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Supergirl Ao3 Fic Masterpost

Since it’s the hiatus and y'all might be looking for something to read, here’s a comprehensive list of all my Supergirl fanfictions.

All 19 (and counting!) of them.

Here we go!


certain dark things


SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

“The pain comes in waves, like the crash of the tide against the shore- the sea merciless and unrelenting in its assault of the sand. It threatens to consume her, to drown her, to pull her from the safety of land and batter her against the jagged edges of the rocks that protrude from the waves until she is in pieces, scattered, like so many grains of sand.

Like falling snow slipping through grasping fingers, like smoke wafting from the end of a lit cigarette, like dandelion seeds dancing on the wind.

Intangible, untouchable, like fine mist on a cool morning.

The pain comes in waves, and she is utterly helpless against it.”



SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

Kara zor-El looks down at her chest, at the glyph that has never held any meaning other than hope in her eyes, and is shamed.

This, her family’s emblem- el mayarah, stronger together- has never made her feel more set apart than it does in this moment.

Inspired by one of the Kara/Lena scenes from 2x03

mild AU in which Lex was killed by Kal-El during his attempts to destroy Metropolis

the girl of shadow


Alex-centric fic.

Alex Danvers has dedicated her whole life to protecting her sister, and she would do it all again in a heartbeat.

She’s just not sure who she would do it for.

Inspired by For The Girl Who Has Everything | 500 word Alex angst challenge

of potstickers and preferences


SuperCorp adorableness. Kara-centric.

Because really, who serves potstickers at a gala?

Shameless fluff. Fix-it fic (sort of) to make up for the lack of Kara/Lena interactions at the gala.



Winn-centric. Winn/Alex brOTP.

In which Winn does something stupid, Alex seizes the opportunity to put on her Big Sister pants, and the family we find isn’t always the one we were born into.



Sanvers. Alex-centric.

Shit hits the fan at work, and Alex finds herself struggling to cope in the aftermath of a mission that goes sideways.

Maggie is there to help her get through it.

a reason to smile


Sanvers. Alex-centric. Drabble.

The result of the most dangerous question on the planet- ‘what if?’

What if Alex had met Maggie before, back in college, during her party girl days?



SuperCorp. Kara-centric.

kintsukuroi (n.) - the art of repairing something with gold, and realizing that the object is all the more beautiful for having been broken


It’s the anniversary of the day of Krypton’s death. Kara’s not in the best state of mind, and Lena tries her hardest to reach her.



SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

SuperCorp, post-winter finale.

Fix-it fic for the totally unresolved matter of Lena Luthor in the aftermath of her mother’s arrest.

Lena’s settling in for a quiet night of drinking away her sorrows, but Kara’s not willing to let her fall into a bottle.

in the absence of the sun


SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

It’s the anniversary of the day Lena’s mother died, and Kara opens up some old wounds when she digs into it.

Kara’s only trying to help, but the story of that night is more complicated than she knows.

Oneshots in the uncompleted ‘SuperCorp AU’ collection:

of art room supply cabinets and a lack of caffeine


SuperCorp. Kara-centric.

The last thing Kara Danvers expects to find in one of the art room supply cabinets is a person. Vaguely suggestive figurines? Sure. Abandoned sculptures? Maybe. But definitely not a person.

And especially not one with dark hair, green eyes, and a downright killer smile.


The university SuperCorp oneshot AU you were all hoping and praying for.

of misunderstandings and morning detentions


SuperCorp. Kara-centric. High school.

Kara Danvers has detention. So does a certain kryptonite-eyed individual.


She’s just perfecting her vacant stare when the sound of the door hinges squealing in protest breaks her concentration. Her attention snaps towards the doorway, where a girl with dark hair, green eyes, and an absolutely wicked smile meets her eyes- and winks.

A bright crimson flush spreads across her cheeks as she quickly averts her gaze, having suddenly developed an intense desire to count every single one of the tally marks scratched into the battered desk in front of her. “Miss Luthor, we don’t have all day to wait for you to get inside and shut the door,” McCarthy snaps, gesturing towards the other students- most of whom suppress a long-suffering sigh as he glowers. “Take a seat.”

Multi-Chapter WIPs:



SuperCorp. Angst. Slow burn.

Lena’s just trying to drink away the day when she gets a not-so unexpected visitor on her roof.

Post 2x08.

Fix-it fic.

Kind of.

give me touch


SuperCorp. Introspective.


Kara needs it.

Lena hates it.

A look into why they turned out this way.

these memories, they haunt me


SuperCorp. Lena-centric. The Morgana reincarnation!AU you didn’t know you needed.

“I know you’ll be there for me when the time comes.”

Kara’s departure is hasty, and for that, Lena is grateful.

If she’d lingered a few seconds more, she would have seen Lena’s lowered eyes flash gold.

My interpretation of the Lena/Kara scene from 2x04 and Lena’s shady look at the end of it.

tabula rasa


SuperCorp. Sanvers. Other pairings.

who can we become, when we no longer wish to be ourselves?

what remains when we are hollowed?

Alternate Universe- Dollhouse

our souls entwined


SuperCorp. Daemons!AU

Alternate Universe. Set in a world where the people of Earth have Daemons, physical forms of their souls that exist outside their body in the form of animal companions.

In which Lena is a girl with witch-blood in her veins, and Kara is a girl whose soul has never settled.

This is the story of two girls who have never fit in with anybody else- except each other.

stranger in her skin


Lena-centric. Growing up. Eventual SuperCorp.

“She is fourteen the first time she tries to run away.

It’s not something she plans- she just walks out of the house one day and doesn’t feel like coming back.”

Lena-centric fic set during her childhood. Basically the teen!Lena growing up fic you didn’t ask for and got anyways. :)

dust and shadow


SuperCorp. Harry Potter!AU

The SuperCorp Hogwarts AU you probably weren’t looking for that my trashy gay brain couldn’t help but writing.


Kara is only nine years old when her world ends.

There’s a flash of green light that passes through the glass of the windowshield as though it were as insubstantial as smoke that strikes her father squarely in the chest and then the wheel jerks and the world is spinning spinning spinning-

Her mother’s screams echo in her ears as the world turns upside down and right side up and upside down all over again. She’s reaching for her, fingers outstretched- Kara! -but her mother’s belt won’t loosen and neither will hers and all she knows is that she wants to get out, she wants to move-

They stop falling.

This was all typed and formatted on mobile, so just know I definitely did suffer while making this.

Happy reading! :)

Tree Bros Oneshot: Evan’s Birthday

AN: hey everyone! this is my first deh oneshot, so i hope you enjoy. 

July 10: Connor and Evan have been dating for a few months now, and today is Evan’s birthday. Connor has no idea what to get him, so he seeks help from his sister Zoe and Evan’s other friend Jared. Unfortunately, they’re as clueless as he is. 

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,123

“I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know!” Connor panicked, pacing back and forth in his bedroom.

It was currently noon, and Connor had planned to pick up Evan for a little birthday date at four, but there was one problem. He didn’t have a present. 

“Dude, calm down. Just get him like a plant or something. He likes trees, right?” Jared sat in Connor’s office chair, spinning in circles and acting calmer than the Murphy boy. 

“Why don’t you buy him a Keurig? Everyone loves Keurigs,” Zoe chimed in. She was sprawled out on Connor’s bed with her head hanging upside down off the side. 

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Dig Diary, March 10, 2017:

It is very hot in Luxor right now, so the team often takes a break under the marquee that the Hopkins University team has loaned us (thank you, Betsy!). From left to right are Dr. Jacobus van Dijk of Groningen, who is studying the Sakhmet statues and their epithets with me; our senior Egyptian inspector, Mme Shemaa Mahmoud Ahmed; our second inspector, Mr. Yusuf Mohamed Ahmed; and me. Mary McKercher, of course, is behind the camera as usual.

