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Hello what do the green picnic tables mean(aspects I think what they are I'm assuming)? Upside down and right side up? And how to they affect stuff? How important are they and ty I know I'm dumb haha

Do you mean quincunx and semi-sextile? You’re not dumb, you’re just learning!

They are considered minor aspects even though some people find quincux as a highly relevant one. 

Quinux aspects show two energies that don’t understand each other and have a hard time blending together.

Semi-sextiles are similar but they also show potential for growth, understanding of the whole and may not be as compartimentalized as quincunxes.

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How about, in the dorms, they play the worlds biggest game of the floor is lava. Like, not even Tokoyami or Bakugou can resist the game simply because of childhood memories. They place cushions on the stairs so people can go to different floors. Just the kids playing the floor is lava


there are no friends. you have no allies. everyone is out to get you, everyone is out to win, and they will sabotage everyone else in order to secure victory. 

quirks are allowed. because of this, Uraraka and Tokoyami are some of the hardest to knock out of the competition. Uraraka can just make herself float, or make objects hover and jump between them. she’ll cancel out her powers and cause whatever poor soul who happened to be the floating armchair to fall onto the floor. Tokoyami, of course, has his Shadow.

Bakugou, Kaminari or Todoroki take Tokoyami out first. their quirks are the worst match up for Tokoyami, and just like in the sports festival, it all ends rather quickly. 

Kaminari is often taken out fast. partially because he doesn’t wanna hurt anyone with his quirk. partially because he’s just. naturally clumsy.

there are debates about whether Todoroki’s ice counts as lava or as an object. Todoroki insists that it should count as an object because it’s ice, but Mineta and Kaminari think it’s cheating and should be counted as him touching the floor.

Kirishima is REALLY DIFFICULT to knock out because he can make himself hard and block all attacks. he’s usually one of the last few in the game.

Sero can use his tape to bounce from object to object. the only way to knock him out is if you body slam him, or cut his tape mid-swing. he’ll also use his tape to grab onto unsuspecting people to make them stumble and fall to their dramatic deaths. he’s great at knocking people out.

Aoyama is easy to knock to the floor. it’s hard to use his laser indoors and he’s not as agile as the others. he’s usually the first to go.

Mineta is goddamn hard to pick off. his balls stick to ANYTHING and sometimes he’ll just stick to walls and stay out of the chaos. he’ll also throw his balls at people in order to knock them off their balance–they end up in really odd positions, stuck upside down to the side of the counter, or sideways on the back of the couch. either way, they can’t get off and they’re forced to forfeit. 

Momo is somewhere in the middle. she’s great at making objects to defend or help herself, but sometimes it takes too long to make them and she’s knocked out before she can dodge.

Shouji is VERY HARD to knock off balance. but he finds it easy to take people out (in non-harmful ways; even if it’s a competition, he’s not gonna accidentally hurt his classmates). HOWEVER, sometimes his size makes it hard for him to jump onto the smaller objects and he’ll fall over thanks to his own weight.

Tsuyu is queen. she’s super quick and agile and able to stick to anything, and her tongue makes it easy for her to sabotage the others. she is ruthless. (tho she apologizes after every ‘attack’)

Mina has AMAZING reflexes and is hard to hit. she’s usually taken out by her own misjudgement of where she’s landing, or someone accidentally knocking into her. 

Satou and Kouda, like Shouji, are also very big. both have a hard time finding balance when landing on smaller surfaces. Satou’s quirk doesn’t really help him here, and he IS getting better with his balance. Kouda makes up for his lack of balance by sending bugs after people who’re trying to get him out of the game.

Ojirou is goddamn hard to knock off balance with that tail of his. plus, he’s a martial artist, so he’s got a LOT of balance training. he’s usually one of the last few left. 

Jirou is able to use her sound attacks to vibrate tables and the floor in order to throw off the other student’s balance. she is, however, rather easy to knock out b/c it takes concentration to use her attacks, and she leaves herself open.

