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I find some charm in the Underfell AU but something about it doesn’t fully do it for me. It seems to go well with themes such as inquisitions and witch hunts, tho, which are things that fascinate me and go hand in hand with dictatorships. So why not throw all that into a blender?

Now I can’t get this idea out of my head of the Royal Guard being more of an Inquisition than an actual army. Whenever a human falls to the Underground, they start hunting it like crazy, turning entire towns upside down until they find the damn brat. And of course, the civilians are interrogated in good old medieval fashion and the only way of saving their skin (or at least 70% of it) is to rat on their neighbors and relatives. They always lie, of course; nobody knows crap about any human. But fuck have mercy on the poor bastard who actually sheltered one.
I guess I know how Toriel went batshit insane. Sans might find himself in some deep shit as well, after all people always found him quite shady. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if he turned out to be a traitor.

Also, I’m not a fan of Papyrus with sharp teeth, sorry. His brother probably lost all of his and got them replaced by fang implants or stuff like that.


Summary: Based loosely off song Stitches by Shawn Mendes. Listen HERE

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean X Reader

Word Count: 3150

Warnings: Language, death, angst

A/N: I’ve wanted to do something based off this song for a long time. Thank you for reading, let me know what you think. Tags are at the bottom.

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“Dude, what the hell?” Sam asks Dean as he comes into the motel room. Dean hasn’t moved from the table since this morning, there were five empty beer bottles beside the laptop and the empty bottle of Jack. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an abnormal thing these days.

“Nothin’ Sam.” Dean grunts, eyes bloodshot from the amount of alcohol he has consumed over the past few days. This wasn’t going well for him.

“Dean, if you just talk about it-”

There is nothing to talk about Sam!” Dean growls, voice raising at his brother. He was done, at least that’s what he told himself. He was done, but he couldn’t be, not with her.

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Martin Luther King's Contribution to us was not Nonviolence (By Kwame Ture/Stokely Carmichael)

When they get through with Dr. King’s interpretation, since we don’t read him or study him or analyze him, they make you believe that the greatest contribution Dr. King made to his people was nonviolence, and they call him a creative genius. Can you imagine that? That means that all Dr. King did with nonviolence was to take that from Mahatma Gandhi and adapt it to the situation in the United States. A genius doesn’t have to do this, why even George Bush could do that. But Dr. King certainly was a creative genius, and his contribution to us was not nonviolence.

King’s greatest contribution to us as a people was: he taught us how to confront the enemy without fear. When you properly understand, then you will properly come to understand the real contribution that Martin Luther King made to his people. I would see him come into a town. All the signs were segregated, the Africans there were trembling when they saw white people. If they were walking on the sidewalk and a white person was coming they had to get off the sidewalk, take of their hat and say “yes sir!” I have seen this in my life. I’ve seen these people come trembling and Dr. King come to the town and say “we gonna change everything here.” “Oh Dr. King, please don’t talk too loud!” “No, we’re gonna change everything here, we’re gonna turn these signs upside town.” “Oh no, Dr. King, these white folk down here are too mean!” “No, we’re going to mobilize everybody!” “Dr. King, we ain’t got no way!” And Dr. King would look at them and say “My God is a mighty God. He’d make a way out of no way." 

And this same Dr. King would take these same people who were afraid of white people just two weeks later, and you will see 8 year old girls, 82 year old women getting up facing dogs, facing fire hoses, facing cattle prods, facing batons, facing horses, getting knocked down and getting up and going again with nothing in their hands except the righteous believe of the righteousness of their cause and nonviolence as their tactic. Dr. King would take the same man who was scared of white folks, and have the same man face them with all their weapons in their hands, and this man had nothing but the conviction of the correctness of his cause. Dr. King is a great man. You must know precisely his greatness.

Broadchurch - series finale

Firstly, I don’t know if I got all the wrap up I wanted, there’s still quite a few questions (non concerning Trish’s case) that weren’t answered. However, I like how a lot has been left open to interpretation. Gives me faith that maybe it might not absolutely be the end forever…and even if it is, well then I can make up my own mind.

I just thought it was the sweetest thing that Hardy gruffly turns down Ellie’s offer of going to the pub, but is fully prepared to just sit on a bench with her, out of work hours. Pub is what other work colleagues do, to be sociable and get to know their work mates better in an acceptable environment. I love how they have their own little bench, their own space and environment and they don’t need a catalyst climate for convergence. They have an atypical relationship and a connection based on absolute trust and honesty. Saying all that, you just know that Ellie is by hook or by crook going to get him down the pub at some point!