While we’re not excavating this year (the season is too short), we are carrying out a few useful, small projects. First, at the request of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) we began on March 4 to cut back the reeds that have once again taken over the northern ends of the sacred lake, particularly on the east side. You can see how thick and tall they have grown in the past year.

Our second project is to clean off the dirt that has accumulated over the past 35 years or so on a Ramesses II doorjamb that we discovered lying on what’s left of the mud brick core of Temple A’s 2nd Pylon. We’ll build a small wall around it to prevent further encroachment. We decided to remove the large undecorated block standing beside it because it obscured a re-used relief in the pylon’s stone facing.

This was no easy task as the rock is not only heavy but awkwardly shaped. However, our workers were able to get it up and out fairly quickly; they do this kind of thing all the time. We admire both their strength and their skill.

To our surprise, we found that the bottom of the Ramesses II block, which we had never cleared, was also decorated! The way the block is lying, the “new” scene, probably from the east face of the 25th Dynasty pylon, is upside down. Seen right side up here, it consists of the crowns of 2 facing figures and several columns of text. The tall plumes on the right probably belong to Amun, and the plumes and sun disk are probably a king. Unfortunately no names are preserved.

You are looking southeast at Temple A’s 2nd Pylon, built in Dynasty 25. The blocks came almost entirely from earlier monuments, including the Ramesses III temple southwest of the sacred lake, which was no longer in use. The reliefs and sculptures were split apart when necessary and their rear surfaces smoothed to form the face of the pylon. This is most obvious in the pylon’s north wing (bottom of picture) where the decay of the mud brick core has made the blocks more visible. The south wing seems to have been built entirely of stone.

Here’s a more detailed view of the inner side of the east facing. The two torsos and upside down head came from the Ramesses III temple. Other reliefs date from earlier in the New Kingdom. The relief on the left, by the way, is the one that was partially hidden by the block we moved.

At the end of a long, hot day, we sit on our hotel balcony and watch the sun set. One evening recently, this enormous flock of ibises flew by heading north. There must have been hundreds altogether.

At the end of a long, hot day, we sit on our hotel balcony and watch the sun set over the Nile. It is a sight that never fails to awe and amaze us.

Posted by Richard Fazzini

Stay With Me

Request: Pre apocalypse- you’re pregnant with Negans baby. You just found out about his affair. When you tell him that your pregnant you put the divorce on hold. He proves that he loves you and it was a mistake. And is there for you and the baby. - Anon

Pairings: Negan x Reader (pre-apocalypse)

Warnings: language. angst.

Note: I sort of tweaked this request a tiny bit but it works great I promise.

Two Weeks Ago

You grabbed the laundry basket tightly and held it against you as you made your way to the laundry room in your home. Kicking the door open with your foot, you tossed the basket onto the dryer. You stared to sort through the clothes and toss them into the washer one by one. When the basket was almost empty, the home phone suddenly began to ring, a shrill noise echoing off of the walls.

Dropping what you were doing, you trotted out to the living room. Finding the phone lying on the small side table beside the couch, you picked it up and pressed answer. You didn’t get a chance to say hello or any other greeting since a voice started to speak immediately.

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So … apparently all the stages names for this HesoWars event are named after musicals ! 

EDIT: Thanks to @deadybones for the references corrections !

  1. Upside-down Side Story (West Side Story)
  2. The Dodge-ball lovers (EDIT: The Rochefort Lovers is the Japanese title of “Les Demoiselles de Rochefort” )
  3. Brief (Grease)
  4. Blues Brassieres (Blues Brothers)
  5. Ani (lit. mean big brother, Carrie ? EDIT: it’s probably Annie)
  6. Oh My Little Shop (The Little Pet Shop of Horrors crossed w/ Ozaki’s “Oh my little girl”)
  7. Muramura Rouge (muramura means aroused, Moulin Rouge)
  8. Fresh Spray (Hiyasu Spray, Hair Spray)
  9. LesLesLes Miserables (Les Miserables + Rerere no Ojisan)
  10. La La Lunch (La La Land)

anonymous asked:

How about, in the dorms, they play the worlds biggest game of the floor is lava. Like, not even Tokoyami or Bakugou can resist the game simply because of childhood memories. They place cushions on the stairs so people can go to different floors. Just the kids playing the floor is lava


there are no friends. you have no allies. everyone is out to get you, everyone is out to win, and they will sabotage everyone else in order to secure victory. 

quirks are allowed. because of this, Uraraka and Tokoyami are some of the hardest to knock out of the competition. Uraraka can just make herself float, or make objects hover and jump between them. she’ll cancel out her powers and cause whatever poor soul who happened to be the floating armchair to fall onto the floor. Tokoyami, of course, has his Shadow.

Bakugou, Kaminari or Todoroki take Tokoyami out first. their quirks are the worst match up for Tokoyami, and just like in the sports festival, it all ends rather quickly. 

Kaminari is often taken out fast. partially because he doesn’t wanna hurt anyone with his quirk. partially because he’s just. naturally clumsy.

there are debates about whether Todoroki’s ice counts as lava or as an object. Todoroki insists that it should count as an object because it’s ice, but Mineta and Kaminari think it’s cheating and should be counted as him touching the floor.

Kirishima is REALLY DIFFICULT to knock out because he can make himself hard and block all attacks. he’s usually one of the last few in the game.

Sero can use his tape to bounce from object to object. the only way to knock him out is if you body slam him, or cut his tape mid-swing. he’ll also use his tape to grab onto unsuspecting people to make them stumble and fall to their dramatic deaths. he’s great at knocking people out.

Aoyama is easy to knock to the floor. it’s hard to use his laser indoors and he’s not as agile as the others. he’s usually the first to go.

Mineta is goddamn hard to pick off. his balls stick to ANYTHING and sometimes he’ll just stick to walls and stay out of the chaos. he’ll also throw his balls at people in order to knock them off their balance–they end up in really odd positions, stuck upside down to the side of the counter, or sideways on the back of the couch. either way, they can’t get off and they’re forced to forfeit. 

Momo is somewhere in the middle. she’s great at making objects to defend or help herself, but sometimes it takes too long to make them and she’s knocked out before she can dodge.

Shouji is VERY HARD to knock off balance. but he finds it easy to take people out (in non-harmful ways; even if it’s a competition, he’s not gonna accidentally hurt his classmates). HOWEVER, sometimes his size makes it hard for him to jump onto the smaller objects and he’ll fall over thanks to his own weight.

Tsuyu is queen. she’s super quick and agile and able to stick to anything, and her tongue makes it easy for her to sabotage the others. she is ruthless. (tho she apologizes after every ‘attack’)

Mina has AMAZING reflexes and is hard to hit. she’s usually taken out by her own misjudgement of where she’s landing, or someone accidentally knocking into her. 

Satou and Kouda, like Shouji, are also very big. both have a hard time finding balance when landing on smaller surfaces. Satou’s quirk doesn’t really help him here, and he IS getting better with his balance. Kouda makes up for his lack of balance by sending bugs after people who’re trying to get him out of the game.

Ojirou is goddamn hard to knock off balance with that tail of his. plus, he’s a martial artist, so he’s got a LOT of balance training. he’s usually one of the last few left. 

Jirou is able to use her sound attacks to vibrate tables and the floor in order to throw off the other student’s balance. she is, however, rather easy to knock out b/c it takes concentration to use her attacks, and she leaves herself open.

Iida uses his engines to fly from table to chair to pillow, but sometimes the momentum will make him trip. he finds the game great practice for his control, tho he does get frustrated since he lost a few times at first

Tooru. Tooru is fucking HARD to beat because she plays in her hero outfit (or less) and no one can see where she lands. the only thing they have to by by are her little reaction sounds (from jumping and landing) when figuring out where she is 

and last but not least, Izuku and Bakugou. these two. these two are the GODDAMN HARDEST OF ALL THE STUDENTS TO BEAT. 

