upside down peace sign

  • Me: *is wearing something I like a lot*
  • Person: you know, you look stupid wearing that
  • Me: you know, you look ignorant insulting someone who doesn't care
  • Me: *puts on sunglasses upside down and double peace signs away*
The truth behind the emo trinity/quartet

Okay if you hold up the peace sign with your fingers, it also means v for victory. If you have victory, you are victorious, (panic!) If you are victorious then you are a champion, (FOB) if you are a champion that means you destroyed your opponents, which makes you a destroya. (mcr) Now, we have the emo trinity but if you add your other index finger to the peace sign, you can make the TØP logo, bam! Emo quartet! But that’s not all, if you flip the peace sign upside down and move your index finger down, you make a triangle and you know what a triangle means, yup you guessed it, illuminati.

Winter Break: Part Seven

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, Daniel Bruhl, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner(more to be added)

Word Count: 1.5k words

Warnings: Swearing?

A/N: heyo, so I just wrote this up today. the scene in here is one of my favorite scenes in CA:CW so I hope I did a good job of capturing it. thank you also to everyone who’s been messaging me and supporting me, you all are dreams, and thank you to everyone who’s been liking the story. (: enjoy

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Leipzig-Halle Airport was freezing.

It was barely eleven o’clock in the morning, and you were standing in close quarters with Elizabeth and Chris, shivering together. They were dressed as their superheroes, and you had to admit they both looked even better in person than on the screen.

“When’s Jeremy going to get here?” you ask, running your hands up and down your arms. You were wearing Damon’s jacket again, along with a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. The weather wasn’t actually that cold, but the wind that would blow across the runway sent the entire cast and crew scuttling for either thicker jackets or human warmth.

“Soon,” Joe Russo replies from a few feet away, near the main camera. “We didn’t need him until today, and he had a few interviews to get to. Once he lands over there,” Joes waves his hand towards the furthermost side of the airport, “we’ll get him suited up and ready to go.”

“So we’re just going to stand here?” Sebastian asks, hugging himself. Mackie was hugging him, and Tom was leaning closely to both of them, teeth chattering. You felt especially bad for him, since was wearing his thin Spider-Man costume and windbreaker jacket, which didn’t look like it was doing much besides keeping his hair in place.

“Renner’s flight is delayed,” Anthony Russo suddenly says, looking up from his phone. Collectively, the cast groans.

You glance back over at Tom, who’s rubbing his hands up and down his thighs, and frown. You think back to when he had offered his arm out to you on the way to the park, and you cave.

“I’ll be right back,” you say to Chris, because you know if you look at Elizabeth you’re going to turn red. You slink past Sebastian and Mackie, and dodge Robert’s swinging hands as he carries on about why Iron Man is better than Thor with Chadwick, and stand in front of Tom.

“(Y/N),” he looks up at you in surprise, and you give him a shy smile. You take Damon’s jacket off of yourself, and offer it out to Tom.

“Trade you,” you say simply.

He stares at the letterman jacket for a long moment, before glancing at his own jacket. “I don’t know if this would keep you warm.”

“It’s okay,” you reassure him. “I’m not the one wearing the Spider-Man onesie.”

Tom laughs, loud and adorably, and you find yourself smiling at him.

“I’ll give it back to you when Renner gets here,” he tells you, and begins to slide out of his windbreaker. He hands you the jacket, his cold, gloved hands sliding over your own hands, and you give him the letterman jacket.

Tom’s jacket is hardly warm, and you shiver as you put it on and zip it up. Tom looks very…well, you can’t think of the word. Strange, possibly? Wearing the Spider-Man costume covered in sensor dots and your high school’s varsity football league jacket, he was definitely something else.  

“Now you look cold,” Tom chuckles, and you glance back at him.

“I’m okay,” you tell him, smiling. “I had to repay you a favor anyways.”

Tom takes a moment before he smiles, dropping his head and shaking it. “I’m sorry,” he says.

“For what?” you ask, shifting on feet.

“That was…weird, yesterday,” he shuffles as well, looking embarrassed. “I just get nervous around beautiful girls.”