As with the rest of the season, Trish’s case was dealt with sensitively as we finally found out what happened. The reveal was horrific as Twine Boy turned out to be more that just a “swaggery little shit.” Although, house points to Miller who’s instincts about him were bob on from the start, right through to the eye roll inducing sob story last episode. Not only was his view and treatment of women sickening, but the discovery that he had groomed another young man to treat women like objects and possessions rang all too true. I think having the perpetrators be so young was a powerful decision. As a teacher I am unfortunately aware at how young some boys nowadays can be that are accessing pornographic imagery. Even if most parents keep a close eye on their children’s access to such content, all it takes is one child. Then they can show their phone to others on the way home, pass around content on memory sticks etc. Not enough education is done in schools. This isn’t the fault of the schools or teachers, but of the government who do not prioritise this as part of the curriculum. It’s all very well teaching a child how to use a relative clause, but ignoring the fact that they treat women like shit and will grow up doing this in their professional or personal life. Broadchurch has stood out in representing this issue. It’s taken the lead, now others must follow.

My heart cries for the Latimers. I do however feel that all their storyline should have been in last week’s episode where it wouldn’t have been rushed. The scenes between Mark and Beth were lovely, but all through them I was thinking about how it needed to go back to Alec and Ellie, as they were on the verge of solving the crime.

Right so I refuse to believe Broadchurch is over (I’m in the strong denial stage), but I think this episode has plenty of scope from spin-offs

1) Holy Water - Mark and Paul the vicar are both leaving Broadchurch. They team up together in a plumbing/prayer business by day and solve crime at night!

2) Hardy and Miller - This has to be done! I’m happy just watching them sit on a bench in silence for an hour. Trish’s case seems to be the only one they were working on for a few weeks. That suggests that the crime rate in Broadchurch is rather low. So, what exactly are they going to be doing? I want a series just focused on them solving the most minor of crimes with the same passion and tenacity that they do with a murder or assault.

Hardy - *slams fist on desk* “Don’t play coy, Jones! We know you stole that KitKat. You were in the area at the time, forensics have your DNA all over the chocolate shelf, CCTV shows you leaving the premises in question, we’ve got eye witnesses and background statements from your employers from the last five years that will state in court that you’ve shaken vending machines to try and get some free chocolate. Silver foil traces were found in the glove compartment of your car. We know you did it! 

Miller - *stares witheringly at suspect until they confess and then pulls a KitKat from her bag*

3) Daisey and Chloe - They can just have a show where they go around and slap all the swaggery shits in town upside their head.

Well, whether this was the last episode ever or if it reappears in years to come in some form, it’s been one hell of a great ride. Olivia Colman and David Tennant are extraordinary talents and as great as the writing was, they really kicked this show up a gear. They had you caring and interested from that very first meeting on the beach. Hardy and Miller have become an iconic tv duo and that’s no easy feat.

I’ve loved each season in it’s own way. Season one was an excellent ‘who dunnit’ that showed the cracks behind a perfect facade. I personally adored season two as well. It was like watching a smashed vase trying to be out back together. Everything and everyone was broken and it created this beautiful disjointedness and questioned everything.Season three tried to break down barriers and really hold a mirror up to our world and say ‘Do we really think this is acceptable?’  I suppose it’s a good thing that the show is going out on top and leaving the audience wanting more. But, I just feel that another season would have been worth the risk. 

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Why is it that most INTJ characters are villainous?

Because the very idea of a far-seeing visionary with tactical skills is frightening to the masses, for good reason (some of the most efficient, ruthless people who amassed great power throughout history were NTJs).

“Idealized” NTJs make the best villains because they have insights into people’s motives, a clear (but sometimes delusional) vision for the future they want, the Te-efficiency, planning, and Fi motives to make it happen. And naturally, four seconds before the end, their own hubris brings them to heel (especially if they stop to brag about their accomplishment, giving the hero time to escape). Their super-human abilities (like Hannibal Lecter, solving crimes from inside his cell) are enhanced so much that regular NTJs cannot compete, and may wind up either doubting their type or thinking more highly of their NiTe as invincible and all-powerful than is the truth.

Of course, because of a stereotype that NTJs make good villains, many villains of other types are mistyped as NTJs out of the assumption that “oh, they’re smart and ruthless and had a plan, so they must be an NTJ!” Out of the many Disney villains who many claim are NTJs, Frollo is the only true one that comes immediately to my mind (Scar, I suspect, is an INFJ; Ursula might be ENTJ).