THEY’VE BOTH GOT AMAZING REFLEXES, THEY BOTH CAN MANEUVER IN THE AIR, AND PARKOUR IS GODDAMN THEIR MIDDLE NAME. not to mention they’re both SO FUCKING FAST that no one can ever knock them out. fuckers can dodge like no-one’s business, and it frustrates the entire class.

the game almost always ends with these two trying to beat each other. Bakugou gets especially pissed because Izuku learned most of those moves from him, so it’s like he’s fighting a goddamn copy of himself. 

they usually end in a tie. they’ll slam into each other and the’ll both get knocked to the ground. they also have the exact same amount of wins and loses. 

that doesn’t stop the other students from trying to win, tho. they wanna beat Deku and Kacchan because they’re so amazing, and with each game, it gets harder and harder to knock everyone out. 

Bakugou and Izuku actually love this, because it means more training and fighting each other at their best (well, as much as they can in a game like this)

Aizawa and All Might usually watch from the corners to make sure no one gets seriously hurt. they’re so proud of their kids, tho, because this training is so good for them. it’s harmless and great for honing reflexes and attacks.

also, they just love to see their kids improve. what proud dads

Korean vocab list: Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) - Chase Me

Watch the MV here.

자꾸  repeatedly; frequently; always; again and again
짜릿하다 (be) pungent; piquant; spicy tingling; prickling; aching; smarting
원하다 desire; wish; want
텅 빈 empty / vacant / bare / void / hollow / deserted.
사람들 people
꿈속 dream
따분하다 boring
어제 yesterday
간단하다 simple; brief; short; plain; light; easy
오늘 today
뭐 what
하다 to do
발칙하다  outrageous; mean; rude
장난 a game; play; mischief; prank; a joke; trick
시작하다  begin; start; set up
어둡다  (be) dark; dim; dusky; murky; gloomy
밤 night
몰래 secretly; privately; quietly; stealthily; imperceptibly; furtively; clandestinely
다가가다 go[come / get] near; approach; step[come] up to; steal up.
뛰어들다 jump [leap] into; rush into; run into; dive into
폭죽 firecracker
막 just; just now; (be) about to; (be) on the point of
터지다  explode; burst; break out; occur [happen] suddenly; blow up
깜짝 with surprise; with a start; all of a sudden
놀라다 (1) be surprised [astonished, amazed, shocked]; be startled; be astounded (at); be stunned; jump; be taken aback (by) (2) be frightened [startled, alarmed] at; be horror-struck; be terrified; have a fright
깜짝 놀라다 be startled all of a sudden[out of one´s wits]; bat an eyelid; eyebrows go up; be rocked on one´s heel
조용하다 quiet; silent; still; calm; tranquil; serene; peaceful;
세상 world
잔뜩 till full; to the fullest; extremely; intensely; heavily
소란하다  clamorous, tumultuous, loud, noisy, riotous, emotionally or mentally agitated; disturbing; troubled
막다 block (up); obstruct; stop; check; intercept; defend; protect; keep away [off, out, back]; ward off; prevent; provide against (a disease)
한번 once; one time
잡다 catch; hold; take hold of; capture;
아슬아슬 risky; dangerous; thrilling; critical; close; narrow; near
거리 a street; a road; distance; a difference; a gap
거리에서 on the street; in the street
벌써 already; yet; long ago; by now [this time]
거기 that place; there; there; to that place;
이번 this time; recently; lately; present; new; now; next time; shortly; soon; next; last; recent
또 again; once more; another time; for the second time; repeatedly; in succession
어디 where
가다 go
찾다 seek for [after]; search (for); hunt (up)
멈추다 stop; cease; put a stop to; bring to a stop[halt]; halt
더 more
다르다 different
숨어들다 steal in[into]; get in by stealth
나쁘다 bad
본능 instinct
따르다 follow; go after; obey
빨갛다 red
사과 apple
한 one
입 mouth
한 입에 at a gulp[mouthful]
딱 accurately; exactly; tightly; firmly; definitely; resolutely; flatly; wide
베다 cut; chop
물다 bite
베어 물다 sever[cut off] with one´s teeth; bite off
착하다 nice; good; virtuous; gentle; kind
아이 a child; a kid
틀 a frame; framework; a mold
맞추다  fix into; frame; put together; set (it) (right); correct (it); adjust; adapt; conform; fit;
그저 only; merely; simply; slightly; just
규칙적인 regular
심장 the heart
박동 pulsation; palpitation; beat
심장박동 heartbeat
위 the upper part; the upside; the top side; the above
위에 above; over
일곱 seven
가지 a kind; a sort; a class; a variety
작다 small; little; tiny
놀이 play; game
선물하다 give [make, send] (a person) a present; make a gift (to)
매일 every day; each day; daily
기억 memory; mind; memorization; remembrance; recollection
모두 all; everyone; everybody; everything;
꺼내다 pull [draw] out; take [bring] out
들다 hold (in one’s hand); carry [have, take] (a thing) in one’s hand; have
가득 full; to capacity; filled (with)
던지다  throw; hurl; fling; cast; toss; pitch
폭풍 storm
휘몰아치다 blow violently [boisterously]; blow hard; blow great guns; storm boisterously; fall in whirls; fall thick and fast
어지럽다 (be) dizzy; be in disorder; (be) troubled; chaotic; turbulent; disturbed; disorganized
포근하다 soft and comfortable; downy; fluffy
베개 pillow
조금 a little
축축하다 slightly [moderately] wet; moist; damp
바쁘다 busy
아직 yet; as yet; still
많다  many
호기심 curiosity
가득하다 full  
상상 imagination
다 all; at (the) most; as much as one can
펼치다 open, outspread, lay out
짓궂다 ill-tempered; ill-natured; unlucky; unfortunate; cursed; malicious; (mildly) mischievous; prankful;
또 again; once more; and; moreover;
잘 well
모르다 do not know  
바로 rightly; honestly; just; exactly; immediately;
뒤쫓다  follow up, chase, pursue
네 your
모습 features; looks; appearance; a shape; a figure; a visage; an image; a face
가까워지다  v. become close, approach, appeal to -, turn to -; come near to
그렇게 like that; so; so much;
쉽게 easily
잡히다 be caught
계속 continuation; continuance; succession;
쫓다 run after (a person); chase; pursue;
끝 end
까지 till; until;
끝까지 out, until the end
숨 breath
차다 be out; fall[become] due; run out
내 my
새롭다 new; fresh;
내일 tomorrow

Cheater Part Seven

A/N: I didn’t realize it had been more than two months since I posted part six. This part is kind of a filler but it is important to the story line sorta. This is so unedited so if you see any mistakes, let me know. I hope you enjoy and that this was worth the wait

Word Count: 1093

Warnings: A few curse words but that’s it

Cheater part 2 part 3 part 4  part 5 part 6

Tags at the bottom

When you woke up, you felt a moment of confusion before everything came to you. It’s hard to believe that in just one day your whole life was turned upside down.

By your side was Tony, who was still asleep and it had looked like he had stayed asleep all night. Looking at the small clock next to him, you saw that it was a little after eight which meant that Y/D/N was most likely up and bugging whoever had watched her last night.

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Sweet Talker

For @svu-stories! Because we all need some Rafael at the end of a long day…

“What’s all this?”

Jingles jumped up first as you struggled in the doorway with a tray of fried chicken. Any love that might have been meant for you disappeared as she stretched up and pawed the tin foil. Your arms ached, your legs felt worse as you pushed the tray towards your husband and stumbled back to the hallway for two white paper bags.

“You could have called from the street,” he said. “I would have helped.”

“Like I was in any position to grab my phone.”

“What about the cabbie?” he asked as he tried to give you a quick kiss.

“That would mean a bigger tip and as it is we’re about to be down an entire income!”

It came out sharper than you intended and you lazily patted his arm as you kicked off your shoes and sank to the couch.

“Do I not want to know?” he asked.

“Just leave me here for five minutes to die.”

