upside down photo

bump boo-boo! (Anon submit)

Ooo, wait! I have a theory about the bump-upside-down photo and it even ties into why the pictures were pulled!

What if when she came out for the shoot, what if she had the bump UPSIDE DOWN from the beginning when she walked out? She walks back and forth, and lo, Benedict sees her and realizes that she’s got it UPSIDE DOWN! So he tells her to come over so he can fix it, fixes it, and then they start their thing for the pictures.

Here’s the thing, though. The photographer has been snapping away as soon as they were out of the villa. The whole bit of her walking around with the bump UPSIDE DOWN and him fixing it may have been CAPTURED ON FILM!!!

When the photographer put together the photos to sell, they accidentally included the one with the UPSIDE DOWN bump! PR saw it and realized the boo-boo, and had the photos pulled immediately! Because the skeptics had already captured all the photos that had been made available, they couldn’t un-do the action. They had to leave the whole photo shoot behind, hoping that it would look like the couple had pulled the photos for privacy reasons.

Of course, if I’m right, that would mean there could be photos of them fixing the bump somewhere… Unless, of course, PR paid a very handsome fee to make sure they would never see the light of day.

Poor them! Wasted so much money for such a little boo-boo!

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And as always we're back to the OMG Upside down Bump Photo lunacy. The latest pics are zoomed out for once so anyone with half a brain cell can see that Sophie has both shoulders visible in the first one, so we see more of her bump, but she"s side on in the next two, so it' s in profile.

You see the problem here is that you said ‘anyone with half a brain cell’ which discounts 99.99% of the SGBs.

Unraveling the physics.

The photograph is an amazing illustration of the centrifugal force. 

Do you remember those times when you get squashed on to one side while trying to maneuver a tight turn in your car? The force that is pushing you out is known as centrifugal force.

Let’s up the ante. Imagine you are piloting an aircraft and you are pulling an inside loop i.e

It is the same scenario that you experience in your car with the axis of rotation being vertical.( In the former it was horizontal ).

Our friend, the centrifugal force would be squashing you to your seat. Water also has to comply with the centrifugal force and as a result gets squashed towards the cup.

Voila! The physics of pouring water into a cup when you are upside down :).

EDIT: To pull this off, the centrifugal force has to be more that the force of gravity else the water would fall the other way around. 

Much like water, the bodily fluids also gets squashed to the bottom. This reduces blood flow to the brain, which is why people often pass out!