You stop for a moment, and then try to suppress the grin forcing its way onto your face. You can’t help but let out a little laugh, and slap your hand over your mouth.

“What?” Tom chuckles, looking at you.

“Nothing,” you say, shaking your head and still smiling.

“Hey lovebirds!” you hear Paul Rudd shout across the landing strip, and you almost face-palm.

“What do you want, Ant-Man?” Tom shouts back, and you give him a wide-eyed look when he didn’t correct Paul.

“Renner just landed! Want to walk over and pick him up?”

“Want to go meet Jeremy?” Tom asks you, and you nod.

“Yeah,” you say. “Yeah, I miss him.”

Tom throws his arm over your shoulder and your eyes widen in surprise, but you pull the windbreaker jacket tighter around yourself and glance in your brother’s direction. Sebastian holds his index and middle fingers to his face, making a I’m watching you motion. You stick your tongue out at him, and the group around him laughs.

“Let’s gooo,” Paul says, with Robert next to him.

“Why is Team Iron Man meeting a Team Cap?” Robert complains as you four walk behind Joe Russo and three security guards into the entrance of the airport from the ground.

“I’m not Team Iron Man,” Paul points out.

“Yeah, me neither,” you add, and Robert stops, giving you a shocked look.
“You’re Team Cap?” he demands.

“Captain America is my favorite superhero,” you shrug. “Plus, you’re trying to kill my brother the entire movie.”

“Get off of her, Parker,” Robert says, pulling Tom away from you. “She’s gone to the dark side.”

“Hey!” Paul protests. “The dark side isn’t that bad.”

“Yes, it is,” you, Tom, and Robert say in unison.

“But Anakin Skywalker-”

“Killed a bunch of little kids,” you cut him off.

“Okay but-”

“And tried to kill his own son,” Tom points out.


“Don’t forget he killed his wife and tortured Leia,” Robert adds.

“Okay!” Paul throws his hands into the air. “Fine, dark side not good. But at least Anakin was hot.”

“Before the lava or during the lava?” you ask, and Robert snorts.

Paul gives you a flat look as Tom indiscreetly drapes his arm back over your shoulders as you reenter the airport. “Before.”


You try to catch your breath as you collapse against Elizabeth, laughing so hard you can barely breath.

It was nearing the fifteenth take on the scene of Mackie and you brother being webbed to the airport floor, and every time Tom would swing over them, supported by invisible suspension cables, he would either kick Mackie in the face by accident or Sebastian would crack up. The rest of the cast and yourself were all standing out of the shot, leaning on each other since the seventh take, when Tom’s foot had slammed into Mackie, and the actor rolled out of the webbing, groaning and holding his crotch.

“Come on, guys,” Joe sighs, rubbing his forehead. “We have to get this part down so we can move on to the next part.”

“Sorry Joe,” Sebastian calls out from the lower level.

Tom, who’s closest to the highest level of the airport, waves down.

“Alright,” Anthony says, picking up his walkie talkie. “Mike, get Tom back over to the other side and shorten his rope. Don’t want to injure our Falcon again.”

Thank you!” Mackie shouts from two floors below.

“Alright,” Joe sighs as Tom dangles freely above the gap in the airport floors. He makes a peace sign as he tips upside down and scrambles to right himself on his wires.

“What a goof,” Elizabeth shakes her head.

“He’s lame,” you smile, watching as Tom tips upside down again and pulls the bottom of his mask up off of his mouth.

“You all look crazy from this angle!” Tom yells out.

“You look like you’re in your natural habitat!” Jeremy shouts back from where he’s leaning against a railing out of the camera’s frame with Chris, Scarlett, and Daniel.

“I am Spider-Man!”

“Like father, like son,” Scarlett chuckles, nudging Robert.

Robert just winks as Tom is raised back to his starting mark, and he pulls his mask back down over his chin.

“Ready?” Joe calls up to Tom.

Tom gives him a thumbs up, and you watch in baited breath as Tom leaps from the top floor, swinging down and shouting his line out while making web movements towards Mackie. You watch Sebastian run out in front of already ‘webbed up’ Mackie, and the fake glass breaks as they fall onto the mats below.

Tom makes the same web movements at Sebastian, and your brother pins his hands to the ground.