“Okay. But if you’re still breathing in five minutes and one second, we are going to have a proper conversation.”

For now, he left you in silence, rummaging through your cursed cargo as Jingles kept circling his feet.

“Sort of makes me wish I hadn’t already eaten,” he mumbled.

“It’s not time yet!” you cried out with one hand over your eyes.

“I was addressing the cat,” he shot back. “And it’s a compliment to the chef.”

“I wouldn’t know what that sounds like.”

Peering through your fingers, you saw his eyebrows stretch towards his hairline as he plopped a lime-flavored potato croquette into his mouth.

“You could eat at a time like this,” you said.

“Far be it from me to turn down a free meal.”

“Perish the thought.”

“Are you going to keep me in suspense or what?” Rafael asked.

“Ninety more seconds.”

“Fair enough.” Rafael pet Jingles as you stared up at the ceiling, sighing heavily as the day you’d rather forget flashed before your eyes in unwanted waves.

“Time’s up,” he said. Looking at him again, you noticed a chicken leg conquered and a piece of sweet corn pudding half gone.

“Were you a competitive eater in another life?” you quipped.

“Well from the sounds of it I am going to need a second job.” He laughed lightly as he sat by your side, bringing your feet to his lap as he massaged them tenderly and waited for you to share the rest of the story.

“We had to audition today.”

“Are you turning actress on me? I can see that. A touch of Bette Davis in her Warner Brothers days.”

“Someone’s been watching TCM when he should be going over his legal briefs.”

“I can multi-task, mi amor,” he said as he kissed your toes. “And you can do anything that you put your mind to.”

“Hardly.” His hands moved up your legs until for your fingers were in his grasp. You liked the look of it, but the image started to blur as your eyes hazed over.

“The client wanted a tasting.”

“You can do that with both hands tied behind your back.”

“Tell that to a certain Wall Street banker… or should I say his fiancée by way of Georgia.

“You less than perfection?” he asked as he nuzzled your neck.

“She criticized every dish we put in front of her.”

His face turned somber as he caressed your ankles, hitching up your black pleated skirt to peck your knees.

“I should call Rollins to see if she has outstanding parking tickets or something,” he teased. His free hand found its way to your hair, stroking the strands that had been your French braid many minutes and blocks ago.

“It wouldn’t matter.”

“What made tonight different?”

“Tonight, there were five other caterers waiting and watching in the mix,” you said. “I felt like was on a fucking reality show.”

“Now if someone has ruined your love for MasterChef forget whatever Rollins might dig up. We’re pressing charges right here in Manhattan.”

He started to rub your back when you hung your head, tears spilling down your cheeks.

“It was horrible,” you sobbed. “Some of them were people that I trained under. Or took passes on. And to have to stand there while that bleached blonde bimbo put me down…”

“No accounting for taste,” he soothed. “But it’s not the end of the world. So you didn’t land one little job.”

“Um… did I mention that I turned my pineapple upside-down cake right side up? In the Southern Belle’s lap?”

“Oh,” he said as he released your hand.

“I know, I know. It was a dumb thing to do. But I was just so angry and…”

“So in between my new career as a competitive eater, I’m going to have to rescue you from an assault conviction.”

“I hope it won’t come to that,” you said as you slipped back to the cushions. “What is current the precedent for attacks by pastry?”

“I don’t know.”

“A legal fact not on the tip of your tongue, darling?”

“I’ll do some research,” he assured you. “Worse comes to worse I bet I can plea you out for a batch of brownies at no charge.”

“You’re not listening. My food is a bust.”

“A little melodramatic, no?” Rafael brushed a lock of hair behind your ears, his lips nearly on yours as you shrugged way from him. Your speech came slowly as your stared at your hands that used to be able to do no wrong, that you had counted on from the instant you learned to boil water and prepare the perfect plate of pasta.

“What if I’ve plateaued?” you finally asked. “What if I’m never going to do anything amazing ever again?”

“Come on now.”

“It might be true. And it’s coming at the worst time. Now that we… that we want to start a…”

You swallowed the word family back and felt your legs trembling.

“Who would give a baby to a screw up like me?”

He turned you to face him, his stare hardening as he fondled your arms.

“One Georgia Peach who should probably stick with the drive thru does not mean that you should throw in the towel.”

“That was mean,” you giggled.

“And bleached blonde bimbo was charitable?” he challenged.

“Point taken.”

“And you forget,” he continued. “You’re going to be the most amazing mother the world has ever known. So no more talk about being past your prime or whatever this is. Mi amor, you are about set the gold standard for the second time.”

“When was the first?” you asked.

“When you made a short lawyer with a big mouth the luckiest man in the world.”

He folded you into his arms. Any and all lingering tension melted away in his embrace, and you took a deep breath as you looked into his eyes.

“Better?” he asked.

“That big mouth of yours… when I need it most….”

“I can keep it up all night,” he said with a wink.

“Such a sweet talker. But I think there’s a much better use for said mouth.”

He smiled knowingly as he lifted you into his arms. You squealed as he started to carry you towards the bedroom when a rustle from the counter claimed your attention.

“Oh no!”

Jingles was there, picking at the fried chicken. You disentangled yourself from Rafael’s hold to put the kibosh on her unexpected feast.

“It’ll make you sick, sweetheart,” you gently scolded. The anguish was writ large on her feline face as she sulked back to her tiny pink bowl, her dinner gone as she batted the ceramic before flopping on the floor.

“Sometimes she’s so fresh,” you muttered as you started to load the refrigerator, only to look back to see Rafael polishing off the corn pudding and feeding Jingles by hand.

“Seriously?” you asked with your hands on your hips.

“What? If it makes her happy. And I think I need to work up an appetite for… what you have in mind.”

You sighed as you kissed his beautiful mouth, his taste sweet and sure as you winded your arm in his.

“Guess I’m going to have to be the disciplinarian in the family,” you teased, the word coming out easier as he hugged you close.

“Want to start practicing with me?”

“Not another audition,” you moaned.

“Please. You already have the part. Your hands alone are worthy of awards.”

“Either you’re psychic or I’m in love,” you said.

“Let it be the latter,” he whispered.

“You’ll soon find out.”

You led him to the sheets, adoring the idea of everything you would do to him… how marvelous he had already… how he always made you feel…

““I love the way you never give up, mi amor.” 

…and the way he always said the right thing.

kleoette  asked:

I am not sure if this can be done in 500 words BUT..would love a Zimbits where Bitty meets Bob and Alicia

I have owed you this for almost six months so I just sat down and did it all in one go and there are 5000x mistakes but here we go. I love Alicia.

For the Monster Haus AU, featuring Jötunn Jack and Bob, Witch Bitty, and Demi-goddess Alicia.

“You’ve met them like, at least ten times Bittle.”

Bitty resisted the urge to roll his eyes the entire way back into his skull. This was not the first time this exact argument had been had over the past week, and as neither side seemed ready to concede or accept any credibility in the other’s argument, it was highly possible it would be had again before they reached their destination.

“Yes, Jack, but not as your boyfriend,” Bitty explained for at least the fifth time. “And not at your house. Like, your actual house that you grew up in.” Bitty frowned, doing his best not to play with the edges of the Saran wrap covering the top of his latest masterpiece. At least, it had better be a masterpiece. He had been working for days on his newest recipe of chilled pie. It was a chocolate and pecan cheesecake, with just a hint -or possibly a full cup- of acceptance and positive charm added in.

Bitty was certain it was not enough.

From the diver’s side Jack huffed a small laugh, the window fogging for just a moment as his cold breath passed over the glass. “You’ll be fine, Bittle. They already love you.”

Bitty heaved out a breath, preparing for another volley of arguments but Jack reached over the console to grip his hand and for just a moment he forgot what he was going to say.

The fact that Jack had taken his hand was only part of the reason. A very small part of the reason, actually.

“Mother of God.”