There’s some overlap with NFJs – who also make great villains, except they use Fe-manipulation to deceive people or are portrayed as a cult leader.

I think people fear most what they cannot understand – given that most people are sensors, and Ni-doms are rarer than Ne’s, Ni has become this mystical, intriguing, frightening concept to people, and writers are drawn to it, because it seems surreal to them, so they liken it to evil.

There are LOTS of non-villain INTJ fictional characters around, though. You only notice the villains because it’s a popular stereotyped trope, which trains you to “expect” NTJ villains.

Frankly, I’d like to see an ENFP villain once in awhile. I get stuck with all the air-heads, manic pixie dream girls, irresponsible dreamers, and “weird chicks” who turn a school/office/town upside-down.

Are a few psychotic ENFPs too much to ask? :P

- ENFP Mod

Spit Shine - Getting Nice and Dirty While Getting Clean

I usually don’t do prompts but bethgreeneeffect was sweet enough to provide one just to juicy to pass up.  Gag.  So a nice smutty drabble was born.  Sorry, I can’t figure out how to do a under the cut thingy so I apologize for clogging dashes.

So loves, without further ado, here you go:

Spit Shine

Carol and Daryl get dirty while getting clean

“You are taking a shower.” Her tone and stance conveyed there would be no argument.  “Come on. It’s not going to kill you.  You are a wreck.  I know you hate it here and I suppose this is one of the ways you are voicing your displeasure but you stink.  In addition, I think you are scaring Judith.”
Daryl’s only response was a scowl.  He knew this was one argument he wouldn’t win.  Carol’s eyes flashed. When she was pissed, it seemed to intensify their blue color.  Right now they were almost as blue as gas flame.

Grabbing his hand with a smile teasing her lips, she murmured, “Come on dirty boy.  Let me help you.”

He knew he couldn’t argue with that.  They had had very little time alone in the past few weeks.  He would have be lying if he said he didn’t miss the softness of her skin under his fingertips. There had been little thought to intimacy.   Daryl realized right then what a gaping hole the lack of loving physical contact left in his life.  Suddenly he missed it…very much.  Even though Carol was wearing her ridiculous undercover Den Mother get up, Daryl found his dick stirring to attention.  She just had that effect on him, giant tacky pink cabbage roses or no. 

“Gonna make me, huh?  You the boss of me?” His voice was coarse, his throat dry. Daryl narrowed his eyes and his lips tugged in a cocky leer.  Yes, it had been a while. 

Carol said nothing more but continued to lead him towards the bathroom, the grip on his hand firm but gentle.   

Hell, the bathroom in their house was almost as big as the shack he grew up in.  It was almost too pretty to be a bathroom, with smooth gray green stone tiles.  There were not one but two sinks made out of some type of marble he couldn’t remember the name of let alone pronounce.  They looked more suited to being in a museum than a bathroom.   When they first moved in he was half afraid to take a piss in the gleaming toilet. 

Carol reached into the cavernous shower stall to get the water set to the proper temperature.  As the water hissed, Carol began the grim task of removing his filthy clothing. “Jesus, Daryl we are burning this.  I am not kidding.  I’ll try to salvage that vest but the rest is gone.”   Wrinkling her nose she flung his shirt and vest into the corner and set to the task of unbuckling and unzipping his pants.  She couldn’t even remember what the original color of the fabric had been.  Shucking them down over his hips, she gave him a stern look.  “Now step out of those rags and into that shower.”

He did as he was told.  He grimaced as the water hit him. Hot water.  Goddamn it had been a long time. Bathing in tepid creeks, ditches, rain.  His body sagged with pleasure. 

Carol held his gaze as she began to unbutton her shirt, very slowly.  She allowed the garment to fall to the floor and then shimmied out of her pants and underwear until she too was naked. 

The steam soon filled the bathroom, creating an almost dreamlike atmosphere.  
Arming herself with a fresh bar of sandalwood and vanilla-scented soap and a washcloth, she stepped inside the spacious stall to join Daryl.

The water ran black down the drain. 

“Back to me.” She commanded curtly. 

Daryl complied without further complaint.  Carol lathered up the washcloth until it was more foam than fabric and went to work.

Leaning close, she murmured softly, “Now, stand still for me and maybe you’ll get a treat when you are alllll nice and clean.”

Daryl stood stalk still.  He had to admit the combination of hot water and Carol’s firm, sure hands was slowly releasing the stresses and tension of the past few weeks.  She had always grounded him.  Knew how to soothe him.  Gentled the beast.