“Guys, look,” you hear Tom say. “I’d love to keep this up, but I’ve only got one job here today and I’ve gotta impress Mister Stark. So…I’m really sorry.”

Another rope that had been tied to Tom but he hadn’t used yet suddenly yanks on him, and he moves towards the green mat on the closest window of the airport, screaming.

He hits the map hard, and you jump, but no one calls cut as Tom is lowered to the floor.

“Couldn’t have done that earlier?” Sebastian groans.

“I hate you,” Mackie replies gruffly.

“Scene!” Anthony calls. “Good job guys. Tom, you alright kid?”

“I’m good!” Tom calls from where he’s sitting against the mat. “Just trying to catch my breath.”

“Why’d Tom go flying?” you ask Elizabeth.

“Redwing got him,” Elizabeth replies. “Falcon’s sidekick robot.”

“Ohh,” you nod.

“Okay guys,” Joe Russo announces clapping his hands. “Next scene I need Steve, Natasha, Bucky, and T’Challa. The rest of you can go get something to eat or something.”

“When are we going to do the showdown?” Robert asks.

“Showdown?” Chris snorts. “Like you stand a chance.”

“Want to go, old man?” Robert asks, bumping shoulders with Chris as he passes.

“You’re older than me,” Chris replies, giving Robert an estranged look.

“I’m not ninety-eight,” Robert responds snarkily.

“Pretty damn close to it though,” Jeremy says and Robert flicks him off.

“Come on,” Elizabeth says, taking you by the hand and pulling you away from the rest of the cast. “Let’s go get Tom and we can out for lunch.”

“Stan!” Anthony Russo shouts after you. “I want you to talk with Joe during the next scene!”

“Okay!” you shout back.


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Advice: Describing Conversation in General Gestures

trustme-im-a-pirate asked:

Hi there, I was reading through a recent ask you answered on writing Sign Language and I had a similar question. I have a non-verbal character who signs and often her mother translates for her. However the protagonist doesn’t know JSL and when they (protag and NV characters) are alone together they try to get by with miming and charades. How do I describe their conversation compared to a simple sign language exchange?

In that case, you can describe the hand movements (since they’re general) and indicate what they seem to describe. For example:

Berry made what looked like an upside-down peace sign and swung his fingers like walking legs, then he pressed his palms together and drew his hands outward as if drawing out time. John understood that Berry wanted to know if he’d had to walk far to get to the house, and he shook his head and held up his finger to indicate “but…” Then, John wiped imaginary sweat off his forehead and played at looking exhausted, and Berry laughed, understanding that though it wasn’t a great distance, the walk had been hot and tiring.

omegaresnovae  asked:

Why is it that St. Peter's cross came to be associated with Satanism?

According to the most widely-spread belief, the Cross of St. Peter is upside down because St. Peter requested to be crucified upside down, as he didn’t deem himself worthy enough to be crucified in the same manner as Jesus.  By doing so, he wanted to claim his death as his own, and not that it was for martyrdom.  Thus, perhaps the symbol was attributed a negative status, and embodied a rejection of Christianity.

However, this is not necessarily the case.  In no accounts of the crucifixion of St. Peter is it ever mentioned that he requested to be crucified upside down, and in only one of the mere nine accounts telling the story does it ever include feelings of being unworthy of Christ.  This story is not found in any incarnation of the Bible.

Others believe that it is simply the act of “inversion”:  Taking the known symbol, and reversing it to symbolize opposition.  The most likely truth lies somewhere between the two.

During the time when St. Peter was crucified, Rome was under the rule of Nero–one of the most notoriously brutal of all of Rome’s emperors.  During his reign, Nero prioritized the persecution and torture of Christians, believing the removal of all traces of Christianity would bring peace and prosperity to the Roman empire.  In his efforts to suppress Christianity, Nero adopted the symbol of an inverted cross with broken arms, which was meant to symbolize a believed failure and degradation in choosing a Christian path.

It is no wonder that a few spin doctors may have begun to associate an upside down cross with the crucifixion of St. Peter.  In reality, it’s highly illogical to believe that the Roman army would have honored a single man’s request, especially if said request was supposed to be out of respect for Christ.  The Roman army was also known for wildly varying methods of torture, as well as unusual methods of crucifixion, further killing the idea that St. Peter had anything to do with it.