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Hey there, I want to start learning runes, do you have any master post or so? I have so many questions. One being that if the rune falls upside down ( only one side is carved right?) then? Do you throw the runes in a circle or shake in a bag and pick

I hope this answered your question. The runes are spelled differently, it seems like everyone spells the translated name out wrong.

And I realized I didn’t answer the second part to your rune casting question, yes, you can shake the bag. You need to do what is the most comfortable to you!

If you have any questions, just send me another ask. I wanted to do this right.


I do offer Rune Readings in my store! Check that out here

Don’t Give Up

Because I can’t sleep. I’m gonna regret this in the morning, but so worth it LOL. Enjoy!

PS this is NOT my sad story, don’t worry. We had enough sadness for one night.


“I understand what you’re trying to do, Gabby, but I’m fine. It’s been a few weeks, I’m over it.” She lied, but enough was enough already. Whenever she was working, no one left her alone. They wanted to make sure that she was okay. The only time she got a moments peace at work was when they were on a call, and it wasn’t even peaceful.

And forget about when she had off. Gabby would call her as soon as she woke up, sometimes even waking her up in the process. And then for the rest of the day, she would spend time with Sylvie. She loved Gabby, she did, but she needed time to herself.

“You know, when me and Matt broke up for a little there, you helped me out a lot.” She reminded Sylvie.

“I was trying to set you up with someone else.” It wasn’t one of Sylvie’s prouder moments. She was new to Chicago, and she was happy that she had a friend in Gabby. Although she was dating Cruz, she felt alone, so she felt like doing that for Gabby would gain a friend.

“Yes.” Gabby said, remembering that clearly. “But after I told you that I needed a friend, you became that friend, and honestly you never stopped.”

“You are more than welcome to stop by my apartment, but I just feel like staying in tonight.” Because Gabby was married to the most supportive man, he was sharing Gabby with Sylvie. But, they were still newlyweds, she didn’t mind being alone at times. “Spend time with your husband, he probably misses you.”

“You’ll call me if you need me, right?” Gabby asked as she headed over to her car.

“Of course.” Sylvie promised. “Right now, I just want to go home and take a long hot bath and sleep.” She smiled at her plans.

“Okay. Call me later.” She said as she opened her car door. She looked behind her as Matt ran up to Gabby apologizing. “Sorry, Chief needed the paper work before we headed home.” He looked over at Sylvie. “Are you coming over later?” He questioned.

“No.” She shook her head, smiling at him. “Tonight, you can keep your wife to yourself.”

“She’s ditching us.” Gabby said, jokingly.

Sylvie laughed as she unlocked her car door. “I’ll see you guys later.” She said as she placed her paramedic bag in the passenger seat as she stepped inside her car.


“What are you doing?!” Gabby hissed at her brother.

“What are you talking about, sis? I’m just boxing.” He said, defensively. Ever since his break up with Sylvie, all he’s been doing is working and boxing. He wanted to spend time with the kids, but ever since Laura snapped about Sylvie having Diego, she was being a bitch. His life all around sucked at the moment and boxing helped him.

“Exactly. You’re just boxing. You aren’t fighting for Sylvie.” Gabby took a deep breath as she looked at her brother. “Listen, I understand you have to thread lightly with Laura because of the kids, however, you were happy with Sylvie.”

Antonio shook his head. “Gabby, no. We both wanted this, we’re fine.” He reassured her. “So please, let it go.”

Gabby nodded her head. “You’re grown, so I can’t talk you out of doing anything you’d regret.”

“Wait a minute—weren’t you the one who told Sylvie that it was too soon for us anyway?” He questioned. “And if I’m mistaken, you weren’t happy with our relationship from the start.”

“I never had a problem with your relationship with Sylvie. But seeing my friend and brother flirt? It was uncomfortable. And then seeing your hands all over each other, it was turning my stomach. But I’ve seen how happy you were, and that made me happy.”

“Just let it go, we’re both adults.” Antonio was done discussing this. And Gabby realized that, so she just shut her mouth and went on to a different topic.


For the the first time since the break up, she was alone. Sure, Gabby said to call her when she needed her, but she needed to deal with the pain on her own. She wanted so badly to hate Antonio for causing her pain, but at the same time how could she hurt a man she was in love with?

She sighed, they hadn’t said the words yet, and she wasn’t even sure if he felt it. But she sure did. Who couldn’t fall in love with Antonio? She couldn’t help but blame this all on her. He apologized for the way Laura treated her, and instead of accepting it, she yelled at him? No wonder why he ran away from her. The last thing he needed was more stressed placed on him.

As she was watching a romantic movie and sighing, while eating ice cream she heard a knocked on her door. As much as she wanted it to be Antonio, she knew it wouldn’t be. It was pretty clear that he felt like they needed a break.

Sylvie wiped the tears from her eyes and she stood up, placing the ice cream on the table in front of her. She walked over to her door and answered it, seeing Kelly standing there.

She was surprised to see him. Sure, she considered him to be family, but they also weren’t close outside of work.

“Hey.” He said, giving her a smile. “Just checking in.”

“Hi.” She said as she opened her door wider, letting him in. “That’s sweet of you, but I’m fine.” She reassured him but then she looked at him suspiciously. “Did Gabby send you?” She questioned.

He looked at her confused but then he shook his head. “What? No. I felt like I was being insensitive when you and Antonio broke up. So, this is my peace offering.” He said as he reached in his pocket and took out a candy bar.

Sylvie laughed. It was the first real laugh in weeks. “What? Do you just carry candy bars in your pocket?” She questioned, clearly amused.

“No. But I wasn’t sure if you would let me in, and if I came walking in with a candy bar in my hands, I wouldn’t have had a chance to apologize.” He said, jokingly. “So, here. It’s Fresh, I promise.”

Sylvie smiled and she took the candy bar from him. “Thank you.” She said, sincerely.

“So, how are you really doing?” He asked.

“Breaks up are hard, but I’ll be fine.” She replied as she walked over to the couch and sat down.

He walked over to her and noticed the ice cream on the table. “At least you’re dealing with the effects of the break up.”

“Yeah.” She said, sadly. “I just wish someone would have knocked me upside the side, thinking I could make a relationship work with a single father that has a crazy ex-wife.”

“My question is–why did you let her get to you?” He questioned. “You do realize this is what she wanted?”

“What was I supposed to do? Let her talk to me any way she wanted?”

“No, of course not. But it wasn’t about you. She just wanted to make Antonio mad.” He took a deep breath. “But this also isn’t my place to say anything. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“Thank you for that.” Sylvie said with a smile.

“Can I just give you one piece of advice?” He questioned. When she nodded her head, he continued. “I had plenty of failed relationships, and most of them could have gotten fixed if we both weren’t so stubborn. All I’m saying is, don’t let his ex-wife or his problems in that area be the reason why you’re sitting in your apartment eating ice cream. We all live a life that can be taken away from us tomorrow, do you want this to be your last night, moping and crying over something that can be fixed?”

Sylvie sat in silence, taking in his words. After a few minutes, she opened her mouth. “But he wanted the break up.”

“Did he really? Or did he want to save you the headache?” He questioned as he stood up. “Look at me, I was finally ready to accept love in my life, and I lost it. Don’t lose it.”

“You really have grown up, Kelly.” Sylvie said with a smile. “Thank you for this.”

Kelly nodded his head. “Anytime. We’re family, you already know that.”

As soon as Kelly left, she closed the door behind him and she walked off to her room, getting dressed. She wasn’t sure where Antonio would be tonight, and maybe this was a stupid plan, but she missed Antonio. What sense was it to be hurting for no reason?

Although it was freezing in Chicago, she still managed to put on a dress. She wanted to look her absolute best so that it would be hard for Antonio to turn her down. She placed curls in her hair as she headed in her living room. She slipped on her coat and picked up her purse as she headed towards her door. As she opened the door, she almost bumped straight into Antonio.