Carol continued with her task.  Once the last of the grime was sluiced down the drain she allowed her lips to tease at the nape of his neck.  

He groaned softly, settling back into her.  Carol smiled, gently snaking her hands around his waist to tangle in the thicket of curls before reaching down to caress and slowly stroke his straining length. 

“What’s wrong?  You still seem a little…worked up.”  Her voice was husky with her own need.

She slowly continued to pump him, using the soap suds as a fragrant lubrication, while gently fondling his balls with her other hand. 

The sharp hiss of breath between his teeth told her she was on the right track.
It had been a long time.  She had forgotten how nice he felt against her.  This would be a release they both needed.

A harsh whisper of “Carol” was all Daryl managed to get past his lips.  His voice seemed to decide not to work anymore.  The delirious sensation of her silken hands working his iron hard cock was all his mind could process at the moment.
She whispered softly in his ear as the water continued to caress them, “Turn around.”

As he complied, she sank before him allowing the water to fully rinse him clean before taking his length into her mouth.  She took him slow, teasing him.  She prided herself on being able to take him fully without gagging.  Her eyes never left his as she teased with her tongue, deftly flicking the head of his straining cock before gently taking his length deep once more.

It didn’t take him long, with her working her special magic with her silken tongue and velvety mouth.  His fingers reflexively tangled in her wet hair as he let go.  
She swallowed every drop.  The first time she had done it, Daryl had almost seemed distressed over it. Worried it degraded her somehow. Carol assured him it was her pleasure to do so. 

She gently kissed her way up his blessedly grime-free stomach before fully rising up, tilting her face into the spray so it could rinse away the remainder of her task from her lips and chin. 

As Daryl pulled her close in a tight, almost grateful, embrace she playfully murmured, “See.  Showers are not THAT bad now are they?”


Genre: Smut. Angst.

Content: Jeon Jungkook. Kim Taehyung. A love triangle between a woman, a millionaire, and an introverted roommate.

Warning: Masturbation. Voyeurism. Crawling.

The plot of this story is based on David Schickler’s Kissing in Manhattan.

You first met Jungkook at the Fizure Night club on fifty-third and fourth. He sat leaned against the bar; all dark, and brooding, and pristine with his neatly parted hair and his pinstripe suit. His face, on the other hand, was a completely different story.

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Being kidnapped by Hydra wasn’t on your to do list, but allowing yourself to be brainwashed?

You sat on the small metal chair, in front of the television they had allowed you to watch. It was always on the news, and everything you watched had your mother flipping towns upside down trying to find you. Alistair, the guard of the night shift, had sat you down, saying the story was interesting.

“Natasha Romanoff, more commonly known as Black Widow, was found in an old building this morning. Her body burnt to a crisp after an explosion had gone off. Many believe that she was out looking for her adopted daughter, who was recently taken. Tune in next time for more news on the situation.” the t.v blared.

You instantly stopped fighting the man after the t.v had been turned off. You were to distracted in your own sorrow to realize the malicious grin on Alistair’s face, or the quality of the other wise fake news caster. You were even too numb to hear the commotion outside, which was your mother fighting to find you.

You were just numb. Your mother was dead.

anonymous asked:

Can you write fic about Kastle: Fisk kidnapped Karen and Frank tries to save her? I need an angry and terrified at the same time Frank :)

I’ll do my best!

  • Kidnapped Karen

‘’Why her?’’ Frank asked, pacing around Karen’s apartment, his hands curling into fists.

‘’He knows you two are involved,’’ Matt told him, his Daredevil mask in his hands as they organized a plan.

Only an hour ago did Frank return to Karen’s apartment and discover it turned upside down, town apart and trashed from room to room. But most importantly: no Karen.

‘’Bullshit he does, I’m careful,’’ Frank growled.

‘’Fisk has people everywhere Frank,’’ Matt explained. ‘’Doesn’t matter how careful you were. Fisk was watching everyone involved with putting him behind bars, one of those people were Karen,’’

‘’He asked for me Red, this ain’t got nothing to do with Karen’s work,’’ he shook his head. ‘’It’s because of me,’’

‘’He knows you’ll go to her,’’

‘’Damn right I’ll go to her,’’ Frank looked over to Matt as he slid a sawn-off shotgun into the back of his belt. ‘’And if he’s touched her-‘’

‘’It’s a trap, you have to know that,’’

‘’Don’t mean shit to me. If that asshole wants me, he can have me,’’

‘’You’re not going alone,’’ Matt insisted.