On a side note, you might notice that the Neronic Cross bears a striking resemblance to the symbol we know today as the “peace sign”.  Gerald Holtom, the original designer of the peace sign, expressed in interviews that he wanted to avoid equating the movement against nuclear disarmament with religion due to the negative view of Christianity present in Eastern cultures.  He claimed that he was inspired by Francisco Goya’s “Peasant Before the Firing Squad”, adopting the stance of a person in despair with downward, outstretched palms (though, when actually looking at the painting, it seems more like the peasant has been turned upside down for Holtom’s symbol):

Even so, the peace sign has retained greater social recognition than Nero’s cross, though you will still find adamant Christians that shun Holtom’s peace sign, referring to it as a “broken cross”.  I actually had a woodshop teacher back in middle school who wouldn’t allow me to paint a peace sign on my wooden plane for this reason.

Thus, the “broken cross”, as well as the inverted cross (which really shouldn’t be called “St. Peter’s Cross”, truthfully.  It’s a nice story, and a nice thought, but there’s not much to substantiate it), has since been associated with a distinctly non-Christian attitude.

anonymous asked:

hi :) can you please write fluff/humor yoonjin as single daddies and being called by their sons' teacher because of a fight? please put 95 line as the children :)

length; 750w.

genre; fluff/humor

pairing; yoonjin/vmin

a/n; your prompt is adorable???? it’s so adorable!! thank you for your patience, i hope your fanfic dreams have come true!!

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Rain Coat Killer (Deadly Premonition) Inspired Outfit

So over the weekend, Tyler and I started our first play-through of Deadly Premonition, and before long, we became hooked! I knew I had to create a Rain Coat Killer outfit and I took a lot of fashion inspiration from fall looks - with layers and dark plaid. I started with a fantastic red jacket (though not exactly a rain coat) and paired it with plaid shorts and a peace sign sweater, as a nod to the game’s iconic upside down peace sign symbol. I chose the creepiest pattern of tights I could find and grunge-y boots. I finished the outfit with some axe earrings because they are amazing! 

Get the look! / Get the game! 

schwartzy314159-deactivated2016  asked:

I love you're writing. It's amazing how you can actually use the personalities that the characters have in the books. You piece about the "Big Three" table was spot on. Could you write a piece where the seven, Reyna, and Will give Hazel and Nico a pop culture crash course? Thank you!

I’m so sorry it took me A G E S to come up with this! It was really fun to write though, so I hope you enjoy. :-)


Hazel was busy sweating her skin off—Even when Nico’s hand was warm in hers, supportive, there was just something completely unnerving about this so called “Piper’s Pop Culture Plan.” Although it was chilly in the fall weather, the half-siblings had discarded their coats and scarves, sweating profusely as they concentrated.

She tried to ignore how hard the high backed chair was biting into her skin—she also desperately tried to ignore the small voice at the back of her head telling her this was pointless.

“Come on, Nico,” Piper said encouragingly, her hands clasped in front of her in prayer. Probably praying to her mom. Hazel was pretty sure Aphrodite knew wether Crocs were acceptable footwear in 2014. “It’s just Crocs… are they in or not?”

Knowing her brother well, Nico wasn’t gripping the edges of his wooden seat in concentration. He was going to blow up soon, but she was too busy thinking about the name of the girl in the picture Jason was holding in front of her to warn Piper of the upcoming storm. Bee—Beyon—Beeyon… She was almost there! It was at the tip of her tongue…

"Crocs are a no no,” Will said exasperatedly. He continued massaging Nico’s shoulders—probably the only thing that kept Nico from raising an army of the dead to get rid of this nonsense. “Pipes, let’s move on to the media?”

“Okay, okay,” Piper breathed. Hazel knew from the lines on her forehead that this plan wasn’t working out so well. “Percy, Annabeth, come out please.” 

"I—” Hazel could hear Percy’s shoes scuffle on the hardwood floor of the big house. Was that… was that squeaking? “I’m not coming out in this ridiculous—” That was definitely a thump on the head. “Ow—I thought you were on my side?”