Iida uses his engines to fly from table to chair to pillow, but sometimes the momentum will make him trip. he finds the game great practice for his control, tho he does get frustrated since he lost a few times at first

Tooru. Tooru is fucking HARD to beat because she plays in her hero outfit (or less) and no one can see where she lands. the only thing they have to by by are her little reaction sounds (from jumping and landing) when figuring out where she is 

and last but not least, Izuku and Bakugou. these two. these two are the GODDAMN HARDEST OF ALL THE STUDENTS TO BEAT. 

THEY’VE BOTH GOT AMAZING REFLEXES, THEY BOTH CAN MANEUVER IN THE AIR, AND PARKOUR IS GODDAMN THEIR MIDDLE NAME. not to mention they’re both SO FUCKING FAST that no one can ever knock them out. fuckers can dodge like no-one’s business, and it frustrates the entire class.

the game almost always ends with these two trying to beat each other. Bakugou gets especially pissed because Izuku learned most of those moves from him, so it’s like he’s fighting a goddamn copy of himself. 

they usually end in a tie. they’ll slam into each other and the’ll both get knocked to the ground. they also have the exact same amount of wins and loses. 

that doesn’t stop the other students from trying to win, tho. they wanna beat Deku and Kacchan because they’re so amazing, and with each game, it gets harder and harder to knock everyone out. 

Bakugou and Izuku actually love this, because it means more training and fighting each other at their best (well, as much as they can in a game like this)

Aizawa and All Might usually watch from the corners to make sure no one gets seriously hurt. they’re so proud of their kids, tho, because this training is so good for them. it’s harmless and great for honing reflexes and attacks.

also, they just love to see their kids improve. what proud dads

Tree Bros Oneshot: Evan’s Birthday

AN: hey everyone! this is my first deh oneshot, so i hope you enjoy. 

July 10: Connor and Evan have been dating for a few months now, and today is Evan’s birthday. Connor has no idea what to get him, so he seeks help from his sister Zoe and Evan’s other friend Jared. Unfortunately, they’re as clueless as he is. 

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,123

“I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know!” Connor panicked, pacing back and forth in his bedroom.

It was currently noon, and Connor had planned to pick up Evan for a little birthday date at four, but there was one problem. He didn’t have a present. 

“Dude, calm down. Just get him like a plant or something. He likes trees, right?” Jared sat in Connor’s office chair, spinning in circles and acting calmer than the Murphy boy. 

“Why don’t you buy him a Keurig? Everyone loves Keurigs,” Zoe chimed in. She was sprawled out on Connor’s bed with her head hanging upside down off the side. 

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Supergirl Ao3 Fic Masterpost

Since it’s the hiatus and y'all might be looking for something to read, here’s a comprehensive list of all my Supergirl fanfictions.

All 19 (and counting!) of them.

Here we go!


certain dark things


SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

“The pain comes in waves, like the crash of the tide against the shore- the sea merciless and unrelenting in its assault of the sand. It threatens to consume her, to drown her, to pull her from the safety of land and batter her against the jagged edges of the rocks that protrude from the waves until she is in pieces, scattered, like so many grains of sand.

Like falling snow slipping through grasping fingers, like smoke wafting from the end of a lit cigarette, like dandelion seeds dancing on the wind.

Intangible, untouchable, like fine mist on a cool morning.

The pain comes in waves, and she is utterly helpless against it.”



SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

Kara zor-El looks down at her chest, at the glyph that has never held any meaning other than hope in her eyes, and is shamed.

This, her family’s emblem- el mayarah, stronger together- has never made her feel more set apart than it does in this moment.

Inspired by one of the Kara/Lena scenes from 2x03

mild AU in which Lex was killed by Kal-El during his attempts to destroy Metropolis

the girl of shadow


Alex-centric fic.

Alex Danvers has dedicated her whole life to protecting her sister, and she would do it all again in a heartbeat.

She’s just not sure who she would do it for.

Inspired by For The Girl Who Has Everything | 500 word Alex angst challenge

of potstickers and preferences


SuperCorp adorableness. Kara-centric.