‘’Didn’t plan on it,’’ Frank pulled on his large coat. ‘’You’re getting her out, hear me?’’

‘’We’re going to put them back in prison,’’ Matt assured. ‘’Where they can’t hurt anyone else-‘’

‘’For Christ’s sake!’’ Frank yelled, turning away from Matt and hitting his fisk against the wall. ‘’You’ve gotta be kidding me,’’

‘’It’s the only way to make sure they’re brought to justice,’’

‘’Screw justice Red, they’ve got her strapped to a goddamn chair in a warehouse, I’m making sure they don’t see another day!’’

Matt listened closely to Frank’s heart beating uncontrollably. His anger was obvious, but Matt could sense how frightened the man was as well.

Frank gripped the gun in his belt, his finger twitching in anticipation. If anything happened to Karen it would be his fault, there was nothing anyone could say to change that. If anything happened to her, it would be the last thing that he could take.

He should have known he was putting her in danger, he should have seen this coming long before they had a chance to get to her. If Fisk considered him dangerous before all of this, Frank was going to show him a whole new level if there was a single mark on that woman.

‘’We’re going to get her out,’’ Matt assured, listening to Frank’s uneven breaths, slipping his mask back on.

‘’Then let’s move out,’’

Karen had been watching Fisk’s men come and go from the warehouse, expressing their joy for his return to Hell’s Kitchen. No matter how many times she asked, Karen still didn’t know how he was out of prison. But it seemed rather obvious that taking Karen was one of his first moves at the head crime boss of the city.

Fisk had been talking about Frank in jail, what he had him do, what he saw him do to others. Karen glared back at him as he spoke, changing the subject to Matt Murdock and his threats against Fisk’s lover, Vanessa.

But there had been no talk about James Wesley, Fisk’s close friend and assistant who Karen shot dead. It didn’t make her any less uneasy though, in fact it only made her nervous that he would find out any minute.  

‘’It looks like Mr. Castle has chosen to come to your rescue, Miss Page,’’ Fisk told her, his hands folded together in front of him, proper. ‘’And here I thought that the Punisher had more important things to care about,’’

‘’You don’t know him,’’ Karen shook her head, lip trembling. ‘’And you don’t know this city anymore,’’

‘’It’s been my city for longer than you can imagine and it will always remain that way,’’ he assured.

A loud noise echoed through the warehouse, Fisk turning to his men to make sure all was well. Karen’s eyes darted around the room, looking for any sign of Frank.

‘’I’m afraid this is where I leave you,’’ Fisk stood up, clearing his throat.

‘’You’re a coward,’’ Karen muttered.

Fisk smiled at her briefly, fixing the cuffs of his jacket. He didn’t bother with a response, instead looking over to the man just beside Karen.

‘’Get her out of those restraints, use her, make sure Frank Castle is dead,’’ he ordered.

Frank had already shot two people outside of the warehouse, passing by their bodies without a second thought before kicking open the side door. Inside were corridors and dark tunnels, all leading right where Fisk would want them.

‘’I told you not to kill them,’’ Matt shook his head as they ventured on.

Frank just reloaded his gun, walking with heavy steps as if he was ready to march into a war.

‘’And I told you to cut that shit out,’’ he rolled his eyes. ‘’You think these people deserve to live?’’

‘’It’s not up to you!’’

‘’Then who’s it up to, huh? If they’re ready to kill others for no reason, then they’re ready to die just the same,’’

When Frank neared the main doors, he chose to take the stairs leading up to the railings around the warehouse. Better vantage point, better aim at Wilson Fisk.

He could no longer hear Matt’s steps behind him, but his whereabouts didn’t warrant a second thought either. The only person on his mind was Karen Page.

Karen Page who was being held down on the ground floor with a gun to her head, a man keeping her in a choke hold as he looked around the room. Frank tried to take aim, but the man was moving all over the place.

‘’Enjoying your freedom I see,’’ Fisk called out from over at the far exit. ‘’I have to admit, as hard as I fought to have a nice life behind bars, I much prefer my city,’’

‘’It’s not your city,’’

Matt’s voice came out of nowhere, Fisk’s eyes looking up just in time to see him pounce on the man, using his batons to knock him to the ground.

That’s when all the fighting began. Matt was moving around the warehouse effortlessly, knocking Fisk’s men down, but Frank could see he was taking a beating as well.

Staying where he was, Frank shot three other men who were beginning to rush into the fight, ignoring Matt’s advice. Frank was used to aiming for a killshot, it was hard to try and miss, especially when he hated them all so much.