“Oh—” She said as she stopped in her tracks and looked up at him. “What are you doing here?” She questioned.

“I–uh–” His voice trailed off as he noticed her outfit. “Hot date?” He asked, trying to hide the fact that even thinking about it made him jealous.

“Uh, no.” Then she thought about using Gabby, sorry Gab, she thought to herself. “Girls night out.” She lied, hoping he wouldn’t catch her in a lie.

But he seemed to buy it because his facial expression relaxed. “Do you have a minute?” He questioned.

This could be bad or good news, but seeing as how she was on her way to see him, she had nowhere to go now. She nodded her head and stepped back into her apartment.

Sylvie slipped off her coat and placed her purse on the table.

“You do look amazing to go out for girls night out.” He said, and Sylvie could see his eyes darkening. No, they had to fix this, if they could.

“Antonio.” She warned, trying to get him back on topic. She was happy that he came to her first, right now she had the control, she had the power.

Antonio forgot for a minute on why he was here, but looking in her eyes, he could see the pain. It mirrored his own. If he didn’t have his job and boxing, he would sure enough go insane. “I’m sorry.” He whispered.

“What?” Sylvie said. She heard him, but he came all the way to her apartment to say sorry? Didn’t they already go through this?

“I’m sorry.” He said, this time louder. “I shouldn’t have said any of those things I said. I’m just not good at keeping my temper in check.” He took a deep breath. “I also should have warned you about Laura coming to the firehouse. I know this isn’t what you wanted, with Laura and the kids.”

“No, I’m sorry. You can’t control what Laura does or says. I just think in my own way, I overreacted. Usually I’m not that kind of woman, but I also was never involved with a situation like this. I think we could have all handled that better.”

“We could have.” He agreed. “It was just a stupid fight, wasn’t it?” He questioned as he stepped closer to her.

“It was but–” She watched as his facial expression turned to sadness when she said but. “You really hurt me. I can take fights, I can take arguments, but you giving up on us entirely isn’t something I can handle again.”

“You gave up on me too. You let me walked away.” He pointed out.

“I wasn’t going to beg someone to be with me if they aren’t ready.”

He sighed at her words. “I am ready.” He said as he walked closer to her. “You just have to understand this is new for me too. You’re the first woman I introduced my kids to. You’re the first woman that I even considered taking this chance with. And–” He took a deep breath, getting enough courage to say the last words. “And you’re the first woman–” He began as he closed to distance between them and grabbed her hands. “That I fell in love with.”

If he wasn’t holding onto her hands, she would have lost her balance. Hearing his words, she felt like she couldn’t breathe, that the wind got knocked out of her. This only happened to her when he broke up with her. But this time it was different, it was better.

After a few seconds of silence, Sylvie couldn’t let that break her down. Even though it was her plan to see Antonio, now that he was here, she couldn’t forget the pain he caused her. “No.” She said, taking her hands away from his. “You can’t do this.” She said, frustrated. “You hurt me. I understand I wasn’t innocent in this, but seeing you walk away from me, it killed me.”

“It killed me too.” Antonio admitted. “I was hurting too, Sylvie. All I was doing the entire time we were broken up was working and boxing. When all I wanted to do was come over here and fix things with you.”

Sylvie could see the pain in his eyes, and she felt guilty because she wasn’t even thinking of his feelings.

“Then fix it.”

“Will you allow me to fix it? I promise for the rest of my life, I will be fixing this mistake. I don’t want us to break up after every little fight we have.”

“We won’t.” She promised. “The first fights are always the hardest.”

“So, are we good?” He questioned.

Sylvie nodded her head as she leaned in and kissed him. Since it has been a few weeks of their break up, it was no surprise that the kissed deepened in no time, both needing to feel each others lips again.

Antonio was the one who pulled away from the kiss and Sylvie sighed. She looked at him confused when he looked down at her dress. “Aren’t you supposed to meet my sister?” He questioned.

“Oh, yeah. About that, I lied.” She said with a smile, forgetting that he thought earlier she had a date.

He pulled away from her abruptly. “So, then where were you headed?” He questioned, his face hardening.

“I rather not say.” She said as she bit down on her lip.

“Sylvie.” He said in a warning tone.

“Antonio, I’m not one of your criminals, you’re trying to interrogate.”

“Sylvie.” He repeated in the same tone.

“I was actually going to your–um apartment.” Sylvie said, embarrassed.

“This is why we belong together!” He said, his face breaking out in a smile.

“Now you think we do.” She said, jokingly.

Antonio stepped closer to her, shaking his head. “I always knew we did. Maybe not when we first met, but that ride on the ambulance, I definitely did.”

Sylvie smiled as she gripped his jacket, pulling him closer to her. “Uh huh.” She said as she inched her face closer to his. “Oh, and I love you too.”

“Do you now?” He questioned as he closed the distance between them, crashing his lips against hers.

Their relationship wasn’t perfect and it never would be, but at least this time they were willing to fight for each other.

H.G x Reader #7

Prompt: Hermione has a crush on you and in an attempt to find out if you like her back she decides to snoop through your journal.

Originally posted by hogwartsfansite


Said boy looked up, not surprised to see his best friend standing in front of him.

“Yes?” He asked, pushing up his glasses as he did.

“Can I borrow your invisibility cloak and the map?” Hermione tried to seem nonchalant but, the slight tremble in her voice have her away. Plus Harry was very observant and could see right through her.

“What for?” He asked suspiciously. He faced her and crossed his arms, curious as to the out-of-character vibe coming from her.

“I need to sneak into the library later. Restricted section.” She lied.

He narrowed his eyes and sized her up. “Hermione, I can tell your lying.” He said bluntly.

Hermione sighed. She figured Harry would pick up on her agitation so she didn’t even try to change his mind.

She grabbed him by the elbow, never mind his essay, and pulled him into an empty aisle.

“I need to go into the [y/h] dormitories.” She whispered. Harry raised a brow, wordlessly ordering her to explain further.

She sighed and debated pulling out a book and smacking Harry across the head with it. She decided that if she was trying to convince her friend to let her borrow something of his, hitting him while doing so might not be the best idea.

“You know [Y/n]?”

[Y/n]? [Y/n] [Y/l/n]? No, not at all.” He shook his head making his glasses fall lower onto his nose. He pushed them back up and rolled his eyes. “It’s not like you spend every waking moment talking about her. Or stalking-”

“I don’t stalk her!”

“- sorry, ‘admiring’ her from afar. Or thinking about her. Merlin, I bet you even dream about her-”

Okay!” She hissed, hoping Harry hadn’t seen her blush. “I get it. You know who I’m talking about”, Hermione paused to look around the library again and seeing no one between hearing distance, dropped her voice down to a whisper.

Harry leaned in closer.

“Anyways. She has Quidditch practice later. I needed your invisibility cloak to sneak into her dormitory. I need the map to keep tabs on everyone in her house. ”

“Why?” Harry pulled back to stare oddly at his friend before she pulled him closer by his tie.

“I was getting there.” She muttered.

“As I was saying. I’ve noticed that she always-”

“What haven’t you noticed?” Harry interrupted sarcastically.

Shut up! Stop interrupting!” This time she didn’t hesitate to hit him, though she didn’t reach for a book. She found more satisfaction in the way he flinched when her hand connected with the back of his head.

“[Y/n] always carries a book with her. Everywhere. It’s leather bound. I think it’s some sort of journal or uh, diary.

“Oh yeah!” Harry exclaimed, snapping his fingers. “She’s always writing in it during class, everyday. Not that I blame her, but now that I think of it… what has she been writing in it these past years?” He questioned, pulling his brows together in thought.

“It’s not notes.” He added thoughtfully. “She has specific parchment for every class so it can’t possibly be notes.”

Hermione clapped his shoulder. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you! My plan was- well is- to sneak into her room while she’s at practice. I feel she’s been sending me mixed signals for a while. I need to find out if she feels the same way I do about her. If she likes me… she’d have something written down about me in it!” Hermione whispered excitedly.