Because really, who serves potstickers at a gala?

Shameless fluff. Fix-it fic (sort of) to make up for the lack of Kara/Lena interactions at the gala.



Winn-centric. Winn/Alex brOTP.

In which Winn does something stupid, Alex seizes the opportunity to put on her Big Sister pants, and the family we find isn’t always the one we were born into.



Sanvers. Alex-centric.

Shit hits the fan at work, and Alex finds herself struggling to cope in the aftermath of a mission that goes sideways.

Maggie is there to help her get through it.

a reason to smile


Sanvers. Alex-centric. Drabble.

The result of the most dangerous question on the planet- ‘what if?’

What if Alex had met Maggie before, back in college, during her party girl days?



SuperCorp. Kara-centric.

kintsukuroi (n.) - the art of repairing something with gold, and realizing that the object is all the more beautiful for having been broken


It’s the anniversary of the day of Krypton’s death. Kara’s not in the best state of mind, and Lena tries her hardest to reach her.



SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

SuperCorp, post-winter finale.

Fix-it fic for the totally unresolved matter of Lena Luthor in the aftermath of her mother’s arrest.

Lena’s settling in for a quiet night of drinking away her sorrows, but Kara’s not willing to let her fall into a bottle.

in the absence of the sun


SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

It’s the anniversary of the day Lena’s mother died, and Kara opens up some old wounds when she digs into it.

Kara’s only trying to help, but the story of that night is more complicated than she knows.

Oneshots in the uncompleted ‘SuperCorp AU’ collection:

of art room supply cabinets and a lack of caffeine


SuperCorp. Kara-centric.

The last thing Kara Danvers expects to find in one of the art room supply cabinets is a person. Vaguely suggestive figurines? Sure. Abandoned sculptures? Maybe. But definitely not a person.

And especially not one with dark hair, green eyes, and a downright killer smile.


The university SuperCorp oneshot AU you were all hoping and praying for.

of misunderstandings and morning detentions


SuperCorp. Kara-centric. High school.

Kara Danvers has detention. So does a certain kryptonite-eyed individual.


She’s just perfecting her vacant stare when the sound of the door hinges squealing in protest breaks her concentration. Her attention snaps towards the doorway, where a girl with dark hair, green eyes, and an absolutely wicked smile meets her eyes- and winks.

A bright crimson flush spreads across her cheeks as she quickly averts her gaze, having suddenly developed an intense desire to count every single one of the tally marks scratched into the battered desk in front of her. “Miss Luthor, we don’t have all day to wait for you to get inside and shut the door,” McCarthy snaps, gesturing towards the other students- most of whom suppress a long-suffering sigh as he glowers. “Take a seat.”

Multi-Chapter WIPs:



SuperCorp. Angst. Slow burn.

Lena’s just trying to drink away the day when she gets a not-so unexpected visitor on her roof.

Post 2x08.

Fix-it fic.

Kind of.

give me touch


SuperCorp. Introspective.


Kara needs it.

Lena hates it.

A look into why they turned out this way.

these memories, they haunt me


SuperCorp. Lena-centric. The Morgana reincarnation!AU you didn’t know you needed.

“I know you’ll be there for me when the time comes.”

Kara’s departure is hasty, and for that, Lena is grateful.

If she’d lingered a few seconds more, she would have seen Lena’s lowered eyes flash gold.

My interpretation of the Lena/Kara scene from 2x04 and Lena’s shady look at the end of it.

tabula rasa


SuperCorp. Sanvers. Other pairings.

who can we become, when we no longer wish to be ourselves?

what remains when we are hollowed?

Alternate Universe- Dollhouse

our souls entwined


SuperCorp. Daemons!AU

Alternate Universe. Set in a world where the people of Earth have Daemons, physical forms of their souls that exist outside their body in the form of animal companions.

In which Lena is a girl with witch-blood in her veins, and Kara is a girl whose soul has never settled.

This is the story of two girls who have never fit in with anybody else- except each other.

stranger in her skin


Lena-centric. Growing up. Eventual SuperCorp.