The man holding Karen was starting to panic, watching Fisk be taken down slowly. Karen struggled in his arms, trying to throw them both down so she could roll away. But when Karen threw her elbow into the man’s stomach, he retaliated by swinging the gun into her face, immediately causing a river of blood to pour from Karen’s nose.

After that, Frank’s memory was a blur. He remembered jumping down from the railings, punching people over and over again, feeling his own face swell and bleed, until he looked back to where Karen was. She was on the ground, eyes close, and blood dripping onto the concrete.

‘’No,’’ he whispered to himself.

He felt his whole body go weak, his feet taking him over to where she laid. Frank slipped his hands underneath her, carrying her over to a corner shielded by boxes. She was knocked out cold, her whole body limp.

‘’Hey,’’ he called, his hands cupping her face. ‘’Wake up baby, please,’’

The fighting was slowing down, the noises becoming softer. But nothing else was registering to Frank right now.

‘’Hey, come on,’’ he shook his head, leaning down to press his forehead against hers. ‘’You’re okay, I promise, wake up,’’

Karen’s eyelids fluttered, making Frank’s heart beat rapidly with joy. The blood around her nose was seeping down to her lips, but Frank’s rough fingers brushed it away before it met.

‘’Fisk…’’ Karen spoke, her voice quiet and weak.

‘’Is a dead man,’’ Frank assured. ‘’He’s not walking away from this, I’m going to-‘’

‘’No,’’ she reached out, her hand going to his cheek. ‘’Not worth it, please,’’

‘’Karen,’’ Frank shook his head. ‘’There’s no way I’m letting that piece of shit go,’’

‘’Just stay with me,’’ she looked up at him, pleading.

And suddenly he decided to let Matt handle Fisk in his own way. For now.

‘’I’m not leaving you,’’ he assured, pressing his lips to her forehead and closing his eyes.

Just like that he almost lost the only person left in this world who he loved and it made him see everything so much clearer. Frank didn’t have much of a world left without Karen Page.

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Can I have some more Coffee shop and bakery aus? Ive finished the ones in the tag you linked. Thanks.

I thought you might be back for more soon. Enjoy!

Cards to your Heart

The one where Bucky is an Iraq war vet working at a coffee shop and Steve is the starving art student he falls in love with.

Not Another Auld Lang Syne

Coffee Shop AU. Natasha, Jane and Darcy own Les Trois Demoiselles bakery and cafe. There are no superpowers. Bucky and Steve are army veterans working harder than they should to find a normal life after the traumas that have scarred them. Steve has bad lungs, Bucky is an amputee. Tony andPepper are “fixers” by nature.

Nothing Short of Thankful

Steve’s hunkered down on a bench right outside the still-dark Starbucks,thankful for the mittens that Sam’s mother had knitted for him and clutching his newly-updated astronomy journal to his chest, when he hears a jingle of keys and a door creak open to his left. His head snaps up and his heart leaps because thank fucking god someone’s finally come to open the damn Starbucks.

But no, it’s not the Starbucks guy (whose name Steve always forgets, no matter how many times he was there when he opened up), it’s someone going into the new bakery that just opened across the street.

The Second Rise

The one where Tony buys Steve a bakery after Bucky goes MIA, and three years later, Bucky comes back.

Shrieking Guns Out of Tune

Steve’s life is slowly getting better after the war. He gets better, he has friends, he drinks, he bakes.
And then Bucky returns.


Steve Rogers owns the best Cupcakery in Brooklyn. The garage that just opened across the street, however, may be driving business away with its seemingly dirty and rough-around-the-edges staff. Add in the stress of planning a wedding with his fiancée Sharon, plus a high-strung finance manager, and Steve was a nervous wreck. But when the drop-dead gorgeous mechanic with a sleeve full of tattoos and long brown hair comes into his shop one day with a nervous smile and two dollars in his pocket,Steve doesn’t think anything could really come of this chance meeting. It’s just harmless flirting. Right?

Boy was he wrong…

Sweet On You

Bucky Barnes is the owner of a small bakery shop which a sleep-deprivedSteve Rogers walks into one early morning and consequently flips Bucky’s world upside down.

This Town is a Song About You

But sometimes, when his bed feels too big and too empty, Steve wishes for someone. (If that someone happens to be named Bucky Barnes, well, at least he’s consistent.)

 I’m my own disease,

 Wishing the freedom of the seas.

                                 Stuck in a place,

                                 Dreaming in outer space.