"If—” Annabeth started, although it wasn’t really Annabeth… She was dragging Percy by the ear. “I have to wear butt pads—BUTT PADS—for Hazel and Nico’s sake, then… you… will… come…. OUT!”

For a few seconds, everyone—everything—including Hazel’s previously mad-beating heart—quieted. Percy had come out of the corridor with Annabeth’s not-so-gentle coaxing, and he came in with a wrecking ball. 

The room erupted in a storm of laughter.

Dressed in a nude leotard that was clearly no where near his skin tone, Percy had a giant silver exercise ball wrapped around his legs. His hair was nowhere to be seen under a pale blonde wig, the hair on top gathered into a mini bun at the top of his head. Beside him was Annabeth in a skin suit three shades darker than her normal tan. She had butt pads creatively concealed under the spandex, and she was wearing a neon pink workout outfit, complete with a dark wig that had bangs cut straight across. Hazel knew—just knew—that Piper had planned all this. There was no way Annabeth would’ve put up with this if it wasn’t all Piper.

Percy pouted as he drowned in in everyone else’s laughter. “Ehem,” Annabeth cleared her throat, the seriousness of her expression broken by her attempt to get the bangs away from her eyes. “We were told this was a serious matter,” Annabeth said through grit teeth, pointedly looking at Piper. 

“Right,” Piper gasped in between giggles. “Okay, okay. Guys—Let’s calm down.”

“This could cure heart ailments,” Will laughed. “And broken hearts.”

“Totally rocking the blonde, Jackson,” Jason chortled from behind the Beyonce poster he was still holding up for Hazel. With one hand, he wiped a tear off of his face. “Jackson as a blonde… I have so many jokes…” 

“Shut up, Grace.”

“Okay, okay,” Piper yelled. “Everyone calm down.” With a twinge of charmspeak, she was able to get most of the demigods back into business mode. Except Leo—he was still burping laughter flames.

“P-Percy,” Piper started, desperately trying to keep a straight-face. “The phone, please.”

Percy brought out an iPhone, no doubt the latest model stolen from the Hephaestus cabin, and raised it up for the siblings to see. For the first time since that night, Hazel knew the answer.

“That’s an iPhone,” she breathed, relieved that she had gotten past the horrible suit the couple was wearing. She knew this because of all the advertisements she saw on the road from New Rome to Camp Half-Blood. A lot of people used phones on the street, too. “The latest model, I think?”

Piper’s eyes brightened. “Yes! It’s a six! And.. what’s Percy—uhm—Miley doing with the phone now?”

Percy, still frowning and sending death glares to anyone who dared laugh, stood beside Annabeth and raised the phone in the air. 

“Are they… taking a selfie?” Nico spoke softly, nonchalantly. But Hazel could hear the excitement in his voice—it was nice to know what people were talking about. 

Correct!” Piper exclaimed, and Will pat Nico on the back. “Now, what’s this app—”




“Double yes!”

“I think… that’s Instagram?”



“RIGHT!” Piper looked so happy, Hazel was almost proud of herself for getting all the answers right. “Okay, now, Annabe—ehem—Nicki, can you please step forward with the iPhone?”

Annabeth stepped forward with her chin in the air, daring anyone to laugh at her. She pressed the screen and it glowed, playing a loud, rash tune that she heard countlessly on radios. She had no idea why anyone would write about a giant snake or buns, but she remembered the title. “Anaconda, right?” she asked quietly. Oh gods, if there was anything she could bring back from her era… it would definitely be the music. She missed the soothing, melodious voices of Cole Porter and Judy Garland. “And uh, that’s rap music?”

“Correct!” Piper squealed. “They’re doing so much better, see? They’ll be perfect for mortal school in no time.”

“You hear that, Hazel?” Frank grinned, kissing the top of her head from behind. Like Will, Frank was there for moral support and calming purposes. “You’ll be good in no time— not that… you’re not good already… I mean—”

“I understand, Frank,” Hazel smiled and patted the hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry.”

“Now, before we proceed to beliefs and traditions, can either of you tell me the relevance of Percy and Annabeth’s costumes?” Piper asked.