“She is fourteen the first time she tries to run away.

It’s not something she plans- she just walks out of the house one day and doesn’t feel like coming back.”

Lena-centric fic set during her childhood. Basically the teen!Lena growing up fic you didn’t ask for and got anyways. :)

dust and shadow


SuperCorp. Harry Potter!AU

The SuperCorp Hogwarts AU you probably weren’t looking for that my trashy gay brain couldn’t help but writing.


Kara is only nine years old when her world ends.

There’s a flash of green light that passes through the glass of the windowshield as though it were as insubstantial as smoke that strikes her father squarely in the chest and then the wheel jerks and the world is spinning spinning spinning-

Her mother’s screams echo in her ears as the world turns upside down and right side up and upside down all over again. She’s reaching for her, fingers outstretched- Kara! -but her mother’s belt won’t loosen and neither will hers and all she knows is that she wants to get out, she wants to move-

They stop falling.

This was all typed and formatted on mobile, so just know I definitely did suffer while making this.

Happy reading! :)

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Hey there, I want to start learning runes, do you have any master post or so? I have so many questions. One being that if the rune falls upside down ( only one side is carved right?) then? Do you throw the runes in a circle or shake in a bag and pick

I hope this answered your question. The runes are spelled differently, it seems like everyone spells the translated name out wrong.

And I realized I didn’t answer the second part to your rune casting question, yes, you can shake the bag. You need to do what is the most comfortable to you!

If you have any questions, just send me another ask. I wanted to do this right.


I do offer Rune Readings in my store! Check that out here

Dig Diary, March 10, 2017:

It is very hot in Luxor right now, so the team often takes a break under the marquee that the Hopkins University team has loaned us (thank you, Betsy!). From left to right are Dr. Jacobus van Dijk of Groningen, who is studying the Sakhmet statues and their epithets with me; our senior Egyptian inspector, Mme Shemaa Mahmoud Ahmed; our second inspector, Mr. Yusuf Mohamed Ahmed; and me. Mary McKercher, of course, is behind the camera as usual.

While we’re not excavating this year (the season is too short), we are carrying out a few useful, small projects. First, at the request of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) we began on March 4 to cut back the reeds that have once again taken over the northern ends of the sacred lake, particularly on the east side. You can see how thick and tall they have grown in the past year.

Our second project is to clean off the dirt that has accumulated over the past 35 years or so on a Ramesses II doorjamb that we discovered lying on what’s left of the mud brick core of Temple A’s 2nd Pylon. We’ll build a small wall around it to prevent further encroachment. We decided to remove the large undecorated block standing beside it because it obscured a re-used relief in the pylon’s stone facing.

This was no easy task as the rock is not only heavy but awkwardly shaped. However, our workers were able to get it up and out fairly quickly; they do this kind of thing all the time. We admire both their strength and their skill.

To our surprise, we found that the bottom of the Ramesses II block, which we had never cleared, was also decorated! The way the block is lying, the “new” scene, probably from the east face of the 25th Dynasty pylon, is upside down. Seen right side up here, it consists of the crowns of 2 facing figures and several columns of text. The tall plumes on the right probably belong to Amun, and the plumes and sun disk are probably a king. Unfortunately no names are preserved.

You are looking southeast at Temple A’s 2nd Pylon, built in Dynasty 25. The blocks came almost entirely from earlier monuments, including the Ramesses III temple southwest of the sacred lake, which was no longer in use. The reliefs and sculptures were split apart when necessary and their rear surfaces smoothed to form the face of the pylon. This is most obvious in the pylon’s north wing (bottom of picture) where the decay of the mud brick core has made the blocks more visible. The south wing seems to have been built entirely of stone.

Here’s a more detailed view of the inner side of the east facing. The two torsos and upside down head came from the Ramesses III temple. Other reliefs date from earlier in the New Kingdom. The relief on the left, by the way, is the one that was partially hidden by the block we moved.