            Trying to let a mark in the world,

            A legacy,

            Composing my own melody.

                                                 An astronaut,

                                                  An outsider,

                                                A fallen angel,

                                             Living in darkness.

                 But for now lines are blurring,

                 It’s burning.

                                   I’m a hostage in my paper town,

                                             Living upside down. 

- D.C.  (Via itsmorethanfeelings)


“ …She… she is far, far away from me. She walks in starlight in another world. It was just a dream. Do you think she could have loved me?”


Bioshock AU: SpaceTin:

AU Where Jack and Elizabeth live in the same little town with weird happenings/disappearances/ and tears going around. Jack and Elizabeth are brinking on the verge of adolescence when they meet in a swarm of sinister agendas and power-hungry men.

Jack, a boy made out of metal and gears was smuggled by Atlas for unknown reasons, struggles with interacting and socializing with others. He lives secluded and is barricaded from ever going outside, forced to pass test after test. Elizabeth, a daughter of a shady priest in a similar situation, wanders down Jack’s home while on one of her escapades. They have a chance encounter and hit it off immediately. Jack doesn’t want her to know that he is not a real boy, Elizabeth doesn’t want him to know that she’s the reason everything in town is upside down.

Their entire lives they’ve felt out of place, with secrets that bite at their heels. But when they sneak out late at night to go watch a R-rated movie in the local theater and then watch the stars from on top the roof of an abandoned gas station, for a little while, they feel almost alright.


[TRANS] PlayDB ‘Overflowing with greasy charms, if you see it, you’ll be surprised?’ Kim Sunggyu, Choi Woohyuk

“When hyung spoke informally and said “Hey!” to me, everyone in the area was  sneaking looks. (Laughter) Hyung said “Woohyuk-ah, are you gonna come eat?” and (Kim) Jaeman sunbae-nim came up to me quietly and asked “You’re younger than him?” (Laughter)”

“It’s because Woohyukie is naturally mature and adult-like. It’s also cause every day I go around wearing hoodie tees like a kid. (Laughter)”

I asked about their practices, which they spent like friends despite their 4 year age difference, and they laughed for a long time while talking about movies they’ve seen while suddenly freezing up when told to pose ‘arrogantly’ and ‘greasily’ for their photoshoot. Instead, they bursted out laughing while looking at each other, saying “How do you show arrogance?” with flushed faces. From beginning to end, the two guys who crazily exuded ‘coolness’, soon transformed into ‘bad boys’ that fiercely turned a quiet town upside down. Equipped with skin tight jeans, a killer wink, dazzling moves, and awesome songs, Kim Sunggyu and Choi Woohyuk are in charge of the role of Elvis from <All Shook Up>; a lighthearted show where they appear on a motorcycle and bring down the laws of a town with no love or dreams.

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anonymous asked:

I wanna die. Why shouldn't i? Help please...

01. Suicide is final.

Once you take your life, that’s it. You have only one life. End it - and you’re done. You will never, ever get a second chance. You would miss out on everything, all the possibilities, all the dreams, all the laughs, and the love, everything. 

02. That special person.

The one who keeps you strong when nobody else does. The one who stands by you when everyone walks out. Imagine the pain, the sadness, the grief they would feel when you’re gone. Even if you don’t think you have a special person worth living for, you do. You just don’t know it yet. They need you as much as you need them. I’ve personally seen it, I’ve watched it. I’ve been to the suicide funeral of a friend, I still feel the gaping hole in my life a year later. 

03. Death won’t relieve the pain.

Killing yourself will NOT be a relief to the suffering. When you’re dead, you’re nothing. You no longer exist. If you want relief from your suffering, you have to choose to live. You have to reach out and find the courage to make tomorrow better than today. Remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope and things will get better. You’re a strong person for living and you give me hope.

04. It will get better, I promise.

Remember, even the darkest hour only has 60 minutes. Stop focusing on the negatives, instead, look for the positive things in life. Even the teeniest tiniest little things that bring a little bit of life into your day. 

05. All the memories, the laughs, the smiles and the hugs.

What if you end up being the one that finds the cure for cancer? Or the one that discovers life on Mars? Or the one that ends up with the most amazing spouse and family? How will you ever know your true potential if you’re not there to experience it. All the people you will never meet, all the lives you won’t touch, all the souls you won’t inspire. The future is a mystery; don’t you want to discover its secrets?

06. Sunrise.

Imagine never seeing bright yellow rays light up the dark sky again. Never feeling the warmth of the sun, never feeling the beauty of way the sky illuminates as it grows brighter and brighter until the whole heavenly expanse is enlightened.