Surprisingly, Nico answered first. “Percy’s Miley—the wrecking ball gave it away, I think—and Annabeth is.. uh, Nicki Minaj?”

“Good! Hazel, do you remember who the woman on the poster is now?”


“How about the one at the back?”

“Uhm…” Hazel mumbled. Jason flipped the poster over and revealed a set of people. She wasn’t sure who they were, but they all looked alike. 

The Kardashians,” Percy whisper-shouted from across the room. He was finally out of his funk, which was good, but he returned to his foul mood after Annabeth hit him on the head again. “I was just trying to help!”

“Percy’s right—those are the Kardashians,” Piper sighed. “Okay Jase, Reyna, your costumes next, please.”

Jason’s ears turned a dark red. “But Pipes—“

You heard the boss, Grace,” Percy grinned. “Your turn.”

With that, Jason lowered his jeans until an awkward strip of his underwear was visible under his hips. Hazel turned her head instantaneously, her cheeks blushing profusely. The blonde continued to “change” until he had a snapback nestled on his head, a pair of chunky sunglasses instead of glasses, a loose storm breaker over layers and layers of jackets, and ridiculous golden chains around his neck. Everyone stared at the transformation, straining to keep their wits in check—until Piper nodded at Jason to cue his lines. “Hazel, Nico, this is… uh… the basic white guy…”

“S-swaggity… swag… swag,” he tried, almost choking on every word. He was making circles with upside down peace signs on his fingers. He looked like a clown. “Lol… Lmfao… Rofl….”

With that, all the demigods burst into laughter again, bringing the whole room into a chaotic mess. As Hazel held her stomach, giggling, she fell off her chair and onto her knees, still unable to shake off the picture of Jason in that ridiculous outfit. Until, of course, Reyna stepped into the room in her costume.

As soon as Hazel caught sight of her golden pointed boot, the whole room was silenced. Standing in a very accurate Loki costume, Reyna stood in the middle of the Rec Room with her gaze confused as she took in all the surprised demigod faces. With the headdress almost a foot high, Reyna stood six feet tall, terrifying in front of everybody.

What?” she began. “What did I miss? I’m zombie-apocalypse Loki… Am I late? What’s happened? I have my LGBT equality speech ready…”

Sighing loudly, Hazel saw her half-brother slump in his chair, falling into a pile of exhaustion. He caught his dark hair in his hands and groaned loudly. It was about time he exploded.

“What is wrong with you people?” He looked up in desperation, clearly frustrated. “What is wrong with this millennia?”

Hazel, still on the floor, was actually thinking the same thing. But as her eyes swept over the faces of the friends who were only trying to help, she softened into a pile of warm fuzz. 2014 may be crazier than anything she had ever expected, but she wouldn’t choose any other generation to be a part of. As long as her friends, the people she loved, were all by her side, even the year 2121 would be perfect. 


Christians: Stop Proving Them Right

I was having a conversation with a person in my church. Our church has a girl scout troop and one of the girls suggested decorating the lawn with a peace sign. This person was offended and shocked. “Don’t you know the peace sign is a broken, upside down cross?!” As she was telling me this story, I thought to myself that I had never heard that before. What an anti-Christian symbol.

Later, I was thinking about it and I thought that I’d better research it myself. Do you know where the peace sign comes from? It came about in the 1950′s when there was a big push for nuclear disarmament. You could abbreviate nuclear disarmament as ND. In fact, when you use this abbreviation in semaphore (a type of signaling system used on ships) the signals look like the ones above. If you overlay these signals, you get the peace sign. 

It’s not anti-Christian at all! It’s literally a sign of peace. 

Now I am not saying that it should replace the Christian symbols of the dove or the cross, but I am tired of Christians being like this person from my church. People call Christians bigoted. Stop proving them right! Christians have a responsibility to read their Bibles and do the best they can to understand the Word of God, the role of the church, and the world around them. There are plenty of wise people in the Bible. Solomon prayed for wisdom. Luke was a doctor. Be smart people. Following Jesus doesn’t mean we give up our brains. We just use them to glorify someone smarter than us.