Harry blinked then scratched the back of his head uncertainly. “Why don’t you just, I don’t know, ask her then? Instead of going through so much-”

Hermione groaned. “Things don’t work like that Harry! First, I need to-”

Harry held up his hands in surrender. “Okay, 'Mione. If you really, truly think this is a good idea, then go for it.” He grabbed her hands tightly, “Best of luck to you.” He pressed a brotherly kiss to her forehead then stuffed his hands into his pockets and shuffled back toward his homework.

“You know where to find my stuff,” he called over his shoulder.

Hermione bit her lip to keep from squealing and rushed out of the library to grab Harry’s cloak and the Marauder’s map.

Originally posted by watsonlove

Hermione threw the cloak off and it landed on your bed. (She knew it was yours because it smelled like you and okay maybe she was a stalker.)

She placed the map open on your dresser so she could keep throwing glances at it. She looked around your room and her eyes landed on a small shelf above your bed. There were many books, many muggle books, she realized. But immediately her eyes fell on the leather book laying horizontally across the top of the other books. Surprised at not having had struggled with finding your journal she walked toward your bed.

She grabbed the book gingerly and ran her finger over the spine, tracing your name engraved in it. She carefully slid off the cord binding the back and front of the book and grinned when the book popped open, revealing the first page.

“Oh!” There wasn’t any writing in the first page. There was, however, some sort of doodle. Her eyes scanned the page, taking in the bright colors and designs moving around the page. She glanced at the map and seeing no one in the dormitories, she flipped to the next page.

She sat on your bed, flipping though countless drawing before she realized that, you didn’t write anything at all.

Confused she fanned the pages and saw only drawings.

The knob to the room rattled and Hermione made quick work of hiding your journal under your pillow. Her heart nearly beat out of her chest as she ran and sat back on the edge of the bed just in time for the door to open.

“May I help you?” Hermione turned around to see your room mate enter. Caught like a deer in headlights she gaped, not really knowing how to react. If anything, she had expected you to come in. Not that she was any better prepared.

Your friend, not knowing that Hermione wasn’t supposed to be in your room merely smirked. “Oh, you’re waiting for [Y/n] I bet. She’s still at practice I’m afraid. I just came back to get my Jersey.” Your friend waved the [Y/h] Jersey up and giggled. “I’m not even sure how I left without it on.” She shook her head. “Anyways, I’m heading back out now. Make yourself comfortable,” She motioned toward your bed. “I won’t tell [Y/n] you’re here.” With a quick wave and a wink your roommate slammed the door behind her.

Hermione, not quite processing what had happened simply nodded to herself. In a daze she lied down on your bed and reached under your pillow for your journal. She flipped through the pages and continued studying your art work.

You laughed loudly as your team and you entered the common room. Everyone was asleep by then. You pushed and shoved jokingly before bidding each other goodnight.

“You head on to bed,” said [y/f]. “I’m going to take a bath. ”

You nodded and with the two other girls on the team headed up to your respective rooms.

You all tiptoed up the stairs as not wake up the other girls and when you each reached you rooms you quickly slipped inside.

You moaned in relief as you threw your bag on the foot of your bed. You took off your jersey, leaving you in just a bra and threw yourself onto your bed.

Instead of sighing in relief however, you groaned. You weren’t the only one who was now in pain.

Taken aback you all but flew right off your bed. Am I in the wrong room? You wondered, your heart pounding in your chest.

Looking around you realized that no, this is my room. You were not in the wrong room. Someone else was.

Grabbing your wand from your bag you pointed it at the mound shifting under your covers.

With your wand in hand you walked forward carefully. You were just about to peel off the covers when something caught your eye though. Your journal.

I thought I left it on my shelf, you thought, picking it up. It had been lying upside down on the side of your bed with your most recent drawing faced up. A portrait of your long time crush.

Not caring about whoever was in your bed you threw off the covers.

You pointed your wand about to shout a curse at the figure when it turned around. Immediately your blood ran cold. Apparently so did the other person’s.


[Y/n]?” She asked, horrified.

Her face was as white as a sheet as she scrambled off your bed, faster than any creature you had ever seen. She had her hands raised and she was apologizing profusely even though you couldn’t make sense of her apologies. That was until her gaze fell and stopped on your body. Basically you were half-naked from the waist down- well not really- despite your bra. Her mouth hung open as she stared at you for a few seconds before she fanned her face as her pale complexion quickly turned a bright red.

Hermione turned around, you were still speechless and she was desperately wishing the ground would swallow her whole. MerlinMerlinMerlinMerlinMerlin! What the bloody hell Hermione!!

Finding your voice you managed to utter a small, “What are you doing here?”

Hermione was muttering to herself, too busy to pay any attention to you.

Your heart was beating so hard in your chest you were surprised she didn’t hear you.

“Hermione”, you called once more, though now, you grabbed her elbow, turning her gently to face you.

She allowed you to turn her but she looked at the floor, refusing to make eye contact with you.

“Hermione… what are you doing here? Were you looking th- no. I know you were snooping through my stuff, but why?” You asked, turning scarlet.

Why?” You repeated.

Hermione bit her lip. She wasn’t as good at making up lies on the spot like Harry. Truth be told she was just a bad liar but, could she tell you what she was really doing in there? She was supposed to leave as soon as your roommate had left and instead she fell asleep on your bed! How does she explain that?

Apparently Hermione was taking her sweet time answering because as soon as she did open her mouth you narrowed your eyes. “And don’t you dare try to lie to me,” you said sternly.

It took a few minutes for Hermione to say anything at all. She still wasn’t sure what to say.

“I was looking through your journal.” She replied. She wrung her hands and avoided your penetrated gaze. “I uh, happened to have noticed that you carry that around at all times. ” You raised a brow in question at this but she kept going.

“I was searching for an answer in it.” She mumbled. She finally looked up and you could see very clearly the rosy hue on her cheeks and across her freckles on the bridge of her nose. She was biting her lip, waiting for your reaction.

“An answer to what?” You inquired. Did I take notes of something she didn’t. Why didn’t she just ask me for notes it that was what she wanted?

Hermione took a deep breath. It’s now or never, right? I did come in here searching for an answer and I didn’t get it from the book. Well… not wholly. She did draw me… Feeling her Gryffindor courage building up she looked you in the eyes.

“I like you. I have for a long time and I was hoping to read in your journal if you liked me back or not.” She admitted. Taken aback you stared at her. Uhm… what?

“You what?” You squeaked.

“I’ve liked you since second year-”

“You like me too?” You inquired incredulously.

Too? Wait- You do like me?” Hermione questioned, just as shocked as you.

Now you were both staring at each other with your brows raised as you both waited for answers.

“Do I like you? Are you kidding? Do you think I draw random classmates during class and keep them in my journal? Yes. I like you. A lot.” You crossed your arms and glared at her in irritation. “You know Granger for someone so intelligent, you really are unintelligent.”

She gasped at you before she too crossed her arms. She walked to stand in front of you, glaring and punched you in the shoulder.


Me? I wouldn’t have been so ’unintelligent’ if you hadn’t been giving me mixed signals!” Hermione shrieked, throwing her hands up in exasperation.

“Mixed signals?” You bellowed.

Yes! Mixed signals! All the winking, the smirking, the teasing, the seductive lip biting and then going and calling me a ’good friend’?! What was I supposed to think? I’ve literally been losing my-”

“Okay!” You growled. She’s right though. Poor girl. Had that been me I would have already lost my head.

I get it. I wasn’t clear at all but neither were you! Can we get past this now? I really like you Granger, okay?”
You reached for Hermione’s hand and intertwined your fingers with hers.

Hermione smiled as you quickly became flustered. “I always did wish we were more than friends,” she relented.