07. Dancing in the rain.

And seeing the rainbow when it stops.

O8. Smiles.

A smile is a curve that sets things straight. Without you, the world will forever have so many less smiles; yours, your parents’, your friends’, teachers’, coworkers’, so many people will forget how to smile because your beautiful smile will be gone. 

09. Music is a beautiful creation.

10. Hearing children laughing.

11. You are beautiful.

12. Your courage to live inspires me.

13. Look at the children in Africa who are starving. Look at earthquake and tsunami victims who have lost everything. Look at the person next to you. Doesn’t their courage to live, their optimism and their hope inspire you to do the same?

14. Lying beneath the stars at night and hearing crickets sing.

15. Waking up every morning and realising that it’s a new day.

16. Bubble baths.

17. Giving and receiving random compliments from strangers.

18. If you kill yourself, you will hurt so many people. Imagine how much guilt, grief and anguish you will cause your loved ones.

19. Life is beautiful. Make the most of it.

20. Stop thinking about what is wrong with your life and start thinking about the little things that make life great.

21. How will the person who finds you dead feel? Do you really want to put them through that?

22. Singing in the shower.

23. Looking out the window and seeing the gentle breeze sway the trees.

24. Friends.

25. Stay strong. You are special. You are precious. You have still have so much to give.

26. This is your story. Don’t end it so soon. Live it to the max and come out a fighter!

27. The taste of chocolate melting in your mouth.

28. If you kill yourself, you’ll just become another statistic. Choose to live and make a difference in this world.

29. All those words you still haven’t said yet.

30. Feeling the rain on your skin.

31. Fresh baked cookies.

32. Freshly mowed grass.

33. Breathing in, and breathing out.

34. Hearing the beat of your heart.

35. Enjoying the warm summer air.

36. Walking your dog in the crisp evening breeze.

37. Sipping a coffee and reading the morning newspaper.

38. You’re an amazing person. You’ve lived this long. That gives me hope. Remember, every second is precious. Make the most of it.

39. No one deserves to die. You were brought into this world to live. So LIVE!

40. I’m begging you not to. It would break my heart. No one deserves to die. No one.

50. Autumn leaves.

51. Cuddling under a blanket near the fire with hot tea.

52. Sneaking raw cookie dough from the bowl.

53. Falling asleep to the crickets and frogs. 

54. Waking up to fresh snow. 

55. The last day of school.

56. The first day of summer. 

57. Winter break. 

58. Stuffed animals. 

59. Onesies. 

60. YouTubers. 

61. Your favorite movie.

62. The chance to meet your favorite musician.

63. Laughing so hard you can’t hear the laughter anymore as the tears stream down your face. 

64. Trying new foods (even if they’re weird)

65. Traveling.

66. New friends

67. Your bed

68. Yoga pants

69. Fuzzy socks

70. Disney movies

71. Flannel shirts

72. Sucking the helium from balloons

73. Tyler and Troye saying “slay”

74. Reading picture books even though you’re too old for them

75. Good hair days

76. Netflix

77. Nutella


79. Cute sunglasses

80. Cheesy pickup lines

81. Learning something new

82. Staying up late on the internet when you DEFINITELY should be sleeping

83. Fandom TinyChats, always hoping for your favorite YouTuber to stop by

84. Pillow fights

85. Ice skating

86. Inside jokes

87. Spending way too much money on Bath and Body Works products

88. Midnight (or 3am) snacks

89. Bumping down the stairs on your butt, even though you’re too old for that too.

90. Finally getting comfortable on an airplane and being able to sleep.

91. Looking through old yearbooks and laughing at people you don’t like

92. Polka dots

93. Nerd glasses

94. Ranch dressing

95. Your favorite song

96. Tie dye

97. Piñatas

98. Chocolate!

99. Starbucks

100. Me

I love you.

I am always always always here. I know the feeling, believe me I do. But I can tell you it isn’t worth it, you’d miss more than it’s worth. I’ve seen the suffering, the family, the friends, everyone crying, the whole school in shock, the whole town flipped upside down. She didn’t deserve it, and you don’t either. Please remember that these are only 100 reasons to live, but there are an infinite number of reasons, and each day you will find more, they can be hard to find at a time like this, I realize that, but if each day you can find one thing, one reason, one person that gives you just enough to last that one more day then the next day maybe you’ll find two and so on. It takes time, but it will, I promise you, get better. 

Wishing you all the joy under the sun and stars, stay strong and stay beautiful <3