At the end of a long, hot day, we sit on our hotel balcony and watch the sun set. One evening recently, this enormous flock of ibises flew by heading north. There must have been hundreds altogether.

At the end of a long, hot day, we sit on our hotel balcony and watch the sun set over the Nile. It is a sight that never fails to awe and amaze us.

Posted by Richard Fazzini

Pregnancy Tests

Word Count: 1,026

Requested: No

“Oh my god Shawn. I’m going to throw up,” you said, staring at the box of pregnancy tests. You rocked back and forth on your heels, still not opening the box in front of you.

“You’ve already thrown up twice. I don’t think anything else will come out, babe,” Shawn chuckled lightly, resulting in you throwing a death stare in his direction. His chuckles immediately died down as he stepped closer to you, taking your hand in his. He rubbed his thumb over the back of yours gently, calming you down. 

“Love, I just need you to know, whatever the result is, it does not change how much I love you. Baby or no baby, I love you,” he says in a calming voice. He leaned down and kissed your nose softly making your nose scrunch up.

“I just can’t do this,” your body shook as you spoke. You didn’t know what result you wanted. Of course you wanted a child with Shawn, but at the same time you didn’t feel ready. You knew having a child would disrupt Shawn’s career. But you also knew the thought of having a child with Shawn made this warm feeling grow in your stomach. Just the thought made you extremely happy. You just weren’t ready for either answer. 

Your hand reached out to grab one of the white sticks, but Shawn’s hand reached out and stopped you. You withdrew your hand, slightly confused when Shawn didn’t say anything and saw him instead pick up one of the sticks.

“Stay right here. Don’t do anything yet,” he told you as he walked out of the bathroom with the test, giving your hand a light squeeze and a kiss on the cheek before he left. You stood in the middle of the bathroom confused. You didn’t know what to say or think other than what the hell is he doing?

You stood in the middle of the bathroom for several seconds before Shawn came running back, test in hand. You looked at the test and back at Shawn, when the realization of what he did hit you.

“Did you- did you just pee on this? You do realize this isn’t how it works, right? You know I’m supposed to pee on it?” you questioned him, looking at him like he was crazy.

“Now we can go through this together,” Shawn said nonchalantly, as if guys just peed on pregnancy tests everyday. A smile grew on your face at his gesture, making you less nervous. 

You grabbed one of the tests as Shawn turned around, giving you privacy. You quickly did your business, then placed the test next to Shawn’s. Shawn set the timer for five minutes, then turned both tests upside down so the sides that revealed positive or negative were face down. You looked at him confused again before he spoke up.

“This way it will be a surprise. Both of them,” he explained making you roll your eyes and laugh. You had to admit, his small gestures were adorable and helped calm your nerves. 

You sat on the toilet, waiting for the timer to signal your test was ready. Shawn kneeled in front of you, his hand resting on your leg that was bouncing up and down continuously. He caressed your knee softly, in attempt to calm you down, but it didn’t do much good. The two of you sat in nervous silence for the 5 minutes, you too nervous to say anything and he didn’t even know what to say to calm you down in this situation.

Finally, the timer went off, making your heart race. You jumped to stand up, but Shawn pushed you down gently.

“Let me check mine first,” he said with a smile. He went over to the tests and turned his over. He picked it up, reading the answer, before looking at you with a clearly devastated expression.

“It’s negative,” he said, turning it around so you could see. You giggled, as he looked genuinely upset, wondering if he maybe expected his to be positive. You placed your hand on his cheek gently, jutting your bottom lip out to give him a pout.

“I’m sorry, baby. Maybe next time,” you said softly, rubbing his face with your hand. A smile grew on his face as he grabbed your hand.

“You ready?” He asked softly. You hesitated, before giving a short nod. 

You closed your eyes, reaching your hand to grab the test. You heard Shawn take in a sharp breath as you lifted the test so you could read it. You opened your eyes slowly before seeing the result. There was two lines. Two beautiful lines. Two lines that gave you the answer you were secretly hoping for- you were pregnant.