“Then why don’t we become more than friends?” You grabbed Hermione’s other hand and pulled her toward your body. Hermione gasped as she came in contact with your body, not to mention all the bare skin. She has to have had taken a shower before she came in, she thought. No one smells this good after practice.

You enveloped her in an embrace as she wearily wrapped her arms around your waist.

Be mine, Granger.” You whisper into her ear.

Hermione’s lips parted as her heart picked up it’s pace. She couldn’t utter a word for the life of her but she immediately knew her answer.

Being shorter than you she looked up at you and nodded rapidly. Grinning like an idiot you grabbed her face and pressed a soft kiss onto her lips.

Worried you might have overstepped your boundaries you pulled back with wide eyes. Hermione smiling as much as you.

“I’ve been waiting for that for years,” she mumbled. She grabbed your jaw before you could utter a word and pulled you back in for a heated kiss.

You fell back against your bed and she fell on top of you, both of you laughing slightly into the kiss.

Eventually, after pulling away she rested her forehead against yours, looking pleased with herself. You kissed her nose and reached for your blanket and tossed it over the both of your bodies.

“What are you doing?” Hermione giggled.

You pressed a kiss to her forehead and wrapped her snuggly in your arms. “I reckon you were sleeping before I so rudely woke you up,” you chuckled.

“I assume you’re quite tired. With all that snooping you did, who wouldn’t be?” You teased. You tucked a strand of brunette hair behind her ear, trying not to comment on the blush on your girlfriend’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry I searched through your personal belongings. Though I do have to say, you have quite the artistic talent.” She turns in your arms, peering at you curiously.

“How did you learn so draw like that?” She asks in awe.

“I’ve always drawn. In my family fine arts are quite important. It’s a huge part of our culture all of use have some kind of talent. My brother is a good actor. A thespian. My father a master at art. An artist. My mother a music goddess. A musician. And so on and so forth.”

You both continued talking about random things- your history, her family, the fact that the piece of art you most love and feel proud of is the most recent one of Hermione and so on and so forth. At some point even getting to how she had gotten into your room, until eventually, early in the morning, the two of you fall asleep. Hermione lying on top of you with her head tucked under your chin and one arm around her waist protectively while the other hand is intertwined with hers.

Later, your friend came back from 'the showers’ (that’s totally not where she really went), saw the two of you cuddling and cheered- nearly waking everyone up- as her ship had finally sailed.

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RG: Blended (Pietro)


this is a second part to the first part that i can’t show you yet! Yaaaaay

You stare at the water bottle lazily, palm flipping back and forth, the liquid inside a water lava lamp.

“What happens if you…” Thor trails off, gesturing to your hands and clapping unsurely and you grin widely.

“Wanna feel what happens?” You ask softly and his eyes open wide, darting looks over his shoulders before nodding excitedly.

With slow deliberation, you rose from the stool and stood before him, meeting his eyes seriously. You smirk a little, arms spreading wide while his eyes brighten and his cheeks flush. Slowly, you bring your palms together, speeding at the last second and ending in a loud clap.

In front of you, as your flesh smacks together, Thor flips, limbs splaying and his mouth falling open in an excited roar. Only lasting a second, your hands come apart and Thor falls to the floor, panting, expression joyous.

“You are a true magician, Lady Y/N, a wonder!” He cheers, clambering up and grabbing your forearm in a handshake, grin splitting his cheeks.

“What’s up?” Sam questions curiously from the doorway and you flush, Thor looking up excitedly.

“Lady Y/N has a gift! Like- like- What’re those things you Midgardians ride? Similar to your… Uh…” Thor trails off, frown lines deep in his forehead and you fight not to snicker. While not completely sure, you’re extremely sure he means a roller coaster and a train. Both. Not that you’re saying anything.

Sam watches the struggling god for a moment before shrugging and heading for the fridge, Thors shoulders slumping dejectedly.

“You must show him!” He shouts suddenly, whirling on the two of you as you watch Sam stare blankly into the appliance.

“What?” You blurt in unison, Sams voice curious and yours intensely embarrassed.

“Indeed, what is happening?” Pietro asks, appearing by your side and you flush, all eyes suddenly on you.

“Nothing.” You grit, eyeing Thor seriously, whos lips glue together suddenly. You can feel Sams eyes on you for a moment before he makes a soft noise and turns back to the fridge, grabbing a packet of raspberries. As Sam passes across the threshold, Pietro whirls on you and you jump. You’d forgotten he was there, usually he just appears then disappears.

“Show me.” He half begs and you groan softly, Thor back to grinning.

“Lady Y/N, you must.” Thor says softly and you growl, glaring at him despite the sweet expression on his face.

“Fine. Pietro, over there. And understand this is going to be a little…” You trail off, gesturing lazily to an open space a few feet away.

“Blender.” Thor pipes up, expression helpful and you frown, looking from him to Pietro, who shrugs.

“Okay. Blender. Show me.” Pietro bounces and you sigh, eyeing him a little appreciatively while you have the time to, before smacking your palms into a clap. You do it faster this time, with less of a build up. As Pietro jerks and flops through the air before falling, Thor cheers, clapping your back sportingly, his exuberance well intentioned.

A low groan escapes Pietro and you wince, eyes meeting Thors in a sideways glance as the young mans shoulders shake in a gag.

“I have matters to attend to.” Thor bursts out as Pietros vomit covers the floor. You hiss at the man, who ignores you and stalks out the door casually.

“Damn you, you gorgeous curse.” You swear at the ill man before you, sighing and heading for the sink to grab a clean cloth. “Friday, can you find one of Tonys cleaning robots? A liquid one?”

“Yes, Miss.” Friday answers and you sigh gratefully, helping Pietro away from the mess and into a chair, wiping his sweaty forehead before cleaning up around his chin and mouth.

“Oh, Maximoff. I’m sorry.” You whisper and he groans, bloodshot eyes meeting yours pathetically.

“I asked for it.” He counters weakly, sniffling a little and you sigh.

“I shouldn’t have done it, no matter.”

“No, you shouldn’t have.” He agrees readily, voice still weak and you giggle a little. Your eyes rove over his face, the colour returning to his cheeks.

“Feeling better?”

“A kiss cures all illnesses.” He answers instantly and you cringe. Sure, kissing Pietro wouldn’t be terrible but with vomit mouth? No, not today. “You’re probably right. My mouth tastes disgusting.”

Rising, you brush his hair from his sticky forehead and grab a glass from the cabinet, filling it. Kneeling back in front of Pietro, you offer him the glass and he whines.

“How about this?” You offer softly, flipping a palm beside the glass and pulling the glass itself away from the water bubble. “Fancy air water?”

A small smile quirks his lips, eyes less dazed and unfocused. “Fancy air water.”

You watch as he leans forward, trying to catch some in his mouth and a laugh bursts from your lips. Your eyes rove over his face, the dry tufts of his hair caught in your anti-gravity radius floating freely.

“Hand me the glass.” He sighs, face covered in water and a defeated look in his eye.

“Allow me.” You mumble, shuffling closer and catching as much of the water back in the glass as you can before releasing the field. Rising, you stand before him and gesture him to open his mouth. Pouring, your hand twitches between upside down and right side up, the water bubbling and slowly floating down to plop into his mouth. A laugh bursts from his lips, quickly followed by a hacking cough as Wanda rounds the corner.

“You’re disgusting, Brother.” She says with a wrinkle of her nose, eyes on the puddle across the room, the little robot working its way over.

“I did that, I’m sorry.” You apologise, a disgruntled noise sounding in front of you as a palm wraps around your leg. Your eyes move to Pietro, suddenly realising just how close the two of you are, your body standing between his knees.

“I asked you to.” He counters, eyes glued to yours and his voice entirely too soft and intimate.

“Clint is looking for me.” You blurt, stumbling back from the speedster and the mind reader. Darting out the door, you realize you’re still holding the glass and set it on a side table, practically jogging in the direction of away.

thor is just that guy. that spare guy. just being all spare.