of my personal slave/brother. You?”

“Angry gay ghost living in my necklace.”

They’re distracted by the arrival of Ryou “Shouldn’t You Be In The Hospital” Bakura and his surprising decision to show up to a duel tournament with a Duel Disk, prompting a chorus of “Why do you have a Duel Disk, Ryou?”

“No I was going to fucking brush my teeth with it.”

pictured: group of duel-obsessed teenagers react to duel-obsessed teenager declaring intention to duel

I mean, I know, in OUR universe, dragging yourself from being in critical arm-stabbery in the hospital to the tournament finals over like, a two-hour period, is completely unreasonable and very shocking and suspicious. But LITERALLY ANY OF THESE PEOPLE would claw themselves out of a hospital bed for the sake of a card game so I find their shock, frankly, appallingly hypocritical.

honestly I just screencapped this for his ADORABLE FACE

(he’s worried Yami Bakura is back)

Then Rishid sneaks back around to enter as Malik. I like to imagine he psyched himself up for this, this critically important moment, this one chance to pull off a flawless deceit, all their scrutiny, all their suspicion will be no match for his meticulously-prepared introduction and well-rehearsed answers to any possible question they might have that might reveal him as an imposter…

“… yes.”

(Mokuba is copying Nii-sama’s bad-boy attitude!! CUTENESSSSSS)

“Also, uh, welcome to the tournament finals.”

Now that the only two people Kaiba cares about have arrived - Yugi/Yami and the-person-he-thinks-is-Malik - it’s time to reveal that the tournament finals will not, in fact, be held in a half-built stadium…

LOOK AT MOKUBA’S FACE also Kaiba isn’t even looking up, he’s playing like he’s too cool to think blimps are cool even though the blimp was 100% his idea

Actually maybe it was Mokuba’s idea, Mokuba COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED and Kaiba even lets him introduce it…


Yugi is delightfully optimistic about the whole affair

“After all, it’s not like the leader of the Ghouls, the known murderer, bomb aficionado and probable sociopath, capable of brainwashing even the staunchest of my allies into attempts against my life, will ALSO be in the sky on the same flimsy gondola tethered to an enormous flammable balloon!”

Oh and then we go through this again #soDuelistKingdom

“For that matter, neither do you. Or the pilot. Or the doctors we’ll inevitably need when the comas start setting in.”

And Kaiba’s even nice and backs Mokuba’s call.

pictured: Kaiba being nice

Kaiba tells the TOs it’s time to set off. They ask if they should wait for the last duelist to arrive. Kaiba literally couldn’t care less once Yugi/Yami and the-person-he-thinks-is-Malik are on board and in possession of their God Cards. Luckily, the last person is a ~mysterious woman~ who has ~preternaturally perfect timing~ #whocoulditbe so the TOs don’t have to figure out who gets a bye if there’s only 7 finalists.

So off we go!

(some really cute music plays as they take off, I wanted to give you all the experience of the cute music)

Once in the air, everyone loses their goddamn minds.


Kaiba’s giant inflated orb filled with hot air … can barely fit on his blimp, he’s so pleased with himself. Although I think the sleep-deprivation might be getting to him, he looks VERY TIRED.

(Yugi: I somehow expected better from you, Seto.)

Seto stops in front of Yugi and look who immediately makes his first appearance in a few episodes:

someone has a crush

someone else has a crush too  I’m just saying  teenage boy with a crush  overblown poetry  that whole connection there

Then for once, the writers actually manage to pull a genuinely moving scene with Shizuka and Jounouchi out of somewhere, instead of just having them repeatedly declare meaningless platitudes about their respective courageousness.

</3 #thisBplotdeservedbetter

I mean, Jounouchi does IMMEDIATELY start thinking about Yugi again, and the moment doesn’t last long, but still!

Prrrrrrrobably because you left the door wide open and they’re your friends?

Anyway, you’ll need friends over to share your unreasonably large stockpile of “NAXIM” mouthwash, speckled sandwiches, and cheese from Serbia and Montenegro!