You almost dropped the test from your hand as excitement filled your whole body. Tears pricked your eyes, making you blink a few times to will them away. Your heartbeat quickened. You were out of words.

“Baby? What is it? Was it…” his voice trailed off, clearly worried. 

“Positive. It’s positive. It’s positive, Shawn!” You almost yelled, leaping forward into his arms. It took him a minute to register, his eyes wide open and his mouth agape. A smile quickly took shape on his face when he realized what you had said, making his arms wrap tight around you. He was speechless, as he spun you in circles, leaving kisses in your hair. He set you down, holding your face in both hands. His eyes were red from tears forming from joy.

“We’re having a baby,” he said quietly, still in shock. You nodded quickly, the tears now spilling.

“Oh my god, please don’t cry. This is a happy moment. You’re going to make me cry,” he said, wiping your tears. 

“I’m sorry… I’m just so upset that your test was negative,” you joked, making Shawn let out a small laugh.

“Well… I guess we can always try again?” He winked and lifted you up in his arms, giving you a hard, loving kiss. You smiled into it, knowing that this was the only person you’d want to share this moment with.

So … apparently all the stages names for this HesoWars event are named after musicals ! 

EDIT: Thanks to @deadybones for the references corrections !

  1. Upside-down Side Story (West Side Story)
  2. The Dodge-ball lovers (EDIT: The Rochefort Lovers is the Japanese title of “Les Demoiselles de Rochefort” )
  3. Brief (Grease)
  4. Blues Brassieres (Blues Brothers)
  5. Ani (lit. mean big brother, Carrie ? EDIT: it’s probably Annie)
  6. Oh My Little Shop (The Little Pet Shop of Horrors crossed w/ Ozaki’s “Oh my little girl”)
  7. Muramura Rouge (muramura means aroused, Moulin Rouge)
  8. Fresh Spray (Hiyasu Spray, Hair Spray)
  9. LesLesLes Miserables (Les Miserables + Rerere no Ojisan)
  10. La La Lunch (La La Land)
Cheater Part Seven

A/N: I didn’t realize it had been more than two months since I posted part six. This part is kind of a filler but it is important to the story line sorta. This is so unedited so if you see any mistakes, let me know. I hope you enjoy and that this was worth the wait

Word Count: 1093

Warnings: A few curse words but that’s it

Tags at the bottom

Cheater Masterlist

When you woke up, you felt a moment of confusion before everything came to you. It’s hard to believe that in just one day your whole life was turned upside down.

By your side was Tony, who was still asleep and it had looked like he had stayed asleep all night. Looking at the small clock next to him, you saw that it was a little after eight which meant that Y/D/N was most likely up and bugging whoever had watched her last night.

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It’s Will who believes that El will come home, not Mike.

Mike saw the little girl who lived in his basement for a week, burst into black ash. He misses her everyday, without a doubt in his mind - but he doesn’t think she’d come home.

But what Mike nor the boys or their new friend Max (who they met at the new arcade) is that he has flashes between the Upside Down and Right-Side up. He sees a fragile girl, in a dress he remembers that Nancy wore religiously. Mucky socks that looked like Mike’s.

The first time he asked about El, he asked Mike (as he spent the most time with her) only to watch his best friend for over a decade burst into tears - sobbing his heart out, but still able to get his words out between his sobs.

The broken girl in his visions was El. The girl with the superpowers that Dustin over sells, the girl who Lucas treated wrong at the start, and the girl who stole his best friend’s heart.

Eleven. With the telekinetic powers? She made the door slam shut multiple times, she flipped a van, she contacted him from an old pool, she killed the Demogorgon for crying out loud! Well, apparently she killed it…

The next time he sees her in his vision, she’s curled up in a little ball, in what looks like a fort - like the one in Mike’s basement. She’s shivering and shaking like crazy. So he gives her the plaid shirt he took of Hopper (who’s more like a father to him than his own and his mother’s new boyfriend…) And promised her that he’d bring her home.

The last thing he hears is the little girl’s shaky voice of. “Mike,”

He asks Mike about the fort (which causes a second round of tears in front of him) and explained that it was El’s, he made it for her when he found her in the woods when they went looking for him.

As Halloween dawned closer, the boys decided on The Ghostbusters and Max - a ghost, Will had gone from having the visions from once a week to twice until they were at least three times a day. There was this unspoken connection between the two (not the same as Mike and El’s) as they tried and failed to get El home.

Will finally decided to tell the boys about the slugs and the visions and El. It took a while to explain as his visions increased slowly.

Dustin had taken in a slug that Will had thrown up (and struggled to get rid of it) but was instantly on board with bring her home.

Lucas was a little skeptical about Will’s visions and El, but if Dustin was in - why leave the crazy teen on his own.

Max was in as well, missing out on the crazy adventure the boys had last year. And wanting to be involved this year.

Mike was sat on the fence (not knowing if Will was telling the truth, he watched El disappear into ash) he asked what she looked like. Will got it spot on - apart from now she had curly hair like Dustin’s (which made the boy shout with happiness), her dress is in tatters, she’s covered in dirt and grime, and she doesn’t have her shoes anymore.

It sounded like the same El that left him heartbroken. And he missed her. And Will has never lied to him, he’s only tried to protect his broken heart that’s not mending till El’s back.

The first attempted rescue ended in disaster as Will flashed into the Upside Down and El was fading fast. He didn’t last long there, and El told him to let her go, to leave her here to die.

Mike sobbed when Will told them what happened. El had suddenly arrived into their lives in November 1983, but she crashed into Mike’s world and left a huge hole and no postcard.

The second was slightly successful, Will decided to hold El’s hand, and try bring her home this way. When he left the Upside Down, he opened his eyes and saw the plaid shirt in his hand he gave her.

Mike whipped it out of Will’s hands and held it to his face, it smelt more of El than it did of Hopper or Will, and had a slight warmth to it. It was definitely her. The shirt smelt like El’s pillow or her blankets.

‘Third times the charm’ is what Hopper had always told Will. And he was right. Lucas had suggested instead of holding El’s hand, maybe he should hug her and maybe he’ll bring her home. Will knew Mike was attached to the girl quickly, so Will pulled Mike aside and asked for his permission - a little bit childish, but asked anyway.

And with Mike’s permission, Will went back to the Upside Down for what felt like the millionth time, and had a small conversation with her before he felt like he was going home. Also with El’s permission, he gently hugged the small girl (he’d finally met someone smaller than him!) and flashed back to the Right-Side Up.

Before Will had even opened his eyes, he heard the loud sob of Mike and one word. “El,”

Korean vocab list: Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) - Chase Me

Watch the MV here.

자꾸  repeatedly; frequently; always; again and again
짜릿하다 (be) pungent; piquant; spicy tingling; prickling; aching; smarting
원하다 desire; wish; want
텅 빈 empty / vacant / bare / void / hollow / deserted.
사람들 people
꿈속 dream
따분하다 boring
어제 yesterday
간단하다 simple; brief; short; plain; light; easy
오늘 today
뭐 what
하다 to do
발칙하다  outrageous; mean; rude
장난 a game; play; mischief; prank; a joke; trick
시작하다  begin; start; set up
어둡다  (be) dark; dim; dusky; murky; gloomy
밤 night
몰래 secretly; privately; quietly; stealthily; imperceptibly; furtively; clandestinely
다가가다 go[come / get] near; approach; step[come] up to; steal up.
뛰어들다 jump [leap] into; rush into; run into; dive into
폭죽 firecracker
막 just; just now; (be) about to; (be) on the point of
터지다  explode; burst; break out; occur [happen] suddenly; blow up
깜짝 with surprise; with a start; all of a sudden
놀라다 (1) be surprised [astonished, amazed, shocked]; be startled; be astounded (at); be stunned; jump; be taken aback (by) (2) be frightened [startled, alarmed] at; be horror-struck; be terrified; have a fright
깜짝 놀라다 be startled all of a sudden[out of one´s wits]; bat an eyelid; eyebrows go up; be rocked on one´s heel
조용하다 quiet; silent; still; calm; tranquil; serene; peaceful;
세상 world
잔뜩 till full; to the fullest; extremely; intensely; heavily
소란하다  clamorous, tumultuous, loud, noisy, riotous, emotionally or mentally agitated; disturbing; troubled
막다 block (up); obstruct; stop; check; intercept; defend; protect; keep away [off, out, back]; ward off; prevent; provide against (a disease)
한번 once; one time
잡다 catch; hold; take hold of; capture;
아슬아슬 risky; dangerous; thrilling; critical; close; narrow; near
거리 a street; a road; distance; a difference; a gap
거리에서 on the street; in the street
벌써 already; yet; long ago; by now [this time]
거기 that place; there; there; to that place;
이번 this time; recently; lately; present; new; now; next time; shortly; soon; next; last; recent
또 again; once more; another time; for the second time; repeatedly; in succession
어디 where
가다 go
찾다 seek for [after]; search (for); hunt (up)
멈추다 stop; cease; put a stop to; bring to a stop[halt]; halt
더 more
다르다 different
숨어들다 steal in[into]; get in by stealth
나쁘다 bad
본능 instinct
따르다 follow; go after; obey
빨갛다 red
사과 apple
한 one
입 mouth
한 입에 at a gulp[mouthful]
딱 accurately; exactly; tightly; firmly; definitely; resolutely; flatly; wide
베다 cut; chop
물다 bite
베어 물다 sever[cut off] with one´s teeth; bite off
착하다 nice; good; virtuous; gentle; kind
아이 a child; a kid
틀 a frame; framework; a mold
맞추다  fix into; frame; put together; set (it) (right); correct (it); adjust; adapt; conform; fit;
그저 only; merely; simply; slightly; just
규칙적인 regular
심장 the heart
박동 pulsation; palpitation; beat
심장박동 heartbeat
위 the upper part; the upside; the top side; the above
위에 above; over
일곱 seven
가지 a kind; a sort; a class; a variety
작다 small; little; tiny
놀이 play; game
선물하다 give [make, send] (a person) a present; make a gift (to)
매일 every day; each day; daily
기억 memory; mind; memorization; remembrance; recollection
모두 all; everyone; everybody; everything;
꺼내다 pull [draw] out; take [bring] out
들다 hold (in one’s hand); carry [have, take] (a thing) in one’s hand; have
가득 full; to capacity; filled (with)
던지다  throw; hurl; fling; cast; toss; pitch
폭풍 storm
휘몰아치다 blow violently [boisterously]; blow hard; blow great guns; storm boisterously; fall in whirls; fall thick and fast
어지럽다 (be) dizzy; be in disorder; (be) troubled; chaotic; turbulent; disturbed; disorganized
포근하다 soft and comfortable; downy; fluffy
베개 pillow
조금 a little
축축하다 slightly [moderately] wet; moist; damp
바쁘다 busy
아직 yet; as yet; still
많다  many
호기심 curiosity
가득하다 full  
상상 imagination
다 all; at (the) most; as much as one can
펼치다 open, outspread, lay out
짓궂다 ill-tempered; ill-natured; unlucky; unfortunate; cursed; malicious; (mildly) mischievous; prankful;
또 again; once more; and; moreover;
잘 well
모르다 do not know  
바로 rightly; honestly; just; exactly; immediately;
뒤쫓다  follow up, chase, pursue
네 your
모습 features; looks; appearance; a shape; a figure; a visage; an image; a face
가까워지다  v. become close, approach, appeal to -, turn to -; come near to
그렇게 like that; so; so much;
쉽게 easily
잡히다 be caught
계속 continuation; continuance; succession;
쫓다 run after (a person); chase; pursue;
끝 end
까지 till; until;
끝까지 out, until the end
숨 breath
차다 be out; fall[become] due; run out
내 my
새롭다 new; fresh;
내일 tomorrow